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  1. You don't like them? I'm on the lookout for Iron, or at least I thought I was.
  2. Agreed, I add it to almost everything just to see how it sounds.
  3. ooh, ooh, I got an email! (It was already in my deleted folder)
  4. artturner

    Arturia OB-XA

    I know that backwards time travel does not exist, otherwise I would have appeared to and slapped my 1980s self for selling my hardware synths.
  5. artturner


    I might have given Rapid Composer a try at the sale price. But I downloaded the Melodya demo for a try.
  6. I'm pretty sure they've already got that.
  7. If you're looking for a MIDI controller, maybe this will be an option later this year. https://www.facebook.com/weidner.electronic/ 😀
  8. And the post you always love to see....it worked for me!
  9. Waiting for Ujam Carbon to go on sale (probably be waiting until November). I think I want an Teenage Engineering OP-1, but was not prepared for that price.
  10. I think I'm going to have to seriously consider this. Since I have more Jampoints than I can apply to this, it takes it down to $98. And even though I have 3.5 TB SSDs and 8 TB spinning disks on my DAW, and 2.5 TB on my slave, I will need to make room somewhere to put this. Yes, I have a problem.
  11. I guess they got caught up. I just went and ordered, paid and received flawlessly.
  12. I have already used it in a project (although I ran it through Portal). I kind of agree that if you are looking for a guitar, this is not the guitar you're looking for.
  13. Oh well, was going to pick 5 but it adds up to 300+ pounds when I try to checkout.
  14. Create expressive string parts Add vibrant and authentic sounding string parts to your music. No more lifeless sample libraries—StringWERK’s unique articulation features put you in control of creating performances that suit your songs. https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack-extension/stringwerk-studio-strings/
  15. Bought it, but all I get when I try to download is "Already downloaded too often or outdated. Contact us if you need this file" Emailed support. Grrr.
  16. Like the day I told my wife that I had more sounds than I could possibly hear in my lifetime, even if that's all I did from now on.
  17. Saw a Facebook post on it. Anyone have any experience with a membership here? https://www.puremix.net/memberships.html
  18. I didn't think I would want this until I listened to it.
  19. From my email today: Dear fellow musician, First of all, we hope you and your family are well during these challenging times. As we understand how difficult and uncertain all of this is for our creative friends in the music industry, we would like to contribute by offering one of our most popular products free of cost. Starting now, you can use the code DISRPT2020 to download our Omnisphere 2 soundset DISRUPTOR. Our plan for the next few months is to keep working as hard as possible and try to keep releasing products as usual, even with all the challenges and limitations that we are all facing right now. Also expect extra discounts on our new upcoming products. We are very excited about these new releases and very much looking forward to share them with you. Thank you all for your continuous support and for following us on our journey. Be safe, Freddy and Guillermo.
  20. Pretty soon I'm going to need a "buy four libraries, get an SSD free."
  21. Great sounds. Didn't realize I had missed the release of Padshop 2.
  22. Ran across this interesting post on Reddit with links to free sounds as well as a tutorial on recording and processing the sounds.
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