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  1. Yes, with Waves Mercury, most of IK, and all the others, you had so much holes in your plugins setup. Glad for you.
  2. Someone at VI-Control forum wrote: "I received an email saying that there was a "system error with the pricing" and I can only go ahead with the order at the $112 price point. They're offering a $50 credit for my trouble if I go through with it. Sigh... but congrats to those who managed to get in early!"
  3. You sold one without keeping one for you first?
  4. Larry has one on sale at 40$ at KVR. I would gladly take it at this price...
  5. Can I buy your other one if it goes through, but not my order from MF?
  6. At this price, they must have been flooded with orders. If they process them all, they will need many serial numbers from Output.
  7. Still processing for my order.
  8. Just found out the thread. Me too would like to get it. If anyone could order it for me before it get fixed, I would send 30 USD in Paypal. I'm going to bed now, but will send it tomorrow morning. Thanks in advance! Edit: Was able to order through a VPN. Waiting for my serial.
  9. I mostly used so far Analog Strings, Analog Brass and Winds, and Exhale.
  10. I have the complete bundle, except Portal, but strangely, my upgrade price on sale is less than 25% off than my regular upgrade price.
  11. If you use Kontakt 6, you need presets in Kontakt 6 as well, not in 5.
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