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  1. Well done Barry. Very nice.
  2. Hi Ross. Well done. I remember the original. 🙂 FUNKY!
  3. Thanks for the comments and listening to the various amendments. What brought this together so well was Mark and I are not afraid of being honest with each other in a nice way! 🙂 First of all the song in itself is fantastic and recorded really well. The added cello part helped a lot and some edits on vocal compression. On the mastering theme this was quite a difficult challenge as there was so many ways this song could go. Percussion was the hardest part for me as there are a lot of similar frequencies which needed to be separated to keep the dynamics and width of the song. Also trying to keep some form of bottom end with out making it muddy and over crowded. I have learnt a lot. It helps that I also really like Marks style too. 🙂 Loved the challenge and looking forward to the next one.
  4. That's great news... thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.
  5. It great song Mark. You should be proud of this one mate. Loved being involved in the project. Cant wait for the next one!!
  6. Well done Steve. There is a nice innocence to your voice. (a little similar to Gilbert O'Sullivan)
  7. There is not a lot of difference I don't think. I was a Sonarworks user but wasn't quite into the workflow. ARC System 4 gives me the things I need. I don't have to engage a plugin to listen to Spotify or other stuff nor forget to switch it off. Its always corrected. To be honest I nearly bought the Trinitov... but couldn't justify it as I'm hobby based and don't make a living out of this,. just love good sound and music. Thanks for the listen and comments mate.
  8. Thanks Kevin for the listen and comments. Gary
  9. Thanks for the listen and feed back. Appreciated. Gary
  10. Thanks for the listen and comments. Yes the voice did break up.. and it wasn't put on either. The voice was just one take and I kept it. Thanks again. Gary
  11. garybrun


    It certainly is dronie (not sure if that's a word) To be real honest I couldn't listen to it all the way through as all I could hear was the drone bit in my head inthe end.
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