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  1. My 27" monitor "Fried and Died" a while back. I picked up a cheap small wide screen at a garage sale. Screen is beautiful but everything too small. After playing with it I got it looking perfect , but lost mouse control on everything close to the edges , including transport. Is this what @mettelus was referring to? mark
  2. mark skinner

    Tamiami Trail

    Great song! Hard not to tap to this one. Had that StrayCats feel to it but more down to earth. Hard to forget a bus ride. Great job ... mark
  3. Thanks Tom , I'll give the mando another listen. I've got a load of instrumentals that really need fresh ears on them . RickF gave me permission to post a remake of "Blind boy blues" I did it just so I could learn how to play slow blues lead. Took me a month to learn and record what he did in one pass just improvising. I may post it here when I feel more comfortable about it . Thanks .. mark
  4. Thanks for the listen and response , and yeah John , I've grown so weary of hearing my own voice , this was one of many that turned in to an instrumental. mark
  5. mark skinner

    Mondo Lynn

    This is one of my earlier CbB projects I've revisited. It's an instrumental featuring mandolin , with acoustic guitars and synths. I've been having problems getting things to sound right on streaming platforms. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks ... mark
  6. If I am processing a 32 bit stereo track on a different pc and uploading in 24 bit to a streaming service , do I need to use dithering or does it even matter. Do streaming sites like Sound Cloud dither when they convert ? Thanks ... mark
  7. Joe , if you have a midi track playing the instrument(s) you want , you can always use "bounce to tracks" and then have another regular audio track of the midi performance. This new track can easily be trimmed , copied and pasted, and be moved around anywhere you want. This then frees up your first midi track. you can then change the instruments for it and still have the audio from the first one. You can also edit the actual midi file in piano roll view to improve the performance with new instruments . You can bounce again and continue this process. You can then trim all of your new audio tracks to play , or not to play when ever you want. This process is a lot quicker and easier than it sounds . mark
  8. Killer groove , the backing tracks even without the sax would be cool. I think I would have put a fade in at the intro though , building up to the rest of the high energy song. I "really" enjoyed this one. mark
  9. This one so far is the best I've heard from you. I really liked the breakdown at the solo piano part. I don't know why , but I always think of David Crosby when listening to you.. mark
  10. I've got my main control bar (at the top) to show a module for several commands. One of them is prv. I messed around in lenses and screensets until I got everything the way I wanted , then saved it as a new lens. Most everything I use daily is one click away.. mark
  11. mark skinner

    LANDR use

    flamion , You can use Bandlabs free and unlimited mastering service. Just google it. I've never used it but using Cakewalk by Bandlab , I would give them a try ... mark
  12. The furthest pane on the left is your view and controls for the selected track. The next pane to the Right is your track inspector. Next is your clips pane. I always keep my track inspector pane slid over to the left so it doesn't even show up , to give me more room for my clips. When you press your pro channel button you should only see the pro channel effects on the far left pane. This IS in Track view with the arrows >> in the collapsed eq module for expanding it. I always close my pro channel when I'm done with it , leaving only one pane and my clips. No clutter. mark
  13. Hello, When you open up the pro channel "collapse" the eq module and you'll see another control pointing to the right. >> This will expand the eq to almost Full screen. mark
  14. I havn't gotten to the bottom of this yet and I'm not doing anything different than I've always done. Is everyone else getting the move symbol by just pointing at the marker before clicking? There must be a problem at my end. I'll keep checking. Thanks .. mark
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