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  1. Larry , I Really liked the suspended and Maj7th sounding chords. They're normally pretty sweet on an acoustic. Nice harp as well. I do believe a different bass instrument would add a lot to the song. I believe a deeper , fatter bass sound would get along nicer with the other instruments. Nice work .. mark
  2. Wookie , Wonderful job on such touchy and serious subject matter. Nice guitar work , I thought the double leads were a nice touch. One thing that really stood out to me was the opening keys intro. Hearing the chords I immediately heard "I get by with a little help from my friends" and the line stuck with me thru the whole song. Intentional or not it was like a subliminal message got thru. Nice work .. mark
  3. mark skinner

    String Music

    Dave , Cool ! I Loved the bass line against the simple drum track. I'd love to be able to play that way on a actual bass guitar. Great job , I Really liked the feel of this one. Nice resurrection. mark
  4. Philip, I agree , laid back and smooth. There are a few squeaks I would remove but , I think I would leave the majority of them in (maybe just tamed a little). I've been listening to a lot of "Train" lately and I think they're "boosting" the string squeaks on a few of their slower songs. If done well I think it adds to the live feel of a performance. The only thing I would suggest is maybe changing the 2 and 4 to more of a snare sound when you hit around the 2:04 mark giving the drums a little more variety with a small power boost. Very Nice song and performance. Enjoyed it .. mark
  5. I use Ozone "elements" on everything I create . I'm using a win 7 pc with an i5 , SSD , 16g ram and it works flawlessly . It's a good place to start and you can always upgrade Ozone at any time. Well worth it for the mastering stage process alone. mark
  6. Yeah , that was one thing I Really noticed about how McCartney played bass. It was more like how you would play a 6 string , using a lot of chord passages. I've seen clips of him actually looking like he was strumming a regular guitar. I once mentioned that to my old bass player and he replied , "I can't think that way" and couldn't make the gelling connection between the instruments, and I can't either .. ms
  7. Beautiful ambiance. I can't believe the "width" you achieve in your mixes. Nice .. mark
  8. mark skinner

    Stratos 1977

    Clean and crisp. It's almost surround sounding . I really liked the lows coming in around the 2 min. mark and at the outro. Yeah , melody line on top of it would be nice. I enjoyed the Great mix .. mark
  9. mark skinner

    Angry song

    Dave , pretty Cool ! I believe pasting the bass track under the solo piano section would help it a good bit. There are also a few piano notes that could use some timing editing in that section .. I hope you recover fully . It will probably take longer than you want , but it'll happen. Ironically I did the same thing with a "hand saw". I knew it was happening but couldn't stop in time. I know a "killer" guitarist that cut his index , ring and pinky finger "off" at the first knuckle on his fretting hand. He can hold his hand straight up and give you the finger (and he does it often). He's still a Fantastic lead player in his band and also does solo acoustic gigs. He Never gave up or let it get him down. I Enjoyed the track .. mark
  10. Maybe a few of us could come to "your place" for a few days and see if our laptops will work there .. ms
  11. Hi Bruce , Thanks for getting back. I did take a wide low mid band suggestion from Ozone and transferred it to the mix instead. I may have missed the boost on it a little but I don't think so , I'll have to check. I wrote down all the EQ settings before remixing. Other than that I did boost the volume slightly on a far left "high strung" acoustic that I used instead of a 12 string. Other than that lows were boosted on the drum bus. I believe if there's a warmth problem It'll be an easy fix. Every move effects something else .. I'll keep digging. EDIT : @noynekker I'm editing this without bumping it up. I found a 0.5 8k HS boost that wasn't in the last mix. It was enough to thin it out especially near the fade out using the wah and bridge pickup. I'll repost it later, cable co. is coming to rework cable lines on my street. Nice catch , your attention to detail is Amazing ! Thanks .. mark
  12. Peter , Nice cover! Excellent job with the guitars , I especially liked the organ when it came in. I'd probably paste it in another time or two somewhere with different panning. I Really liked the laid back feel of the vocals early in the song. Enjoyed it .. mark
  13. Yes , Welcome to the forum. That was cool and Yes , Very different. It made my motocross knee start hurting again.. I can't wait to hear what else you do with guitars. mark
  14. Hello , here's a Remix per your suggestions and multiple listens on my part. (The link at the top now reflects the remix.)
  15. @Dream Art Scientists @Lynn Wilson @Riff Richards @noynekker , Thanks so much for the listen and Great comments! @Wookiee @jwnicholson78 I've done a remix but waiting until I'm really sure of it before posting. The kick , snare and drum bus eq were adjusted. I think it sounds a lot better. @Old Joad @Bajan Blue The rough Havens like vocals were the result of singing the song over a couple of days starting each session at 4:30 am. I spent a good bit of time during the remix trying to bring up the trailing end of words and passages. @garybrun once suggested I ride the vocal fader during mixing to bring up the tails where I usually loose power . It was real apparent on this one. Thanks to Everyone ! I'll post a remix soon. mark
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