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  1. I finally downloaded Bandlab Assistant (Don't know why I hadn't before). When I signed on to that, it activated CbB. John Vere: My computer also saves all my log in info. But for whatever reason, it didn't work in the little CbB box.
  2. When I opened up CbB, a box came up that said I had to reactivate CbB within 13 days or my activation would expire. I used my email and password. Didn't work. I used my user name and password. Didn't work. I changed my password. Still didn't work. So what's the deal with this reactivation? And how do I do it?
  3. But if the enhancements are turned off for my interface, then it should be fine, correct?
  4. Noel Borthwick - I right-clicked on my SSL2 interface (checked green) and went to Properties. There I clicked on Disable all enhancements. thanks
  5. Yes, all audio comes through interface and monitors. I disabled PC audio thanks
  6. The sound wasn't good in headphones or my monitors. And "correct" to everything. I changed enhancements to the interface in Control Panel. thanks
  7. So if Windows 10 and audio enhancements have nothing to do with sound quality, what would cause bad sound?
  8. My audio drivers were all up to date, as I figured they were. The ASIO buffer was 512, so I changed it to 256. I disabled the enhancements (they were on). Sounds better. Thanks! I appreciate your help.
  9. No, this is in playback. I like the sound of the 4k.
  10. My interface is Solid State Logic SSL2. You guys may be right. I will be on my recording computer a little later today and will check everything. Thanks, Craig and CJ for your help.
  11. The audio drivers for my interface are all current. Driver buffers are optimized. The sound quality turned bad after the updates. thanks
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