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  1. Aaaand just received it.
  2. Had a fun afternoon with the UNO Drum, TD-3 and Microfreak.
  3. He does that a lot 😄 But hey, why shouldn't great deals deserve 2 topics
  4. I bought it 6 hours ago and still no license...
  5. Nick Blanc

    SSL LMC+ $29.99

    https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/solid-state-logic-ssl-lmc Finally the deal that got away from me is back.
  6. Well, I guess it was an error, because now my account says: Well, you win some you lose some. Too bad the new Tascam collection isn't part of the freebies......yet....
  7. Yes, what @Brian Waltonand @abacab say is exactly what I tried to say (perhaps a language barrier), it sounds very integrated and not like an added effect. It's a room simulation and does something very well.
  8. I was able to get Miroslav 2 crossgrade with my UNO Drum. T-racks MAX is apparently not part of the GB. Deluxe is available for me (which I might get despite the various doubles, but that is the price I pay for not listening to Larry and wait it out). I'm a bit lost.
  9. True, but still 2 (Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and T-RackS 5 Deluxe).
  10. Ah right that makes a bit more sense then. I know it doesn't accumulate. but this makes a bit more sense. So you can qualify because you have a 99 product, but the upgrade price can be as high as IK makes it and that is unlocked for me. Still weird that my entry level is higher than the MSRP. Better claim some 299 freebies while I can.
  11. Hmm that is weird, because the Amplitude 5 upgrade was never in mijn Promotions dropdown. And I have 2 99.99+ products. Same goes for the other upgrades. (Yeah I did get the CE versions with a lower buy in but now I'm getting the bigger versions with my new buy-in, I should have listened to Larry to wait it out). Also, (and I'm too lazy to make a screenshot, so 'dude, trust me'), this is what my promotions tab says: "Your UNO Drum purchase allows you to redeem bonus content from this dropdown list, valued at $/€299.99 or less! "
  12. I got my UNO Drum today. Of course I will need other cables than I have lying around, so I haven't had a change to try it out. But I did register it and it shows up in my Promotions tab as a 299 product. Which is very nice. That would qualify me for, let's say T-Racks 5 MAX. But it is not part of the dropdown. So 2 questions for @Peter - IK Multimedia: 1 Is the 299 correct? Because that would give me TR5 Max which I cannot select. 2 There are a lot of confusing names in the dropdown now: I have Amplitude 5SE and I see an Amplitude 5 upgrade. That seems pretty straightforward. But when I get to MODO bass and Drums (I have SE) I have the options MODO Bass / drums (just that) or the crossgrade. Does it matter which I choose? Same for Sampletank 4. I have SE and I can choose 4 or 4 upgrade. Same goes for Miroslav Philharmonik 2. I have SE and can select MP2 crossgrade. Which is in the 299 category so why isn't TR5 Max an option? Sorry if it seems incoherent, I've had a long day...
  13. For anyone wondering what to get, it has been advertised here but since this is a new topic I'm gonna do it again: get the Sunset Sound Studio Reverb! I used it today on a backing track with a lot of soul sounds mixed in with some modern synts, and it glued the whole shabang together beautifully. It did something other reverbs I tried couldn't.
  14. Alright, I really didn't wanted to comment any more on the matter, but I feel like adding a last comment since I was the cause. The mod is entirely in his right to close the topic. And I have no issue with him and him doing so. Rules are rules, wether you know them all or not. I clearly didn't, and that is on me. I feel some hostility growing here, so can we please just close this one too and get on with the show? Rutte!
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