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  1. I don't know what key I accidently hit, but I hit something and this yellow marker appeared. No matter where I start the song, it always starts at this marker. How do I delete it?
  2. It was a few months ago, so I don't remember a lot of specifics. The only thing I remember is that things were changed from where they were. Drop down menus had changed somewhat, and I liked things where they were. Other than that, I don't remember. I may have had an issue with something not working right. It was right when it came out, so the bugs may have been worked out by now.
  3. I did bounce to clips and dragged and dropped the MIDI drum track on my desktop, and it worked. I hear what you're saying about keeping up to date with the versions. But I updated a few months ago and didn't like it. So I rolled back to what I have.
  4. I will try bouncing the clips to make one drum clip and see how that works with dragging and dropping. Btw, I'm using an older version of CbB, because when I checked out some of the new features, I didn't care for some. I like this version. I believe it came out a year or so ago.
  5. Jack Cat: That's what I did (Export>Standard MIDI File), and I still got that dialogue box. And after I got that message and clicked Yes anyway, it saved it. However, when I went to save the project later after I did more work, I clicked "Save," as I always do. And that same message box came up, even though no track was highlighted. I was not exporting anything, only saving the changes I made in the project. I clicked Yes, because it wouldn't allow me to save it otherwise . . .and I lost my entire song. I backup all my songs when I make changes, so I was able to retrieve it from the flash drive. But I won't click on Yes when that box comes up again. In fact, I'm not going to try to save a MIDI track again. Not worth it.
  6. Thanks, Andres! That's what I've been doing. I guess I need to do what scook said and ignore the message.
  7. The MIDI track highlighted on top is the one I'm trying to export. When I go to File>Save As, this is the message I get. Or when I go to File> Export, it doesn't allow me to save the MIDI file either. I know I'm doing something wrong somewhere.
  8. Nothing has worked. It won't allow me to drag it onto the desktop. File>export doesn't work with a MIDI file - at least, not for me. Can't save it as MIDI file. It won't allow me to.
  9. I don't understand how to save a project as MIDI file and export that, since it's just the MIDI drum track, not the entire song Dragging the MIDI file onto my desktop seems like the easiest way. Thanks!
  10. I have a MIDI drum track in a song that I want to export - not the enrire song, just the MIDI drum track. How do I do that?
  11. bitflipper: In a perfect world the vocals would sound good when recorded. Although they sound "better" with the low cut filter on, the vocals could still sound better. I'll check out the MDynamicEQ. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. I used the low cut filter on the mic, and it sounded a lot better. I had heard that low cut filters on mics make it sound worse. But it sounded good. Thanks!!
  13. That could very well be true. My room is not treated as well as it could be. Not well. It's a room with a huge sliding door and is perfectly square. There's not a lot of wall space. Windows and doors mainly. I'm about at least 8" away, if not more. I will try that. Thanks for everyone suggestions! I will try them and see what happens.
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