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  1. I heard Elton John singing this.
  2. Every time I add a bundle to my cart, it just goes straight to fastspring.
  3. Chess meets Chatroulette--what could possibly go wrong?
  4. I was hoping for more of a loyalty discount...strings plus was only $50 after discount, this is $74.
  5. I'm still waiting for the loyalty discount email, if I do decide to get it.
  6. Good catch, that will keep me from buying, although the content doesn't really inspire me. **SL support just replied to my question with Kontakt 6.7.1 ** ...and they've just updated the specs on the site.
  7. This is great! After not watching for 2 years, now I can not watch for 60 more days!
  8. So will Dark Zebra patches from 3rd parties work with Zebra Legacy?
  9. Good luck with this...and I mean that genuinely. Back in the mid-2000s, I was actually making about $50 a month on my meager little channel, then they began raising the subscriber limit for monetization. It's maddening to deal with either YouTube or Google.
  10. Summer is coming to a close. While the festival season is almost over, the features and creative workflows in Waveform and our new plugin offerings continue to expand. Stock up now on a new range of creative tools. Save 40% off everything...starting NOW! SAVE 40% NOW Discount code: LABOR2022 Hurry! Sale ends soon. https://www.tracktion.com/
  11. Save 20% with code LABORDAY22 https://www.minimal.audio/
  12. FLASH SALE! SAVE 40% ON OUR ENTIRE CATALOGUE! For only two days, save 40% on all of our products! Offer valid on August 17th and 18th, no code required. https://www.veryloudindeed.com/
  13. I'm hopeful. It has exited successfully at least twice since the update.
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