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  1. kloon

    Warm Heart

    Nice one RedRex. For future songs, you could try doubling your vocal tracks and give them a little bit more IYF compression. It would give your fine vocals a bit more presence and attack. Just a thought. Good stuff either way.
  2. kloon

    new tune - voices

    Nice one, very organic and smooth. Love the sound you get combining the trumpet and guitar.
  3. Very beautiful Larry, i would have liked a pinch more reverb and stereowidth but that is just a personal preference.
  4. Great track, and i hear an overall improvement in arrangement & vocals.
  5. Nice one Steev, keep on having fun and being creative!
  6. Great track Bob! I would personally prefer the vocals a bit more IYF, but that is just a matter of personal taste.
  7. kloon


    Nice one RexRed, love the organ sounds. Not a muddy mess in my ears. You could try to crank up the volume on both the organ and drums.
  8. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    First post updated with an acustic version as well!
  9. Haha, nice one Bjorn. Always enjoy your creative lyrics.
  10. Great tune ABull, liked it alot!
  11. kloon

    "Say Goodbye"

    Nice track, lovely lyrics.
  12. Nice job, love the dreamy vocals!
  13. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much for your feedback and kind words. The first sound (absolute beginning) is Zebra 2, and the bassline is VPS Avenger.
  14. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Hey Jude, thank you!
  15. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much, and i will take the feedback with for future songs.
  16. Wow! Great vocals, groovey and spacey guitars. Love it.
  17. kloon

    Cool Water

    Great tune and great vocals, they could be a tiny bit louder in my ears. Very much Peter Gabriel as someone else pointed out.
  18. kloon


    Nice track, agree that it begs for vocals. Especially like the organ parts.
  19. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Douglas.
  20. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Lynn for your kind words, glad you like!
  21. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much David! I absolutely get what you mean.
  22. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Steve for your kind words and support. The inspiration for the lyrics is this growing group of men in society and online that seem to be lost, not really know their place in life. No purpose, very bitter and often lonely. He could be dangerous, like a ticking bomb. But he doesnt have to be, its all up to the listener.
  23. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Bjorn. Yeah my lyrics are always very vague on purpose, this one is no exception. The whole point being as you said for the listener to make up their own story.
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