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  1. Barry , Very well done that gave me a good times feel like some of the old Allman Bros. instrumental sections I used to listen to. Great job , I couldn't replay instrumentals I did last month much less from years back .. mark
  2. I have an easy to see monitor, so I just use a wireless keyboard if I'm recording something that's hard to let go of , like an upright or cello.
  3. I loved the bottom end and bass in this one and the very tasty use of Wah. Incredible guitar work and tones. Crying shame you lost the project , but you couldn't tell it from this mix.. mark
  4. mark skinner

    Rowan's Ship

    That was excellent and Very relaxing. Sounded good thru cheap earbuds on laptop. mark
  5. Smooth ! You have a Very nice voice . I think some laid back kick and rim shots along with less of the am radio sound on the vocals would really bring this one forward. Enjoyed it .. mark
  6. Creating a desktop shortcut to this folder has been Very handy for me ..
  7. A previous thread on this issue suggested uninstalling Bandlab asst. from the control panel first then download the latest version. I've done it this way ever since and I've never had a problem updating BA or CbB.
  8. mark skinner

    My Better Days

    Passing comments can turn into a really great song ..
  9. Ken , I wish you all the best in your musical endeavors , and I totally agree , You Shouldn't use Any type of social media . I'm out of this one ..
  10. mark skinner

    My Better Days

    Very nice ! I think it all came together at the build up when the organ came in. Great job .. mark
  11. If you know how to use Google you can find out what "Anything" is ..
  12. mark skinner

    Big Moving Parts

    I really liked the visuals showing the different great parts. I thought the guitar work and tones were great. It must be nice working with a good real drummer. I miss working with a not real good real drummer .. You tube was glitching a lot , I'll listen to it again later. Fantastic job! It was just too short. mark
  13. Great songs and recording , I've been listening to a lot of early recordings of Mississippi John Hurt lately. You definitely hit the delta blues sound. You should do well with this collection. Enjoyed it .. mark
  14. I had a recent project that kept bringing up the dialog . If I used Save As and then continued with the project , each time I used the regular Save the dialog popped up. If I closed the project after a save as , and then reopened it , a normal save never brought up the dialog. mark
  15. as a 68 vw owner I'm not sure how to take this ..
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