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  1. @lapasoa Interesting .. Do you render the region before dragging it to a midi track , and what is the advantage of doing it that way ? I hope it's because the results are better. I haven't had much luck with the process even with simple parts. Thanks .. mark
  2. Seems I can remember it being missing on one of my earlier versions. I think a full install brought it back on my main daw pc. It's showing up here on my laptop as well. ms
  3. @Teegarden , Thanks .. I'm in the middle of a remix now . There was a boost in the high mids at the mastering stage that may have been excessive. Normally this drum synth sounds good without messing with the EQ hardly any. I'll look closer at it. I'm also settling it down a bit using 1/8 instead of 1/16 patterns. I think it's a little busy for this type of song. I also centered the outro lead guitar , sounds better. I'll post a remix in a day or two. Still in the early stages .. Thanks .. mark
  4. mark skinner

    Flat Rock

    Hello , here's mix 1 of a country ballad I wrote with my former bass player "Ebb". Pretty simple song done with my Yairi acoustic , Ibanez bass , and G&L electric. I used MT Power drums and Cakewalk effects. Anything you think needs attention please let me know. Thanks .. mark https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14693407
  5. Very Dramatic ! Lots of Cool stuff happening here. I Really liked the dark feel this one portrayed. If you're looking for any suggestions , I think I would fade the bass quicker on the outro. Loved it .. mark
  6. mark skinner

    Fusible Link

    Great production . Saxes are blended Very nicely. I Loved the bass line against the drums. You got a great feel on this one. Enjoyed it .. mark
  7. Yes , I changed and saved my workspace several times. It seems the workspace settings were not being applied globally. Apply workspace settings during project load got unchecked somehow after loading the bundle file. Took me a while to notice the changed setting. ms
  8. Fantastic cover ! I've always been a Big fan of Ozzie's vocals. Sounds like he double and triple tracked everything and every take was the same. You covered him nicely. Enjoyed it .. mark
  9. Smoooth. I liked the low end and all of the minor changes it went thru. (like the midi guitar). Another Great mix. mark
  10. The only problem I've run into using bundle files has been loading one up from a collaborator who used 2 monitors. Seems "it" or "I" messed up my settings trying to get the console view re docked. Turned out to be a Big headache for a while. ms
  11. mark skinner

    Love in Time

    Absolutely Beautiful.. I really liked the driving piano and the way you faded it down in sections giving your vocals the spotlight. Wonderful production. mark
  12. Good one John ! I think this would be a perfect one for a pedal steele. Wish I had one and could play it .. I agree that the lead vocals need some EQ work. They need to cut thru the mix a little bit more. Kinda getting lost against the fantastic backing vox trax. I wouldn't be too shy with the highs after getting a little mud out. From the next song that plays after it on Soundclick , it seems you've got a little bit of the "shy" syndrome , not wanting to boost your vocals to the level they should be . I also think the Tele sounding fill guitar could be fattened up a little with a little more reverb or delay . Anyway .. I Really enjoyed it as it is .. mark
  13. Fantastic job on this Kieth. I wish I could get the voice back I had 30 or 40 years ago .. mark
  14. I've Never considered bouncing to clips as being a problem , and for me is just part of the editing process. I don't understand what you are trying to fix. Are you bouncing to "clips" or bouncing to "tracks" ?
  15. Agree with the above comments. Beautiful .. Great job from all of you. Loved it .. mark
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