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  1. Andrew , I actually thought it needed to come up a little and try to EQ a little more "crack" in it. It's not bad at all where it is , but I think it could be improved giving the drums a little more power and presence. mark
  2. HARD hitting vibe , Loved it ! With a little different vocal treatment I think you could get a great Byrne/Bowie feel out of this one. mark
  3. Good song ! A few tweeks and I think you'll be there. I think the drums were a little weak and could bring a little more power to the song if it is up a few DB and retune the snare if you can .. I also thought the horns were a Little too loud. I find that after putting one to rest for a while and not listening to it for a couple of weeks , when I come back to it , It's Way more obvious what needs to be done. Great performance and vocals. Enjoyed it .. mark
  4. Douglas , Nice ! You got some great tones on the strat. I really liked the sweeping effect on the backing guitars . Sounded like the upstrokes were perfectly timed to move to the right side. Was this manually done or an auto pan vst ? Enjoyed it , I believe I could dance to this one (if I could dance).. mark
  5. Gary , referring to your comment about an EQ offset to compensate your hearing test . I think it is a Great idea. If you have the best room and monitoring and you can't hear what's being produced , an offset is in order. I was required to take a yearly hearing test for my job and used it for a basic EQ offset when I Finally started learning a Little bit about EQ. High mid and highs are Naturally lost as you age. If you're targeting people in your own age group , they have the same hearing losses. Two years ago I ruptured an eardrum and it was a nightmare for about a year. That's when I started leaning on Ozone for EQ suggestions. Although I don't use the 1k boost they Always recommend (I hate 1k) It gives me an idea of basic problems in my system and hearing. (if I want to sound like everyone else). I don't think you're Anywhere near having my problem , but as critical as you are about you're audio .. It sure couldn't hurt. mark
  6. mark skinner

    Reach Up

    Top notch! I loved the FUNK and especially the Sax solo. That was also a Very professional video. The shadow dancing part was Way Cool. Great song and performance . It must be nice to have an actual female singer with a Great voice. Enjoyed it .. mark
  7. mark skinner

    The Way Love Is

    Another Great one started! You sure have been busy lately.. I liked the Dylan feel of the vocals on this one. I also thought the solo didn't quite come thru as Bajan Blue mentioned. Maybe even a different type of guitar FX. I also believe this is another one where a cello section would fit in perfectly. mark
  8. "Thanks" for the great comments and for the listen. After soloing my harmony tracks , I absolutely Had to do some melodyne work , especially on the low harmony. It was working ok to thicken my vocal but it was flat off key in several spots and the bridge was just Sloppy. No big changes anywhere else. The original link now reflects the changes. Thanks for listening and for any help .. mark
  9. Gary , I love this song and have had it on replay on soundcloud since you first posted it. Both versions are Great but I think I'm with noynekker about finding a spot somewhere in the middle. I did find myself reaching for the volume knob to bring the level up when I got to the older version. I've never heard the song on a decent system and never noticed the rumble but I think it needed more of the clarity like you've gotten on the new version . Thanks .. mark
  10. Dave , Fantastic job ! With your skills You certainly deserve to have some good mastering tools of your own. Ozone is a good and pretty easy one to use and you're never stuck with their EQ and loudness suggestions. Killer song .. mark
  11. Bill , Congrats! I truly think you are a gifted player , and have really enjoyed what you have posted. I'll sure check it out. Best of luck on the release. mark
  12. David , I Loved the percussion section. That was also a Superb use of a banjo. I believe a nylon strung banjo is Way under utilized. Very enjoyable .. mark
  13. mark skinner

    Love is Love

    Rex , Great song and subject matter. I thought the harmony was Fantastic and really fills it out. My only suggestion at this point is to move the main melody finger picked guitar to the left side of the mix (if it's Only going to be on one side). ? The electric comes in on the right then it seems you've automated a pan towards the center still leaving it a little lacking on the left. Enjoyed it .. mark
  14. mark skinner

    Young Love

    https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/young-love Hello , here's my 3rd attempt at a new one that I could use some critical ears on. I've been playing around with this one for a while now .. changing the key , feel , bpm etc.. Finally back to doing some vocals . "Thanks" for any comments and suggestions. mark
  15. Beautiful. That was really soul stirring. Touched .. mark
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