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  1. Mysterious vibe was my last song... ive not done any animation since, takes to long and still learning Cakewalk
  2. you gorra have some lol ... i need to try that red horse beer
  3. they have special powers lol
  4. I did the animation, took me ages. I could do better and higher quality but takes so long. However i do like doing animation and music
  5. Try refresh its youtube or your system lagging
  6. Friends beach resort that asked me to do a theme tune for a laugh.. he actually loves it....
  7. Nice and bouncy with a touch of old school Floyd to it
  8. whoisp

    A WORD

    Nice and chill, enchanting voice...
  9. If they were both my Ferraris i would give you one nige for the great comment. i drive a rusty van and sold my pride and joy R1 as i needed the cash for my music hobby...
  10. I spent a bit of time at Zephyrhills skydiving, then stayed at Fortbragg for a month training before having 2 weeks holiday at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, awesome place. i was pretty juiced up on Jack Daniel's with a few navy seals and British para's, i can't really remember too much, was a bit of a blur and mad party's haha
  11. Yorkshire born and bread, west coast rock feel is good enough for me, cheers... maybe a bit of hip hop rock next haha
  12. Finished, that's the direction it went haha
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