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  1. I'm in Canada, so I pay conversion fees in any currency, so that's the best deal for me, including that I used T+S loyalty points to reduce it even more from the lowest price for me. Depends on where you live.
  2. And Time+Space for 17,50 pounds, which is less if you don't pay VAT https://www.timespace.com/collections/latest-toontrack-deals/products/toontrack-ezx-post-rock
  3. Best Service has it for 22,39$ https://www.bestservice.fr/ezx_post_rock.html
  4. Does the 29$ PA code works on this?
  5. Who here has a real need? When you have hundreds of plugins or more, the « need » territory is long gone...
  6. Yes, support got to me earlier with my codes, then I received another email with the same codes.
  7. On the Facebook page, a lot of people complains with no codes received.
  8. Where are the codes? I don't see them in the email.
  9. He's able to post about your video before you do your video!
  10. Let's hope the changelog is not only "Fix - Spelling mistakes"
  11. Yes, their first sale... I mean their first carnival sale ever.
  12. Not sure yet about this one. Budget is tight...
  13. What’s your opinion of Godfazer?
  14. I had t&s points. I still have them.
  15. Didn't buy it. Saved sale price.
  16. Of course you can, been doing it every month...
  17. The sale is ending in a couple of hours and I won’t have time to try it out. I was asking, because I could get it for 25$ with my monthly voucher. I already have Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 4 Max, etc. The sound on videos sounds great, was asking if it brings anything unique to the table.
  18. Anyone can give some opinion about the Diezel Herbert sale?
  19. Buy through a third party dealer, to pay less on top of no payment problem.
  20. Yan Filiatrault

    Waves OVox

    Got Ovox, Clavinet, Bass fingers and Morphoder for a total of 30$ at Everyplugin!
  21. Anyone managed to get it? I have Vintage Vault 2 and wonder if the new stuff is worth the upgrade price.
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