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  1. I saw Steven Slate talk about that upgrade discount on a VSX thread in the Gearspace forum. Maybe you can try there.
  2. @Stefano MaccarelliIs the sound designer for all Ethera libraries.
  3. Yes, but in a very different way.
  4. I think I bought SSD 5 for lower (around 50$) some years ago. But yes, expansions prices are low.
  5. I bought it many years ago, and no other synth comes close to it in my opinion. A definite upgrade buy for me.
  6. Move on to another deal, it’s not for you!
  7. Did you tried their demos? Surprising from a reverb junkie like you to stay away from top contenders.
  8. At Best Service, they are a little bit higher, but a bit less if you consider Best Coins.
  9. This is not 12 days of Christmas, it says it won't be included in that upcoming sale, and counter is at 0, so I don't know how long this one will last.
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