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  1. Similar without the sequencer for now. Got tired waiting for the update, been delayed for months, so I bought XO yesterday at 62$ with the price error at ADSR.
  2. Crazy price for XO! Just bought it!
  3. Don't know what it means. As another saying goes.. chat échaudé craint l'eau froide
  4. If a product is running smoothly, don’t need to be fixed. SD 3 took years to develop, so who knows what they are doing now. No problem for me with XLN Audio.
  5. I was a deal fanatic for years. Then I took a break away from all of this for many months this year, instead singing with people from all around the world, for 40$ a year. My wallet thanks me so much and has never been fatter in years.
  6. Another word of wisdom: Try disconnecting for the whole week, you’ll save even more money!
  7. What do you think about Strobe 2 and Cypher 2? Upgrades are pretty cheap at JRR shop, especially for Strobe 2 (32$)
  8. Orchestral Tools is selling the Berlin series at 50% off for the first time. They are top of the field, and priced accordingly. https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/products
  9. No, it’s until November 30th. Daily deals are usually in December
  10. If you’re a V8P member, just contact support, they will send you a code.
  11. This week gift is Insolidus if you buy at least 598$. Previous weeks had less interesting libraries, but with a lower threshold. I’ll wait next week to see if there’s an incentive to get the next gift.
  12. I meant code receiced by mail for V8P members, not that the code is V8P
  13. 209$ for the bundle with V8P code for those that received it
  14. Forum code working only for upgrade to regular Reason, not the Suite. Is it worth it to pay twice as much to get the Suite package?
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