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  1. Pcode , I don't have either one on my laptop and still Enjoyed it. Great work , and as usual Highly Impressive. That's like something I would jokingly say but from you .. I don't doubt it for a split second. mark
  2. mark skinner

    Sad Day

    Sad day indeed .. I hope you both find the strength to carry on as well as possible. You've got a pretty big family here to lean on .. mark
  3. @msmcleod Thank You for that presentation ! It looks a little complex , but I'll give it a good try. I've not been getting very far with the lyrics view. Cheers .. mark
  4. @57Gregy Thanks for that. I actually have home studio 7 installed , and will check there. I'll also check out @John Vere as well. @User 905133 Yeah .. I caught those during my searches. They helped , but I still have questions. According to the CbB documentation , the timing of the typed lyrics are driven by midi. I was thinking I could drag the vocal track (in the correct sections) into a midi track , and use the lyrics view from "there" for the timing ?? These are the type of things I am questioning .. I would prefer Not to use the staff view. It seems the Lyrics view has a Way better font size for easy viewing. This might be a Decent tutorial for someone to make to get out of the box . It seems a lot of Great "You Tube Tutorial Creators" seem to be competing for the same technical subject matter , and None that I have found have covered this .. Thanks mark
  5. Hello , does anyone know of (or have made) a tutorial on using the "lyrics view". I do know that this view gets Very little attention. I would like to be able to add typed lyrics that scroll in time with the main vox track in a project. I've been thru a google search with no good results , and the CbB documentation . The PDF file got me somewhat in the right direction , but a hands on tutorial would be nice. I think this could be well suited for collaborations , or screen captured videos . Thanks .. mark
  6. Valhalla's "space modulator" is also a free one that fits right in with "supermassive". "Raum" reverb is also a nice one with the main patch called "Airy". I picked up a free copy when they first introduced it. I don't know the cost of the plugin now. mark
  7. @Hidden Symmetry In the new mix , I soloed and automated the panning on the vocal tracks. I went out 18% on the main harmonies , that was just enough to keep the tracks out of each others way but still had a centered blend. In the process I also Melodyned one of the harmony tracks. It had some pretty bad spots. Thanks for that suggestion. Everything was straight up the middle. I believe that improved the song a Lot. I'm happy now .. Thank You Bruce. I also did some mid /side eq work while mastering. (another helpful @garybrun suggestion). @Bajan Blue @Larry T. @DaveT2 @KSband @Keith Wilby I Really appreciate you and your time ! @Paul Bush Thanks for the comment and the follow. @Wookiee Thanks you also for the nice comment. You guys keep me going and Really help me to get a handle on the finer points of making my songs presentable. Sincerely .. mark
  8. I thought that was an Incredibly smooth and clean mix . Another "out of the park" production. Highly Impressive .. mark
  9. Thank You for the reply and the suggestion. I actually thought about that while mixing but didn't go thru with it. I really like the way Rex Red treats his backing vocals and at times they sound as if they're hard panned. I'll for sure give it a try .. mark
  10. @AndyB01 Thanks for the listen and the nice comment . @garybrun I Really appreciate your listening and for the earlier private suggestions you gave me for this song . It really got me going in the right direction. Lining the erratic heartbeat up with the song was a "rough job" until I realized an easier way to do it. It took me awhile to get the S problem under control but I was still unsure of the results. It's Always hard for me to get "my own" vocal levels right , I guess I need to get out of the role of the performer and just lock in as a listener. Thanks also to everyone who listens without commenting.. mark
  11. Hello , I was going to wait awhile .. but I got toasted and posted.. Here's a new one I could use your ears on . Thought I'd go back to some vocal songs while I still can . I've been goin back and forth on vocal levels and have had problems with de-essing. Any suggestions would be Great for improvements , no matter how small. Besides the electric guitar DI'd, everything else was captured with an SM57 including the vocals .. (last time for this) thus the De-ess problems. Left side - Dulcimer and Yari acoustic . Right side G&L Tele and high strung Aria acoustic. Ibanez bass and SI drums. Sends to Valhalla Space modulator on the acoustics. Thank You for the listen. This is a fictional song but it's been a close call .. - This is Mix D with vocal panning- Thanks .. mark
  12. Philip , for me .. you nailed the remix. I thought the quick panning (or however you achieved it) ?? was a Very interesting effect on the lead vocal. That's something I think , if wasn't done properly could really mess a vocal track up. I'd bet listening on a car radio it would be a little more subtle sounding. I Loved the change at 2:02 and the outro . I thought this was a "top notch" production .. mark
  13. I Really Liked all the energy in this one. I especially liked the deep drum rolls. At times I was wanting to hear the kick and chorus vocals up about a half db . Fantastic job on the video as well .. Nice .. mark
  14. Personally , I Loved your vocals on this. I for sure wouldn't hide it in a drawer somewhere like a lost museum piece. mark
  15. When Jeff Beck passed , my wife asked me if I thought Keith Richards might be next. I said I didn't know , but I would be devastated when David Crosby laid his body down.. By far my favorite of all the harmony geniuses. RIP ..
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