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  1. Don’t know where you’re getting this. Console 1 is at it’s second version, it’s out for many years and new products are released for it. I’m using it and it’s excellent.
  2. It’s sold. I Contacted the buyer yesterday, he already received messages about it before me, and he later told me it’s sold.
  3. Everyone here knows your the king of deals, and appreciate all the time you take posting deals. This is simply a question of clarification. I asked very politely.
  4. I paid for Total Studio Max 1, and upgrade to 2, both when 2 was released, as it was the cheaper path for me to get it. They allowed me to use maximum Jampoints on these. Support from IK has been really helpful to do it. I didn’t had to worry after that to get individual products. I agree that their download policy is really bad.
  5. It’s a demo, not a freebie, maybe you should edit
  6. Humm, crack and lsd on same sentence. Nice retailer...
  7. If you wait to activate, you won’t get a higher version than 11 for free from 10.5. I buy .5 at around 40$ and wait at full release to activate. Done that for years, you won’t find a cheaper way to do it.
  8. That’s ok, you’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that.
  9. It was already given away for free in the past. I don't see why they would need to give another freebie for those that already grab that same freebie in the past.
  10. Is it now live or live now?
  11. Was looking for RX advanced for 9$. Sadly, no go
  12. Valentine sale for singles only. What’s the logic?
  13. I know, I was ironic
  14. Sorry, a typo. Same deal for me lol
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