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  1. Would love to pick this up but I'm not seeing the deal
  2. If they're going to do deals like this, it makes the $29 forever plan too expensive.
  3. Worked for me in the cart, brought it to $54.99. But for the the money I'd probably rather have the new Baby Audio Crystalline.
  4. I was expecting free, so I'm not cool with $29 yet.
  5. Definitely more subtle than I was expecting. Also the latency eliminates the ability to use it with live playing.
  6. Now my $49 price seems expensive. But for those of you who found it awesome, I'm happy for you.
  7. I purchased this right away and it's everything I thought it would be. I've particularly enjoyed auditioning the pads and also pairing it up with a recent innovative cello library along with some Blackhole reverb. It's really well done and lives up to the Emergence name and tag line.
  8. Which Mosaics are must-have? Or which Mosaics are "don't bother?"
  9. You can also leave them on the grid and use negative track delay. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/negative-track-delay-database-spreadsheet.105332/
  10. I'm not sure I've committed to any DAW since Cakewalk. I almost never use Cakewalk any more, probably use Cubase the most. Ableton is quickest from idea to something recorded. I like the look of Studio One, but meh on the rest of it.
  11. artturner

    PA Xmas Day 22

    Happy to see the LO-FI-AF, but unfortunately I already used my Dec loyalty voucher.
  12. Any more info on this soundset...kind of a pig in a poke for $30.
  13. Maybe spend less time on marketing copy and more time on researching the proposed name ...🙄
  14. I didn't see enough unique selling proposition to pre-order. What they described in the video is basically buying synths and only using the presets. Which may or may not be how I use most of my synths.
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