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  1. No to insult the dev but being straight up that's just about right. Speaking from experience.
  2. I whistled and skipped down the street like it wasn't a pandemic
  3. Way better off today as I was drinking pretty heavily back then. I won't even tell you about that one morning towards the end of my tenure where I came in to the office still drunk and had to be there for the quarterly meeting where I had to address a large room of staff and upper management. I did fine because I was used to functioning like that and I'm not proud of that but it was what it was. Guess I did tell you about it lol. I left that gig to become a property manager which I was until two weeks ago. I'm in here because I'm holed up and restless and I don't want to work on music right now and I'm really starting to hate my TV.
  4. And I'm binging The Office again. I managed the facilities dept at the Starbucks Corp office in Seattle from '04 to '10. I didn't start out as their boss, but as one of them. I rose up and a few hated me for it but I had always hated them from the start because from day one they were always less than welcoming. There were several legacy folk there who reminded me of that stereotypical middle to upper aged territorial single woman who's lived in the apartment building you just moved into for over a decade and a half and she comes down huffing and puffing at your front door at the slightest bit of noise you've made. And my boss Tom.. now there was a wall to wall pos. Tom was this Go Lean bird seed eatin type of passively disdainful boss who you'd be in his good graces one moment and then for no apparent reason one day you'd just randomly fall out of favor. 10 years later and I still think about Tom, and how one day when he was out of the office I ran Dban on his PC just long enough to f up his hard drive so that when he came back to work the next day he got the BSOD and all of his work = gone. I droned long and hard in that office and I thought I was gonna die there. And I still have dreams about that job; a recurring dream where I keep getting fired from it in different ways. Last Sunday I moved into an artist loft in downtown Seattle that took 6 years to get into. I'm beginning a new chapter that may have happy ending but is beginning with a storm.
  5. Word, I'm gonna wait until they pay me to download it.
  6. He's got to do some kind of Fender next as he's totaly got the rock amps covered at this point. A Twin or something.
  7. Shove it wup their @ss. I've got nothing else to add to the conversation and almost feel a bit guilty even saying that, but.
  8. I didn't get the Novation yet but I'm going to for sure after I get moved to my new place in a few days. I can't recommend that Akai, however it does have the best pads in the business. If you mostly make beats with your keyboard and don't play a ton of piano etc the Akai may work out after all as the pads are just dope. But the short stiff keys broke the deal for me pretty much as soon as I laid eyes on it.
  9. No but we should have this kind of thing here. I've been busting my @ss trying to find a deal on an RME UCX. Been trying to get one for $900. I'd been seeing them go for less than that before I had the money so I know it can be done. I had a delta for a minute a while back.
  10. My Korg Z1 keys are 5 5/8" and this old M-Audio oxygen 61 I had was around that. The Akai keys are around 5". You can tell just by looking at it out of the box that the keys are short. They're also pretty stiff and the shortness adds to that. Maybe someone else wouldn't care.
  11. Word that's Tyler from HASR. He turned me on to the Dr. Bonkers bass cabs and I got all the ones he suggested to get out of that collection, these here from Dr. Bonkers MBGR-B 810 GEEK-T 410 GEEK-RB 410 AGI 115 ORG 810
  12. This here https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=190&products_id=354 It's the only bass IR pack they have and is one of the best on the market for Ampeg IR
  13. Also you should try the Nembrini PSA1000jr on bass with some good IRs. I have Ownhammer Ampeg IRs and DR. Bonkers. Ton of sounds there. I have a real PSA-1 and it's probably my favorite piece of gear as you can plug just about anything into it and it sounds rad. Actually to my ears the PSA1000jr is better than a lot of amp sims I've tried for guitar/bass but then I've always liked the PSA sound and I'd say the Nembrini PSA sim is about 85% there to the hardware.
  14. Do you also get Nuno Bettencourt to play your guitars?
  15. If you're and M-tron owner they made some free choir sounds available called "IsolationChoir" for free download
  16. Lol I came in here hoping I wouldn't regret buying Hollywood Backup Singers earlier today. These are cool though, and that reminds me I still need to download the free M-Tron choirs we got
  17. Yeah, I actually meant the UCX, not the UFX. I suspect they're the same power wise
  18. I'll ask RME this too but thought I'd see if someone here knew. I know there's a different voltage requirement in say Poland or Germany than the USA. I'm just wondering if I bought an RME audio interface from ebay from someone in Central Europe, would it work in the USA w/ the USA's different voltage requirement? Like, what if someone in Switzerland bought an RME UFX from Sweetwater and someone else in NY or Oregon bought a UFX from Sweetwater.. would Sweetwater send them each a different UFX each w/ a different voltage plug or whatever or would they both get the same exact interface? I know some appliances would need a voltage converter in this case, but is that the case with an audio interface too? Hmm
  19. Christian Jones

    Zo Finding ;)

    Did you like Darkglass better than PA Ampeg VR?
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