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  1. Makke

    guitar instrumental

    Hi Old Joad Thanks for the reply.
  2. Cool! I got an imagination journey back to my youth at listening to this song. A nice sixties pop rock . Sounds great.
  3. Makke

    guitar instrumental

    Hi fellows! Thanks for the answers. Yes, I was trying to arrange this like a sixties guitar instrumental. Greetings: Makke
  4. Makke

    Emotional Meltdown

    Great song. Well done video and music. Sounds good.
  5. Nice song. I liked the sounds and melody.
  6. Makke


    pleasant sounds and cheerful ambiance on this instrumental tune. nice job.
  7. Makke

    guitar instrumental

    Freddy j congalocke kennywtelejazz Thanks for the listening and comments.
  8. Makke


    Nice song and arrangement. I liked the vocals and sounds.
  9. Cool. I liked the song. Nice rhythm and groove.
  10. Makke

    Between Night and Day

    Interesting composition from begin to the end. Pleasant arrangement and sounds.
  11. Nice song and sounds. Thumbs up!
  12. Enjoyable performance... sounds good.
  13. Makke

    guitar instrumental

    Thanks for the listening and reply.
  14. Makke

    Time And The Machine

    Nice composition. Pleasant atmosphere, versatile arrangement and orchestration.
  15. Makke


    Nice one.. Pleasant melody lines and ambiance.
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