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  1. @Dave Maffris As far as I know, Presonus accepts the "due diligence" of the retailer. Steinberg is the only really picky one I've run across. Educational also means teaching too, which is how I qualify.
  2. I guess that's where the intelligence part comes in.
  3. And owners of Cinemorphx or Morphestra, or Red Room Audio Palette Orchestral should get an additional $50 off coupon in their email.
  4. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1448944-REG/samsung_mz_76q1t0b_am_1tb_860_qvo_sata.html 24-hours only ending 7/8 @ midnight EDT
  5. Remember, successful composers make smart choices.
  6. IT: *thinks "Glad management didn't ask about the registration servers!"
  7. My box still has a spinning icon, but I already got an email thanking me for registering 5
  8. Same here, although I noticed I had an Artist license in my account in addition to the Pro. Wonder if that's what the problem is. But, like you say, no form is provided to answer the prompt.
  9. Yeah, I just emailed and asked when it would be, no response yet
  10. From the video: " Here's the secret to successful composers: they make smart choices." Oh, crap! That's the secret? I'm doomed!
  11. You don't like them? I'm on the lookout for Iron, or at least I thought I was.
  12. Agreed, I add it to almost everything just to see how it sounds.
  13. ooh, ooh, I got an email! (It was already in my deleted folder)
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