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  1. A+ everywhere. I loved the Power in the choruses and especially the guitar break leading into the synth. Great job Great mix. mark
  2. mark skinner

    Bus versus Pan

    Brandon , look at your fx rack in track view. If you have a stereo plugin like a reverb inserted , it will have 2 small vertical lines under it (between the name of your plugin and your next plugin). Several stereo plugins in a row and it will look like vertical bars behind the names. A mono plugin will have a Single small line in the middle under your plugin name. Surround sound plugins have 4 lines. This same question was answered by Scook several months ago with a lot of people responding that they had never noticed the dots or lines. Pretty easy to overlook. mark
  3. Weird , I have CbB on 3 pc's. (different versions) I can access the start screen from the Help menu on one with the demo projects , on another one I have to use File to access the demos, on the third , the demo projects aren't available. I guess it's version specific . Sorry if I misled you . ms
  4. When you open Cakewalk , (without opening a project) the "start screen" has a section to open any of the 4 demo projects. If the start screen isn't launching when you open Cakewalk , click "file" and there is an option there to open it. There is also an option to always open it.
  5. If I were in the market for a Kemper , this one would sell me. They'd do well to get a hold of this for a promo. Enjoyed it again .. mark
  6. Hello , I've only recently started using Melodyne as a "region effect" instead of adding it as a vst . My question is "do the pro channel effects get baked in when rendering" I like to leave them on to hear the clip in context , and I know that reverbs and delays and anything with modulation should be turned off. Thanks .. mark
  7. Very nice and relaxing. Those were some great guitar harmonies and I loved the swelling strings behind the piano. There were some repeating piano notes coming in at 2:19 that I thought were overshadowing the guitars. Listening for the 3rd time (days apart) they distracted me each time. Still a Great song .. mark
  8. mark skinner

    PBS Song

    David , that was great! I considered it pretty close to experimental. I put a kick drum in my head and couldn't keep up with the timing. I loved the relaxing tones and presentation , you are a Very talented composer and producer. Another all around fantastic job .. mark
  9. The amount of seasoned talent in that room left me speechless ... so that's all I'm saying. mark
  10. I really like this style and genre of music , I thought at first you weren't going to cut loose on the guitar , you made me wait. I liked the "Carlos" bite you got in the attacks. Great job ! mark
  11. Great song , performance and mixing. Going back and forth I keep changing my mind which mix I like better. They both have their higher points. You did a great job creating a feel of tension. Enjoyed it .. mark
  12. Check out Izotope "Ozone" mastering software. It's automated but you have full control over the results. A lot of times when they roll out a new version they'll give away a previous light version for free.
  13. That was Totally Awesome ! and so clean. It sounded light years beyond a test mix. At some point I think you really need to list the details and processing on this one.. Fantastic job .. mark
  14. mark skinner


    Here's another instrumental , named it Hunter just because I was hunting a sound. This is the first time I've actually Felt a keyboard. All nits , crits and suggestions are welcomed . Thanks .. mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/hunter
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