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  1. I have the Focal Trio6 Be Focal Review< They are the best thing I have ever spent my money on in the studio. I don't even need a subwoofer either.
  2. Hi Mate. Loved the track but I think the vocals could be more forward as I cant grasp in some places what the lyrics are. Will compression help with that?? I get a Doctor who feeling about this track 🙂
  3. Sound familiar to me.. as Mark adds 1-1.2k to my mixes. I have just recently purchases the Dangerous Music D-Box with analogue summing... so will check my room tuning again.
  4. I would recognise Marks playing anywhere I think. 🙂 Very nice song... those where hard waters to navigate when we young. Well done guys. We all paint very different pictures... I would personally like the voice to be a little more forward with a little more compression and a "warmer". track over all.
  5. Very nice Mark.
  6. garybrun

    Sun and the Sand

    Very nice sax tone
  7. Sound great pal.
  8. I love your compositions Mark... Instrumental balance is great.. and love the cowbell 🙂 We all paint very different pictures and on my system the mix seems to be 40/40 left right. I myself like wide mixes and think your could benefit with a larger sound stage
  9. Hi all. I wouldn't consider myself per say as a musician but I do enjoy mixing and mastering. If anyone wants help in these areas please feel free to send share your project files or stems via transferwise to gary.brun@garybrun.com. If I could be of any help I would love to give it a try and I will not share your compositions with anyone else except yourselves and will delete the project from my system when finished. We all paint very different pictures and you have a choice to do what you seem fit with my end result free of charge. Everything is a challenge... the only thing I cant get my head around is "dark metal".. so sorry about that. Gary
  10. Groovy Kevin. Did you autopan or manual? Well done.
  11. Hi Jack. You have come on a long way since you first started posting your mixes. Not as hot and good dynamic range.,, your getting better all the time. Gary
  12. The operation has been cancelled due to another one taking too long.
  13. garybrun

    Breaking Away

    Great stuff. Reminds me of Bread 🙂
  14. Got to say I love this forum... brilliant tips and a set of other ears!!
  15. Thanks... but I'm waiting on the organ track 🙂
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