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  1. It may sound a little different in a new mix , if it was bounced with "Stereo Effects" ... ms
  2. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    I found the plugin in my x86 files. I also found that it "is" in my vst scan path. I will remove the path to these plugins and find a suitable replacement. "Thanks" for the help from everyone. I am really glad I moved to this forum. I'll try my best not to have 2 "problem" posts on the same page again... mark
  3. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    Scook , the Sonar 8.5 is a 32 bit le version that came free with a cakewalk interface . If this didn't come with CbB , must be an unusable plugin showing up on my list .....?? mark
  4. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    Thanks , I didn't recognize it as "that" plugin because of the different look it has in the pro channel. The multivoice chorus/flange is one I have really really missed after moving to CbB. I have actually exported acoustic tracks out to Sonar 8.5 just to use that plug in. I'll check for the folder location. Do these plugins need to be loaded into an fx chain module. I couldn't these pro channel items until I clicked the fx chain first. Thanks again ... mark
  5. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    No not a one knob plugin. I found a "compact reverb module" in the pro channel options. After doing that I could see the chorus /flange. Looked like one I'd never used , don't think it imported from a different daw. Deleted the effect , now project opens normally. Don't know the main problem yet , I probably didn't load the effect correctly. Thanks for responding , I'll do some more research on loading fx chain effects.. Thanks ..... mark
  6. I drag and dropped a chorus/flange into the pro channel for a guitar track. I found it in fx chain/pro channel/ in the main plug in module . I thought it strange the plugin ui was "red" but it worked fine. Now I get the Missing Plugin message when loading the project. The plugin is no longer where I loaded it . So.. I can't delete it to get rid of the message. I thought it was a pro channel effect , but obviously not. Should I just ignore the message ?? I'll try and see where the plugin came from. Besides CbB , I have 3 other Sonar daws on this pc. all of them 32 bit. Thanks .... mark
  7. mark skinner

    Update CbB via thumb drive ?

    "Thanks again" I believe running internet just moved further up the list.. Later ... mark
  8. mark skinner

    Update CbB via thumb drive ?

    "Thanks" for the quick response , I'll take everything to my house for the updates . In the future , could I update from thumb drive, if I do it before I hit the 6mo. check in ? MS
  9. mark skinner

    Update CbB via thumb drive ?

    Hello, I went into "demo mode" this morning. Is there an easy reliable way to update assistant , and Cakewalk on an offline pc with a flash drive ?? If so , I could use the details .. I will eventually run internet to my studio , but for now that's pretty low on my list. "Thanks" for any info .... Mark
  10. I got an email the other day I think from Disc Makers. The Waves one knob "Louder" plugin is being Given away for free. Probably a few places you can get it. There is also a single knob "Louder" in the Pro Channel effects rack in Cakewalk .
  11. mark skinner

    SI Drum kits

    Hello , Is there a "quick" way , or function to audition , or preview all the different drum kits without actually loading them into the synth ?? If not , what are your favorite kits for soft rock or pop like tunes ? Thanks ..... mark
  12. mark skinner

    Flow with Glow

    "Very nice" I really enjoyed it. I could tell I was going to like it just looking at the waveform .. I think some Tablas' would fit in nicely for some drum variety .. Great job . mark
  13. mark skinner

    Funk Cello

    "Thanks" for the comments and for giving me a listen. Midi keys and cello are both new to me , wish I had more time for the cello it's a really versatile instrument for Any type music. mark
  14. mark skinner

    River Ride

    Great "Moody " song , I really liked the Feel . The tone on the lead guitar was captivating and all the backing was spot on. I also enjoyed the drums and choice of reverb on them. For me .. "Sundays" were always reserved for whitewater kayaking (in my younger years) , and I had many trips worthy of a song. Great job ... mark
  15. mark skinner

    Baby Please Don't Go - cover

    Hey , Loved it ! I thought the mix and playing was great. I also think Gale "nailed" the head moves. Very cool family. mark