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  1. but...but....but...Captain Plugins EPIC is coming! (I can mock it because it sucked me in already...just put epic or cinematic or pro after any product and I must have it.) ūü§™
  2. Yeah, that's like 70% off retail.
  3. Darn it! And here I thought what a great deal I got on Method 1 @ 50% off. And let's not talk about what I paid for Revelation Grand on intro. Early adopters really end up paying for the privilege of being first.
  4. anyone go for the upsell? essential bundle good or good price?
  5. @Matthew Sorrels thank you for posting this here. I own BBSCO and did not receive an email.
  6. I'm not seeing any sale prices at PulseSetter. Is anyone else? Edit: Never mind they are there now.
  7. artturner

    UVI Quadra

    https://www.uvi.net/en/unconventional/quadra-metal-and-wood.html Looks new
  8. artturner

    8DIO Soundpaint

    They should have positioned it as "always on sale."
  9. It's OK, he just wants to know what the deal is.
  10. To celebrate VEEVUM SYNC release all VEEVUM series titles are 30% off, until 30 October. http://www.audiofier.com/ Also, new VEEVUM SYNC's are $21 each with code "group" at http://www.jrrshop.com
  11. Sigh. At this point, I just want whatever I don't have. Guess I'll have to update my spreadsheet and get to work.
  12. I'm almost certain this has been asked before, but I don't have the heart to search for it. I know that the promo page "shows" me things I already have, but does it stop me from choosing a duplicate? I need to pick the rest of my freebies, but I dread the thought of comparing the list of what I own with what I can choose in a dropdown list to make sure I don't get duplicates among my soon-to-be 72 freebies. Thanks!
  13. I probably wouldn't mind having the full version at a discount, but I have to start being more careful with disk space.
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