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  1. I updated Waves recently, so whatever the new version is. What is the dump file?
  2. Inserting Waves plugins causes CbB to crash on my computer
  3. With the new update, when I install a plugin it gives the window that says "Fatal Error" and Cakewalk crashes. For me, this update just isn't working. I went back to the old version.
  4. Great. Thanks for your help!
  5. When I installed the new update, I noticed that my audio tracks all had a weird kind of glow to them. Anyway, they weren't normal. I uninstalled the update because it bothered me to look at it. Does anyone else have that issue with the new update?
  6. I believe my keyboard is failing. Thanks for everyone's input! Much appreciated.
  7. Well, I know that I didn't continue to press the "M" key over and over, so there must be some kind of glitch. I don't know how else that could have happened.
  8. I'm falling asleep with this project. Taking too long for good ideas with this song. 😧 So if the "M" key started them, hitting "M" again will stop them?
  9. I right clicked on one of them, and a box came up. So they are some kind of marker. Then I went to View>Marker, as was suggested. And a window opened with a ton of A1 markers. I deleted them all, and now it looks like the 2nd photo. Problem is, I don't know exactly what they are or how they got there, so I don't know how to prevent them from coming back.
  10. No problem, John. I'll find it. Thanks!
  11. How do you roll back to the previous version?
  12. So far I haven't come up with an answer.
  13. I'm using the newest version that I just downloaded. But I don't understand these white lines on top. What are they?
  14. That's with the older/current version, not the new one.
  15. I tried it, Brian, but most of what was there in Insert was whited out. I may download it all again and see if maybe it didn't install correctly the first time.
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