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  1. You can also leave them on the grid and use negative track delay. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/negative-track-delay-database-spreadsheet.105332/
  2. I'm not sure I've committed to any DAW since Cakewalk. I almost never use Cakewalk any more, probably use Cubase the most. Ableton is quickest from idea to something recorded. I like the look of Studio One, but meh on the rest of it.
  3. artturner

    PA Xmas Day 22

    Happy to see the LO-FI-AF, but unfortunately I already used my Dec loyalty voucher.
  4. Any more info on this soundset...kind of a pig in a poke for $30.
  5. Maybe spend less time on marketing copy and more time on researching the proposed name ...🙄
  6. I didn't see enough unique selling proposition to pre-order. What they described in the video is basically buying synths and only using the presets. Which may or may not be how I use most of my synths.
  7. Wat? There's an Ethera I don't have 😲 Edit: It was released 5 years ago, before I joined the Ethera ecosystem.
  8. It's stated on the page @cclarry linked, but be aware there's an additional cost if you want to go to soundscapes 2.0.
  9. I had successfully closed all of my Mixcraft windows until ya'll said this.
  10. Yes, I'm still waiting as well. Here's what 8dio said:
  11. I thought about this since it was $199 for me to upgrade. That's a pretty good price for Spectral Layers Pro alone. But I decided the this was not the reason I'm not making music.
  12. I got a good deal on the intro, but this is even better. Ya'll enjoy!
  13. YMMV, but Thermal is one of my favorites. I throw it on lots of stuff to fatten it up and give it more edge.
  14. Where did you find this? I have an old version of 32c.
  15. Also, Fanatical is offering 30% off non-game content, but not the Magix bundle sadly. However, it does work for the VFX pack I picked up.
  16. but...but....but...Captain Plugins EPIC is coming! (I can mock it because it sucked me in already...just put epic or cinematic or pro after any product and I must have it.) 🤪
  17. Darn it! And here I thought what a great deal I got on Method 1 @ 50% off. And let's not talk about what I paid for Revelation Grand on intro. Early adopters really end up paying for the privilege of being first.
  18. anyone go for the upsell? essential bundle good or good price?
  19. @Matthew Sorrels thank you for posting this here. I own BBSCO and did not receive an email.
  20. I'm not seeing any sale prices at PulseSetter. Is anyone else? Edit: Never mind they are there now.
  21. artturner

    UVI Quadra

    https://www.uvi.net/en/unconventional/quadra-metal-and-wood.html Looks new
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