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  1. Makke

    Minor twist

    Thanks for the feedback! I was also about ten years old when I first time heard this kind of guitar instrumentals at the early sixties. greetings… Makke
  2. Makke

    Minor twist

    Thanks for the reply! Greetings … Makke
  3. Makke

    Minor twist

    Thanks for the listening and feedback.
  4. Makke

    Minor twist

    Thanks for the nice feedback Makke
  5. Makke

    Minor twist

    thanks for the feedback. I appreciate much your kind words. best regards .. Makke
  6. Beautiful song and arrangement. Pleasant melody lines with joyful ambiance. Sounds nice
  7. Makke

    Guitar instrumental

    Thanks for the listening and feedback. Apache is great guitar instrumental song... but I don't have permission to publish it. Makke
  8. Makke

    Minor twist

    G Thanks a lot for the listen and feedback. Best regards … Makke
  9. Enjoyable instrumental music… lovely sounds and mood.
  10. Makke

    Cajon and Cello

    Cool! Enjoyable groove and cello melody with well arranged backing. Great work!
  11. Makke


    Beautiful song and ambiance. Enjoyable melody lines and sounds.
  12. Makke

    the kiss of god

    Lovely composition and devout moods. Pleasant orchestration and sounds. Good job.
  13. Makke

    wonderful life

    Nice release... I like the arrangement and pleasant ambiance.
  14. Makke

    One Step Closer

    Pleasant song and performance. Well done guitar pop/rock. Good sounds
  15. Makke

    A moving Meditation

    I got a relaxed afternoon break. Nice restful vibe with pleasant soundscape.
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