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  1. Fantastic Mark. I think the vocal levels are fine. To be honest I dont here much with your de-ess problems you are stating. I have recently been using Synchro Arts Reptich for dessing and other sibilants. I do have Melodyne Studio... but that has gone on the back burner now due to the new program. Brilliant. Love your vocals.
  2. garybrun

    Coming Home

    When I ws young they were also called "Birmingham Bags"
  3. Thanks so much Steve. It is you guys who have taught me nearly everything I know. And a great New year to you too Sir!
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I will give it another go.
  5. I run the UAD Apollox8p and have quite a few compressors and other emulations of top gear. The God Particle.. just does it for me. I just use it flat and mix into that and can see whether my mids, and bass are hitting. Mids are what I struggle with the most. Try it on a 5 day free trial and see what you think.
  6. garybrun


    Me like 🙂 That vu meter is very hypnotising 🙂
  7. To be real honest I haven't recorded any vocals with myself singing on it yet and have just been experimenting with the software. I bought all of the mic packages that are available. I did try it on a quick voiceover and it worked really well. The work flow to record on two channels took a little working out (but there are some videos out there to help you) Its quite simple really... if you do get it .. don't add a preamp emulation to it.. as its putting extra colour on the signal which is not needed and takes away from the correct modelling . After a little research there is no difference between the L22 and the new one.. so I would get the old L22 at a discount price. I bought mine for 10100nkr down from 22,000nkr when it first came out... I have a UAD Apollo x8p with digital preamps.. which suits the mic well. I personally have never tried any of the high-end studio mics... but even if I am 90% there... I got one hell of a bargain. : ) I will do a track soon of my vocals on a song and then you can judge for yourselves. @Grem I might give it a try on our song when I get the time.. but i don't think I would be able to match the first performance.
  8. I have the Townsends Lab Sphere L2. I think the top mic is just a rebrand for UA. The software seems to be the same.
  9. New update and master added to new thread here... Hobo Train Re-visited and mastered with your comments
  10. Thanks Andy... will take a look laters
  11. Cheers Larry. What needs to be made clearer? Thanks in advance, Gary
  12. Thanks for your time folks
  13. garybrun

    Saturday Night

    This makes a very pleasant change.
  14. I remember this one. Listened to the track... will take a look at the video in a few moments. Sounds great on my Focals... great mix. Well done.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. On the latest master I took away some of the top end and increased vocal levels. Did it work?
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