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  1. RexRed

    Last Love of Mine

    Hey Cakewalk peeps! I added some new oohs vocals in the background, a 12 string, a banjo and a pedal steel since you last heard it they are all very subtle. I got the mandolin solo left to do and the dobro maybe.
  2. RexRed

    Last Love of Mine

    I added harmonies last night and plan to add a mandolin and banjo. Thanks for the comments Cakewalk peeps! 💖
  3. RexRed

    Last Love of Mine

    Thanks for the nice comments, I am so lucky to be a part of this community and to know the value of Cakewalk software. I have been using it since Cakewalk for MSDOS. The time signature is 7/4 a very odd signature and it took a while to get used to it. This song is still a work in progress it is a bit sloppy still and I will be fixing that. I am adding a mandolin solo in the solo parts and maybe a few more things here and there. David thanks for the big heart reference, I think that pretty much sums up my attitude in life. Live love to my friends and I try to find the good in things. Stay well and love and hugs! RexRed
  4. RexRed

    Last Love of Mine

    Anyone want to guess the time signature of this song? Hope you like this song Cakewalk peeps! RR
  5. It doesn't really do it on its own like the mouse is sending some odd data. It does it only when I am holding shift and dragging a take from one track to another.
  6. I find that my ears tell me it sounds great then when I fix the correlation trace phase it sounds better. Then when when I A/B it, the unfixed part usually sounds boxy and artificially expanded and way too wide. I never trust my ears, I only trust the correlation trace. Once I know it is within the bounds then I use my ears. Just like I never use EQs that don't have spectrum analysis. I need to see it too, so I can verify for sure. That is like saying well, it looks like about a foot long, no, I get a tape measure and check it for sure... Also now I check my effects busses to see that they are traced. My effects are more often then not out of phase. I used to just put reverb and delay in the track bin, Now I use sends to buses and only use parallel effects so I can correct the trace on them too. Then my master mix bus does not go into the red at various odd points.
  7. Haha BitFlipper! I would never name names, lol, one day I may end up panhandling samples as well... It would be nice if samples were ready to go though and didn't need to be unwrapped from all the fluff.
  8. I am constantly having to zoom back in on the track view. I am usually holding shift and dragging clips from one track to another and it seems to happen every few minutes the tracks simply zoom out all the way all on their own. I am sure this feature is nice for some but I can't seem to figure out why it is happening and it is very time consuming having to zoom back in every couple minutes... especially when you have dozens of takes... What is causing this and how do I avoid it? Thanks for any responses to this.
  9. I found a loop for a song, it is gorgeous sounding and I looked at it under a correlation trace and it was deep in the red hugging the bottom of the meter. I tried to raise it up into the proper area above the mid line and it suddenly lost all presence and practically disappeared, it became so distant and tinny. I could not figure out how to reverse polarity. Then I remembered the polarity toggle on the track, when I switched it, it did not work, the line was still solidly in the red. So, I duplicated the track and panned one track to the right and the other track I panned to the left . Then I toggled the Cakewalk track polarity on only one track. I sent both tracks out to a master bus and put my stereo correlation trace on that. This fixed the wave it was above the line and retained some semblance of quality. My question is, do loop makers do this to sell loops? Are they aware that this is happening and that a loop like this will completely disappear from a song in mono? On the surface it sounds great but it is unusable in such a state. Do they do this to make creating music harder for novices? lol Another question, would you use a loop like this as is a in a song if it simply sounded great? Is there any kind of benefit using a loop like this? The tutorials I have seen say NEVER to use a loop or track that is out of phase. I have to agree, out of phase loops or samples seem to throw the mix off in ways that over time my ears have been trained to dislike. I might go further and say that a song with out of phase samples is unmixable. Any thought on this topic? Your opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. RexRed

    I Want Our Love to Be

    Wow, I come back here to write a thread and find all of these really wonderful comments left by you awesome people whom I humbly admire so greatly! THANK YOU! Have a lovely New Year Cakewalk by Bandlab peeps! 2021 here we come!!!! Best to you all! 💝
  11. New song, I hope you like it Cakewalk peeps!
  12. I have a very powerful machine, an Intel I9 with 24 threads and it is really good at running all kinds of latency rich effects almost boundless but I still need to shut off most of my latency hogs to record a track. All 24 threads barely register at 3% usage when under full load. I can run tons of effects with my PC only occasionally dropping out but latency is another thing. It is still a major issue. Mostly my bus effects need to be disabled, Izotope and FabFilter every time I need to track and set my latency to 6ms or less. I may be wrong but recording latency is something that really should have its own dedicated engine to handle that process. If the effects were dedicated to GPU then the processor would be free to handle tracking. But I am not really that knowledgeable about this kind of thing other than experiencing latency when my effects are on. Would the CPU be better for handling effects or tracking? I really have no idea other than the fact that my RTX 3090 graphics card is nearly completely idle when I am using Cakewalk.
  13. The hard drive that seemed to be busy all the time has turned out to be a wobbling case fan. It is loud and sounds like a hard drive constantly clicking. I will be replacing it soon...
  14. I am not sure what the problem was but I plugged it into a different USB port and the crackles went away. Quad-Capture is fine I guess. (I love this audio interface)
  15. My computer has several sound devices i.e. integrated sound, sound on graphics cards, ASIO, and virtual cables etc. Lately my Roland capture audio interface has developed a crackle.... It sounds like a record playing with slight scratches on it. Like digital speckles. I have disabled most other devices and tried updating my drivers. It goes away when I monitor my sound on my integrated sound. It only happens in my Roland Quad-Capture. I rendered down a song in Cakewalk on my Roland Quad-Capture and it is not in the sound file it is only there in the playback when monitoring in with the quad-capture.. When I play the file on my other computer it is not there. The crackle is in Windows media players when I use them also and in Cakewalk when I play audio only in the quad capture. The Quad Capture's buffer size is set to nine out of ten. I might expect crackles it if were set to 5 or 6. I am running an I9 with an rtx 3090 Could the Quad-Capture be on its last leg it is about 8+ years old. It sounds like maybe a driver conflict and one of my hard drives seems to be busy all the time. I disconnected the internet and it still kept clicking away. It is not onedrive because it is up to date. Not sure where to go next to fix this. I will try plugging the Quad Capture into my other PC Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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