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  1. bitflipper: In a perfect world the vocals would sound good when recorded. Although they sound "better" with the low cut filter on, the vocals could still sound better. I'll check out the MDynamicEQ. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. I used the low cut filter on the mic, and it sounded a lot better. I had heard that low cut filters on mics make it sound worse. But it sounded good. Thanks!!
  3. That could very well be true. My room is not treated as well as it could be. Not well. It's a room with a huge sliding door and is perfectly square. There's not a lot of wall space. Windows and doors mainly. I'm about at least 8" away, if not more. I will try that. Thanks for everyone suggestions! I will try them and see what happens.
  4. When I record vocals, on certain low notes (A, C, D...and a couple of others) there is a lot of boominess. The rest of the vocals are fine. I tried putting the mic in different places in the room, facing different directions. Nothing worked. I changed microphones. No difference. Changed cables. No difference. (I've been using a vocal isolation shield. ) I was also using a Golden Age mic preamp. I disconnected it and went direct. No change. So I decided to make myself a vocal booth in my closet. I put up all acoustic panels so that it was all covered from top to bottom. It's a nice vocal booth. No difference. The low boominess on certain low notes is still there. Nothing has changed it. Maybe I'm not seeing something obvious, so I thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions.
  5. I talked to Focusrite. They said I had to go into Focusrite Control, choose Custom Mix, click the + sign at the end of chain of inputs to add inputs 3&4 and 5&6. That fixed it.
  6. I had read those articles, and they didn't provide the info I need. I'm sure it's an easy solution. I just can't figure it out
  7. When I click on the Input Echo button, it has a ton of echo on it, even though the keyboard is running dry. No, I can't hear the keyboard even when not recording.
  8. I just bought a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. I set it up and played a song, and it worked fine. Sound comes through monitors. Then I tried to record. I can play the song back just fine. But when I try to record keyboards, they don't come through the monitors. There is a signal in the armed track, but no sound. In the third photo below you can see that the track is ready to record and that it has a signal.....just no sound. I clicked on the Echo button, and there's sound - but it has a ton of echo. I have gone through everything, and I can't figure it out. I posted photos so maybe you can see something I don't.
  9. I updated Waves recently, so whatever the new version is. What is the dump file?
  10. With the new update, when I install a plugin it gives the window that says "Fatal Error" and Cakewalk crashes. For me, this update just isn't working. I went back to the old version.
  11. Great. Thanks for your help!
  12. When I installed the new update, I noticed that my audio tracks all had a weird kind of glow to them. Anyway, they weren't normal. I uninstalled the update because it bothered me to look at it. Does anyone else have that issue with the new update?
  13. I believe my keyboard is failing. Thanks for everyone's input! Much appreciated.
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