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  1. Orchestral Strings from €299 for €99. http://www.sonokinetic.net (Website is currently down) Edit: website is partially up again. This is some 'storming the store on black friday' type of behavior. Think of the children!
  2. Yesterday I watched the world cup at the bar. But I also had some dinner plans. So I went out drinking and watching football. Celebrating a bit but I was in in a bit of a hurry. Went to the all inclusive place, including drinks. Ate and drank waaaay too much. Stopped by my house on the way back to the bar and crashed on the couch. This turn of events saved me at least €30. So I got myself Klevgrand Borsta today.
  3. Great! The feeling must be awesome. I hope to get there sometime. Closest I got was in my very amateur DJ days when a mix of mine got played on a fairly large station. Afterwards I learned that they got so much positive responses that they repeated it a couple of months later. As a first.
  4. I remember a Synplant demo by a youtuber named Torley. Guy could play very well and did some blade runner tunes. Interesting synth and they rarely do sales. Not on my list so I'm not buying, but perhaps something to consider for others.
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    The only thing on my wishlist was Needlepoint. Buuuuuuut, since the trick still worked, I put a couple more in my cart. So instead of just Needelpoint for 19.99, I got: Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint Diezel Herbert ENGL E646 VS ENGL E765 RT ENGL Savage 120 Friedman BE-100 Friedman Buxom Betty Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Gallien-Krueger 800RB Fiedler audio stage For € 32. That's 9 extra plugins for 12 euro extra.
  6. UJAM Drummer Hot is 30% off on their own website, but 50% on ADSR. Perhaps an error.
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    It is generic, I got the same one.
  8. This is awesome, great and very real news. I'm genuinely excited for you and your real price from the real spinning wheel which totally does contain prices which are real and do exist. This has convinced me to continue to try my luck for a real change. Really.
  9. Yeah I'm really excited about it. It's a crazy haunting machine. I'm planning on the white version. And what about you. Your hardware plans?
  10. I have 3 things on my wishlist, but one just got itself off it because of the advertising price without tax thing. The Microcosm is off. Perhaps second hand but it's not that common. That leaves the PWM Malevolent and the SOMA Lyra-8.
  11. I got a lot. But, almost everything was from my wishlist. So...partly successful? Some very expensive, some very cheap. Moogerfooger bundle (not on the wishlist, but it was brand new, it probably would have been), Skybox audio full bundle, Tapes.01, Neural DSP Rabae & Corey Wong, Kush Omega bundle (not on my wishlist but it was last year), Kazrog True dynamics, Newfangled Audio Invigorate (again, brand new), Goodhertz Vulf compressor, Klevgrand Fosfat, Embertone sensual sax, Yum Audio Mr Bill Slap, Ramzoid 808 cooker, Softube Tube Tech CL1B, Waldorf Streichfett, Aberrant Digitalis, Blacksalt Audio Low control, XLN Addictive drums XL. Various sample packs & preset packs (both Jovian Abyss packs make up the majority of the cost). Ujam Brute. Didn't get: Ujam brasss, Vogue and some upgrade, anything Spitfire, lots of sample packs, Dr Ms spacial thing, a couple of Klevgrand things, anything Heavyocity, and a load of plugins that didn't meet my discount criteria. Next month, some hardware.
  12. Wow thanks, that's half of the price on UJAM's own website. That was the kind of deal I was looking for.
  13. On Amazon (the Dutch one at least). https://www.amazon.nl/Elgato-Stream-Deck-liveproducties-LCD-toetsen/dp/B06W2KLM3S/
  14. Already have this one, but I had to check. I was kinda hoping for a flash sale on Virtual Drummer Brute. Or Hot, but that one is brand new so the change was slim to none. Same goes for Vogue and Braaaaassssss. So I'm only looking for the Sparkle upgrade and Brute at the moment.
  15. I am a great fan of Abyss. I understand it can be a bit of a niche product, but damn it sounds so good. It is a great atmosphere machine.
  16. https://glitchedtones.com/products/sfx-atmospheres-bundle "Our biggest Sound Effects & Designed Atmospheres collection to date featuring Over 3000 Industry Standard Samples used by AAA game audio teams, well-known streaming networks, filmmakers, composers and beatmakers from all over the world! For the price of a couple of coffees, we guarantee this epic bundle will keep your creativity flowing project after project! For a limited time, we are offering a huge 95% off the regular price! Once you apply the code below, the price will be just a little over £10.00 or around $12.00 only! We don't think you will find such a comprehensive collection of professional sounds like these and at this price anywhere else! This offer strictly ends Cyber Monday at midnight GMT, please act fast to own our entire collection of Sound Effects & Designed Atmospheres which will enhance your projects, whatever genre or field you work in! SPECIAL OFFER 95% off SFX & Atmospheres Bundle Use code: SFX95 at checkout."
  17. SFX & Atmospheres Bundle Regular Price £207.20 // Use code: SFX95 The SFX & Atmospheres Bundle from Glitchedtones features 24 Full Sample Packs with a total of 3, 039 files. From glitched-out future computers to dark, ominous atmospheres, these libraries feature organic elements, analogue source material and extreme digital processing for a blend of the familiar and the experimental side of sound design. Think Dystopian environments, unexplored Science Fiction spaces, unsettling Horror ambiences, signals gone awry, abstract textures and harsh walls of noise! Total Files 3039
  18. Depends, if you're looking for a nice display item and a good read, go for the hardcover. And 40 is not that expensive. If I'm buying the book just to read it, sure paperback is fine.
  19. Special offer this week features 8 One-Shot sample packs for 9.99 Euro. (Regular 131.92) That's 3150 samples in total! For the vast majority the samples are drum shots The following packs are included: Deep Shots Deep Shots 2 Deep Shots 3 Techno Shots Tech House One Shots Hot Shots Hip Hop Drum Shotz 2 Synthwave Neon Drums https://www.deepdataloops.org/downloads/drum-shots-2-bundle/
  20. Both Jovian expansion packs for Abyss are absolutely stunning.
  21. https://www.yum-audio.com/Slap-by-MrBill From 129 for 59. Pretty good discount and the plugin is interesting as well. Sort of like an Ableton drumbus on steroids.
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