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  1. Do something about that, Craig! buy something else!
  2. What are we buying this time? I got bass pear and a slide guitar last time. Maybe a banjo
  3. Thanks everyone, I'll wait for a sale. I need some good 80s drums. I've got tons of drum sounds but I'm looking for something that's already well curated.
  4. Thought I'd ask if they do this at certain times a year, since I've decided I need Real Machines but it's currently $78. Or is there no point in waiting?
  5. Does anyone like Spring? The reverb, wise guys 😏
  6. Christian Jones

    Sonar X1

    I talked him down to $160 w/ free shipping
  7. Christian Jones

    Sonar X1

    I just scored it. Thanks bluzdog!
  8. Does that happen often and/or during any specific season?
  9. I'll probably get this. I need a cool saloon piano to go with that spaghetti Western library I got a while back.
  10. How would you (or anyone else reading) compare this to that ujam upright that was on flash sale for something like $39 a while ago? Do you know if the Ample upright can be tuned down to, say, Eb? I've got Orange Tree Bass Pear, and the Ujam Upright, both of which I haven't seen able to use yet as I don't have access to my studio right now, but do I still need this Ample Upright? And how bad do I need it?
  11. Is this similar to Antares Duo? Which I just got free w/ a $10 purchase at PB, though maybe that one's mainly for vocals. How many doublers do I currently have installed on my system anyway? Anyone know?
  12. Lol I've been planning on picking up Fluid for $29. Splice had it and I had read something good about that chorus somewhere and I kept intending to pick it up and would sometime almost bite but then I'd get distracted lol.
  13. I bought it (the $69 deal). I'll figure out what I bought later.
  14. Can someone think for me and tell me, for someone just getting started with video who plans to use DaVinci Resolve, is this worth getting even if I don't fully understand what it is right now?
  15. I don't believe this $#!t
  16. I got a bet going w/ myself on the Bengals; if they lose I'll wup all my Waves plugs, which is ~40
  17. Anyone using and liking the Cmusic stuff?
  18. You know it's hard out here for a p!mp
  19. Another smart play is to do like you said in one of your videos; for folks to first make sure you don't already have these sounds. Like, I dig the Arturia V lab for example but I'm already covered in that regard w/ all my Synth Magic stuff. So instead I dropped $175 yesterday on a laundry hamper. That's right, a $175 laundry hamper.. I didn't already have one of those.
  20. When can I get the Bernard toolkit for 80% off? Call me when
  21. PayPal charges a bit of an exchange rate. When I bought Synthmaster Player or whatever it was to get Arturia Lab free of PB, after my bonus coin the "total" came to $4.15, but it was actually $4.33! Can you f'n believe that $#!t?!!!
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