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  1. For those that got the Total Studio 3 Max bundle, does the Arc software can be used with any microphone for the measurement, or do we need to buy a special mic for this?
  2. When the message you quoted was posted, that was not included yet.
  3. Without deals forums, I would also miss all of them. I tried subscribing to their newsletter with many different email address, but I never receive it.
  4. It’s still at that price in cart at IK if you qualify for the rebate.
  5. I have heard that Larry will become the new spokeperson for IK Multimedia, alongside Peter. Is that just a rumor?
  6. Thank you for the info. I thought those were included in my package. There’s already so much stuff in Ultrapak+, and I barely scratched the surface, I don’t know if I would ever get any use for those Xtra styles pack. And adding the price of all the 11 packages, it would cost almost what I already paid for the Pro software and the upgrade to Ultrapak+, which makes it expensive for add-ond.
  7. I bought nothing since TS2 Max. Can’t use Jampoints, because of the discount code automatically applied, so my upgrade price is 299$ firm.
  8. It’s funny to see how one freebie can make a difference. For all those complaining about the high upgrade price, I’m pretty sure many will buy it to get the time-limited freebie.
  9. After all you said previously about IK and their upgrade pricing, I thought I was gasping for air after I read that! lol
  10. How can you add Jampoints? My offer is 299$, and even though I have 189$ in Jampoints, it's a special 200$ code that brings it to 299$.
  11. I was really hesitating to upgrade, maybe that will help me decide.
  12. I have received an email for the release of Xtra Styles Pack 11 with 40% intro discount. Will this be included in next year upgrade? If not, is it the best time to get it or it will be back at this price later? I don’t really need it for now, as I got Ultrapak + a couple of months ago for BIAB 2021.
  13. That’s what I asked earlier, if their plugs still broke in Windows, but nobody replied.
  14. Are those products now safe to install normally in Windows?
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