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  1. RexRed

    So In Love With You

    Hope you like Cakewalk peeps!
  2. Hello music lovers! I have done some editing to this song since I posed it here a few nights ago. I added some organs, strings and worked on the mix quite a bit more. Hope you like it. Big love Cakewalk peeps! Health and happiness! Sincerely, RexRed
  3. Hey Cakewalk peeps! Here is my latest song. Hope you like it! 😁
  4. RexRed

    To Always Love You

    Here is my new song Cakewalk peeps! Hope you like! Please comment if you can! 💓
  5. Thank you John Vere for your helpful suggestion. I did not know the UNDupe cal script existed. I think Cakewalk has a bug where sometimes if I am copying and pasting a lot it will just double notes on its own. It rarely happens but I end up with duped notes and nice tip, yes I always keep echo midi off and midi output off. I kind of like the blinking note idea i had... One could colorize duped notes but notes already have velocity intensity coloration and that would be confusing to add even more of a color gradient on top of that. But blinking notes would be really helpful, a feature one could turn on or off. How much a feature like that would add to the processing overhead of the event list is a question. If it could be turned on and off when needed it would be a very helpful tool and work on a per track basis.. I will try the midi dupe script. Does it delete the longest or shortest event? I am not sure I like the idea of something deleting notes for me. I would rather have a way of detecting them and deleting them myself. Thanks again for your response!
  6. I would keep them both and also get a good graphics card that will run them both. I have 4 monitors running at once, 2 x HD and 2 x 4K (one is a 4k tv). Amazon has refurbished Nvidia 1080ti from time to time half priced at 499 dollars. (I have 3 of them in my PC) One of them I paid 1000 dollars for new, no, I am not made of money but I just put everything I get into my system. It is vital to me. You many need to upgrade your computers power supply to run a 1080ti and you need double the system ram that you have for graphics ram. Keep them both and save up for the rest. If you already returned them that is fine my 4k tv is a TCL with Roku it was half the price of others of the same specs. Sceptre makes a good cheap 4k monitor, they also make Studio One I believe but Cakewalk beats that hands down.
  7. Is there a way to reveal doubled notes besides using the event list to do it? This has been a problem for me since DOS. Notes on top of one another in Piano Roll view. They double when sounded and the usual way to find them is to either look for notes at the same time in the event list which is tedious or search notes in piano roll view one by one. It would be nice if there was a button I could push in piano roll so doubled or overlapped notes on the same line would blink. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. RexRed

    Elysium Angel

    Elysium Angel (electronic) Still ironing out the wrinkles in this one. 😊
  9. RexRed

    The Two of Us

    Well, I added most of what I planned to add to this song. My ears are tired, I will do a final mix when they have had a rest. Any suggestions are welcome. I uploaded a mix of what I have so far and replaced the song at the top of the thread.. Enjoy!
  10. RexRed

    The Two of Us

    Yes the backup vocal are not edited at all, no melodyne applied to them yet so I will be working on that soon. Thanks for the input, will be finishing it and let you know when it has been changed. Haha Deering, I just noticed what you meant it is a slide up to the note on the fret. There may have been some sound left in the buffer and it maybe have been there at the beginning of the song. I made a wav mixdown before this and heard a bit of a effect trail at the beginning.
  11. RexRed

    The Two of Us

    A new song Cakewalk peeps! This song is far from done... It still needs a lead, some pads, vocal editing, maybe drums in sections and possibly some organ parts... Suggestions are welcome.
  12. Thanks Scook for searching out and answer for this question. My old PC had only 4 cores and my CPU bogged down on a bandwidth threshold on nearly every song. There are so many variables, including hard disk read and write speeds and effects needing a lot of processing. Cakewalk does have a lot of geometry that already utilizes the graphics cores. I just wonder about this and if shifting a few more resources over to the graphics engine might make sense. I have two 1080tis that one of them probably sits idle. As for some people having ATI and some Nvidia, it could be an option that is turned on but does not have to be compulsory. Some of Cakewalk's data could probably benefit from the type of processing that Cuda cores are really proficient at. Nvidia would probably help write an engine that addresses audio processing much like they have done with Iray. I don't understand much more than that about the subject and even my largest projects only take minutes to render down so it is not a huge issue. It is mostly the playback and latency that interests me in this subject. It does seem that a lot of Cakewalk computing is using the processor and how much the GPUS are being used is not something I am an expert at but the GPU having to paint the waveforms in realtime is probably not a small task. Audio latency is a real issue and if the GPUs could be incorporated into the mix to address this, I don't know, maybe these Cuda cores could be a help in this regard... Wouldn't this also make Cakewalk the first DAW to ever use GPU cores for audio?
  13. I have an I9 CPU and it handles 'anything' I throw at it in Cakewalk. I was just wondering, in theory, could Cakewalk someday make use of Cuda cores? This is not necessarily a feature request because Cakewalk performs very nicely with my current 12 core, 24 thread CPU. I just noticed how much better my dual graphics cards render and when I throw my CPU into the 3D rendering mix in Daz Studio mix it slows things down actually. Cakewalk is really one of the very few apps on my PC that actually uses all of my CPU cores. On my most demanding songs it barely ever peaks above 3% on all cores. Can audio data benefit from Cuda cores? Just curious if anyone here knows the answer. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks Promidi for the info, I personally wish it would max out at about 50... I open a lot of projects for various reasons and I lose track of the songs I am making that are new. Mine is only showing 9 for some reason.
  15. I am very pleased with the new Cakewalk by Bandlab and how it works with the old plugins. I bought into the updates for life and I do not feel like I have lost anything in the new change. I am receiving updates with new features at a much more expedited pace than before and all of my old plugins work even better. I have gained a robust and active team of programmers working full time on new features on the program that I love and understand... There is nothing whatsoever to gripe about... I have many years worth of projects that I do not have to try and move to another DAW and Cakewalk is still leagues and bounds ahead of all other DAWS (as it has always been). In hind sight, buying the updates for life was a few hundred bucks for software which I have a vested interest in supporting anyway. I will continue to support Cakewalk by buying any new plugins that they may develop, gladly and without any hesitation. No, you don't get anything for free... so shell out the bucks and support this great music making product, wherever and whenever you can. That is the future.
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