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  1. This thread makes me feel bad for inventing the internet. Apologies, everyone.
  2. Excellent vocal, which might be brought forward, or a bit louder in the mix. I think the vocals should be a little louder than the guitars hitting the same cadence - are they? pretty close to even, I think? Bass guitar could have a bit more low-end in this mix, for my tastes. But ymmv, it's a very cool arrangement and has a ton of life in it. Well done! cheers, -Tom
  3. PhonoBrainer


    The kaliope-type organ was very alive and breathy, if that's what it was? I liked the middle part especially. It all sounds quite organic. cheers, -Tom
  4. Good mix, nice panning, cool vibes! It's not fair for me to suggest but I really thing all you need is some pithy lyrics. The chord changes are unexpected pleasures. Very good job resurrecting this! cheers, -Tom
  5. We all probably have more plugins than we'll ever need. So why do we still check the Deals forum twice a day?
  6. Would that ProQ3 move be just on the drum bus, or did you do that on the master bus? Just curious, I agree I use ProQ3 on every track.
  7. Drum n Bass n Beatles! Glad I had my good headphones on. Very nice electronic additions all the way through, and that bass was pretty manic. Very cool.
  8. I have both OTS Pear and the Ample ABU. I'd use the ABU almost exclusively these days, but to be fair it's a much newer library than Pear, and costs more. Pear is cool but has a lot of the room baked in. Pear is prolly easier to use, ABU needs a bit more user programming of articulations but sounds better.
  9. #8 when they taught "money doesn't buy happiness" but I learned poverty doesn't buy anything
  10. Loved the whole approach to this mix, so pared down and funky. Vocal treatments were such a treat, and the lyrics are left field wonderful. I'd agree, a bit more of the bass guitar. There's plenty of room. Everything in this is zippy, idiosyncratic, and groovy. Loved it. cheers, -Tom
  11. Plus she has a double-jointed shoulder, which is weird.
  12. This is bump-worthy for the following marketing text, copied from the product description: "If you want to be successful DJ/producer travelling from gig to gig worldwide, enjoying fast supercars, open-air festivals, girls n champagne in backstage, check this monster." I checked it. Now awaiting my full-blown hedonistic midlife crisis . . . lawyers on stand-by if promises are not kept.
  13. I am very very familiar with the original! And I liked your take on it, which is dramatically divergent of course. I was surprised how well the delicate structure of this New Wave classic supported all the awesome heaviness that you hung on it. When I next hear the original version over the thin speakers in the ceiling of Rite-Aid, I'll definitely think of your version and smile. Nice job! Your mix sounded great on my better quality cans, very well done. The doubling of the vocal part had a bit of meander in the sync, and brought up an image of Satan at the karaoke bar on quaaludes. As 40 years have clicked by since 1982, I guess we might expect the ambience of the Metro to have changed. So that's a long-winded Nice Job!!! cheers, -Tom
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