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  1. In terms oflow latency I was never satisfied playing into Cakewalk through a vst amp sim. Even with a very powerful computer there was just too much fiddling around required to get the latency to a reasonable level. I found that Guitar Rig 5 run in standalone mode alongside Cakewalk got me very good realtime sounds and allowed me to record in Cakewalk at the same time. I use an Audient ID22 which I love.
  2. I've had this happen quite a few times too. It happened so frequently for a while that I started recording in Reaper and importing the wav files.
  3. New users are often unaware of the things we expect them to have done or what questions we want answered before they post a question.
  4. The mix was really good, thought maybe the bass was a very small bit forward, it kept stealing my attention from the lyrics particularly around the bridge (which is pretty damned nice.) Piano is divine. Damn I liked this one. Really enjoyed the journey the chords took me on.
  5. Kevin Walsh

    Warp 8

    Thanks wookie, this is a nice one, I enjoyed the changes in the middle quite a bit and the end was quite good.
  6. I gave this a listen last night on my phone's little dinky speakers. I think that if a mix sounds decent that way, it will sound great on phones or speaker. And this sounded good on the phone. I could hear everything. Yeah, you're right, the bass is too forward but at least it's tone is really good. I just gave it another listen on the ol' Slate VSX phones with the plugin active and set to Archon room, mid fields and it sounds pretty good. Get that bass mixed in right and it will sound a lot better. I'd love to hear more of the guitar. I like it's tone quite a bit. I'm curious, what do you guys intend to do with the product of these jams? Inquiring minds wonder. Are you going to do more development with Blood Bath 535? I liked that one quite a bit.
  7. I'm sure this is a common problem with the aging boomer generation. I have severely compromised high-frequency hearing acquired in the military. Up until now my strategy has been to mix it as best as I can taking into account my hearing loss and then letting a lot of different people including people on this forum hear what I've done. If I recall correctly sonarworks plugin has an algorithm that applies correction based on the average frequency degradation for a given age range, but I don't know if that will help you given the nature of your hearing loss. I think what makes the most sense is knowing what frequencies are compromised and setting up a special EQ that compensates for them. However you choose to deal with it, sitting on the porch hasn't been an option for me.
  8. Pretty cool, thanks for contributing! I'm looking at upgrading my x570/3950x to a 5950x, assuming they can be found for a reasonable price.
  9. Great lyrics and a funky riff and great playing as always. You know you have to finish it, right? If it was mine I'd call it done already, ha.
  10. Everything's already been said that I would say, really excellent track in all respects. Great music!
  11. Kevin Walsh

    Cool it Down

    Great sound on this one, really enjoyed the laid back vibe. Very nice work!
  12. Kevin Walsh

    Blood Bath

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was after. Those drums sound pretty freakin' real to me. Guitars sound great too. I didn't know a Twin Reverb could be se on fairly low volume. Ha!
  13. Fantastic set of tracks! The vocals just kill and that bass sound is to die for. Great stuff!
  14. That track is good! The mastering job sounds pretty good too, but it sounds in places like the track has lost some definition between instruments. Maybe you have it set to be more aggressive? I didn't know about the free bandlab mastering service, I'll have to check it out.
  15. Thanks, Wookie, hope you're feeling better today!
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