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  1. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Jimmy, Melody of Peace sounds nice. 👍
  2. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    definitely Thank you very much Tom. Yes, there is definately a little bit of delay going on on the vocals. The drums are maybe a bitt simple in arrangement but that is kinda how i like them. Not the biggest fan of toms.
  3. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much for your feedback and kind words.
  4. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Andrew, yea i prefer to leave much of the story up to the listeners imagination and not say everything out loud.
  5. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much kakku for listening and your kind words. ♥️
  6. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    New Kloon song out now, for those of you interested in following my stuff. Thanks for listening and merry christmas. Spotify url if anyone wants to ad it to their playlist. https://open.spotify.com/track/68LXSIiLTiyAzQsYRLJTXz
  7. kloon


    Lovely track! ♥️
  8. Lovely! Great energetic groove and flow. My ears detect a couple of major/minor chord collisions, but nothing too serious. Great work!
  9. Great song, love it! The lower more talking vocals could be a bit louder (IYF) in my book, and also there is a loud mouthclick? at 0:28 that has to go!!!
  10. I would call it "Rock" with hints of progressive rock and psychedelic rock.
  11. I really liked this song, great flow! 👍 Everything sounded great to my ears and well mixed for the genre.
  12. Great song Lynn. At first i was a bit distracted by the panning of L guitar/ R organ but i kinda like it. 👍 Gives the song an experimental touch.
  13. kloon


    It's a beautiful song and arrangement Bjorn. But the Euroasian vocals doesnt really feel in sync to my ears with the music. But dont take my word for it, it could be that im not getting the flow of it. Great work none the less.
  14. Great tune Beagle. My "ninja ears" catch up quite a bit of sibilance in my left ear during the chorus, especially when s's aren't 100% in line when you're doing harmonies. Maybe a bit more reverb on the vox other than that, it sounded great! 👍
  15. kloon

    Only One Life

    Yeah this is some Rick Wakeman stuff! Good job! 👍
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