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  1. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Back in December I decided to drop Soundcloud Pro, because, why? the next yearly payment was coming due in April, so I set my account to "non-renew" Here comes April, and SC charges me $155 for another year. Yet all my settings say "non-renew" May 1st, I send a support request ticket into SC (there is no tech support phone number) I get an actual email back from SC employee, they say they'll look into it May 8th, I get a second email: "due to high volume of billing support requests, it will take longer" yeah, I know, your call is important to us I email them back on May 19th, requesting a status update. I have heard nothing back. So should I conclude that this is a scamcloud?
  2. It's true, you are rightly concerned, high frequencies do in fact shock the monkey
  3. I was going to recommend Tracktion aka Waveform, I always thought that DAW was dead simple, I liked the workflow. But even though the car is easy to drive, you still have to learn how to drive a car.
  4. My only hope is that contestant Cannibal CME comes out of nowhere and destroys all competitors.
  5. At least 1/3 of your venerated post count? 😀
  6. Maybe the cymbals now actually have long and lush sustain tails?
  7. So Venus 2.0 Proving that we "earthlings" were previously "venutians" because humans always make the same mistake twice.
  8. RIP! Too bad his soul didn't quite make it to heaven, although it certainly might someday. When it stops spinning in that little area off to the side.
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