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  1. Martin , congrats on your release and I hope it does well. If this song is an indication of the rest of the releases it should do Very well. This mix sounds "radio ready" and the vocals are smooth and perfect for the genre. Listening with decent headphones on laptop. Sounds nice .. Don't take this the wrong way .. but "production wise" I believe I would have left out the name Jesus near the ending. It is Very obvious that's who you were singing about 😊 Without the name , it may get some additional attention outside of the Contempory Christion genre. Loved it .. mark
  2. Wonderful production ! Loved the panning piano break. Very impressed with the bass track. Why confuse it with vocals .. I know the feeling .. a Lot of my instrumentals started out as vocal productions .. Loved it as it is .. mark
  3. Nice .. I Love the relaxed feel of this one and the dreamy synth and e-piano. You did some Very creative breakdowns with very unusual percussion timing. Excellant vocal delay as well. I think you've created another mixing/mastering masterpiece. Loved it .. mark
  4. T Boog , After blowing an eardrum because of a medical reason (not from loud music) my doctor insisted , I used open back headphones for mixing and listening. This was litterly a nightmare for about 6 months. Tinnitus came later and I got the "broken speaker" effect. It was so real and happened so suddenly that I actually thought I had blown a monitor driver. I do overdo it too often but try my best now to keep my levels lower. Rarely mix with headphones but use them pretty often for depth/width and panning choices. It doesn't take much for old ears to be damaged further.. ms
  5. Wonderful production! Love the Beatle(ish) vocals. Maybe it's just your British accent , but it worked. Wasn't quite sure about the FX on the lead guitar but , a second listen and it felt like a good fit. Great to hear a new song from you and I Really enjoyed it .. mark
  6. @Glenn Stanton , @David Baay Thanks guys for the help and suggestions. I ran the redistibutables from Noels post. Nothing changed. I reset the configuration files to "default". The stop transport and spacebar started working but still no audio. I uninstalled CbB and reinstalled with the last installer and update from my downloads folder. No change. Ran the redistributables again. Nothing helped. Did a system restore to a restore point from last month. Everything I've checked is back to normal. 😊 This is the Very reason I choose to work "offline" , and why it took me so long to leave Win7. I ordered a 300' ethernet cable yesterday , hope I don't regret it .. Thanks .. mark
  7. Glenn , I've got updates turned off and didn't notice anything updating. Bypassed Sound ID and setmaster to interface. I opened in safe mode bypassing a few other plugins. Same problem. I did disable ID ref in my global windows audio settings. I'll recheck everything. The transport glitch is the most concearning. Where do I find the CW redistributables ?
  8. I brought my pc in for internet connection to reauthorize CbB. Also needed to sign in to AD 2 drums and ID Ref. Hooked back up and no audio coming from my most recent project. Same thing in aother project. Transport won't stop with the button or spacebar. Tracks will play from inside the audio folder and other desktop folders will play exported songs.. I don't see anything wrong in Pref. I'm neck deep in a project and dead in the water.. any suggestions ?? mark
  9. Keith , Glad you got it worked out. I've been wondering where you have been ? .. even sent you a message on Soundcloud a while back . Don't know why I felt concearned. no need to respond .. mark
  10. @DeeringAmps , Thanks Tom. I'll get that set up. Did you have to make changes in the "bounce to clips" dialogue to bypass your Arc or Phones buss? I'm also assuming you have to specify "Master buss" during final export instead of using entire mix ? (PM or Email me) My biggest problem was (at some point) turning off the warning option about bouncing and export. 😒 mark
  11. A few years back, somebody posted a link to a sale on the CB-1 headphones in the "deals" section. Quite a few people here bought them. $40.00 I think. I've used them for tracking acoustic guitars ever sense. They've held up perfectly and they have a nice Long chord. The oval shaped ear cups will spin around on you though. You'll know it when your ear starts hurting. These are nice for casual use and the OneOdio headphones are nice for listening to final masters. ms
  12. Thanks guys for the wonderful comments ! This song is definetaly done. I've totally screwed up the project by not bypassing new room correction software (while bouncing to clips). Already baked in and can no longer get a good feel out of it. "Big" lesson learned. @DeeringAmps , thanks for the final thumbs up 👍 @Lynn Wilson , I appreciate that. I'm hoping I can keep it up .. @jwnicholson78 Thanks , the interlude is my favorite part and very enjoyable to do .. @noynekker Thanks Bruce. Always wanted to play a fiddle . I tried for a year , but just quit after no improvement. The fiddle track was inspiring and knew I had to do something with it. @Jesse Screed , Thanks for weighing in. Appreciate it. It's Really been mix suggestions from friends here that have helped with my mixes and masters.. They all don't make the cut , but I'm happy with this one. @Supa Reels , Thank You ! very nice response. Thanks for all the listens.. @steve@baselines.com Thanks Steve ! I did have some problems with the kick. Already rolled off some of the clicky highs but I guess I should have done more work on it. I think its the G&L electric you referred to on the lead. I finally got the FX dialed in on it and finger picked everything. Thanks .. mark
  13. @Paul Bush, Thanks for the comment and the multiple plays. I've heard it too many times .. @Makke , I appreciate it. With so few tracks it was easy get close. Minor changes took a while to get it dialed in. @KSband , Thank You .. I'm happy with it as it sits.. @hsmusic , Appreciate the listen and comment. Next time I'll seperate the drums to get more control over them.. @PavlovsCat , Thank you for weighing in. Always nice. I'm calling this one done . Thanks to everyone for the listen .. mark
  14. Turn off your "loop section" at the top of the screen and see if it goes away. ms
  15. Nice clean playing Makke. This sounds like it's straight out of an old cowboy movie. Loved it .. mark
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