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  1. Anyone managed to get it? I have Vintage Vault 2 and wonder if the new stuff is worth the upgrade price.
  2. I see an upgrade to Spark dubstep (whatever new version that is).
  3. It’s at the cemetary of sale with PA plugs at 4$.
  4. And what is the coupon code?
  5. Maybe the hype is justified. I made my on mind when it was released and I never regretted my purchase.
  6. For Flatulence, there will be an upgrade path when they release their Dirt library.
  7. Nexus is a rompler. Why do you say Avenger is over-hyped? My comments are based on my actual use, not on hype...
  8. It’s by far my favorite synth, and I own a lot.
  9. Or get both Groove3 and Ask Audio Academy subscriptions for around the same price when they are on sale.
  10. Thanks, that’s the one I was looking for... week after week.
  11. You may need to put manually some files in your Kontakt wallpaper folder.
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