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  1. I just found a 2019 post from @msmcleod loading an acoustic guitar body IR into TH3. He loaded 2 IR's in and still had to crank up the TH3 output. I'll give that a try also. ms
  2. Hello , I'm trying to use a Taylor ac guitar IR on a great playing , but not stellar sounding (DI or Mic) thin bodied Washburn. My First time using IR's. I managed to get it loaded into the pro channel Rematrix reverb module. I transformed the sound to something Very usable , but with a Lot of processing. The trouble I'm having is that the IR is So quiet that after I get the tone I want , I have to use a Lot of gain to get the level back up. Is this typical of IR's ? One question I have is , since the IR just looks like a typical wav file , could it be imported to a track , boosted then exported to an IR folder? Since the reverb module only has the wet/dry slider it seems like I could get it done without so much volume loss. I might be just going about this the wrong way .. ? Thanks for any direction.. mark
  3. mark skinner


    Nice . I Really enjoyed the Floyd'ish feel of the acoustic and the entire song. Thanks for getting me to research acoustic guitar IR's. I have a couple that I Love to play but have trouble getting an acceptable sound if I go DI. Hopefully I can get a handle on the technique , I agree Amazing .. Enjoyed it .. mark
  4. Thanks , Jesse and Jack for your time and for responding. I Really appreciate it. To @Larry T. I also appreciate the time you took to guide me to a precise problem area. Going back to the mix, there is a volume node at that exact spot that I've been to a couple of times. I've dropped it another 1.5 db and and reduced it further down the time line. It sounds a Lot better. Great call ! I'll repost a new mix later after any other suggestions. Thank You .. mark
  5. mark skinner

    Sand Piper

    Hello , here is an ambient track I've created to fill a hole in a cello project that I've been slowly building. First time using a 57 on cello instead of a large condenser mic. I got a little different sound than I normally do. I pulled the ocean waves and sea bird sounds from an old Yamaha AW 16g stand alone I used before getting into pc daws. Any suggestions for improvement will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks .. mark
  6. Great job on the vocals ! Loved the song. The first time thru I thought they were a little dry. Second listen I got it. Enjoyed it .. mark
  7. @jackson white I re soldered the connections. I honestly think it helped but still happening , but not as frequent. I started doubting my new guitar cable and the interface gain knob. I hooked up some outboard gear and fed everything to both the 1/4" and XLR input. Everything pointed to the 1/4 , but I did find a workaround for now using the XLR in going from an outboard preamp. I'm sifting thru interfaces , there sure are a Lot of choices. Thanks ..mark
  8. Thanks Alan , I guess that was really my main question. I am hearing a difference with the old one I have hooked up now and my normal Roland one , but nothing drastic. I haven't checked out audient yet. Thanks. I carefully opened , cleaned and dried the boards , jacks etc. I didn't see anything visually wrong , I'll try re soldering . Maybe the jack itself can be replaced. @rsinger I'll check out motu as well , Thanks. @DeeringAmps I'll leave the pro gear for the pro's. Thanks for weighing in .. mark
  9. Rex , Beautifully written and well performed . Your songs always have a way of effecting me the way very few do. I thought the harmony and the placement of it was perfect. I think with a little twang there's also some mountain music in you. Loved it .. mark
  10. I thought that was simply Awesome. I especially liked the dissident notes played in the intro and throughout the song. Amazing how they created a relaxing tension (if there is such a thing). Enjoyed it .. mark
  11. I've lost my single high Z input. Shorting out. I'm wanting to replace it with something in the Focusrite price range and am really leaning towards the UA Volt 2 . I only need 2 in for my needs but , would prefer L/R line inputs also. I can do the research but wondering just How Important is the quality of the interface as far as playback and tracking "sound quality" I found some drivers for an old M-audio Fast track I used in XP , so I'm not in a Real hurry , but I don't want to buy something I'll regret later. Thanks for any help or suggestions.. mark
  12. mark skinner

    That Thing

    Very Nice Full mix , I thought you did a Fantastic job on the vocals ! not to mention the guitar work . Enjoyed it .. mark
  13. Free Reaper plugin "Reafir" (used in subtractive mode) can build a noise profile of the click and remove it . You need to have a section with the click isolated. Even a very short section looped will work. Even if you get the track redone this is a great tool to get for removing things like amp buzz/fan noise etc. I used it this morning to completely remove a 50hz preamp hum on an acoustic guitar. Kenny Goya does a good job on Reaper plugin tutorials on Youtube. mark
  14. I'm up and running with no log in requests Yet. Cool software. Offline win 7 pc , so updates shouldn't be a problem. I had read the complaints from win 10 and 11 users , but still wanted to ask. Thanks .. mark
  15. Hello , is anyone here using Bias FX2 "offline" in CbB ?? On sale 1/2 off for a few more days. Thanks .. mark
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