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  1. Aquarius, Pisces and now Scorpio...... I tried split channel mastering on this one.... i say little bit more EQ control if you are panning in your mix with mastering in your mind... This has quite heavy saturation and distortion in sections. The side chain on the kick really works on this one and some FX i created. Hope you like it
  2. whoisp

    This is PISCES

    Ive done Aquarius on here some where and will master Scorpio tonight and do video this weekend
  3. whoisp

    This is PISCES

    piano and voice gave me a headache with EQ i had some sort of sonar harmonic sound coming through with drum eco, found it at 700 Hz and yes i should have dropped the piano back, probably my sound system setup
  4. whoisp

    This is PISCES

    Cheers Wookie, nearly finished Scorpio which will be interesting, i promise haha
  5. Pisces done and working on Scorpion which is sounding mental lol
  6. whoisp

    This is PISCES

    Well ive done a water and a air, best do fire next, something with a bit of sting maybe haha
  7. whoisp

    This is PISCES

    Well iv'e done Aquarius and now iv'e finished Pisces. Here is a quick video..... What sign next?
  8. whoisp

    Mysteries of Time

    Give it some drums haha that's a great intro to start pushing a soundtrack forward. Love the vibe P
  9. whoisp

    September Nights

    Nice vibe, excellent mix and mastering P
  10. Thanks Tom, the overlays worked, nice to mess about with ideas
  11. Cheers Wookiee... Lots of truth in what you say, plenty of evidence we are influenced by the universe for sure... pisces next ...
  12. Thank you so much, love creating music, so great to have feedback. Something more chilled next, maybe a full orchestra with double bass, Cellos, Violins and strings arrangements to a nice beat. Still deciding what Sign to do next and if to do lyrics or keep it minimal easy lyrics like this one, choices hay
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