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  1. garybrun


    HI Steve... hope you managed to get through it?? I haven't spent so much time in the studio recently as I have been doing quite a few live engineering jobs. Also working on another TV series which will take I think up quite a lot of time.
  2. garybrun


    Great songs and well sung too.
  3. Nice voice Andrew.
  4. garybrun

    I Seen Jesus

    Where do you get them from?? He likes American cheese... lol
  5. I liked this song. Listened to to lyrics... very good. I also like your voice. Personal taste... should such a subject should it have such a happy cool bounce to it? I don't know your memories... maybe that's where it comes from?
  6. I listened to it and is a bluesy track for me.. Mix translates well on my focals... There are a lot of frequencies going on in there... which I am sure was hard to fix. Its strange but never really listened to Pink Floyd and dont understand personally what everyone sees in it. Can someone care to illuminate me what everyone raves about? (Serious question as I really don't get it)
  7. Great work in progress.
  8. garybrun

    End Game

    Really liked this remix... very nice. There is so much talent on this forum..
  9. Nice John. You are so talented when it comes to writing songs/arrangements. I wish I had your talent... wish aslo you had the virtual instruments and samples I have, Your songs would sound huge. Love your song "Heros"
  10. Very nice. 🙂 I used to record on a fostex 8 track cassette 🙂 There is a magic about those old days and the tracks, also how they sound!
  11. By the way! "Weird" was a compliment. 🙂 I have never heard music like yours ... you are unique!
  12. Very nice arrangement. We all paint different pictures. I was thinking I would have liked to hear a different bass... sounds a little boxy to me... then it it comes at 3.09 🙂 Maybe a different selection of horns? Take a look at Indiginus Blue Street Brass its a great library that I like to use.
  13. Loved the guitar tones. With a different piano Would make a big difference. Nice... well done.
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