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  1. Yup. thanks for that acknowledgement, I'm sure you know how the video is a time beast. I think I started this one back in 2018 or 19, and I just kept at it. I think audio editing is actually more painstaking and difficult than video editing. It's easier to see what works! many thanks again!
  2. Your talent is immense, and your ability to spot-on cover is even more so. Love those hard panned guitars with that nice crisp tone. Different chick on the wake up, sure why not. Excellent work! Check out John's "Dirty Laundry" if covers are your thing. cheers, -Tom
  3. The last time I jaywalked across Miramar Blvd I was sober, it was 1987, and there were three lanes each way doing at least 55 mph both ways. Not good as a sobriety test. I'm sure, however, that Robertos was involved.
  4. Hey Andrew, great Q's! Could you share what you are mixing and monitoring this baby on? What speakers or headphones are you using? And the wisdom is so very finite . . . 😩
  5. PhonoBrainer

    9 Dreams

    You are the Universe. I want to attend the church where this is the liturgy. I counted the dreams, I got a few more than 9, so that's gravy. The gated guitar around 6:30 scared my houseplants, but I dug it. Something new around every corner, none of which are 90 degrees. cheers, -Tom
  6. PhonoBrainer


    Wow. It just so happened I caught this one with me good headphones on, lying on the couch. My immediate response was to close my eyes and drift. Great work, nice panning, super calm, suitable for yoga or meditation session. Not a crit at all, but another choice would be to add back a little more low midrange to the piano? It sounded like an upright floating in space. If I'm in space, how about a grand??? I mean, I'm dying out there in the cold vacuum, throw me at least a six footer. 😅 So nicely done, thanks for the voyage! cheers, -Tom
  7. It's introspective, it's rubato, it's having a conversation with itself. It's a pleasure to experience. Love the mix clarity. Wish it was longer! cheers, -Tom
  8. That was great from every perspective. Maybe the vocals could be .25 db louder. Maybe the bass .5 db louder. Maybe not. Freakin swampy greatness. Say "hi to Amos Moses if you see 'im. cheers, -Tom
  9. What??? A conversation on getting old??? In THIS forum?!? "Piffle!" I say. I say again, "piffle!" Meanwhile, the Perspective Department reports that the seminal "Sweet Dreams (are Made of This)" by the Eurythmics . . . was released closer to the end of World War II . . . than today.
  10. Who will invent the hydraulic speaker stands that lower to a convenient speaker removal height? @BostonDynamics might as well make them sentient
  11. I feel like the mix needs to catch up with the performances, only because the energy of the performances are at a really high level. This is a great song, reminded me of the almighty Elvis Costello in the lyrics dept. Keep it going, bring this one home! Some drum fill timing issues perhaps? You are going to have so much fun I bet in the final stages. I'm looking forward to hearing the results! cheers, -Tom
  12. Thanks, Steve, glad it worked on your end! I'm never sure if the visuals and references have hit the Goldilocks zone, so I appreciate your comment! Thanks! It was us! It was all of us! Said the dinosaur. Thanks for giving it a listen, much obliged.
  13. It's got rock writing chops, I liked the guitar, and the smooth and nicely intune doubled vocals! I'm missing bass guitar in the mix, is there one? For the genre, that's mandatory, I believe? the drums have excellent fills, love the hi hats and fast cymbals. The snare and barely-there kick drum need to be put through the biggerizer a few times. Guitar tones and performances were killer! And with those excellent vocals, you've got something to build better low drums and bass around. Very. Cool. Song. cheers, -Tom
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