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  1. Vocals are great! If you want the wall of sound I think you need three more drummers, three more piano players and about six more guitar players all gathered in a high school gymnasium (with the floor freshly waxed.) I think a little more breadth in the instruments would be nice. I read once that ZZ Top would push doubled guitar tracks out wide left and right and then de-tune one of them just a few cents to the that massive sound. I keep meaning to try that one of these days. Oh yeah, and the keys are nice, they worked here for me. One other thing; there's a bunch of videos on Youtube on creating dense mixes without muddying things up. Here's one I found on just vocals that looks pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LrTB9JFBME
  2. Kevin Walsh


    Nice laid back vocal style really works with this tune, clever vocals delivered with heart. I agree with Barry about the mix, a little hot maybe, or there's something being compressed to hard causing some distortion maybe. Nice guitar work too, I always hear that first. Nice job.
  3. Kevin Walsh


    lol, your description of the beginning is exactly right. My office/studio is a spare bedroom and I clicked on the mic and noodled about. Man, you have good ears, Barry. It does sound like there is a wandering cymbal in there. I have a very difficult time with high frequencies and I wouldn't have noticed it without you mentioning it. I'm embarrassed that I couldn't tell that the guitar is out of tune, doh! It's not actually a 12 string, it's a Martin D16X that I went back and doubled in places with my trusty Strat into S-Gear with a very clean setting. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. Kevin Walsh


    Thank you, Douglas, I really appreciate your feedback.
  5. Thank you! Glad you took the time to listen and to provide some feedback!
  6. Kevin Walsh


    You weren't kidding, it is loud! You really gotta have some subs for this one, and unfortunately I don't have subs but it's a cool melody. My only nit is the lack of variation in the dynamics of the piece. It's largely the same all the way through the song, and the drums are buried pretty deep. I'm not too well-schooled in EDM so my comments are worth what you pay for them!
  7. Beautiful piece with a really nice, smooth mix. Love the melody. The piano bits at 2:09 didn't bother me but Mark's probably much smarter than me on this stuff. I would like to have heard a bit more variation in the dynamics of the piece, but you can't really fault what it is right now, so take that with a grain of salt. I loved it, I really did.
  8. Kevin Walsh

    PBS Song

    Nice, I love the in-between bits on NPR as well. Looks like you messed up and made a really nice bit of music here. Mix and sound stage are both quite lovely.
  9. I've listened to this a few times already and I realized I hadn't popped in to tell you how much I like this one. We can all relate! Good mix but to my ears the vocals could come up (don't listen to me, I'm half-deaf already.)
  10. You tube one sounds great!
  11. Kevin Walsh


    Loved the changes. You have a way with re-stating themes that makes me want to buy a book on harmony. The mix is perfect as is the ambiguous ending. Really nice stuff. I'm going to have to check out your other work on your youtube channel.
  12. I listened to this early this morning while I made my coffee. In a word, you guys nailed a great take on this. Marvelous stuff.
  13. The ceiling's falling and that rash is coming back. lol, my life in a nutshell. Great work!
  14. Kevin Walsh


    I don't think record companies call anymore, do they? Thanks for listening, David!
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