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  1. There's a part of me that wants to hoard SSDs at this price, even though I have no use for them right now.
  2. It is good for some things. I've pretty much only heard good things about VOXOS, but Voices of War only come up once in a while for specific uses. And there is a lot of competition, like Storm Choir.
  3. No, I don't have that, but I have the Strezov's Freya and Wotan. I think they are similar?
  4. I actually found it favorably compares to Berlin Percussion by orchestral tools. The big drums sound good. Now I originally got into orchestral libraries because I wanted to add orchestration to my rock songs. Those big drums, and maybe some blackhole ? And you have a great bass beat. I use timpanis a lot as well. Too many of the virtual bass drums sound tinny to me. And? Everyone's taste is different.
  5. I heard about the glitch, but I have pretty much everything I want from Cinesamples until you mentioned this..... I couldn't resist that. thanks!
  6. I have Crimson and really like it. Getting Amethyst on my way to world domination.... um I mean owning all the Acustica stuff. Don't forget they send discount codes if you buy but you have to be logged in to use them. I'm at 35% now on top of the sales price. Great deal!
  7. I usually like the EZkeys stuff, but this one is not for me. I have too much similar stuff that I never use.
  8. What makes it "eligible"? It still has data or is usable? Because I have some old IDE drives....
  9. I can't see that these sample organizers do anything more than drums. And truthfully, I gave up on samples a while ago, now that VIs have gotten so good. But this is a really good price and the bargain hunter in me wants to get it, LOL!
  10. I actually grabbed this thinking, why not? But it sounds like quality on the drives larger than 64GBs is lacking. I don't think I will trust a backup to this. And? For a 64 GB drive, $30 is okay, if that's all that works. I just don't really need another thumbdrive of that size. Fortunately, it is really easy to cancel if they haven't shipped.
  11. As someone who has gotten every freebie since they started it, the first has normally been on the second day. If they do a second one, it will be closer to the end of the sale. 8 a.m. PST.
  12. Fluffy Audio is a good company. I have a few of their products and they sound good. If you like the sound of the demos or walkthroughs, you should get it.
  13. Tried to "buy" but it seems stuck on place order. I may have to try again later.
  14. So are they like $2 instead of the usual $4? I have a number that I've bought cheap over the years to get the freebies. But I never really use them. Are they any good?
  15. Looking at this, I cant find Collection 1 anywhere. How can you upgrade if it isn't something that is available? I'm also surprised there isn't the usual 50% off individual products. I've been looking at the Alpha Organ.
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