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  1. You think that Mark's drivel was a "great idea"? I know who my friends are. A lot of petty people who "think that they think that they think" error piled on top of error. Rather than to "know that they know that they know". The very rudiments of the scientific approach. I have come here with serious minded, critically studied and detailed rational regarding the issues I have experienced first hand with Cakewalk and Melodyne integration. I am met with armatures and trolls who have one skill only, insults, and they are bad at that too. I am done here with this issue, I have relayed the message. I see no need to reason with ignorant people. The popcorn eating kangaroo court here at this forum makes this an unwelcome place for intelligent peopled to converse... 1) Deleted takes do not delete in Melodyne and 2) Cakewalk takes do not mute themselves in Melodyne, period. Please fix it Cakewalk.
  2. RexRed

    Love in Time

    New song for you awesome Cakewalk music creators! It constantly occurs to my mind how really terriffic Cakewalk works. It rarely ever crashes and I like how I can depend on it doing what it is supposed to do. This was not always the case, but I was working with a much slower computer and I can for the most part say that the problems I did have were due to my PC not being capable to handle mixing and mastering simultaneously. Any DAW would buckle under such a load. Cakewalk reigns supreme! Best to you and hope your season is full of great celebration and truly good times! RexRed
  3. You just completely contradicted yourself, saying doing post production during the actual recording is a poor workflow and then saying you will insult people so they get it right. Well, going back and retracking a line is "getting it right" even if it is in the post production, post mastering post any other process in its journey to the fans. Especially if you just sung the line 10 minutes ago, put Melodyne on it and Melodyne corrupted a syllable. You sing over the take and sing over it and over and over till you "get it right" and move to the next issue. You certainly shouldn't say, "Well, I am at the post production phase so leave the line sounding like crap." Then it is you who deserves the insult, till you get it right. Melodyne is known for corrupting lines so the workflow is go back and redo that line. And Melodyne does not necessarily corrupt lines because they are out of tune, Sometimes it will corrupt a line simply for elongating it even in the slightest to align it in time. Melodyne corrupts lines because it cannot reprocess certain sibilants well. Just like Alexa sometimes has no clue what you are saying even though you say it ten times as clearly as humanly possible. The proprietary digital resampling happening under the hood with ARA2 is still a mystery, how much is it down-sampling the audio? This process in itself can corrupt certain sibilants. The bottom line is when a sibilant gets corrupted, a trained ear can instantly detect that kind of distortion. My music gets 2.6 million listens a month and over 100 million listens in total and I make it completely myself except for a few samples here and there. You are talking to a pro studio with over 40 years of recording under my belt since all the way back to Cakewalk for MSDOS. So I have been told to go take voice lessons and consult a "pro studio" just for asking that Melodyne integration into Cakewalk get fixed... And the simple logic, in order to make Bruce Springsteen's voice higher and faster, the tape would have to be sped up. Even if it was slowed down prior, it was sped up to gain the effect.
  4. When Bruce Springsteen sped up the tape to the song, "Hungry Heart" to make his vocal pitch sound higher, maybe the producers might have suggested to him to go take some voice lessons to improve his vocal range... See how inane this logic is?
  5. Melodyne is a crutch if you want to insult the singer, Melodyne is a tool if you want to respect the singer.
  6. The problem is you don't know if Melodyne is going to corrupt a line or not until you apply it and see how it sounds. If the singer is behind the mic, then is not the time to talk about them taking more voice lessons. If Melodyne corrupts the line then you have the singer re-sing the line, if the singer is not available then you put the line out sub par and try and hide it with the music, effects or anything else available. The line maybe quite fine it is Melodyne that is unable to interpret it correctly. The whole thing is, if the singer is there you never leave a Melodyne corrupted line in the song. You make another take, apply Melodyne, hear how it sounds, and another and another till the line is right. That is the workflow.
  7. RexRed

    In Every Way

    Hello awesome Cakewalk artists! Here is my latest song, it has already been published. I hope you enjoy this track! Best to you friends! Always RexRed 💝💗💖
  8. Some have taken this opportunity to suggest vocal training and repetitive bouncing and reapplication of Melodyne over and over. Fix a note bounce it and then resample and resample and resample... Record new takes in another track... This is not the way it "should" work. One should resample once and only once by adding Melodyne to takes and be able to mute and unmute sections they need. This should all be done in one single track and not multiple tracks with duplicated effects and scrolling all over the place. We are comping, not putting together a jigsaw puzzle or solving Rubik's cube. Tracking, comping and retracking is already enough of a complex undertaking. I have tried to bring this point across and some try and explain, "the way it is done". Yes, that is the way I do it also, because when it does not function in a typically user friendly way, I have to resort to the same workarounds you do. How else would I do it? I have no magic way of doing this any other way than you all do. I am just saying we should not have to workaround this problem, it should be tailored to workaround us. If this is a problem with the ARA 2 specification then the ARA 2 specification needs to be updated. And bring us different colored blobs per track while you are at it. Tracks should pass on color information to Melodyne. Orange blobs all superimposed are ugly and impossible to distinguish. Yes, I can work around and make some tracks gray, but color would be better. Then I would not have to click 15 tracks to find the right one. And Melodyne should work with 32 bit tracks and not resample them down, maybe it would not distort so many of our transients and syllables then I might not have to re-sing so many takes. 😁 "If", this is all due to a lack of specification in the ARA 2 standard, then every producer in every DAW is dealing with these issues. All the more reason why this is vital to the music industry to fix this and not simply put our hands over our eyes and walk around it. The waiter can walk up to your dinner table, grab a hold of the tablecloth and yank it out abruptly so as not to disturb anything on the table. The hard part is replacing the cloth in the same instant. Or, Melodyne, you are no longer standing on a rug. Oh no, where did it go?! lol Inertia... On another note... Some might say, "Rex you are simply not happy driving a Pinto, you need to drive a Maserati... A Pinto will get you to the store and back just the same." No, it is not that. I just don't want a vehicle no matter what brand it is with two break pedals so I need to each time I have to stop, guess which break pedal is the right one. And yes, I can drive a standard and can do okay parallel parking. 👍
  9. I thought the problem where double blobs would display even when a clip is deleted was fixed but I just found it is still there. Just had it happen again. It seems to happen less but each time this happens I have to restart Cakewalk for Melodyne to realize a clip has been deleted. So in essence we are talking about "two" problems here. One problem, is in certain instances when a take has been recorded over top of a take and Melodyne applied to the new take and then the old take under it is deleted Melodyne is not told the old clip is gone. The old clip is deleted from the track but Melodyne is still displaying it on top of the new take with Melodyne applied. A restart is required. The second problem is when you mute a take under another take, both show up in Melodyne. This is what has been so confusing, two problems both occurring in the vicinity of each other.
  10. Please keep talking so this gets fixed. 😄 Melodyne retains your edits in a separate channel within itself. If this was not the case it could not go back to the opened state and completely undo your edits on a per blob basis. One would think you could take this edit information and hold it in a buffer and then remove Melodyne from a take and if the take is enabled again reapply the edits to it. Just a thought.
  11. RexRed

    Silver Bird

    I wish I had your read your comment before I published my song on YouTube. I may go back and revisit this song and try your edits. Thanks very much for your input, it is very helpful Jack! 👍😊
  12. I also noticed a price was not included. ...and command line seems a bit cryptic. Why not just sell us hammer and chisel? 😁 No need for the new Cakewalk to have Dolby natively when there are products like this out there already. Thanks for this link! Very helpful!
  13. I do hope there is a more elegant option than the two you have suggested. Having grayed outlined blobs is kind of ugly (and useless) especially if you have several takes with Melodyne on them. If grayed out is the only option then that is better than orange blobs all piled on top of each other.
  14. RexRed

    Silver Bird

    New tune awesome Cakewalk peeps! Still a work in progress, critiques and suggestions very welcome! Love and best to you! 💝😘 RexRed
  15. It would seem this needs a take over top of a Melodyne instance with Melodyne applied to the take for this bug to appear. The bakers are really smart and they will know exactly how to fix this. 😊 I am so excited that this might get fixed soon. I have had to delete many a good take to work around this issue. I know this probably goes without saying, but please make sure these fixes to Melodyne integration are migrated into the new version of Cakewalk Sonar as well... 👍 THANK YOU!
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