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  1. Nelson , Once you both have the same project set up , single tracks can be added to each others project as they are finished. The free version of "We Transfer" will allow up to 2gb file size. No problem with the size of high quality wav files.. If more than one file is uploaded , they are compressed and put in a zipped folder. Both people have a we transfer account , emails are sent when a file is uploaded and downloaded. No other emails or spam. So when your partner uploads a file to you, you retrieve it , put it on your desktop , then import it to a new track in your project. Single files are easier. Nothing to unzip or extract. mark
  2. mark skinner

    Hear my call

    Great energy here! Definitely mosh pit material. This was a very nice mix especially on the vocals. mark
  3. The piano and acoustic sounds nice.. I thought the intro was too busy with the lead guitars. Sounded more like a break instead of easing you in to the smooth 1st verse. mark
  4. I really like your vocal vibe on this one , very smooth and relaxing. I wanted to hear more of it. I tried a few times to listen to this , ended up having to go to reverb nation , couldn't get the embedded player to work. Enjoyed the song .. mark
  5. Very creative ! I loved the dreamy guitars swelling in the background. Top notch video. mark
  6. Try going back to your "bandlab" page and see if "install addons" is still listing the SI suite. Session drummer probably came from a previous "Sonar" instillation.
  7. 18 songs on 1 album ! It'll be mine soon .. This is the year to support each other ..
  8. Keith , Congratulations and best of luck with the album. Time to start again.. mark
  9. with a pure white shroud He wrapped me tight ??
  10. Great guitar work! This is one you can really "feel". A lot of emotion flowing . Loved it .. mark
  11. Very nice and "traditional" sounding. I kept waiting on the dobro. Great song and vocals. mark
  12. Thanks to @garybrun we now have much bigger and cleaner mix. Changed the intro to ease into the song a little softer . I liked the last 2 mixes but they were dull and subdued compared to this one. I think Gary painted a very nice picture here , I guess that's why they say don't master your own songs .. Further comments or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks ... mark
  13. Was the last group of songs you posted released as an album for sale ? Do all of us get a free one If not where can we find it . mark
  14. That intro sucked something out of my brain that I might need later .. Great song and no need to get specific about the world going down .. I'm glad you're posting again , I've missed your songs. mark
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