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  1. Hi Tom. Is that a felt piano? Love the bass groove. Nice guitar solo would be sweet! Bongos (if thats what they are) could come up more. Also electronic toms. Liked this ... well done.
  2. garybrun

    Tamiami Trail

    Toe tapper Freddy. Well played.
  3. Very nice. wishing you Joyous Christmas too.
  4. Some how the kinks come to mind to me. 🙂 I always find it quite hard when commenting on peoples songs because we dont know how we come across, as a know it all or maybe hurt someones feelings. I myself would like people to rip the pants of my stuff... cause that how we learn and improve. As I state many times we all paint different pictures and are influenced greatly by the music we have grown up with and are used to hearing. Modern music in the charts today is so tight and to the grid and mostly perfect pitch and I think thats why it doesn't have such a large appeal. How many real superstars are there today... not many I would say... here today and gone tomorrow. Good work and quite a nostalgic track.
  5. garybrun

    An Artist - video

    Very nice Bjørn. Would to love hear it by a guitar player.. I reckon they add some real feeling to it. (not that it isnt there in the VSTs) I mean a human effect.
  6. garybrun

    Galaxy of Dreams

    Sounds rally nice on my Focal monitors. Nice mix and nice reverbs. Well done.
  7. Now this one surprised me Jesse. I never thought you could do something like this. It took a while for me to get to know your style (when I first heard you I couldn't get my head around it) I have said a few times you are unique... you never cease to surprise me.
  8. garybrun

    Love is Like

    Yep! You nailed it!
  9. Thanks a lot Paul. Appreciate the listen. All the best, Gary
  10. Nice and Funky. Enjoyed this one too.
  11. Very nice Kenny. 🙂 If you have any lyrics for it I would love to have a go singing on it. Or if not could I have ago and writing some?
  12. garybrun

    Rocky Flow

    Very nice. Great sounding sound stage, nice reverb and crisp highs. I can tell this has been a labor of love. Well done.
  13. I use Adobe Premier and sync the cameras up with Plural Eyes. The cameras are nothing special... just color correction and matching makes the difference. This is the first concert we ever had so it was fun designing the lighting and stage with minimum equipment. That fella made my Gretch sing! I was running around to both cameras.. and also changing the background animations at the same time. Thats why there was a delay on cutting the singer in.
  14. I really liked this one. great lyrics... very appropriate for today
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