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  1. Thanks for this. I had forgotten that I had already registered two of them and had a 3rd to register. These were all freebies and Motors was the last one in the bundle and as that one seemed the most interesting I jumped at it at ~$7.
  2. I read that they didn't want to open up Opus to all users at once as the tech support surge could have been too much. That made sense.
  3. I thought that most newly registered licences for their products will give you an Opus license. If you look at them, under system requirements they mention Opus, which makes sense as it replaces Play. Examples: https://www.soundsonline.com/vocals/voices-of-opera https://www.soundsonline.com/world-and-traditional/silk
  4. So is this an update to the original World Suite, as calling version two, 1.08 seems slightly confusing? I suspect it is for version 2 of course.
  5. Unless they have actually merged the workplaces, they are still run as separate entities, so the customer service of one has no bearing on that of another.
  6. I know what you mean. I'm fed up of all the competing players. Also nice to be able to create custom multis in Kontakt.
  7. Ethno World 6 uses Kontakt Player.
  8. With Ozone 10 Advanced it says: "PA_EXT plugins can only be downloaded from the external partner websites."
  9. "The $1 voucher is valid for any purchasable plugin on our website, except for PA_EXT sales". Does it count as an External sale?
  10. There are two potential issues: 1. They give away so much of their content via magazines and also a recent big give-away. 2. You are required to install yet another sample player. I'm guilty of owning over 25GB of their freebies and have never used any of them. That's often the way with free samples I find or even cheap bundles.
  11. I think so, plus it will be half price next year some time.
  12. Is Massive X out of beta yet?
  13. This is a prepared piano with a lot of control offered. APD had it as a deal last year: https://www.xperimentaproject.com/preparato-piano/
  14. Once a year at this time, the elite deal listers are invited to a remote Buddhist retreat located high up on the Indian side of the Himalayas. Here they undergo intense deal training under the watchful eye of an old and smiling Buddhist master. They learn to open their third eye so that they can ‘see’ deals as they are being hatched in the minds of the marketing departments around the world. They can even do this in their sleep and they set deal thresholds which if crossed would trigger them to wake up so they can post the really big deals ASAP. At the end of the training, if one of the attendees has particularly excelled, they will be crowned the Deal-Eye Lama. For the record, the Dalai Lama uses Studio One, so Larry has no chance of being top dog this year. 😀 Why do they have it every July? They book the retreat in July because it’s out of season so they get a great deal on the monastery.
  15. PreSonus have more music production hardware in their catalogue than most other DAW vendors. Integration with Studio One is part of the selling point of some of their hardware, controllers especially. So if they dumbed down S1 Pro, it would likely impact hardware sales too.
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