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  1. I bought the original but became quickly underwhelmed. They must have had an overly convincing presets video that sucked me in. Don't know how they upgraded it, maybe its better now!
  2. What was the weather like?
  3. PhonoBrainer


    Waiting for some killer vocals for this well defined, modern chill mix. For me the hi-hat could replace the crackles in terms of mix prominence. nice one! cheers, -Tom
  4. First off I like the song and the lead guitars, in fact all the guitars have cool tone going on. I think the mix issue is the vocals, and in a psychedelic song like this you can really get away with whatever you want. I'm no expert but maybe look at the volume of your snare, and your vocal, and compare. You want both of those to be prominent, and that's hard because they occupy broadly similar eq ranges. In your mix the vocal is much louder than the snare, but you might help drive the song a little more with a closer balance between the two. interesting tune and good luck with it! cheers, -Tom
  5. A tone poem with some cool instrumentation. Agreed that the rain could back off, particularly during the vocals. I feel like the rain is decreased a bit as some of the instrumentation comes in? Then suddenly out completely, then back for 3 seconds with parrots. A bit confusing! But as this is part 1 of something, maybe the answers come later. In any event, I hope those lyrics come back repeated for meaning, as they sounded kind of important! interested, -Tom
  6. The Best Deal would be to have Larry back.
  7. She could be married to a guy named Paris.
  8. Breaking Free could be . . . elimination of gear credits and jam points, and just putting a simple single price on their items?
  9. https://www.uvi.net/store Thru July 19th
  10. sorry double post
  11. I thought your mix held up quite well and the second half of the song was more on the EDM side, kind of felt like a bit of a wait to get there tbh. But while you are waiting, here's the silhouettes. So all good. nice one! cheers, -Tom
  12. I think I heard this before? This mix has a lot of "tension" in it which makes for a good listen. Was that an organ or oboe that came in in the middle? Nice tone on that. I hope God had a breath mint. cheers, -Tom
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