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  1. So are they like $2 instead of the usual $4? I have a number that I've bought cheap over the years to get the freebies. But I never really use them. Are they any good?
  2. Looking at this, I cant find Collection 1 anywhere. How can you upgrade if it isn't something that is available? I'm also surprised there isn't the usual 50% off individual products. I've been looking at the Alpha Organ.
  3. I had to grab it right away. Now I will no longer have to sit and clean my recorder after every recording.* I can just play this amazingly emotional VI to get my recorder sound! *I haven't actually recorded me playing the recorder. It just sits in its box most of the time. But I do clean it every time I attempt to play it.
  4. My GAS-meter says "it's only 9 euros! It does all sorts of cool things!" The part of me that is trying to build a template and is really starting to regret owning so many libraries is saying "how different is it from all the other drone, whoosh, effect, etc... libraries I own?" Is it sad the GAS is winning?
  5. The group buy can get up to about 60% off, if I remember correctly. So I guess it depends on how soon you need it.
  6. Does it work on hard drives? I am a little jealous. 😊
  7. The problem with a lot of these "We decided to make our own player" programs is that they aren't AAX compatible. Yes, I could run them through Patchwork or VE Pro, but I won't remember they exist. I do like a lot of their Kontakt libraries.
  8. it was an electric one. Not very big. We used it to clean the big reel to reel tapes that we played programming with. It was an am station that did talk before switching to sports. The talk shows were all recorded and replayed at night. They also used it to clean the 4-tracks we used for commercials.
  9. I'd need to take the drives out and make them unusable first. I really miss that degausser at the radio station I used to work at.
  10. I haven't really been tempted by much at APD or VSTBuzz lately. Probably because I have way too many of these libraries and never end up using them. I need something new and exciting. or not....
  11. I guess it depends on the film scores as to whether it is worth it. I don't think it does epic. I just watched the walkthrough and I know the people that bought it like it, it doesn't really wow me. And I may have too many unused choirs right now. It is a good price though.
  12. I still have my old 8088 around. It has 2 - yes 2! 20 mb hard drives and 2 floppy drives. I was SET! I have no idea if it still works. I should probably try to set it up and turn it on. It got me through college, so I was happy.
  13. If you wait a week or two, the English version will usually come out.
  14. Everyplugin.com can get you a deal on the WUP. They have directions on how to get the code so they can calculate the total WUP. Generally, the WUP maxes out at $300 for everything if all WUPs are out of date. So if you want to WUP everything eventually, it is better to do it at the same time as if it is more than $300, you will get a deal. I did this last year when Waves had one of their WUP sales. I think it was around $225 for all? Maybe a little less? I have Mercury and a bunch of random other stuff. I only WUP'd to get new stuff on Mercury and because I was tired of the pain of trying to install my version 9 instruments. (my effects plugins were all 10) The other method is to use the upgrade option, click on all your products and see if there is a bundle that has them all that you can update to. This is generally how I got to Mercury. It was always cheaper to upgrade during a bundle sale than WUP'ing. Just as a note, Everyplugin.com is a legitimate reseller that has some kind of a relationship with Waves, so they can do a bit more than others I've used.
  15. Well, my WUP ends on Dec 3rd, so I'm good. My first question is always, what did Apple break to require this? Well I guess I will grab it as it won't cost anything. Hopefully everything works.
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