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  1. garybrun

    A Couple Of Singles

    There something about ABull reminds me of the Stranglers... dont know why!
  2. Very nice John Must say I also really appreciate your time taking to give a rundown of your process. It helps in the listening and learning. Thanks. Gary
  3. garybrun

    Anton Strut

    Not knocking your composition... we all paint different pictures. I am listing to the attack/beater in the high range. To my ears its very crisp and enhanced... thats why I asked about the compression.
  4. Unmistakable Jessie 🙂 Is it me or have your compositions of late got a bit more melodic?? (meant in a nice way)
  5. garybrun


    I always listen to the tracks first before watching the video. Nice panning effects and delays and good arrangements that keeps you interested. Gonna give it another listen and watch the video.
  6. garybrun

    Anton Strut

    Nice groove and guitar work Is there a lot of compression on the drums?
  7. nice. Very different with tradition and modern.
  8. Nice tune... I would have liked the vocal to be a little warmer.< beautiful
  9. garybrun

    Celtic Electra

    Nice! Great reverb and panning. To me (just my opinion) the flute/whistle can be a little ear piercing.. is there compression on it?
  10. Nice cover. The background voices seem to be a lot "warmer" than the main vocal. But thats just my taste...
  11. garybrun

    A Couple Of Singles

    Very nice. The song seems too happy for such a sad state of affairs though. 🙂
  12. Very nice. I agree with the comment bring up the volume on the tubular bells. this track has a mountainous feeling about it... walking the wilderness. well done.
  13. Thanks Bjørn. Yes the lyrics are very Powerful and did get a hold of me. Grem and I discussed doing a retake... but I also believe the emotion is what also makes the song. Im proud of it.. its still brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it. Piano and arrangement is beautiful.. which also as a singer helps find the emotion. Thanks once again for the comments and taking time to listen. Gary
  14. Thanks for listening Steve. Appreciate the comments
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