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  1. I use a tool called Equalizer APO that implements the Windows sound system's audio enhancements capability. This allows developers to write things like custom EQ tools that can be inserted in the sound drivers chain for Windows. Equalizer APO is one of those, and it has the ability to act as a VST host, and I load the Slate plugin so that all Windows sound is processed by VSX. Works great. Oh yeah, 👍 on your comment about how well the plugin and phones work together, the system is just incredible and IMHO it blows Sonarworks completely out of the water.
  2. Sorry, I was referring to fret_man's post. I had it running systemwide until I got the Slate VSX headphones. Sonarworks has been bumped from pride of place by those wonderful (but pricey) phones.
  3. I was assuming that the OP is using ASIO drivers in the DAW. I didn't think the systemwide service sat in front of the ASIO stack. In any case, the VST plug in does have to be disabled at render time, at least with the version I have. Perhaps newer revs are different.
  4. I believe the Slate system automatically disables the plug in when you export. I also have A Sonarworks and I'm pretty sure it must be disabled manually.
  5. I picked up a pair about two months ago. I always mix with headphones and then struggle with making them sound right. Not using headphones wasn't an option. The VSX system has been a game-changer for me. I'm with you, I love them and I recommend them. The Archon mid-field with ear profile 2 is my go-to setup as well.
  6. Kevin Walsh


    There's a method to the madness here and I like where you're going with it. I'd take some time to make the vocals stand out a bit more, they're really well done. Not so much make them louder but give them a bit of space to let them be clearer. Maybe duck the overall instrumental mix very slightly with the vocals using the bus compressor's side chain input and maybe using some judicious panning of the instruments to make a hole for the vocals. By the way, loved the "woo-oo" thing at the end, actually quite musical. I've always liked you're music, and this is a great addition.
  7. Kevin Walsh


    Lots of stuff to like in this one. As always with your stuff, there are great vocals supporting a good melody over some truly interesting harmony. Sometimes I hear a strong Atlanta Rhythm Section vibe in there. Great playing everywhere you look. As for the mix, you always do a great job getting a "modern/vintage" vibe going with all the parts, nice and clear but smooth too. To my ears some additional work needs to be done to get all the parts to gel together better, but I'm not sure what that would be. Perhaps some light compression on the sub-mixes? Finally, that is one groovy bass line, bro!
  8. Thank you all, I'm calling this one finished. Whew. I appreciate your many listens of this track and your willingness to share your opinions!
  9. Thanks for listening, David! My sense of honor compels me to protect your status as an innocent so I will refrain from explaining the lyrics.
  10. Thank Missy for me, won't you? Thanks for listening, Wookie. I see you have a few new ones out there that I have yet to give a listen to. Something to look forward to!
  11. I've posted a new mix taking into account all of your feedback. Please let me know if it hits the mark better. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for the kind words, Steve. I've added the lyrics as I wrote them before recording the song but there may be a few differences in the final version. I'm embarrassed that I let the cut-off at the end go out the door. Thank you for the feedback and the support! Compulsion - Kevin Walsh verse 1 a quiet compulsion rollin round in his head another day that makes her wish she was dead she don't mean nothing she drives him out of his head she don't know why but fine she says, still in his bed verse 2 she knows it's all in the eyes they say everything he gave her nothing she gave him everything a quiet compulsion rolling round in his head awake alone on the edge of her bed she don't mean nothing she drives him out of his head she don't know why but fine she says, still in his bed bridge (keep quiet) keep quiet now the slightest creak will give yourself away and then he'll know eyes in the back of his head will see you breaking the rules and that'll be all, yeah that'll be all she don't say nothing she drives him out of his head she don't know why but fine she says, still in his bed
  13. Thanks for your feedback! Are you talking about the short little instrumental bit at the very beginning?
  14. Thank you! People are always telling me to turn down the bg vocals, guess I went too far.
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