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  1. They are all in plugin manager and are all enabled. But I had an idea to uninstall all my Harrison plugins (since installing one caused the issue). When I did, I re-scanned, and all the plugins show up now. Thanks!
  2. I tried to install a Harrison plugin, but it was confusing, so it didn't get installed. When I checked my VST plugins afterward, some were missing. So I did a scan of existing and failed plugins, and all of them showed up in the scan. However, when I click Insert, a lot of plugins do not show up. They're there when I scan, but not when I want to insert them into a project. How do I fix this? thanks
  3. It was an issue with the headphones. Thanks!
  4. For whatever reason when I'm recording vocals, I can't hear myself in my headphones. I have in the past. But now I can't. I've been using Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface for a couple of years. I turn the Direct Monitor knob to increase the vocal and decrease playback, but still I don't hear myself. Suggestions?
  5. I enabled Sound on Sound. That fixed it.
  6. I think I know what the problem is. I'll see if Sound on Sound is enabled. I'll report back later.
  7. I'm in a new project and am recording guitar. I have a guitar part that is partially recorded. To finish that part, I put the line on the last second of the recorded track so I can have a jump start when I record the last section of it. But after I record the new part, where I started on the old recorded clip it's faded and there is no sound. How do I fix this problem? Greg
  8. I right clicked Record and changed it to Sound on Sound. Then I went into PRV and clicked on Hide Muted Clips. That worked. Greg
  9. Not sure I understand what you mean. Greg
  10. I started working on a new project and have been playing MIDI keyboards. I have half of the chords of the song recorded, and they sound fine when I play back. But I started recording with MIDI again to finish it, but this time the chords sustain when they're not supposed to when I play back (not the chords I recorded earlier, but this last time). And underneath the new MIDI track when I delete something, there is like a ghost track underneath. It's just a short faded track behind what I just recorded. How do I fix this? Greg
  11. I was listening to the keyboard in the intro of Jeff Beck's 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers' and liked the way the keyboard goes back and forth from left to right. Exactly how is that done? Thanks, Greg
  12. This is a new project, so the drums are routed to the Master bus. I don't think the audio is routed to 2 tracks. But I will check it out. Thanks! Greg
  13. I'm using Toontrack SD3. I like drums to be pretty dry. For those of you familiar with SD3, when I go to the OH and AMB tracks and turn off all the reverb, I still have reverb on the snare - doesn't matter which snare I use. I did not install the mic bleeds. So all reverb and echo is off on all drums parts. The toms and kick are pretty dry. But the snare is not. I emailed Toontrack, and they asked me to send a sample, which I did. But they said the sample sounded normal. So I listened to it on my laptop, not my recording computer, and the snare sounded normal - fairly dry. So it's an issue with my recording computer. It's not the audio monitors, as I use 2 sets of monitors. But for whatever reason, it's mainly the snare I have an issue with. Having said that, the Toontrack EZKeys that I have inside the project has little to no reverb at the moment. But when I first open the project each time, there is a lot of delay on the keys. When I open up Toontrack EZKeys, it goes away and is normal. But not so with the drums. Any suggestions? Thanks, Greg
  14. My wife and I have not only our furniture, but some of her parents' furniture in our garage. And there is a love seat that we didn't know what to do with. In fact, we have 2. We also have lots of ugly pillows I can put on them. We have some rugs too. I'll just throw a bunch of stuff on that wall, along with the shelves in the garage. As far as all my acoustic panels, I'll put them on the end of the room my desk and monitors are on and cover all the wall space. Then on the back wall I can put the shelves and blankets and books, etc - clutter. And we have plenty of pictures we didn't know what to do with. Thanks for the ideas! All of my thick moving blankets will work. I'm also thinking about making some kind of small vocal booth. I'll look into it and see if it's worth it. Probably not Thanks!
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