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  1. Have you tried opening the project from the "recovery file" instead of the original project file. I've done that then exported tracks out of the troublesome project.
  2. I do a lot of file sharing with a friend , so we are constantly transferring complete projects back and forth. I'll save a new project as a bundle file and send it to a flash drive. On the 2nd pc we insert the flash and open Cakewalk. In "File" click "open project" then just click the dropdown to select the removable drive instead of your projects folder. When you select the project you want and click "open" it will ask if you want to unpack the bundle file. After "yes" it will build all the tracks etc.. Save the project , close it , eject flash. Done .. Never had a problem and now have a second backup on the flash drive. ms
  3. I just downloaded Cakewalk Command Center on a pc with No daw installed on it , then downloaded a trial version of Sonar Platinum . The "trial" version doesn't have all of the effects or instruments as the full splat version. Looking thru all the plugins , I'm seeing the same ones that won't load up in the trial version of splat or CbB. Looks like the original CbB was built off of the old Splat trial version with all the same plugins showing up , but not installed. I was thinking I had an install or effects scan problem but now I see whats happening. I am still a very happy CbB user. mark
  4. Dr. Steve , yes this is the plug in I'm referring to. It shows up in my fx chain but won't load up. I've seen other effects and modules in th3 that show up , but didn't come with CbB. All my other Sonar daws are 32 bit so all my other dx effects aren't usable in 64 bit CbB. Thanks to Skook for clearing this up for me (again). I'm still looking for a replacement for this effect. "It can get a little confusing to see something in your rack , that's not installed or even available" Thanks .. mark
  5. Hello , on my old 32 bit Sonar programs , I have Cakewalk Multivoice chorus/flanger. I use the "6 voice sparkling" preset on most of my Tele tracks and many other instruments. Does anyone know how to simulate this patch in CbB or know of a 64 bit replacement. I can't see the specific settings on the plugin . I've been exporting specific tracks out of CbB and then importing back in to get the sound I want. Thanks .... mark
  6. Do you have overlapping clips , causing the edit tool to grab an underlying section ? Highlighting the clip(s) should show you the beginning or end of the section you want to edit.
  7. Hello to everyone. I posted this aiming at the administrators of this forum . I really didn't expect everyone to respond like this. Great surprise ! Thank you all. mark
  8. Cool , sounds like a real song from the heart. The clarinets also added a lot . I still have a suitcase full of cassette tapes from a Tascam 8 track recorder. It played 2x speed , I wish I had something to play them on. mark
  9. Rik , I really don't see how you could have done better on a single take experimental test track. Import it back in a daw do some minor tweeks in the eq , and you'll have a keeper anyone should be proud of. Best of luck to you ... mark
  10. Great playing and production . I really liked the pristine highs in your mix. I did think the low root notes were a little overpowering. (may have been my headphones) . I googled your new guitar and noticed it didn't normally have a pickup. Did you add one or using mic(s). Do you think the ad-2 was responsible for most of the great guitar tone ? I've been looking at new preamps .... Enjoyed it . mark
  11. Very nice and clean mix, I really enjoyed that . Kinda has the feel of some of those killer Daryl Hall ballads. Great job . mark
  12. mark skinner

    EQing input

    I recently received a booming acoustic guitar track to add to a friends project. I got the boom out of the track but it still didn't sound like a keeper. I used to own the guitar he used , and know for a fact it's not a boomy guitar. I had him re record and keep the mic "away" from the sound hole. The track came out much better , clean and crisp. I think the first objective is to get the instrument sounding as good as it possibly can without any eq , then applying it to polish the track . It'll save you a lot of time in the long run .. mark
  13. Nice ! I like your vocal control. I think you could do the low spoken part singing with a high energy , real high voice .. ms
  14. Mark Skinner - USA (deep south) Hartselle Alabama.
  15. Hello , I have been very curious about how many members this forum has , and from what regions or countries. I think it is very cool to present a problem and have it resolved in a matter of minutes from someone half way around the planet. I think a running count with regions posted somewhere on this forum would be an interesting addition. Later ... mark
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