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  1. Makke

    Morning stars

    thank you for listening... Have a nice weekend. 🍺
  2. Makke

    Morning stars

    garybrun. Douglas Kirby, Wookiee Thanks for listen and feedback
  3. Makke

    And Rest

    Nice hovering and relaxing ambiance. Pleasant restful soundscape. Good work.
  4. Makke

    I Get A Kick (cover)

    Pleasant song and mood. I liked the arrangement and orchestration. Sounds good.
  5. Makke

    Stay Forever

    Great job. Enjoyable song and sounds
  6. Makke

    Morning stars

    Lynn Wilson , Bajan Blue Thanks a lot for the listen and reply
  7. Good performance and sounds... Well recorded and mixed excellent song and arrangement.
  8. Makke

    A Different Hue

    Great music and video. thumbs up!
  9. Makke


    Nice rock song and sounds.
  10. Makke

    Morning stars

    Hi kurt soderquist and jack c. Thanks for the listen and feedback.
  11. Makke


    Enjoyable instrumental music. I liked the ambiance and the mix sounds well done.
  12. Makke

    photo album

    Nice pop rock song with sixties vibe.
  13. Makke

    Morning stars

    new original guitar instrumental
  14. Makke

    traditional canoe song

    thanks for the nice feedback Greetings Makke
  15. Makke

    Milo !

    Enjoyable track. I liked the ambiance and the groove.
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