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  1. Pink Floydy Organ patch - just great! Everything works great, and I just wanted maybe a bit more bass in the mix, is it an acoustic upright bass? Or a cool fretless with some chorus? I couldn't tell but it sounded great. cheers, -Tom
  2. Yes the stacatto bass works as is, it leaves all kinds of room which is one reason the mix works so well! Very well done all around . . .
  3. The same chord Rosie Grier nails, about 45 seconds in:
  4. Well the room sounds perfect for this. Do I imagine that you have upped your game with some better string sources? These sound a treat! I'd guess this came out of a French press. Loved it! cheers, -Tom
  5. bass guitar up a little in the instrumental bridge section? maybe more "sustained" bass notes throughout the piece, as opposed to the more staccato bass notes? Maybe acoustic guitar down just a smidge when you are singing in the verses? Maybe a longer fade out at the end? As you can see, it's difficult to find weaknesses here. Great mix and instrumentation, and a wonderful vocal. Melody is a hook factory. Brought to mind a bit of Christopher Cross. Fantastic guitar tones. And all feels quite original and inventive in a song subject that certainly has been written about before. Plus, the grammatic incorrectness will cement its acceptance with a much wider audience! Actually, not kidding there. Great tune !!! cheers, -Tom
  6. Hey, mix changes based upon excellent feedback. Horns are a bit more tamed and hopefully less synthy now? Bass is improved, added a few things along the way. @noynekker, @mark skinner, @Bajan Blue, @Wookiee, @KurtS - really helpful feedback from you all, thanks so much! New links are in the OP cheers, -Tom
  7. <exhales after holding breath for three weeks>
  8. PhonoBrainer


    Incredibly good slow jam, tasty guitar chops! But as :23 some nasty buzz/hiss shows up, then stays until the horn solo. Worth a check! Wonderful tune! Great feel! cheers, -Tom
  9. PhonoBrainer

    Rock Song

    Love the big AC/DC vibe! But good lord just listening to that excellent vocal makes MY throat hurt! You must have some incredible pipes to maintain that! Well done! More bass, yes please! cheers, -Tom
  10. I like this a lot! Trappish ambient fun. For variation, I think the authentic hand claps could drop out, or be messed with ocassionally with effects. But by then you are probably adding a lead instrument, spoken word, rises, suddenly it's 7 minutes long . . . all that good stuff !!! A really hypnotic foundation, nice job! Your text has a cool glitch effect, how did you get that going? cheers, -Tom
  11. Nobody needs my analogies this morning, but What we have in this Forum is the Shire . . . thanks to the good Hobbits and the most often excellent moderators, wizards like Gandalf and elvish kings like Elrond. Without these fair moderators, and the integrity of the hobbits and dwarves and such, we would likely see the Shire overrun by trolls and orcs. Occasionally, in some other distant forum land, we hear of a moderator turned into a Saruman. Scary but not insurmountable. I could go on, but you get the gist. Take the metaphor as far as you want. To save you all time, it ends up with Zuckerberg being Sauron.
  12. PhonoBrainer

    You & Me

    I'll just throw in "tasty" and "groovin" 'cause it certainly is both. An awesome instrumental with a great mix and guitar playing is much better than the same with lyrics forced in just to have lyrics! My only suggestion might be some tom fills rolling around at the end of some sections. It was a very cool listen, three times! cheers, -Tom
  13. This ticks the boxes, enjoyed it very much, great crunch on the guitars and loved the rest of the mix! cheers, -Tom
  14. yes that's my aim as well. I bought Red Tenor and Red Bari. Lots of articulations!!! Seems to be light on the velocity layers, but ConFunkShun didn't play soft that much. The SINE player is a trip. Very functional but not immediately intuitive.
  15. Turns out you can get each sax a la carte. Go to the "Instruments" tab. Price per is a bit higher, but honestly I'm only digging two of them, the Red Tenor and the Red Bari. So I think I won't fill up on bloat. YMMV.
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