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  1. I liked it! A bit of Dirty Vegas groove, can't give you a higher compliment than that. Maybe the intro minutes were a bit too long of a tease. Overall I was kind of waiting for more of an actual verse, with some lyrics to digest. What the girl was doing halfway through didn't quite bring that enough. That's one listener's opinion. Loved that bouncing chopped vocal, the ambient upper eq elements, and the tone of your piano chords. Very cool. cheers, -Tom
  2. So glad I listened on nice headphones. Those guitars really dance! I appreciate the cello being understated, and how instruments are brought in slowly and only to support those god-level guitars. You can hear the wooden guitar tops vibrate. Perfect reverb as well. you can hit the "print" button. cheers, -Tom
  3. Snappy little swing number! Very good chops with the guitars! A lot of quality jazz ideas here, and the parts are structured well to make a composition that doesn't get boring. Timing wise, one idea is to look at the 2:20's region. The hi-hat is clearly a swing pattern, but the guitar rhythm chords are played more or less straight. I think those rhythm guitar chords would be very difficult to play in a swing pattern at this tempo, if you were going to make them match. A more nitpicky timing thing would be the stops, check out :40, the snare and bass aren't in sync. If you want a more natural live feel, than that should pass so no problem. Most important is the "fun" of the tune and that's all there. I'd be interested to hear how you develop this one, some good suggestions can be found here - welcome to the forum!!! cheers, -Tom
  4. This will put the psalt in your zither. Very very cool to transcribe and reimagine this! Nice job indeed. I've not heard the original but I dig the composition and I can tell you have lovingly brought a new life to it. Nice! A mix idea maybe, the string plucks that sound a bit like an autoharp? have a very percussive attack, and that attack is very up front in the mix. Overall the reverb is trying to sit all things in the cathedral setting, but the guy playing lead strings is picking them right next to you and the bright attack doesn't mesh with the cathedral reverb. ? Is that even a problem? Maybe not! I have no idea what you could do about that, if anything. You wouldn't want to dull it up. As it is, it's like you've got one mic up close on the altar, and another 100 ft away in the last pew of the nave. I don't think many people are going to care at all, it's a great piece and well brought to life. see you in church! cheers, -Tom
  5. PhonoBrainer

    OMD Remix

    Boy what a great song! Love the lyrics and the vocals are perfect. For the mix, I'd agree with Antler's comments. Get the nuclear weapons off of the master bus and you'll be fine. You got this. Did you gain stage the tracks so that before any processing they don't have an average level above like 16 - 12db? When my mixes sound like this, I see I have pre-plugin average levels around 10 or higher. Then my processing down the line gets things pretty baked. I wouldn't change a thing about that vocal performance. cheers, -Tom
  6. https://www.acousticsamples.net/vhorns 169 euro. Interesting, not perfect, but very interesting. I'm hearing a lot of realism solo, some cool potential for use in a section, and maybe a bit of pitchiness in just a few notes here and there. Celemony could assist. ?
  7. Larry, if you think you can just waltz back in here and pick up where you left off, you're right. Welcome back and many thanks for all you do for us! You rock.
  8. All set for some intensive editing, I see the scrubbing tool.
  9. How can it be "it's not what you think" if I don't even know what the hell it is ?!? Annoying!
  10. Ibtl! Dear Mr. Wavesample, Is that you? It's me, God. If I exist, as a human you can't really understand me. If I don't exist, then your question is time not very well spent. You might consider writing another love song in 4/4 time at 120bpm with a duration of 3:30, with a nice lift in the chorus. 😊 Have a nice day! Sincerely, God P.S - I liked your song, you might boost the vocal a tad.
  11. yess! genre confusion indeed! so glad you found it entertaining and worth 8 minutes that you can't get back. I really am trying to put things in different reverbed spaces and have them still fit together. It doesn't always work. The electric guitar solo you can read about in an earlier post in this thread, spoiler alert it's keyboard. I very much appreciate and am humbled by your comments. The videos are always a lot of fun to make, constrained by the limit of hey, it's just a bunch of disparate video clips from stock this and that, trying to be a story, kind of! cheers mate, -Tom
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