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  1. Hey Willie , I ran into an add yesterday in my local towns Craigslist from someone wanting to give Cakewalk /Sonar daw lessons (for a fee of course). You might could post in the musicians blog in your local Craigslist , or put up a flyer in your favorite music store and find someone willing to give hands on help. It just might be possible to find someone who doesn't kill and eat you.. mark
  2. I use an old Art Tube mp preamp on quieter instruments , but still have use my interface preamp to get a decent sound and levels , even though the Art output is pretty high . Seems kinda pointless using it but mine is valved and I can get clean or warm tones from the Art. mark
  3. Very cool suggestion about the "whisper" tracks. I'm almost ready to start vocals on a new one , definitely going to try that . Thanks .. mark
  4. Thanks David for that info. I just used it to find the bpm on an imported drum clip. mark
  5. Great work on the keys , loved the chord structure and especially the breakdown when the muted trumpet comes in. Vocal harmony was fantastic. You hit me with Steele Dan several times in this one. Nice and uplifting , Great job .. mark
  6. Tom , Thanks for posting this. I'm starting a new one that really needs some better sounding natural sounding acoustics. I really need to Stop and spend some time on experimenting with the sound , instead of feeling rushed and just jumping in and start recording. You made me exhale a little slowly and start thinking again. mark
  7. Hey , Thanks for the input so far. To Tom , yeah the cello didn't come in until that point . I guess I should have just said featuring Mandolin. The cello was added as an after thought after everything else was done. Seems like everything I've been posting (that I think is worthy) has cello in it . I guess I really need to spend more quality time with it. To Gary , 2 of the 4 Sonar 7 drum loops I used , had a really sub sounding kick , the bass guitar was pretty thin , so that's probably where the deeep stuff came from. As far as the bass sucking sound , if it was mainly from the short break it may have been from the reversed reverb on the acoustic. If not , Iv'e been told several times that my bass sucks .. mark
  8. Keith , For me this was a major improvement over the already great last version. The backing vox made a big difference . Although I liked the phased lead vocal in the last version this one sounds much better and a little more up front. I thought the midi guitar sounded good and the right tone for this song. There were a few spots like right at 3.03 where the faster triplets could use some individual volume adjustments to make it sound more convincing , but I don't know if it would be worth the trouble . It sounded good playing back thru the bandlab site . You didn't use the bandlab app to record this did you ? Enjoyed it again. mark
  9. Here's another instrumental featuring mandolin and cello. Although it's buried pretty deep the slapped acoustic was my favorite part to mix. There was a lot of bouncing and reversing to get the backwards reverb on the slaps the way I wanted. All suggestions welcomed especially concerning the mastering stage. Thanks .. mark
  10. I've never tried it but it might be worth a shot , sending the guitar audio (from what ever you're using) to th3 and see what happens in something like the Randall "clean" amp.
  11. Gary , I have absolutely No suggestions for any improvements. I was blown away by this performance.. mark
  12. Great timing for releasing this one ... Enjoyed it. mark
  13. Keith , I thought the vocals were Superb as well as the guitar work. That was a very Scary song. mark
  14. Yeah , I think you created some real sounding space without leaning hard on reverbs. It did sound like a small room but not like a padded up room you're recording in. I agree with Douglas on the center guitar volume , I believe I would pan it slightly to the right and lengthen the reverb tail . I did feel like I was in the room with you , it's hard for me to get that much realism. Enjoyed it Thanks .. mark
  15. Sounds like you're on your way to becoming a guitarist. I loved the spoken instead of sung vocals , Very smooth. I ran the light .. mark
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