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Cinesamples "glitch" sale up to 90%ish off


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Apparently, if you're interested in multiple things that are included in a bundle that isn't the everything bundle, buy one from the everything bundle first, and in another purchase,  use the other bundle.

For example, CinePerc from the everything bundle for $82ish first, and afterwards CineStrings Solo from the CineSymphony bundle for $67ish.

BTW, people on VI-C are saying CineSamples have been made aware of this glitch more than 48 hours ago and they've read but not responded to any messages.

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This is ridiculous. I bet they are massively losing margin on some sales but gaining a lot of new sales at the same time that they otherwise wouldn't have made.

They will gain a lot of goodwill for letting this continue. All the goodwill has deserted Waves and gone to CineSamples.

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