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  1. Yeah, I understand.. Tough decision...
  2. I'm waiting for the voucher to bring it down to 25$.
  3. This time, it's the wallet that will drop a couple of db's...
  4. I'm particularly interested in their bulk pricing...
  5. And also on days with numbers on a calendar.
  6. Thanks Bapu. I'm interested to get a Console 1, especially now with the promo to get the American Class A for free, but since I can already configure my Faderport 8 to control all my third-party plugins, and since Console 1 has a distinct mixing system and workflow, I was wondering if they can work together or are these 2 parallel workflows?
  7. I have a Faderport 8. What are the advantages of adding Console 1 to the workflow?
  8. No, it works only for half point upgrade.
  9. I usually buy the .5 version when on sale and register when the next version comes out to upgrade for free. Usually around 40$ to upgrade to each major version.
  10. Thanks to you, I was able to upgrade from MPS 2.0 at an unbeatable price! Smooth transaction and quick transfer from Izotope. They even sent a Melodyne serial.
  11. If Izotope would allow me to use it from MPS 2.0, I would buy it from you. If you contact them and they allow this as an exception, I'm willing to buy it. Because of the generous grace period, this might be your best chance to transfer it quickly.
  12. If anyone has an unused MPS 2.0 to 2.1 upgrade license, please contact me.
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