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  1. artturner

    Waves OVox

    Everyone here seems pretty jaded with this plugin...is there something out there that does this already or better?
  2. From the website: Medusa is a modern ensemble drum library created for trailer producers as well as film, game and television composers. We also made it a point to smack the living snot out of the drums for the top velocities. Couldn't really be in that room without a good set of closed cans if you valued your hearing. https://www.musicalsampling.com/boutique-drums-medusa/
  3. I haven't figured out the last game yet.
  4. I just wish I could get some of those 11-second music cue gigs.
  5. I'm really torn on this one. On one hand, I think I can accomplish the same thing within my current DAWs now that I see the concept. On the other hand, I have FOMO about what it might become and how early adopters might be rewarded. Oh well, just broadcasting my personal issues I guess.
  6. I'm just trying out Ableton now, but I think the answer is yes you can. Not negative on Unify, just trying to understand it, btw.
  7. Although it looks cool and I kind of want to get it, isn't this pretty much how instrument racks in Ableton work?
  8. It just says "Thank you for your purchase during our Year-End Sale 2019!"
  9. "ARCTA is a celebration of our very first offering in the world of cinematic preset collections. Created exclusively for OMNISPHERE (2.6.2 or later), ARCTA represents the cold stillness of winter on the frozen tundra. Haunting textures and ambiences, bitterly cold arps and sequences, and frostbitten basses, mallets, and strings round out this special collection of 40 presets. FREE for a very limited time!" https://www.hiddenpathaudio.com/arcta
  10. Serials arrived as well--Scheps Omin Channel, CLA Mix Hub, AR Studio 3 and Submarine. A nice little after Christmas present.
  11. Order placed at MF, we'll see what happens.
  12. Thank you @Tezza and others for info in this thread. I just successfully upgraded my (trigger_warning) slave computer from win7pro to win10pro. I was hesitant but it seemed to go smoothly. Not a lot of demand on it since it only runs Vienna Ensemble Pro with instances of Kontakt and HALion. But it's nice to have the latest OS.
  13. It's a surprisingly deep library. Lots of possibilities for ambient style music. I paid considerably more for it, but I have used it. *For Kontakt FULL
  14. Thanks for posting this. Checking in to say that it worked fine for me, although I already had accounts in all the right places.
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