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  1. I know and have no intention of ever downloading them. I did think about it which is why I registered and claimed the freebies. But when I thought about it, I knew they weren't worth the hassle or drive space.
  2. I was given a version 1 code to use in the GB and it gave me access to all of the synths as it was such a massive giveaway. I assumed it was a freebie as I was given it without asking or even wanting it. I'm done with IKM now and didn't even bother downloading any of them.
  3. With the group buy I bought into, the free or cheap $50 licenses were helpful in picking up sample libraries. But very much second tier of course.
  4. I was talking about the code that you get from a reseller. I don’t have an authorisation code in my account, just the serial number which is the same as the code from the reseller.
  5. Some people probably buy cheap licences and store them up hoping for another Group Buy! Not that I'm interested myself.
  6. It's going to be a bloodbath on Knobcloud! Some good deals to be had there for sure.
  7. I have String Studio VS-2 which I like. It doesn't work with the latest packs but it's not tempting me to upgrade. Of course they work with the free Player but you lose most of the control then. Keep an eye out for VS-2 as it's often about $20 which is what I paid. Will lack some features such as native M1 support etc.
  8. Exactly. There’s a great thread on KVR where chatting or non deal stuff is not allowed and it’s actively moderated. A breath of fresh air.
  9. Maybe they will start a new range? AmpliHoarder. I like Joe but he doesn't half like to hoard amps and guitars. The only person with more is Norm.
  10. Free if you previously bought one of the two Andy Findon libraries.
  11. PACKS INCLUDED: St Clav Tubed Keys – Rhodes MkI 73 ST Reed Organ ST Tonewheel Singularis – Old School Recording Piano
  12. Is that for two Quadras and WS2 or do you have a personal voucher? The overview video is probably redundant if you have another Quadra, but worth jumping to the end where VT plays some of his favourite presets. These are generally more acoustic/organic than the presets in the other video, which runs through presets with the focus more on synthetic sounds.
  13. Yes. I have one for having a Quadra and one of their annual vouchers and they stack. If you have WS2, that gives you another voucher to stack.
  14. Thanks. Do you have World Suite 2 or the original version?
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