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  1. My best EDM type track ive done to date i think and it passed the mountain bike test i.e riding through the countryside with headphones on in sun haha. I'm really happy with my base playing and drums on this one. The song builds up, subtle flowing uplifting vibe. I do repeat the lyrics, its that type of vibe "keep it easy" and dance vocal FX. Addictive Drums Black velvet through modulation and phase filters in places. Then i sample the 808 and pop kit for for main kick and snare. Mostly done on KeyZone classic, Surge and Synth Master free bundles with tweaking Audio FX. Video just something i bang together to share my music.
  2. ive had the very odd drop out, i just turn the unit off for few seconds and back on and s sorts it out so the usb drivers refresh without rebooting the pc. Drops out usually a software issue which can conflict with driver on pc, things like youtube can even cause it running in background using the sound drivers haha and not the unit itself which is rare, so basically background programs, anti virus, wifi and things like apps that also use audio like spotify etc
  3. Ive got the Behringer UMC1820 Paul, comes with dedicated drivers and been stable for me on win10. However i did want one with midi port and spidif to use some of my old equipment has i don't use a usb controller but my old midi keyboard and piano. The 404 didn't have those options, plus the extra heaphone monitor is real quick and handy. Cost me £170 but see some cheaper, is rack mount . I could find nothing else at a reasonable price with these midi and Spidf inputs inputs
  4. Loving your funky jazz vibe in your work BTW
  5. haha nobody accused me of been to clever. Last time i mention a genre i will stick to "here's my latest vibe"
  6. Iv'e never been one for genre either haha
  7. Found it - MeldaProduction MFreeFXBundle has 34 plugins including MautoPitch https://www.meldaproduction.com/MFreeFXBundle/
  8. Personal preference i guess with some things on what overall sound you wanted, i could have gone more instrumental but it was aa vocal project. In some parts of the track, well its off the beat on every quarter in chorus, i was just experimenting with electronic track with my style in a way. I purposely stayed away from every quarter. i started the track jamming on a loop every quarter but the repetition affected the progression twists with vocals. I do agree, it's best to stay with the dance type classic music theory with EDM and Techno 'kick tops and riff' i was exploring the sound character and dynamics
  9. Forgive my eyes, that's a beauty, Beatles Paul McCartney used it to drive some of their distinctive basslines. Iv'e never played one but heard a lot about them
  10. I used a free VST called MautoPitch which came in a Melda Production Audio Tech free plugin bundle, happy days. I used the MautoPitch plugin (pre) doing the live takes to bend voice and mess about with vocal melody, first time i tried this technique. I used a Sennheiser E865 mic plugged into my old Boss 1180 digital recording studio (phantom) i use the boss because it as a good FX and sims amp processor for some sounds i prefer. Only used bit of Boss compression and the standard cakewalk Breverb2 on a bus in cakewalk. You can use the MautoPitch plugin also post fx on a pro channel bus to tidy up your vocal tuning so you don't really notice it, so you can be more subtle with it. I did this EDM type vocal sounds on purpose. You can spend loads on something like Melodyne to get that dance vocal sound pretty much perfect or a perfect sounding clean pitch for rock vocal etc. Melodyne has loads of other uses but iv'e only used the Melodyne trial version which is totally different to MautoPitch which is not a post edit. i will buy Melodyne one day, probably black Friday if they do a deal . It is pretty much the best plugin for vocal and instrument tuning /pitch or transposing key etc also its got some neat features , i.e you can export wave files to midi files which is real handy for melodies if you don't want to spend all day working things out on Guitar and keyboard as my playing is not a very high standard, im pretty average at best but know what sound i want. There is another Plugin called QuadraVox which is ok for vocals and instruments, worth a look. Just check the reviews out on youtube Jack, normally where i start to see what they say about a plugin and use
  11. Iv'e called it "Dance type EDM" in the post it's electronic, its music and you can dance to it haha Like i said I probably will do more Dance type EDM and integrate more guitar as i am a guitarist experimenting with music in general.
  12. Iv'e called it "Dance type EDM" in the post. Sticking a sub kick on every quarter would not work on this mix like the New Year Mix 2021 - Best of EDM Party Electro House & Festival Music you posted doesn't have a sub every quarter beat, i will be sure to tell them haha
  13. This music project turn out much better than expected and I probably will do more Dance type EDM and integrate more guitar. Only tiny bit on this track which is mostly FX and Bass guitar - Long story type vocal intro, built up in stages to enter the next phase at 1:20. The first Middle 8 harmonies was fun and bit bonkers with a second break in the dance chorus with the melody phased with modulation. Video was just banged together, i spend much more time on music. The music took me about 3 weeks which is longest its taken me to do a song haha I spent time making my own sample's which was time consuming. Video two days as i filmed myself doing the vocals to save time.... Hope you like it P 🙂
  14. Whats the bass you have, look real nice, bit like a music man, stingray or gretsch
  15. Cheers Tom, yes i don't shoot much of my own video material at times, can be too time consuming and i rather concentrate on learning cakewalk at moment. Even using others visuals can be time consuming with the editing and fx has you probably know. I like to shoot more video and take my time, but takes time away from music. Just finishing my next track which is totally different style but still has my whoisp edge, ive messed about with a vocal auto tune to do a EDM type soundtrack. Hopefully knock up a video fast and all ready by weekend. PS dog liking this one better haha
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