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  1. Very nice lead work and Great vocals. I agree some Hammond would be "real nice". I think the mix would be more Solid with a more laid back rhythm track. It seems to have some timing issues and gets a little busy to help the feel of the song. I think the drums and great vocals could come up a little . Hope you don't think I'm getting too picky because I Really did like it .. mark
  2. PJH , Episode 12 was in stereo . It still had some streaming glitches , but nobody had to wonder about panning enhancements. Your mono mix was Very Nice , the stereo mix was "Incredible" mark
  3. A good set of monitors will be fine for decades. Keep an eye on Craigslist for people who have upgraded and selling off older gear. Sometimes you can get a Great deal , when they eventually give up on trying to re-coop their investment. You'll eventually really need monitors and headphones. ms
  4. Cubic lights , I have a laptop with "beats" audio speakers and they're somehow tied to the sound card so , even headphones go thru their idea of how music should sound , (and I can't seem to change it) . I know it is not a good representation of the recorded material , so "I don't really worry about it" . Some material sounds Fantastic ! Some material doesn't . Even Bose audio has put out players with no way to make EQ adjustments. I think eventually you just have to Trust your ears and monitors. About the only thing I do after exporting a song and playing it thru Windows media player is , bringing up the equalizer and toggling thru the EQ presets for the player . This at least will provide me with a few "minor" enhancements provided by different players. It's a process that I rarely get right the first few time thru . I eventually give up and accept the results before it drives me crazy . mark
  5. @Flemming Jessen , Sorry .. I don't have a reliable answer but , just out of curiosity what do you do with a vocal midi track after you successfully capture it ? mark
  6. Very nice and crisp. What did you use for the screen video ? mark
  7. I thought this was Awesome ! Music and the video. The mix was wonderfully open and clear. I really got a binaural feel and felt like I was in the mix. Very impressive job .. mark
  8. Amazing ! Your talent runs Deep and will always be with you. I feel embarrassed even attempting to give you suggestions. ms
  9. "Finally" realizing a song of mine would be featured on a podcast that is in mono , and I Never mix in mono or even Check it in mono , it scared the hell out of me . (and I'm out of time to submit a new mix) I went to my DAW and changed my master bus to mono , then I crawled under my desk .. After the first mono mix I've ever done , I can "almost" stay in my chair , and the stereo mix sounds Way better. I never thought I'd Ever need a mono mix , but I now see how much it can help in the long run. The bad track volume choices become Way more obvious as well as EQ for track separation. Big rookie mistake I'll Never make again . ms
  10. mark skinner


    Jack , of All the songs I've ever heard , this has to be one of the strangest . That being said , It was Very well mixed and Finished. Your vocals came thru Very nice especially with your reverb choice. I also really liked the instrumentation especially the intro percussion stuff. I really enjoyed it .. Great job ! mark
  11. The MT drums sure gave it more power but , really lost that laid back feel. Maybe just some additional hits on the 2 and 3 is all it needs. The vibe on the 1st version worked so much better. "Unbelievable" you've been producing these wonderful songs with headphones in your dining room . Amazing .. mark
  12. Sometimes if I have a short quiet clip , I'll just ctrl drag it a little bit to the side , release it then realign it. This essentially will double the volume. A lot of times this works out fine. Sometimes I'll do it more than once , sometimes a fade is in order on parts of the clip. When it sounds right bounce to clips bakes it in. Fast and easy if your not getting too picky. ms
  13. Hey , I know I said I wouldn't bump this back up , but I got an e-mail from Mike Enjo this morning and wants to use the song on this Thursdays Creative Sauce "Featured Artist" . The top link now reflects the original mix without the flute. I'm happy .. mark
  14. Barry , I thought this was a Very cool song and the entire concept of it "hit home" for me. I think the weak point was the drums. The basic rhythm is correct , but needs to be more complex . It felt like there were missing hits that would drive the song a little harder. I think when the energy is up a little bit , it will prompt you to make other changes that this one deserves. I loved it and think it is Very worthy of reviving. mark
  15. Fantastic performance ! I loved the tempo change around the 3 min. mark and the chord voicings. You also did a great job capturing the sound , I felt like I was sitting on the bench while listening. Very impressive .. mark
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