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  1. I know right?! I saw John Selway use it on a 343 Labs video. Hidden gem.
  2. Would have been nicer if they included the patch sheet (pdf).
  3. Funny thing with Kilohearts is that the plugins are so small and thus the installer so fast, the first time I had to doublecheck wether the plugins were really installed 😅
  4. https://onsenaudio.com/products/os251 "OS-251 is a "JUNO" style digital subtractive synthesizer with a simple yet powerful DSP algorithm. Unlike other plugins that use analogue simulation, OS-251 uses digital algorithms to give warm, lo-fi sounds. The design of the oscillators and the selection of parameters were influenced by the JUNO-106, making it easier to express a thicker, chunkier sound. The oscillator has alias noise (specific to digital signal processing) famous on classic samplers like E-mu SP-12 which adds lo-fi feeling to the sound. You can enjoy the powerful sound at modern sampling rates with your DAW."
  5. Always been free, but I just found out. There is a paid version which adds sidechain and crunch. But the snare sounds seems really tweakable. https://www.chair.audio/product/excite_snare_drum/
  6. Oh yeah I forgot all about the Boz one. Have that too. I should really use it sometimes.
  7. The features are very similar to the free Kilohearts gate. Although this has a mix knob and is frequency selective. Combine the Kilohearts Gate with Khz Multipass and you can do everything and much more (gate flipping is cool). But in the end it's still a gate. I get the same feeling with Fabfilter who charge 149 for their gate (not discounted). It's the reason I haven't upgraded to the Total package. I don't need another gate, de-esser or a couple of filters.
  8. I was hoping for a steaper discount on Vogue. Oh well, I will wait for BF. Maybe I will take a look at Striiings.
  9. Goodbye expensive Orange Tree, hello free Heavyocity 😝
  10. Ah yes I thought so. Well it seems a lot of folk here think this is an issue. And although I agree that starting with such a name is not the best of starts, I would like to comment with the following:
  11. I don't know, for native English speakers maybe? I've heard it's some slang. I agree it's not a very catchy or sexy name for a plugin format, but also not that bad.
  12. I've barely made any purchases in the last months and I still get the 75. I think you should be good.
  13. Pretty shure it's nice and all. I'm not buying from them (audioplugindeals).
  14. That would involve me interacting with another human being. I already visited my parents today. Enough is enough. Ok, this was just GAS talk then. I really shouldn't be doing this. My money is already gone since I splurged on a Novation Peak and Roland TR8S this weekend. Damn you people. I'm waiting for BF. Too bad if the upgrade will be less interesting than now.
  15. Yes, thanks! But the description on JRR says MPS 4.1, and Neutron 3. Are they just not up to date with the description or am I buying what I already have? Audiodelux seems to have a more accurate descripption. And will the upgrade work with 'just' MPS4?
  16. Now hold on. I was really on the fence about this upgrade. I have MP4 (NOT 4.1), but this is something else I guess... Are you guys sure this will work?
  17. I'm in the same boat. But I use the chorus and plate pretty often. Haven't played around with Tape though. But I bought the upgrade. I don't think a better deal will rise again shortly. Maybe with BF, but that may be just about the same.
  18. Finally a way to run a project with Gold, Magenta and Titanium on every track. Still, better increase your latency.
  19. I got it for 73. I should have waited...but hey you win some you lose some.
  20. They don't seem to be stackable, or I'm doing something wrong.
  21. I guess I'm lucky? I don't have to go back to Groove3. I could just buy every plugin separately, enter the same code every time and every time I got 25 off.
  22. I don't know, it seems I can still use it. Maybe not directly through Groove3. But if you wrote te code down, you can still apply it to the cart.
  23. That is insane value. I'm also looking at SplitEQ. With the Groove3 trick it's cheaper than it has ever been. Edit: Quick maths time: I already have Blackhole. The entire H9 series is €190 on sale right now for the bundle. Using the Groove3 perk for all the other H9 plugins (10 of them) would give me the ENTIRE H9 series for €40. That is 150 lower than the current sale and around 435 lower than normal price.
  24. Nice! I was planning to get Indie Voices sometime when it would be on sale. Now it is free!
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