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  1. Bought dearVR pro yesterday for 12$ at PA. Should have wait to buy this bundle at 600$.. or not
  2. Considering that the Spectrum sound pack cost 20$ to current users, the synth itself would cost you 29$ in that package. Be reasonable lol
  3. They are adding the solo libraries and the orchestrator, so there’s new stuff, but it’s still expensive.
  4. As usual, an awesome library for those that can afford this.
  5. Yes, I can use my monthly voucher on top of that to buy 2 more plugins I don’t need to add to my collection like all of you!
  6. It’s 6am in California now where they are...
  7. That’s the problem, I received nothing to register the free expansion
  8. I got the first email about the migration process, which I did, but never received the follow-up email about the freebie. Anyone know how to get it?
  9. Not working on upgrades, so it's a pass for me...
  10. soundbetterx30 - discount not applied because it is only for first time purchases . Otherwise, it’s working on other products.
  11. Link is not working
  12. Pretty expensive for an effect...
  13. Let’s Advance to another deal instead...
  14. Sorry, my 2 licenses are already swapped, and I was still receiving offers!
  15. My wallet has started crying again...
  16. Would it fit well with other orchestral libraries for someone not owning anything from Cinesamples?
  17. I will try install it tonight. I also got 2 more licenses recently for free from Ujam upon purchase that I didn’t register, so I may have 2 extra licenses to swap if someone has something interesting to swap in return.
  18. Feels like looking at a buffet after eating like crazy lol
  19. I now have 189$ of Jampoints. If they would allow to use them on top of the upgrade discount to Total Studio 3 Max, I would have bough it.
  20. I already have it. I may use the code for something else
  21. With Best Service easter egg code, even better price!
  22. I think you can write to UVI support. I have great experience with them. Every time I wrote to them, they were very flexible when they could. Some times, they gave me some extra rebates on current sales as a loyal UVI customer for many years.
  23. Version 1.4 released in 2020? That’s old news! Lol
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