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General Music Discussion

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An inclusive area for users of all experience levels and backgrounds to ask questions and share knowledge about music creation, recording and production.

This is an inclusive discussion area, intended to promote music-related discussions that do not pertain specifically to Cakewalk software. Users of all experience levels and backgrounds can ask questions and share knowledge. By making your posts music-related, you help preserve the quality of these discussions.

As with all of our communities, we encourage mutual respect and uphold a zero tolerance policy for insensitivity to race, gender and cultural background. Abusive content, as well as off-topic posts and discussions containing politics, religion or obscenity, will be deleted, with possible termination of user account. Please see our community guidelines for more information.


  1. Computer Systems [NEW!]

    Discuss computer specs, setup and configuration, OS optimizations, CPUs, RAM, 64 bit, etc.

  2. Gear [NEW!]

    Discuss mics, instruments, audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, monitors, headphones, mixers... all the componentry relevant to computer based recording.

  3. Production Techniques [NEW!]

    Discuss best practices for mixing, recording, production techniques, music distribution, etc.

  4. The Coffee House

    Discussion of music related subjects. Off-topic posts will be deleted without warning. No politics. No religion. No obscenity. All love. Enjoy!

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