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  1. artturner

    Studio One 5.1

    Yeah, that's kind of my point. I know there must be something specific to me, and I don't have the time or enough motivation to trace it.
  2. artturner

    Studio One 5.1

    I keep wanting to love Studio One. I've kept it updated. But it always gives me an edge of distortion on the sound when I try to use Izotope mastering plugins. I know this isn't the forum for this, but thought I'd throw it out there in case any one else has heard of it. Every update I go try it again, and then go back to cubase because getting a straight answer on the internet is no longer possible in my opinion (except for you guys of course). But it shore is purty.
  3. THIS WEEKEND ONLY GRAB EACH RIFFENDIUM TITLE WITH A 50% DISCOUNT USE THE COUPON RIFFENDIUMWEEKEND AT THE LAST CHECKOUT PAGE https://audiofier.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=533e531733c4b7021d3aeb876&id=eb8056a79d&e=2c62f703b0
  4. I dropped the Neoverb trial into my workflow and quickly fell in love. So I upgraded to MPS4 tonight. I now have all-access at Groove 3 until 9/22/22. Wonder if that's enough time for me to actually go watch some tutorials?
  5. Oh I totally agree, just thought I would pick it up at $16 while I ruminate about Neoverb vs MPS4
  6. Dang it! I didn't know MReverbMB was a time-limited deal. It's showing $54 for me now.
  7. They just updated to allow user sample import. That's huge in my opinion. Although I had already purchased.
  8. This thread should go on my wall as a reminder to never, never, never buy anything even at half price. Thanks, ujam, for making my purchase a waste of hard-earned money!
  9. Well you should know, you just participated in it.
  10. Any Shadow Hills fans here? I've been hearing good things about the mastering compressor, but the class A is excluded from this sale. Is the class A enough of an upgrade over the regular to wait for it? Thx.
  11. I have APD$295.99--where did I use an APD penny?
  12. Can I pay you in APD dollars?
  13. @Dave Maffris As far as I know, Presonus accepts the "due diligence" of the retailer. Steinberg is the only really picky one I've run across. Educational also means teaching too, which is how I qualify.
  14. I guess that's where the intelligence part comes in.
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