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  1. I see you marked the issue as fixed. For the benefit of those who see this thread in the future, what was the problem and what did you do to fix it?
  2. Of course it's worth it! Even if it's not.
  3. Well, you beat me to it. Somehow the setting reset to "snap by", thanks for jumping on that! I always have that set to "to" and it's been that way for so long that I've quite forgotten about it. I have to look up landmarks, not sure what that one is. I appreciate it!
  4. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this. I'm deep into a session and I've just noticed that with smart tool selected and grid snap on and set to whole note, all my clips do not snap to the measure boundaries. I've not seen this before but it's entirely possible that this is expected behavior for some reason after some sequence of steps that I cannot remember taking. This build is on the whole much more stable, even with my Focusrite Solo 2nd Gen interface (not terribly impressed with the USB drivers for this interface.)
  5. Great post, particularly on the use of score as a synonym of the number 20. I doubt, however that the usage has anything to do with the price of drugs. The bible refers to a human's God-given life span as "three score and ten" years. And in 1865, US President Abraham Lincoln famously (to Americans at least) started his Gettysburg address with the words, "Four score and seven years ago...".
  6. Yeah but 16 cores, c'mon man! 😎 Cant wait to hear what you find with the 3950 in your tests. The heat generated by the AMD part looks to be quite a lot less, food for thought there. And I see little in the way of talk about TB3 with these x570 boards. I hate to think I would have to wait (and pay!) for x590. My boxes are used for for work as well as DAW so the additional cores are welcome, especially at that price point! Besides, I'm pretty confident that the 3950 single thread performance can beat what Im getting now with my i7/960 X58 build. At least I hope so!
  7. I honestly don't remember. It was with Sonar 7, I remember that much. 😀
  8. I'm not seeing a lot of downside here. https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2019/06/14/will-amds-749-ryzen-9-3950x-really-beat-intels-mighty-2000-core-i9-9980xe/#39c8539043eb
  9. Started playing 12 years ago. I'm 62 now. Wish I'd started earlier but there it is.
  10. Michael, you might consider posting your question in the songs forum. I got a lot of great mix-related feedback on my projects there.
  11. +1 on a cheap mic. Love 'em, that's all I have but man, that fizz. A problem I also battle constantly comes from recording vocal takes in a poorly treated room. This results in a relatively high noise floor which, after a compression stage tends to distort the signal. So even though your gain staging was dead on, if there's noise in the chain it will get smooshed into audible fuzz.
  12. Glad you found the answer! I had lots of stability issues with CbB. I tried everything I could think of, and nothing helped. After a lot of digging around I found Windows 10 system file checker, and that stabilized things nicely. If others are having issues and nothing in this thread has helped, you might wish to check out this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026529/windows-10-using-system-file-checker
  13. Yeah, I suspect lots of things fell through the cracks around the time BandLab acquired Cakewalk IP and launched the new product line. Contributors like @MUDGEL and @Craig Anderton are pretty valuable to a product community and while I don't know for certain, it's seems likely (at least to me) that no messages were intended by the silence from BandLab. It's good to air these kinds of things so that steps can be taken to address any oversights that may have occurred.
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