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  1. I bought S-Gear several years ago and never made much use of it. In the last year or so I've taken the time to really dig into it and now I use it almost exclusively. I built and use a Deluxe Reverb clone and a Tweed clone, they both sound incredible. I recorded a tune with two guitar parts, one done with my DR clone and one with S-Gear. I've since fogotten which amp I used for what part and I can't tell by listening to the song. I bought the upgrade this morning and am mightily pleased with it. Love the new boost pedal and the updated UI. Wish there was a bass amp, and I wish they'd put this thing into a pedal.
  2. Sounds like a candidate for a command to switch control surface bindings.
  3. Yep, after plugging mine in to the usb port, cakewalk makes it available as a midi track input option immediately.
  4. Freddy. I really like the tune and am a fan of the genre. I agree with a previous comment about the strength of the chorus but really, it's fine as it is. If you're like me you'll come back to it as you learn more about what works and what doesn't and you'll either take it up again or let it stand as a statement about who you are today. I think this is good work
  5. Kevin Walsh

    Modal Mini's

    Great piece, I’m really enjoying you scalar explorations.
  6. Kevin Walsh


    Really nice work with some amazing sounds. Glad you saved that one. What kind of guitar is that?
  7. Love it! Excellent cover of my hands down favorite Beatles song. I am a collector of TNK covers and yours is a great addition to the hoard. Vocals are spot on too!
  8. Wookie, really great mood piece with some really clever chord voices. I love how the whole tone scale leads you through these pseudo resolutions that really ratchet up the intensity. The synth voices are inspiring and beautiful as always.
  9. Kevin Walsh

    Sand Piper

    Beautiful piece. I wouldn’t change a thing.
  10. Kevin Walsh

    That Thing

    I'm glad you like it, Steve!
  11. Kevin Walsh

    That Thing

    Thank you for listening!
  12. Kevin Walsh

    That Thing

    Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Kevin Walsh


    Thank you, Paul!
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