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  1. Evolution Complete bundle. The one to rule them all.
  2. Our Summer group buy sale starts today! During the sale's signup period, the more people that join, the greater the discount becomes: up to 60% OFF at the highest tier! All you need to do to join the sale is add a library to your group buy order. Once the signup ends on July 12th (or sooner if we reach the highest discount tier before then) you'll have until the end of July to complete your order at the discount tier we reach. If you aren't sure which libraries you want yet, just make sure to add something to your group buy order before the signup period ends to reserve your spot in the sale. You can change your group buy order at any point, even after the signup period has ended. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/group-buy
  3. 30% off with EDU discount or wait for another sale
  4. I bought an upgrade on cheap sale a while ago and waited for grace period to register so I went from 11 Suite and got 13.
  5. The creator of Unify mentioned in the past a possible PRO version.
  6. I have EDU discount so I should get it at 40% off.
  7. Well I registered in late 2022 and it's the first new Pack since then.
  8. After buying Studio version with all the packs, are there extra rebate for the following packs that are released like this one?
  9. There is so much stuff with Unify, third party libraries Unify-compatible for free, regular updates, so totally worth it.
  10. 60% Savings On All Libraries for 2 days! Sunday is Father’s Day here in the USA and it is also my 60th birthday! I don’t recall this happening before so to celebrate, I said OK to 60% on most every library at our store to give you all the BEST DISCOUNT I will be offering this year. Only Time of 60% Savings in 2024 Promo Code: fdskippybd24 (Unify, 6 Lessons Videos and Allen Polley’s 7 Library Bundle not included) (Sale ends Sunday Night at Midnight PST) https://www.pluginguru.com
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