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  1. The issue is with my interface. Thanks for all your input!
  2. I have everything set to record for stereo. I plug the cable from the left of my keyboard into the left input of the interface and the right cable from my keyboard into the right input of the interface. I set it to stereo in Cakewalk, as my first photo shows. And I record a single stereo track. It's the way I've always done it, and it's always worked fine. Since switching to CbB I have had issues, and this is just another one. It could very well be my interface, but first I want to make sure it's not something in CbB that's causing it.
  3. Thanks, Jim. I have a Solid State Logic SSL2. The meters don't show left or right.
  4. I record mono with it dead center. I pan after I record.
  5. Sorry for not being clear. The bottom track is a reference track I'm using. Yes, that's in stereo. The track above it is the one I'm trying to record in stereo, and it's not doing it. The meter shows that only 1 side is recording. It could be my interface or my Yamaha keyboard. But up until switching to CbB they have worked.
  6. SInce switching to CbB, I have been recording in mono so far. Tonight I tried to record in stereo with my Yamaha MX 49 keyboard, and it's only recording in mono. I have no idea why. As you can see in the photo, it's set to stereo. When I was using Sonar, my keyboard recorded in stereo with no issues.
  7. Thanks, tonemangler! I appreciate it.
  8. Sorry for so many posts lately, but being new to CbB there are some things that aren't the same as they were in Sonar. Anyway, after I recorded an audio track in Sonar, I could double-click the track and it would open up and allow me to make fine adjustments. But in CbB when I double click an audio track, nothing happens. It doesn't expand. Is this the way it's supposed to be, or is there something within CbB to change this?
  9. I recorded in stereo then changed it to mono. That's when it got louder. And I panned my background vocals not 100% L/R but 90%. I do use stereo VST plugins on mono tracks sometimes, so I'll leave it on stereo. I don't need the increase in volume. I only noticed it when I set it on mono and was curious. That's what I was wondering. So I'll keep the interleave set to stereo. Thanks, everyone!
  10. I was playing around with some things in CbB and was wondering about the stereo/mono button on my mono tracks. On vocals, when I press it to Mono and hit Play, the vocal is a little louder. My question is whether it makes a difference on vocal tracks, other than the loudness. Does it matter if I keep it on Stereo or Mono?
  11. I said "solved" but actually the problem resolved itself. By that I mean after I tried to find the issue but couldn't, I left everything as it was and got off the computer. When I went back on later, it worked. Next time it does it (if there is a next time) I'll get a new interface. I checked everything else, so it has to be an issue with the interface.
  12. I always set the meter to just above half way. I cannot get the VU into the red. I have the Gain on my interface around 2 o'clock (which I never do. It's always at noon), and I'm standing about 5 inches away from the mic. It's a new Warm Audio WA Classic. I thought it could be the mic, but I switched to one of my older mics, and the problem hasn't changed. The equipment I'm using? I've been using it for years. I've been using Cakewalk Platinum (had been for years). I just switched to CbB a few days ago. I'm using a Solid State Logic SSL2 interface. It's been working flawlessly. I didn't notice them going into the red...or even close. I started using a headphone amp a couple of years ago because my headphones through my interface at that time wasn't loud enough for me. And I kept it when I got my SSL2. I tried plugging my headphones directly into the interface, and I still can't hear my vocals when recording. I've been recording since 2002 - but I'm horrible with computers. There's just a lot of things I just don't get. (You didn't come across condescending.) My interface has 2 channels. I tried vocals on both, and they're the same. I also record my guitar direct (guitar>POD>interface). So I plugged in my guitar using the headphones, and I can hear my guitar just fine. The signal is perfect. The issue is only when recording vocals.
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