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  1. I have Metropolis Ark 1, and it's awesome! You can't get more epic than this! Hollywood Orchestra is made with the epic Hollywood sound in mind, so it should be loud enough for that kind of music. That being said, Audio Imperia is well regarded for epic stuff. If I wouldn't already be well covered in that aspect, I would surely be interested in this bundle. It's 100$ more expensive than last time, but you also get an exclusive solo vocal library, so that makes it for the price difference.
  2. Already have Neutron 3. Not sure I need this on top of that.
  3. Sorry for you, but it’s a bit lower now with CM60 code
  4. Went with NADA and Opus upgrade instead, for a couple of dollars more than BBCSO Core to Pro upgrade.
  5. Then, it will be Complete Ultimate, then Complete Ultimate Collector’s Edition…
  6. Seems the same thing like Parawave Rapid synth
  7. +1. This is my favorite synth for cutting edge sounds.
  8. I saw 699$ since the beginning of the week.
  9. Any user comments? Complete bundle is 124$… Any incentive to grab the whole thing?
  10. I tried that, but still nothing, only new stuff is from Syntronik 2 Got it, I had to register the serial to TS 3.5 Max in IK PM, I thought it was done automatically...
  11. That’s what I have for the new sounds, not the already available ones… And I don’t see Sampletron 2, unless it’s inside another program to download…
  12. @Peter - IK Multimedia I just upgraded from TS 3 Max to TS 3.5 Max. I see that Sample Tank 4 Max is showing as not installed in the Download Manager with 11 days to download , even though I’m sure I downloaded everything previously (only Sampletank 4, CS and all the sounds libraries are installed. My SampleTank 4 installed is around 400 gb. I have 2 questions: - Is there any new content from SampleTank 4 that is missing that makes it showing Max as not installed? - Since I upgraded to 3.5, why my previously downloaded files have not been reset for another 180 days to download. I already paid 300$ just a couple of months ago from TS 2 Max to TS 3 Max, and I had to pay another 70$ to upgrade to 3.5, while others who were wise enough to wait a bit got it all for 175$… I think it should at least warrant a complete reset for the delay to download, or is it a glitch? Edit: And where is Sampletron 2 to download?
  13. Better to buy Gothic complete bundle with loyalty discount for around the same price but a lot more content , then Dronar Master edition with the 93% off discount for peanuts. Got confirmation from Time+Space it can be done. If a code is not working in your currency, contact them and they will activate it in your account.
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