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  1. Anyone using this plugin with Cakewalk and your monitor speakers? What are your experiences? Is it worth the 300 bucks? Have you noticed if they ever have sales on it? Thanks in advance for any input on this.
  2. RexRed

    "Demented Circus"

    Lovely fidelity! The western flair is a nice touch! Great listen! I kinda expected you to bring the beginning music back at the end.
  3. RexRed

    All the Love I Need

    Thanks AMiller for the listen and comment! EmeraldSoul, I much appreciate your comment, it was spot on, it is nice having your level of critique. Hehe the, "Barry White" sections I couldn't quite get the warm low range I wanted with my voice. I may add another organ in sections, I have not fully decided on that one. I am looking into buying SonarWorks Reference 4 Studio Edition. I hope that will clear up some of my bass problems. How many here use Reference 4? I don't own a motor vehicle so taking the mix out to the car stereo and giving it a listen is not possible. Thanks again for the comments and listens Cakewalk peeps!
  4. RexRed

    All the Love I Need

    Thank you Lee, glad you like my song! I really love your comment! 😊
  5. RexRed

    All the Love I Need

    New song Cakewalk peeps! Please leave your comments and suggestions, it is still a work in progress. Best to you all! (BTW, I love the new update!!! ) RexRed
  6. RexRed

    Comping clip play problem (solved)

    Thank you David, that link was very helpful and so are the new features too! I love them!
  7. I used to be able to click on a clip while Cakewalk was playing in my comping track and Cakewalk would jump to play that clip from the beginning. Now that functionality seems to be gone. Help please.
  8. RexRed

    Stream Of Consciousness

    Thanks AMiller for the compliment, it is great to get the approval of a skeptic
  9. RexRed

    Stream Of Consciousness

    Thank you Kakku, your compliment is very nice indeed.
  10. RexRed

    Stream Of Consciousness

    Big thanks CCLarry, I very much appreciate your comment.
  11. RexRed

    Stream Of Consciousness

    I am always branching out into different styles, lol Let me know what you think Cakewalk peeps.
  12. RexRed

    Down By Where the River Flows

    Thanks Hidden Symmetry and all others for the advice on this song. I am still considering what to do. Maybe I will try other instruments to try and distract people from the drum beat. Organs, brass, distorted guitar chords, instrument melodic fills coming in at different parts.. the part where it stops I think a tom roll would be appropriate. I personally like the monotony of the drums, it reminds me of a song that plays in the tanning bed at my gym. But, I will take your advice and look into trying to do something. I think distraction may be a good ploy. I am thinking the mechanics of this song is that the drums are like a drone or they represent the river. This is why even when the song stops the drums should have a tom roll representing that the river is "unstoppable". BTW, I got this drum loop on splice.com I have bought a ton of drum and other loops from splice and this was just one that I dragged and dropped into a track and seemed to fit the song quite well. But as mentioned before it is a loop so I am limited on how I can edit it. I may be able to isolate the drums or I may just be stuck with using it. I will post something soon in the area of new edits of the song. I will be replacing the song so this version will soon no longer be available. My voice seems a bit buried in the song too but that makes the listener turn up the song more to hear it. Is that a bad thing? I am not sure yet. The edited version will surely be better with a guitar solo in the middle and end. That will also distract the listener from the monotonous drum pattern. Back soon with some new edits Best to you all!!!
  13. RexRed

    Down By Where the River Flows

    Hey AMIller and EmeraldSoul, thanks for the great suggestions! This song needs a lot, I got accustomed to the drums and did not notice the repetition aspect. I will work on that, I am thinking some tom rolls. I used a drum loop so I might try and isolate some beats maybe in drum replacer and try and rework the pattern in places. It is going to have a guitar lead in the center and at the end. Maybe some organ and brass chords in places. The song needs a lot of embellishments to give the sections more differentiation. I will let you know when an uploaded version is available
  14. RexRed

    Down By Where the River Flows

    New song still a work in progress . Your comments and critiques are welcome beautiful Cakewalk peeps! Big love!!! RexRed
  15. RexRed

    Just Because You Care

    Thanks Bjornpdx, I have to credit Cakewalk with the "vintage sound" the 96khz quality with which Cakewalk records in is pristine and full of great dimension that helps recordings accompany other tracks. I used to record with 48khz but found a lot of artifacts when adding effects and editing with Melodyne. It is nice to know that other people take the time on their syllables too to give them the right fit in the music. I think it is really necessary to have a finished product. Having an Intel I9 12 core hyper threaded (24 core) processor does not hurt. Thanks for the comment on my vocals, I suppose I make music for the express purpose of giving my vocals a nice home to live in. It good that some feel this effort has not been spent in vain. Again, thanks to you all for your comments!