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  1. In other words, scaler EQ works great as long as your entire song stays in the same key, or the same chord?
  2. Would there be an audible difference between the "unison Apollo preamp" and the "native" version?
  3. I thought this was pretty interesting! Very nice room setup and I appreciate the synth porn. I alternated between watching your moves and then closing my eyes for just the audio. Both worked a treat! I listened on my best headphones. I did hear some separation and panning of elements, but I felt like whatever YouTube does to audio might be doing you the slightest disservice. I bet it sounds just a hair more hi-res in your room! That's a lot of effort - do you practice the moves beforehand before filming it, following a script of some kind? Super interesting process, and I appreciate the brevity. Some peoples "watch me jams" can be an hour long, which is quite ridiculous imho. That fat-***** bass drony synth is the highlight, it's super rich, sounds great in this! kudos! cheers, -Tom
  4. Bring it, that ye may be judged. Approvingly.
  5. Kind of like that Pulsar Echorec, anyone want to warn me off or suggest better? $33 for the Pink Floyd vibe
  6. Studio One mofessional update to 6.5 Reason 12 with the Bvx vocoder Komplete standard update, 13 to 14 Ueberschall Elastik with Funk Guitar Grateful it wasn't more.
  7. and the upgrade is on sale as well https://www.thomannmusic.com/search_dir.html?sw=reason&smcs=00c75e_3671 this price beats Reason's own black friday prices https://account.reasonstudios.com/signup/
  8. Happy thankful day to everone in the forum, particularly the Deals crew, may it be filled with gratitudinosity. Here's a picture of Narcissus, the plugins you own - looking at the plugins you want.
  9. I like it, it's very smooth, and I like your vocal delivery a lot! Just enough twang! My ideas for your mix? For the vocal mud, no need to re-record it, just try pulling a notch eq down around 250hz, narrowish Q, abot a 3 db cut. That's a mud removal starting point. This region conflicts with the bass guitar, so you might get the bass below 500hz all "mono" in the middle, while the vocals below 500hz might be pushed just a bit towards the sides. There are tools that do this sort of thing. Drums are a bit pushed back, I'd recommend more hi-hat programming, and in the chorus, I'd go doubletime on the snare at least, so there's a bit more "drive" going on. That's a totally personal choice. The acoustics and banjo? are out wide, very nice! They might be a bit dry or too loud out there. Very listenable, cool lyrics, you have a good one here! cheers, -Tom
  10. I've been on v5 since April of '22, and it rocks. I will upgrade this time only for the new video lane, where you can bring in a vid and slide it around in the timeline, which v5 cannot do. For some reason.
  11. The artist formerly known as . . . Doghouse Riley!!! Love your tunes.
  12. Trevor Horn produced "Owner of a Lonely Heart" What do I win???
  13. Very pretty, but trying hard to "get it" . . .
  14. I see it, and if I were a performing member of Midnight Hour, I'd be watching the visuals, and the audience would be seeing my backside. A fact of which they would no doubt be eternally grateful.
  15. Yup. Does anyone know if I upgrade to Kontakt 7 hot mess, if I can still keep my Kontakt 6 and 5 installed and viable? Aging Win 10 system from 2013. So cool that kontakt 7 seems required for any newer libraries. What an Apple move.
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