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  1. husker

    Update NI Symphony Series String Ensemble

    Thanks Fleer! Wish Groove 3 would implement an account wishlist feature.
  2. husker

    8DIO Vocal Week

    My V8P code didn't work for me either.
  3. husker

    Massive X Updated to 1.01

    Massive X and Massive X Factory Library updated to 1.01 Run Native Access to update.
  4. husker

    Iris 2 FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique

    Wow, and I thought the recent $25 for Iris2 deal was good....
  5. husker

    Sweetwater IMSTA FESTA ATL Software Deals

    I switched to Cubase when Sonar went under. Last time I built my DAW, I didn't even install CbB. I'm just here for the deals. Will always have a soft spot for Sonar, this forum really got me started on a good foot.
  6. husker


    5.38 would be tough to turn down...
  7. husker

    Steinberg Expansions Summer Sale

    Zinc - I don't seem to have it either. I don't have the .vstsound file - all I remember is I paid $10 to upgrade to PadShop Pro. Maybe that upgrade didn't include it....
  8. husker

    OrangeTreeSamples Group Buy!

    In 24 hours no less....
  9. Thanks for the tip. I had 2.5 GB of worthless files there.
  10. husker

    Ozone 8 Advanced

    I don't even need this and I'm going to try to buy it! What an inexpensive way to get into it.
  11. husker

    Iris 2 @ JRRshop $24.36

    In cart with code Group
  12. husker

    SWA Halion 6 Masterclass

    These can be downloaded.
  13. husker

    VSTBuzz "Synth Week" promotion:

    Thoughts on Syntorial?
  14. husker

    JBL 308P MKII 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor

    Thanks Grem. Just need some better monitors. And a Prophet 12.
  15. I love these tools - I have the Stereoscope, Oscilloscope, and Frequency Analyst.
  16. I got sucked in by the "Sonar For Life" campaign. Sonar was my first ever DAW, and it lasted about a year.
  17. husker

    JBL 308P MKII 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor

    I still need to upgrade my 305s
  18. husker

    Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi 2.3 - free update

    Sweet. Thanks for passing along.
  19. husker

    Waves 50% off Everything.

    That's a good deal.
  20. husker

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    I have all the Groove 3 courses you list here. Pretty decent. They just had a "Cubase" sale a week or two ago where everything was half priced. I have this as well - much more in depth. https://streamworksaudio.com/tutorials/swa-complete-cubase-pro-10/?fueid=18608&qid=27162 6 Hours worth of instruction. It's 35% off right now (until 5/31) with Code ELFF-6KRH-DHHE
  21. husker

    u-he Hive 2.0

    $22 upgrade if you have Hive 1 - well worth it!
  22. husker

    Eventide H3000 Factory

    Zinc - you need it. You can take a simple drum and synth loop and apply all kind of weirdness to it. I can spend HOURS playing around with this.
  23. husker

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Yeah - me too. Its a common complaint of Cubase Windows users - from what I've read, it's due to the common codebase they use for the Windows and Mac platforms. The UI does take some getting used to.
  24. husker

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    This may be helpful: https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/compare-editions/