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  1. garybrun


    Nice groove and 70's vibe. I agree with the comment about the guitar hum at the beginning... thats the first thing that catches your attention. I also would like to hear a little more bass... but again thats me. Like your song... well done!
  2. garybrun

    A Wookieeised attempt at Berlin School type of thing

    I liked this one... panning and stereo image is great. I nearly wrote it could do with more low end... then I realised I had switched the bass of my Focals. 🙂 Very Scifi ish?? and great title too. Was it hard to mix with all of those frequencies. I personally have never tried to mix synths.
  3. garybrun

    Dad's Song

    I hope this doesn't sound disrespectful.... but your song makes me smile... especially when I can see who you are singing about. Assurance of hes in a better place... love the lyrics about the block Chevy. Keep rocking fella 🙂
  4. garybrun

    Dad's Song

    I think its brill. Dont know your dad... but I bet he's looking on down feeling well proud his son wrote a song for him.
  5. garybrun

    I Hold You Tight Ft Chad Erican

    I liked it. Harmonies are excellent. Mix separation is good too. Chorus guitar on the right could tickle my ears a little bit more to match the left. We all paint different pictures.
  6. yes I started in the middle of the song.
  7. Good work on your song! I tried your project file and it does not crash on my system,
  8. garybrun

    A Dark Modular Tale EP

    Hi. I tried to listen but dark cinematic art is not my thing so I cant really comment. So my apologies there.
  9. garybrun

    An Easier Way to Let Me Down

    Hi John. I have listened to your song quite a few times now and it is quite complex. Also quite sad... reckon the song comes from experience? Lots of great little bits in there with horns and other instruments. Did you pan your voice slightly to the left (10 o'clock) to the left and not center. It through me a little as I thought my speakers where out??
  10. garybrun

    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    Thank you. Its one of my great gifts 🙂
  11. garybrun

    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    I can assure you it is not.
  12. garybrun

    Remembering The Heartbreak

    Well you certainly have got the feeling in those fingers. Well done.
  13. garybrun

    An Easier Way to Let Me Down

    I am sorry you had remove your song before I got to comment on it. I for one understood your message and that music is a form of personal expression not matter what the subject. I was not offended in anyway and could relate to your song and your message.