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  1. Later than expected perhaps, but the European Championship is on and I just got home. Haven't recorded a new one either this weekend, so I had to take tomorrow off. But then my colleague caught corona this weekend, so I have to make it work somehow for next weekend. Anyway, I think this one is awesome.
  2. Oh f*. I promised myself no more spending this month since I got myself new Hue lighting for my entire apartment and a new tv this month. But 2 new reverbs which could be like the Sunset (one of my favourites) and the Tascam series...I had to bite.
  3. My upgrade is $99 and it gives me Exciter, Peak and Motions. Nah...
  4. Thank you very much for taking the time.
  5. Some small arrangement mistakes, mainly because I only have 2 hands. Some slight randomization on the drums and I finally found a use for my Korg nanokontrol 2.
  6. I have the entire V1 Suite and I only use it to create Youtube thumbnails πŸ˜…. V1 is more than enough for me.
  7. https://ocularsounds.com/en-nl/products/the-ultimate-sound-fx-bundle €79,95 Regular price €319,95 SAVE €240,00 Be quick, ends at midnight (or in about 3 hours).
  8. A bit harder and rougher than my usual stuff, but this is what I love to make. Perhaps I should have upped the tempo a bit, lesson learned.
  9. If this is your genre, KSHMR's samples are at the top.
  10. Fun! I also see a "New Synths Bundle TURBO-XT | STRANGER | FLUID" for $49. But you can't click anywhere to see what it is. It seems like 3 extra banks? Edith: found it:
  11. It was a gift from a good friend of mine Γ‘nd I promised another good friend of mine who lives in Australia that I would wear it more. My arms were twisted!
  12. Take your time, it is much appreciated.
  13. Featuring a koala buckethat! Because looks are important 😝. I had a slow LFO on the filter cutoff of the MS-20 mini, which turned out great to speed up during the track. The unsynced effect gives it a nice character. I think I used the same Malevolent patch as last week, so a bit lazy from my part. The kick came out nice though. Enjoy πŸ™‚
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