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  1. Thank you! Used the code to grab Unify. It's always a pleasure supporting Skippy, he's such a nice and talented guy.
  2. Not in my account either. My latest is still Tunecore.
  3. kloon

    Happy Place

    Thank you very much Paul & Freddy. 🙂
  4. Wow, great track. Loved the chorus! You could go even more "all in" on vocal harmonies and vocal layers on the chorus, but it's absolutely fine as it is as well. Hope you get some rotation on this track, it deserves it.
  5. kloon

    Happy Place

    Thank you very much Daryl.
  6. Another great track Paul. Enjoyed reading the lyrics as i listened.
  7. Nice one Fred, very filmic indeed. Really enjoyed the 2nd part with a little bit more air to arrangement and mix.
  8. kloon

    Happy Place

    Thank you very much Fred for your kind words and feedback. That jump in both intensity and volume around the 3 minute mark is very much intentional from my part.
  9. kloon

    Happy Place

    Thank you very much guys!
  10. Another great track Douglas! Harmonies and such on the vocals would certainly take it up a notch.
  11. Nice one Bjorn, the strings compliment the guitar very well.
  12. kloon

    Happy Place

    Hehe, yeah i guess the title is a tiny bit missleading. Thank you very much for listening and your kind words!
  13. kloon

    Every Now and Then

    Nice one Bjorn, really enjoyed the lyrics.
  14. kloon

    Happy Place

    Thank you very much for your kind words Nigel.
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