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  1. Very pleasant voice to listen to and well explained. Wish you all the best with your site.
  2. garybrun


    I think you did a grand job mate.
  3. Fantastic Øyvind. Brilliant video and the color grading was excellent. A memory to cherish forever. God Bless you both in your new life together.
  4. garybrun


    Very nice Bjørn. How to come up with such a composition when you are not Indian? I could never do that... wouldn't know where to start. Well done.
  5. Very nice Larry. I would say oboe is one of my favorite instruments. I can hear this being played by a real orchestra.
  6. garybrun

    More Brouwer

    First note sounded like my wife in the morning. 🙂
  7. Thanks... Ill get back to you when they next visit the studio.
  8. garybrun

    Rusty Scalpel

    Good Luck Jessie 🙂
  9. A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the bush?
  10. Son of a Preacher Man?? Nice vocals Agree with low end and bass, This could be a great track with a bit more "funk" on the bass 🙂 well done.
  11. Nice song. Dig the groove. I f you want to send me the backing track and a copy of the lyrics I'll send you a recording with a female vocalist maybe you could use. I know two over here in Norway who would fit that gender. All the best with this one. Gary
  12. For those who have been following this thread... Here is an example of trying to create an orchestral composition with a studio recording feel without the live effects. EQ is still very hard to do!
  13. Love it!. Very nice. Can you recommend a good whistling library. Dont know if you've heard of Rodger Whitaker... a famous whistler from the UL:
  14. I listened to it again.... no clicks? very strange... I played it a few times yesterday and clicked in the same places.... sorry about that. Clear as a whistle now. Anyway... still a great arrangement and I liked it a lot.
  15. Thanks Bjørn. Thats what I tired to achieve... getting there 🙂
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