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  1. I got a Line 6 Helix Stomp this year along with Helix Native. It operates brilliantly between the two - they both sound identical, and you can share presets between the two. It really works flawlessly. I think this is what IK is trying to do.
  2. Brilliant. I had never heard that, but it seems to be true. What a world...
  3. Thank you @Peter - IK Multimedia.
  4. I went through product by product, and I concur. Those are the three that are missing. It would be great @Peter - IK Multimedia if they could be added.
  5. Me too. I got everything, and had just given up on it. I was kind of irritated I went in as many times as I did, as at least one of my buy ins would have gained me nothing. Certainly brought back the excitement to me.
  6. The new additions are very generous @Peter - IK Multimedia. Thank you.
  7. (Makes note to buy remastered "Age of Plastic." Elstree is a criminally underated song)
  8. @Fleer is passionate about the 'verbs. Of course, he is passionate about WUP as well, but perhaps in a different way...
  9. I'm obsessive over it. I actually started the database in 1996, just simply as a way of learning Access. It has just taken a life of its own now I guess, and I just can't stop using it now. I also rip every single one of my CDs. About 10 years ago, I finally decided to rip all my CDs. I had wanted to do it for a long time, but it was such a large project, I just put it off. I purchased some ripping software (DBPoweramp) specifically for the project, and just started doing a few a night. It took me around a year, but I completed the project, and have obviously kept up with it. I rip in both FLAC and 320 MP3 concurrently; I'm also picky about metadata, so the software is of great help with that as well. I store everything on duplicate hard disks on my main computer, and use MediaMonkey to listen on the computer. I also sync everything to my Plex server, so I can listen to anything I want whenever I want wherever I am. As I said, I'm a bit obsessive over it.
  10. I haven't had this happen with plug ins....yet. But it recently happened to me with CDs. I still avidly collect CDs, and (believe it or not), I actually have them all in a Microsoft Access database. I track 15 or so fields, plus all track information. I have around 3700 right now. That Access database has helped me not duplicate purchases well for over 20 years, until just recently. Not only did I buy a duplicate, I bought two separate duplicates... In the same month. 😡
  11. This is a great freebie. Much like many of us here, I'm pretty careful with even the freebies these days. But this one is worth the space.
  12. Is Miroslav Philharmonic's Gui not resizable? Am I missing something?
  13. It has always been checked, but thank you for the suggestion! It just flat doesn't work for me (or @Grem) by the sounds of it.
  14. There is for me. I think for most people the IK Manager does its job. For me, the IK Manager will download and install them, but I have to manually run the activation manager for each one for them to work in SampleTank.
  15. I'm referring specifically to the sound content. I'll have to use the manual process for each of those.
  16. The downloads are only good for 180 days. So, for example, when I rebuild my DAW next year, I'll be unable to download them via IK manager, and will have to revert to the manual install/activation from my saved downloads.
  17. I wish it worked like that for me. IK Manager will not authorize anything for me - I have to use the old authorization manager for everything. Plus, after 180 days, we'll still need to do everything manually.
  18. I did the exact same thing, and I only had Syntronik Free.
  19. What is this word "need"??
  20. I'm in 5X, so I've done my part.
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