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  1. Nick Blanc

    Gone Again!

    For the sake or our wallets, do you perhaps have anything planned around christmas? 😇
  2. That's an amazing deal. If I had the room and budget I would get one. This is one those 'center piece of the studio' kind of synths.
  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the reply! It sounds fine in my room, but to be honest, I don't pay that much attention to panning and stuff. So the criticism is valid. I don't think Youtube does a lot to the stereofield of the mix? Well, I'm always learning. So your comment and that of @Wookiee are going to be in my mind next jam (well no, I already recorded, mixed and mastered that, so in 2 weeks). Most of the current stereo seperation is from delays and reverb fx. So I will definitely try to do some more work in the stereofield. Thanks. I do practice runs yes, not really to practice what I will do and repeat it but to see if what I have in mind will work in 6-8 minutes. I've had jams where I have a cheatsheet, but I try to do without. Depending on the number of channels I try to do everything live, but mixing like 12 channels on an 8 channel MIDI controller is hard (you have to switch views, don't know which channel is where exactly, etc). The fat-*** drone is the MS-20 mini. It's a classic for a reason. I have it feedback patched (the out to the ext. in and the phones out to my pre-amps). Combined with the Sub37 gives me an insane amount of colourful and rich bass.
  4. Nope, Ableton (and Yamaha HS8 speakers). But I admit, I didn't spent a lot of time on the mixing and mastering.
  5. Haha no video yet. I have some plans to record a longer set where some time is reserved for some droning techno. But I need a new camera for that because it won't fit on my phone (and another old phone I use will never make it for a longer time than 10 minutes). But indeed, no kids. I was pretty lucky to buy my house at it's absolute lowest in the market. Add an ok paying job with public transport compensation (so, I have the smallest cheapest car) and I can save a lot of money each month.
  6. Yes I have, it's a bit of a mixed bag where you can do some melodic work with some patches and more of a drone atmosphere with others. But they are lively patches with a lot of movement. Quick demo of a couple of presets. ZX Conduit first patches.mp3
  7. Boy do I love the sound of a droning heavy MS-20. The feedback patch gives it a lot of grit. Overall a bit rougher feeling than last week, and I like it. A bit heavier beat and a great lead. Don't tell anyone but I had to re-record the Lyra-8 because I forgot to change the frequency to make a riser in the break. That's why you can hear the pitch rising without me doing anything on camera. I particularly like the Matriarch patch, it has some slight pitch wobble which makes it sound unstable, but not too much to make it sound out of tune. Enjoy!
  8. I'm a little bit ashamed, but I have a feeling some of y'all are underreporting. So here's everything I bought in the enitre month of november (if I went with BF itself I would have bought nothing). I've marked everything I planned with a (P). Cableguys Reverbshaper Orchestral Tools Conduit TheNatan Xeight2 D16 Repeater (P) Minimal Audio soundpacks Universal Audio LA2A (P) Universal Audio Signature Edition Safari Pedals Gorilla Drive (P) Kingsway Music Aaron Paris Vol 1 (P) Retrohandzmusic Essential Afro house Navie D Boom Bap Box (P) Basicwavez Bass Lab vol 2 (P) Audioreakt Solid Techno Kicks 2 (P) Imaginando VS (P) Devious Machines upgrade all (P) Fabfilter Pro-R 2 PML Everything 2023 (P) Waves Clarity vx, Vocal Bender & Soundshifter (P) Goodhertz Trem Control (P) Teletone Audio Le Gibet (P) Teletone Tympo (P) The Drum Broker samples BF 2023 (P) Tracktion F'em So about 65% was planned. In my defense, some of the unplanned stuff are new releases (Reverbshaper, Xeight2, Conduit, Pro-R2), so they have nothing to do with BF. If they were launched in january I would have gotten them then. And roughly 30% of what I bought are sample packs. The single most expensive thing on the list (PML Everything 2023) was €196 and is almost entirely samples. Couple of preset packs also. The UA Signature edition is the largest unplanned purchase at €145. But I think no-one is denying that's a great bargain. In total I spent little under €1250. I also spent around €700 on hardware. No discount, so not BF related. But it is the time of the year for bonusses / 13th month etc. So I had some room.
  9. Really? That's a d*ck move. Ontopic: at the moment they have nothing that interests me or is still too expensive for what I would use it for.
  10. 9 plugins though. If you want them all, a pretty good deal I think.
  11. Besides real life pedals, they make vst versions. And they have a really nice non-sale price. But they even go further and offer a discount. https://safaripedals.com/collections/products Up to 80% off. I got Gorilla Drive but I might consider getting some more. This is quality stuff.
  12. https://www.audiotent.com/ Presets, samples and courses. Everything 30% off. Ends november 30th and the discount code BF30 is automatically applied at checkout.
  13. Interesting, I Forever29'ed it.
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