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  1. Stop showing off!! 🙂
  2. Very nice my Fury friend. Dont hide that voice.... its GOOD!!
  3. It was really hard to concentrate on the mix as the song gets you into the groove and you forget you are trying to critical listen. 🙂 Well done... like it.
  4. Very nice.... love this style of music. Fantastic piece of work. WELL DONE!
  5. First time listen for me. Nice track. Will listen again tomorrow and post some comments.
  6. Very nice.... I enjoy this style of your music. The acoustic sounds sweet and nice panning too. I can see the space/stars when you are playing.
  7. I just recently purchased the apollo x8p: Great sounding unit.. sounds fantastic through my Focal Trios. My previous card was an Orion Studio and I thought thats was good too... but this one really has the edge.
  8. 🙂 WTF 🙂 Will take another listen later.... What was the fire meant to mean?
  9. https://www.orfium.com/embedded/track/995403/you-are-my-all-in-all-starise/?ref=Starise
  10. Beautiful. Amazing piece of work Jerry.
  11. garybrun


    Reminds of 1960s and Beach boys. Are you using chorus on your voice? some form of effect.. cant pick out what it is. Guitar and keyboard I would take down in left channel. Drums could be a little more define... I think the reverb is a little too much. Something sounds out of tune to me.. Remeber we all paint different pictures and these are only my opinions and Im not taking away the work you have put into this composition.
  12. Hi Lynn. Like this track.. and its groove. Can hear the differences to the previous mix. Is something ducking the vocals? On my system I find it hard to hear what you are singing ... are you shy of your voice?? 🙂 More upfront please (my taste) Would love to hear the track without so much vocoder as you have a great voice. (my preference again)
  13. Have you had a gender change??
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