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  1. Aside from Smasher I don't have much experience with Pulsar. It all seems nice but rather expensive. I already have Acustica Magenta and I believe Native Instruments' Passive EQ is also modeled on the Manley (it sure looks like it) and is developed by Softube. The latter doesn't score that high on the 'accurate emulations' chart, but I like the sound. Haven't had the change to try Magenta that much. I'm interested in the reviews wether or not it is something for my wishlist.
  2. Most of the time I sidechain with a volume envelope like Ducker, LFO tool or Kickstart. It gives me much more control and finetuning. I would say that 90% of the time I would like the sidechain effect to continue even when the kick is gone. So setting it up with a compressor is just more work, it gives volume jumps if you mess up the release, fixed ratios don't give you the control of an envelope and it requires me to use a volume envelope tool anyway. That being said, a must have for some sidechaining jobs is the ability to chose your spectrum or at least a LPF/HPF. Make it dynamic and I will love you forever. Looking at you Trackspacer. 😍
  3. Is this some kind of deal I'm too Dutch to get? 😥 Following your link I can select a $35 coupon. When I log in to my (Dutch) Amazon account, there is no such option.
  4. I'm in the Netherlands and I was about to handdeliver a now molten box of fancy chocolates, when I received a message from my parents that they have a lovely view from their campsite in the south of France.
  5. Yes, one my favorites for that purpose.
  6. Very different thing imo. Yes there is some overlap, but TRK-01 is mainly for combining a kick and bass and pattern making. With the emphasis on 'combining'. That is its strength. Its weakness is imo that is has that very special Native Instruments techno sound. Which is not really to my taste. Also, you have to program patterns which you have to trigger which is not my workflow. There is no 'off' switch, you have to program an empty pattern. Also, no export.
  7. I was wrong, I don't have something like this, at least not in 1 plugin. It seems to be a streamlined lovechild between Kick 2 and D16's Punchbox. The drag drop / import own samples and wav export is great. I'm buying. I'm a sucker for kicks and drums / beats.
  8. I don't know, I feel I have something like this with Sonic Academy / Nicky Romero Kick 2. But seeing Björn Torwellen is involved is very intertesting.
  9. I have an Abyss soundset from them. Great stuff.
  10. Nick Blanc

    Tone 2 Loc-Ness

    Powerhouse on drums.
  11. I have all the new synths. So now what? Do I need to install Syntronik 2 CS and then the content? And does anyone have suggestions which V1 to upgrade to V2?
  12. And the winner is: https://www.zenhiser.com/collections/house/products/drum-rolls-and-fills-club
  13. I thought this was going to be the introduction of a very poorly executed orchestral drum library.
  14. I must confess I was a bit confused, but I think I get it now. Seems like Syntronik 1 is just that and it stays that way. Syntronik 2 adds presets and features which are not available when you stay on the S1 plan. Additionally S2 adds extra synths. I have the entire S1 collection. So I could buy-in, get the new synths and if there are any slots left I could upgrade the S1 ones I want.
  15. As it now stands, I'm not buying from them again.
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