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  1. mark skinner

    Creating Vocal Harmonies with Melodyne

    Razor , one last comment from me . If you are in this for the long haul , you'll find that when you are in your mid 60's like I am , vocal range will be the first thing to go. Melodyne and programs like it , will quickly become your friend. If you have time , might as well learn it top to bottom before you actually need it . Later ... mark
  2. mark skinner

    Creating Vocal Harmonies with Melodyne

    I've found that low and 3rd harmony's can be very transparent if the timing is adjusted a little . 5th up starts sounding artificial , above that is bad unless so far back in the mix you can hardly hear it. Most singers can hit the 3rd above the lead vocal. I had one guy sing the 3rd , and actually sang the same note thru the entire track. I then built a 5th off of that track . Not having to move it very far in melodyne made it convincing. Also , if I have a repeating part of a track or chorus , I'll take the harmony tracks and swap them around , they start sounding like different takes instead of just building from a single performance .. mark
  3. mark skinner

    More Pro Channel FX and vst FXs

    Go to the "instruments &effects" section and check out the "favorite freeware fx " post ...
  4. mark skinner

    Weird phantom sounds.

    Sounds like an electrical pop to me , maybe somewhere in you cables. Thru most of it the left side of your meter is spiking higher ... Are the noises ever present on any other track soloed ? One part of it almost sounds like footsteps.. Any paranormal activity ?? mark
  5. mark skinner

    How high to set the output gain of songs?

    "Thanks" I'll check him out. I've gone thru the same thing relating to levels , and have redone a lot of songs after changing my mind. I am now settled on -14 lufs. I usually export the main mix at around -6 peak db and do my final gain, comp, eq, limiting, etc. outside of the main project. Less confusing for me this way. G-Clip has been very helpful for removing the really quick spikes that I've had problems with using normal comps. and limiters. I actually prefer -18 to -16 lufs, but doing my final at -14 and controlling the true peak insures no clipping during conversions for streaming. Good luck ... mark
  6. mark skinner

    SI drums issue

    Thanks for the info. I'll recheck all my settings related to plugins. ms
  7. mark skinner

    How high to set the output gain of songs?

    Who is doing the video you posted ? He seems pretty straight forward .. mark
  8. mark skinner

    SI drums issue

    Thanks to everyone for the quick response.. I think I'm going to try a custom install from disk first. To Paulo , feel free to hijack any of my posts . I learn a lot from reading anything related to my current problem(s) mark
  9. mark skinner

    SI drums issue

    Hello, After installing CbB , I can't load SI drums in my old Sonar 32bit daws. I'm still using these for project and file sharing . This has happened on 2 different Win7 pc's. I get a failure to load and a dll file message. In my x86 file the only thing present in Studio Instruments/Si drum file is the "kits" folder. I guess something is getting overwritten. I still have a 32bit Sonar on an old laptop with working SI drums , I also still have the Sonar 8.5 32bit instillation disc. Should I try copying and transferring files , try reinstalling from disc , or something else all together ??. Thanks for any help .. mark
  10. mark skinner

    Song file not saving Screen layout ???

    Have you tried saving your preferred set up as a "custom screen" in the screens section at the top of the page .
  11. It may sound a little different in a new mix , if it was bounced with "Stereo Effects" ... ms
  12. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    I found the plugin in my x86 files. I also found that it "is" in my vst scan path. I will remove the path to these plugins and find a suitable replacement. "Thanks" for the help from everyone. I am really glad I moved to this forum. I'll try my best not to have 2 "problem" posts on the same page again... mark
  13. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    Scook , the Sonar 8.5 is a 32 bit le version that came free with a cakewalk interface . If this didn't come with CbB , must be an unusable plugin showing up on my list .....?? mark
  14. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    Thanks , I didn't recognize it as "that" plugin because of the different look it has in the pro channel. The multivoice chorus/flange is one I have really really missed after moving to CbB. I have actually exported acoustic tracks out to Sonar 8.5 just to use that plug in. I'll check for the folder location. Do these plugins need to be loaded into an fx chain module. I couldn't these pro channel items until I clicked the fx chain first. Thanks again ... mark
  15. mark skinner

    Missing Plug In when loading project

    No not a one knob plugin. I found a "compact reverb module" in the pro channel options. After doing that I could see the chorus /flange. Looked like one I'd never used , don't think it imported from a different daw. Deleted the effect , now project opens normally. Don't know the main problem yet , I probably didn't load the effect correctly. Thanks for responding , I'll do some more research on loading fx chain effects.. Thanks ..... mark