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  1. Makke

    Secret mission

    Instrumental guitar music. Original tune. .
  2. Makke

    Sunday jam

    Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Great job! I liked the video and music. Pleasant orchestration and arrangement. Good vocals and sounds.
  4. Makke

    Sunday jam

    Hi Lynn! Thanks for the listening and feedback.
  5. Makke

    Sunday jam

    Hello Paul Bush and Max Arwood . Thanks a lot for your feedback.
  6. Makke

    Oh So Beautiful

    Nice song. I liked the groove an great guitar solo.
  7. Makke

    Tone Poem

    Hi David! Things are quite well in Finland but the winter is way too cold. Have a nice weekend! Greetings Makke
  8. Makke

    Sunday jam

    Wookiee, Douglas Kirby, bayobill, David Sprouse, jack c, freddy j Thanks a lot for you all for the listening and feedback.
  9. Strong rock song. Good arrangement and sounds.
  10. Makke

    Tone Poem

    Enjoyable composition with different parts. Sounds nice.
  11. Nice song . I liked the rhythm with strong bass sounds. Good guitar solo.
  12. Nice song and ambience. Well mixed pleasant sounds.
  13. Makke

    Walking on Eggs

    Nice reggaebluesrock. I liked the groove and sounds. Great job.
  14. Makke

    Sunday jam

    Sunday evening jam recording. Guitar sounds from Yamaha THR10C amp
  15. Makke

    Morning stars

    thank you for listening... Have a nice weekend. 🍺
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