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  1. Cheers Paul im a tad uninspired at the moment. I have a few ideas to do, maybe some EDM but im get the urge to be silly with something
  2. whoisp

    Young Love

    Beautiful vocals and guitar work, lazy chilled and kinda sexy, reminds me of Kenny Rogers for some reason. I think you love acoustic guitars as you get great tone from them without buzz etc great skill. Man i always get excited listening to peoples vibes on here and always makes me want to write another song, which i now will start thinking about today after just finishing one last weekend haha Cheers for inspiring me
  3. Funny you say that Tom, i had more problems with the last spoken section with backing singing in background (end chorus section) I had to create loads of space with panning and EQ. Could only get it to work one way due the music being busy but its what i actually wanted, just took ages to mix and master, well longer than any other song ive done, im getting more ***** and picky. Pushing the vocal up on automation and dropping the backing wasn't working or dropping the music created mud. So i totally change the pro channel EQ mastering and panning with automation or it was either really to loud top end losing the bass or to quite (muffy and muddy) when mastering. This is my 6th song on ever using a DAW so my learning curve be crazy with brain overload, im still getting to grips and need to go back to trusting my ears more and not over complicated things.
  4. Cheers Peter, yes i feel the same need images with music...
  5. Thank you Nigel 🙂 i am using 17 tracks in the song to vary the sounds to have flowing transitions which were difficult with this song, then it just came together real fast. Reality the song is i am the four peace band but i added FX for ambiences. The production with layering different vocals did take up probably 10 tracks. Song tuck me a week from start to finish ( write mix and master) Video was about three days work . However i had stock video of the model and the 3D spaceship to save time. The rest i shot on my sony phone and webcam with a green sheet for green screen. The 2D spaceships, i created in photoshop like the eye, then animated, also used track and masking with keyframes, that took most of the time with green screen work. Iv'e worked out how to track and mask video, not great but i understand things better, its very time consuming so i don't go OTT. My friend spent a whole year doing one 15min animation as a project at uni. I use my phone which is not ideal and the green screen you really need a studio so no shadows. Video editing is very similar to music in a kind of way. You could take ages doing a video or soundtrack) hire models or bands and equipment is a mission on its own. I guess a video storyboard could take days to write. The stumpers song and animation i did, put me off doing animation as that took a month which distracted me from music but i like to learn new stuff long the way, helps with the creative mind Phil
  6. Hi Noel Memorise The Protocol - My Latest track & Music video i finished today - I've only ever used cakewalk (NEW USER) for about 6 months now and this is my 6th production. I am so loving cakewalk, amazing DAW and free :-) which as allowed me to get creative and actually learn to use a DAW.
  7. Memorise The Protocol i put on here today, different vibe but still fun...
  8. Mixed it up a bit with this vibe, flowing from soft indie/rock to a spoken or soft rap/hip/hop type vibe. Flows well i think and tells the story.... Some nice bits of lead guitar in the break, i really wanted to extend it, but kept it simple and seems to work with subtle driving bass in parts... I really wanted to fly a spaceship haha
  9. was adjourned again... they like to change the goal posts Unfortunalty... Second time in Crown Court after the high court botch up ...
  10. old photo i had on my back up drive
  11. cheers, the bass was maybe to blended
  12. Do my best is all i can do
  13. Cheers Mark.. I try to step away from conventional song writing much of the time
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