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  1. It appears that with the proper setup Cakewalk and all VSTs by one method or another can be controlled through MIDI and channel/track setup to utilize all MPE output functions and these multiple tracks in Cakewalk can be frozen to a single audio file after edits are completed. Just because it is complicated does not mean it does not work. Cakewalk has for a long time had the ability to create templates of setups, so, a MPR based voice would theoretically only need to be set up once. Perhaps switching instruments might require changing VSTs in each track and modifying the synth rack. These also could be saved as various Cakewalk templates for each VST. I will say I am not a fan of Cakewalk templates. I have created templates and had them become corrupted over time. They get corrupted because VSTs get updated, or effects get installed in different places and Cakewalk itself gets updated and they simply become buggy. But my templates were VERY complex containing multiple track mixing racks and bus effects mixing racks, prochannel setups. Maybe I will try a template again someday and see if things have changed in that regard. The problem lies in once you have created a song in a template it is kind of too late when the song begins to act funky and randomly close. It is like loading an old Sonar song, sometimes is it hit or miss and the song itself can be unstable. (Especially dealing with old V-vocal tracks that are not frozen or bounced.) V-vocal should be a part of CBB setup as well as many old VSTs that were once offered IMHO. But Cakewalk is free, and who can knock that?
  2. I thought my AMD machine did work but I spoke too soon. The RME device worked with MixCraft on my AMD machine but with Cakewalk the lag when inserting a track (and other items) never went away no matter what I did other than switching to an Intel based machine. Now the tracks and effects, busses insert instantly (in Cakewalk) but only on my Intel machine.
  3. Out of stock! https://www.ketron.it/en/prodotto/event € 4.099,00
  4. Thank you MSMcleod for your detailed response! It seems that what you are saying is that any sound can be driven by MPE as long as you route the Cakewalk MIDI tracks properly?
  5. This video shows multi output from Kontakt, but it seems this is not on a per instrument basis but multi instrument basis. So would this approach work in Cakewalk? I am not sure that Cakewalk has the ability to split up outputs like Prologic. Wow, I thought I understood MIDI but it seems there are areas that I need to learn more. This whole "per output" thing still has me confused. Can someone please explain it in more detail? Thanks for any help. It still seems that using multiple instances of Kontakt or any instrument is a workaround for this limitation. Couldn't you just use the same instrument 1 time in 16 instances of Kontakt? Couldn't you route each MPE output of the controller to a different track?
  6. Has MIDI 2.0 been released yet? Does Windows have MIDI 2.0 yet? Cakewalk? What changes have been made to the MIDI spec?
  7. Check out the video halfway down the page. https://roli.com/products/seaboard/rise2 1300 bucks and they are made in, "batches". Next batch coming out in February. Decisions decisions...
  8. I have to think about this part. (Per-Output Instrument tracks are unsuitable for MPE instruments.) Not sure exactly what that means. Which VSTs are Per-Output and which are not, and how can you tell? They all seem to have 16 channel dropdowns in Cakewalk tracks. Native Instruments? FM8? EastWest sounds? What about synths Falcon, Nexus, Omnisphere and VPS Avenger?
  9. That is an interesting point SirWillyDS12, and I did not even check if it is multitimbral. I will purchase one of these when I am sure I can drive my other sounds with it, I assume a cheaper version of this will eventually come out. I just want the controller, not all the other stuff anyway. It possibly only has global stereo effects. Any card slot for user edited patches? I am a screen real-estate, in the box kind of person. I refuse to use a small faceplate to traverse layers and layers of parameters. I would like a PC patch editor for this and PC based sounds. I would buy one just to play around with it, mostly for pads and lead instruments. If I worked with cinematic soundtracks for films, this would be an instant buy. One of my friends is an accomplished keyboardist and they bought a large ROLI Seadboard and regretted it due to the learning curve. It was 1000 bucks new. This Osmose keyboard seems to have cleverly done away with that learning curve other than that the keys depress kind of deep. I am very tempted to buy one but I need to do more research first. It seems durable, I would like to play one first. I am very picky about my keys and their "pressure sensitive" keys. I bought a semi weighted keyboard controller and I dislike that I have to push so hard on the keys. I use it only because it is more compact for my desktop versus my full sized M-Audio Oxygen 49 (which I love the keys). None of the keyboards that I have tried lately have had good weighted key switches. They are velocity sensitive but have two states, on or off. So I am skeptical also.
  10. It seems that this MPE idea can be used even if a DAW does not support it. One simply needs to separate each note in each chord to a different synth rack track. Then the pitch bend wheel envelope would operate on each note separately. It would seem that any other layered effect could be applied separately on a per note basis as well. Much like how I already separate each percussion element on a general midi drum kit patch so I can treat each percussive element with its own parameters. Each note can have its own pan, prochannel strip, effects bin and ADSR etc...
  11. Yes typo, sorry, I fixed it, thanks for the correction Abacab! 👍
  12. Exactly what you said! I would like a controller only version, as long as Cakewalk and my VSTs can understand the input! Thanks Teegarden for the comment!
  13. RexRed

    One Touch Away

    New tune Cakewalk peeps! Hope your 2023 is great! Best! RexRed
  14. I am sure I tried using other drivers as a workaround for this problem but the lag while using those other drivers left me no other choice but ASIO. I do not recall if the problem with a lag when adding tracks was there though when other drivers were chosen. I still use my AMD machine as a streaming rig so, hooking the RME up to it and and testing this would not be too much trouble as I do have Cakewalk installed on that as well. Thanks for posing this question Starship Krupa, I will get back to you in the next few days possibly with an answer to your inquiry.
  15. Then there is the situation that I tested the RME device on a Mixcraft 9 DAW on my AMD machine and there was no lag when adding tracks... This then points to the possibility of a Cakewalk incompatibility with the RME device while using AMD hardware and drivers. I can attest that the RME device works fine with Cakewalk on an Intel based machine. Yet, the problem could still be Windows as it relates to AMD. Some Windows update a year from now could fix this. I really don't know. I am pretty savvy with troubleshooting and building computers and this problem has completely eluded me. I have no discrimination with pointing the finger at everyone. lol
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