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  1. Probably better off buying the ones you actually want from KVR, Knobcloud etc and paying the transfer fees all at once.
  2. The irony of releasing a modular version of Quadra, which is a platform which doesn’t allow you to use the individual Quadra modules together. When I first read about this, I thought that they were finally putting that right. This is probably the least interesting one of these for me.
  3. They change the bundle over time and they dropped the H910 for example around 5 years ago. Before I registered my hardware so I missed out.
  4. Tuned in, saw a guy with a perm stroking his geetar and tuned out.
  5. Every now and then I nearly buy one I already have. I think I have picked up about ten for ten bucks in total. I obviously haven’t even installed all of them. I plan to have them placed in my coffin on a USB stick. Just need to find a stick that is furnace proof.
  6. It would be more accurate if they had named it non-essential as it misses the things that make Bitwig truly stand out. It might make more sense to buy Ableton Live 12 Intro on Knobcloud!
  7. You can use an app to automatically copy any files that are added to a chosen folder to another location. It worked perfectly when I tried it alongside NA. If you are copying to a slow drive then I’m not sure if it will be a problem or whether the OS will block NA from deleting a file that is being copied.
  8. SSO is £233.98. This is a full orchestral library that was recently relaunched at the much lower price of £499. People on VIC thought it was great value at that price, so I doubt it is meant to go this low so soon. I think this is a much better deal than the 8Dio bundle if your focus is purely on orchestral. You get all the sections recorded in depth at the same hall. You don’t get nearly as much with the 8Dio bundle in this respect.
  9. Don’t hang around if interested as they pulled the use of the code on other sale items including BBC stuff.
  10. Good to see that Spitfire Audio are keeping their MySpace page updated.
  11. From what I have read, most USB AI's are 2.0 because they use third party USB controllers and the manufacturers of those haven't seen the need to upgrade to 3.0. Which begs the question, what do RME use?
  12. They are on the 8Dio website as individual products.
  13. It still works on a few things apparently but not the BBC stuff. Symphony Orchestra is still £280.76 .
  14. Wow, it's getting so cut throat right now with all these large legacy makers putting out these very cheap bundles.
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