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  1. Miguel , I Really liked the sparseness of the clean mix , and the Great vocals. I loved how the backing vocals "felt" thru my headphones when they came in. Totally surrounding and immersive. I my opinion , I do think from that point forward , the main vocal should be wetter and brought up a little to match the power of the backing Vox. Another Fantastic production Loved it .. mark
  2. It's a pretty consistent problem now after a couple of hours. Ordering a power supply And a proper UPS. There sure are a lot of choices to sift thru. Thanks for the feedback. I'll give an update when I get the problem resolved. I'm back to XP and Sonar for a little while .. mark
  3. Keith , you did a great job on this. I liked the places you brought in the harmony. It all sounded very Beatle ish. Very good job on the high vocals. Nice listen .. mark
  4. Very nice. It's pretty wet but I don't think it's too wet . I can't get very objective I was born wet. Loved it and the length was perfect. mark
  5. Here's a good one. It stayed on for 2 hours this morning and I managed to record a little. Leaving my music room I saw the display on a battery charger flashing wildly. (This and a fish pond is on the same circuit) The circulation pump in my pond was plugged up but not kicking anything out. I fixed it , battery charger back to normal , pc fired up. I'm not ruling out the power supply yet . Might be an incoming voltage problem. ms
  6. mark skinner

    You & Me

    Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback thus far. @Mark Marshall Welcome to the forum . Good observation about needing to box it in more for vocals. I unboxed it when changing it to an instrumental. It was just boring without the vocals , thus the extra bridges and guitar stuff. @Wookiee Any positive feedback relating to "anything" from a keyboard from You is a big plus for me. To @David Sprouseand @Bert Guyand @DeeringAmps Thanks for the compliments. Don't work too hard Tom , you've been pretty quiet lately. Thanks .. mark
  7. Thanks Jack, I blew the case out , cleaned connectors and re seated the ram cards. It booted right up and stayed on about 20 min. before shutting down. I'm going back in and see what power supply it has. Nothing appears to be getting hot and it's giving me a "shutting down" screen instead of just dying. I'll keep looking. ms
  8. I went into my studio yesterday and this morning and my my Lenovo SSD Tower was powered up with a warning on the screen about not starting correctly. It went thru a self diagnosis and eventually loaded up and then shut itself down after about 5 min. I always power everything down when I'm finished working. Now it wont power up. It tries about 4 times off/on before it stops. One odd thing is that it tries to start by just plugging in the power chord without pressing the power button. This is my main studio pc and is only about 2.5 yrs. old. No real problems up until now. Any basic ideas ? I've got "most" of my projects backed up so , I'm not "crying" yet Thanks mark
  9. mark skinner

    You & Me

    Here's one I've been going back and forth on for quite a while. I keep getting road blocked on the lyrics and vocals so , I'm just posting it for now as an instrumental. All feedback is welcomed . If anyone want's a shot at it you're more than welcomed. Thanks .. mark
  10. Treesha , the guitar parts were just about impossible for me to tell they were midi , and the notes played sounded like natural choices for a guitarist. I also think the preset was Much better , especially on the real low notes. Some sounded like they had a very small bit of tremolo that smoothed out the attack and let the note swell a little bit. I think the song could resolve using the note coming in at 1:29. maybe even looped and faded. mark
  11. Treesha , The reverbs were Very nice and clean. The first thing that hit me was that Great low drum track that kept everything flowing. That's one I would definitely over use. The second was the vast improvement on the guitars from when you first posted using the Strat. Nice. I do think the ending could be improved. It left me hanging and didn't feel resolved. All in all , Very nice song . Enjoyed it .. mark
  12. David , I liked how massive the total mix was. It reminded me of a production I once heard while visiting my Grandmother. Giant cathedral , massive pipe organ , excellent string section. Besides the composition , you captured the room nicely . Nice and inspiring. mark
  13. mark skinner


    Miguel , Extremely well done on the vocals. Your vocal range is Very impressive. I love the cadence of the lyrics on a well sung song in Spanish. I also think it takes a lot of confidence to post a cover song with the original. Enjoyed it . mark
  14. John , I made an interesting observation yesterday that may or may not be related to what you are describing. I imported a finished song into a project. I had pre mastered it in Ozone at -14 Lufs with a max peak of -1.1db. I brought it in just to see how it would sound about 4 bpm faster. I used the "stretch" tool at the end of the clip after changing the bpm in the project. Listening I didn't like it. Looking .. I was clipping everywhere. When I stopped the song I was up to 1.7 db peak at that point. I undid the clip stretch option , and the levels returned to normal. At that point I wondered if an imported loop was changed to the project bpm , would do the same thing .. Didn't investigate and moved on . Always confused .. mark
  15. Cool ! Very "Floydish". Mix wise , I think It's a very wet song for such Dry vocals. I think there's a lot of room for some more Highs / reverb & delay in the main Vox to make it more dramatic and sit better with the rest of the mix. The outro lead guitar could also use a little EQ work . Just sounded a little loud , but subdued at the same time. All in all Very nice . I Really enjoyed the listen .. mark
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