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  1. I've read through the four pages and I'm still a little confused. I'm mostly a Cubase user, but I've kept S1 updated. From what I can tell, I have a perpetual license to S1 v6 purchased early January 2023. I have the option to upgrade to 6.6 when I boot up S1. If I pay nothing, I don't get that new lead vst, but I can use 6.6 forever? At some point if there is a v7, I can join Hybrid + then. Is that right? Other than the exclusive vst and other possible exclusive content, there's no reason to pay for Hybrid + now? Thanks! PS just watched Lead Architect video. Might have to get it if I decide to start an ELP tribute band. /s
  2. Thanks. I haven't seen an email yet, and the site isn't applying it automatically. I sent support a chat message.
  3. Has anyone seen upgrade pricing from Majestica Standard/2.0?
  4. Bought from Sonuscore directly it gave me $279.44. YMMV.
  5. I'm having no success getting the cinematic trio presets into their respective instruments (strings/voices I don't own pianos yet). I feel really dumb. Edit: NVM, it seems to have worked now.
  6. Thank you! I kept clicking Products and ignoring Shop.
  7. Is there a specific link or way to add the upgrade? I'm signed in, I have Orb Synth in my downloads, but if I hit buy now on X, it puts it in my cart at $127.
  8. I have the Orb Synth but got it for $1 two years ago. I can't tell if I'm eligible for the upgrade to X for $29 with my $1 synth. Maybe I already have all the wavetable synths I need...
  9. For those deciding about CinePerc (which by the way is the library out of serials today):
  10. Every time I add a bundle to my cart, it just goes straight to fastspring.
  11. Chess meets Chatroulette--what could possibly go wrong?
  12. I was hoping for more of a loyalty discount...strings plus was only $50 after discount, this is $74.
  13. I'm still waiting for the loyalty discount email, if I do decide to get it.
  14. Good catch, that will keep me from buying, although the content doesn't really inspire me. **SL support just replied to my question with Kontakt 6.7.1 ** ...and they've just updated the specs on the site.
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