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  1. Best mag on da internet.
  2. I got one of these a few months back. Very handy. I'm still creating my Cubase profile, but it is useful for all sorts of things. I check daily for all updates (like @cclarry) and I got tired of all the mouse clicking. I setup a button that automatically starts all the updaters for me. Sweet. I can neither confirm nor deny I have a button that specifically opens the Deals page in Chrome.
  3. I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw the "Fast And Secure" banner floating across the top. From the company who was subjected to several SQL inject attacks over the past few months.
  4. Sweet. I love that band - love that they overcame so much adversity and kept "doing their thing." Their newest song kicks *ss.
  5. That was my point. After a year, I paid $149 for the upgrade on BF.
  6. Love the Phil Collen presets in GR6. I can't play the guitar worth crap, but at least I can pretend I'm in Def Leppard....
  7. Larry can tell us for sure, but I think the $99 Arturia upgrades were over. I don't believe the 7 to 8 upgrade was ever offered at $99 - I know I paid $149 after paying $99 for several V Collection upgrades. And I own all the Arturia software.
  8. Yup, they removed it. Crap. I was about 10 minutes too late - I had it in my cart and waffled...
  9. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday with the Strings. NA said to update to 1.2, but the Sonokinetic Manager reported it was already at 1.2, and showed no update.
  10. I actually think the stand alone is fine, not sure why you don't like it. I wish all VSTs had stand alones. I can certainly use Komplete Kontrol or something (that is what I usually do), but it shouldn't be like this. According to the last email I got from KV331, they said "easy fix" but I'm disappointed that it seems to have been a long time problem. And per @User 905133, it sounds like I'm not the only one to report the problem.
  11. On both standalones, they have an artificial limit set on the number of Midi inputs available. For some people that have a lot of midi inputs (like me), I cannot select my midi controller, as it is too far down in the list.
  12. Logic and Reason - two things in short supply today....
  13. I wish they would just fix the midi bug I reported about a year ago for both Synthmaster One and Synthmaster 2.
  14. But you earn 10% Alto bucks!
  15. @David Baay - would you be so kind as to explain this concept? It is rather foreign to me.
  16. Mercury will come to me one of these days. I need more plugins I don't use....
  17. Which actually is a fantastic deal. Great product at a super price.
  18. This is me exactly. Of course, I've also really soured on IK recently
  19. husker

    8DIO V8P Sale!

    Was just trying to help...
  20. husker

    8DIO V8P Sale!

    Have you looked into using the QuickLoad feature in Kontakt? It is designed just for this. It only takes a few minutes to build out, and it is a lifesaver. I have everything in there now - I actually never look at the Library tab anymore.
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