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  1. If I hadn't just had Koby move me from Diamond to Horizon, this baby would have been mine....
  2. Most products list these fixes Presets can not be saved as Factory Presets anymore AAX is now correctly detected in Pro tools Improved program change handling in vst2
  3. Run Arturia Software Center for updates. 22 of the 25 V Collection V products have updates.
  4. husker

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    I have Requiem. Totally worth $88.
  5. husker

    Zero G BOGO Deal

    I'll take it Lars!
  6. Brauer Motion is a great choice. It does some really cool things.
  7. I have a code for the full collection. First come first served.
  8. I like SFM. I got it last year for not much, I'll definitely give them $9 this year.
  9. Thank you for everything you do for us King Lars. Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. Does anyone have both FM Tines 1 and 2? I love those cheesy sounds. I have Version 1, but not sure if Version 2 is worth the money.
  11. Thank you. I think you posted last year that B&H had them $300/pair with free shipping. Hope someone does that again.
  12. Direct download link for Windows is here
  13. Larry, let us know if you see the 308s go on sale please.
  14. husker

    Your BF Strategy

    This ^^^^ I keep a running spreadsheet of what I want, with the normal sales price. I try to stick with a plan and get my purchases done around BF. But without fail, some really great deal comes along in December that I can't resist. Last year for me it was the NI Orchestral Tools as well (picked up the Metropolis Series for a great price).
  15. I still love Cubase though. I totally would have gone to Studio One when Sonar went under if they would have supported instrument definitions.
  16. That would cost $60 if it were Cubase. 😞
  17. husker

    UVI Kroma 1.5

    UVI has released several updates recently. Nice to see.
  18. Agree! Larry does us all a great service. Thanks @cclarry!!!!!
  19. Great find! Love Samples from Mars.
  20. husker

    UVI Updates

    For those of you with UVI Products (Vintage Vault, etc), there are two updates out - Emulation II and Darklight IIX
  21. Don't they usually have a 50% the Bundle around this time?
  22. husker

    cubase 10.5 released

    $20 to upgrade Elements. $60 to upgrade Pro.
  23. This. I've get more sales emails from MF than almost the rest combined.
  24. I'll second the oddities about the installation. I though I would just use their "Output Hub" to install. I figured that was like Arturia Software Centeral, Waves Central, Native Access, or any of the other 100 auto downloaders/installers that are standard. But no, this is just a downloader - you then have to run the actual installer. You download it, and Output Hub now reports it is installed even though I didn't actually install it. Huh? I really don't know the purpose of this Output Hub. And, as Matthew says, it just put the plugins where it wants, not where you want. Garbage.
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