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  1. I’m currently recording vocals for an original song, so lyrics track makes it a no-brainer for me to upgrade at Best Service
  2. A review: https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/presonus-studio-one-6-expert-review
  3. After spending thousands of dollars for FOMO, you will know
  4. Thomann seems to have the best upgrade price to K14 UCE for those that don’t want to wait (around 400$)
  5. Only 102$ for the crossgrade at Best Service: https://www.bestservice.com/repitch_crossgrade.html
  6. Looks like it’s my question that is off-topic… oh well…
  7. So, does the XO packs are good? Any recommendations?
  8. It’s like other Soundwide products, it’s mainly their products from PA, and adding some more from NI and Izotope, not all of them
  9. It’s obvious that these products should not be available to 29$ to anyone for now…
  10. With all the new stuff available all the time from Toontrack, I don’t feel the need to have anything new from XLN Audio
  11. Now’s the time to write hits!
  12. 111,99$ at Plugindiscounts: https://plugindiscounts.com/product/synchroarts-repitch-crossgrade/
  13. Is there additional discount on pluginfox? You specified only JRR
  14. You can try the demo and see for yourself. It has presets from one of the best in the business, you can import your samples. It has also drums that you can modify. It sounds really cutting edge in my opinion.
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