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  1. The new version is up. I hope you like it peeps. Click the link above to listen to it, I replaced the old version on the same link. Big love and best to you! RexRed
  2. I sincerely thank you Tom and Mark very much for your suggestions on this song. This site has been a gold mine on help with my mixes and I do listen to your suggestions and fix what I can per your advice. This song has some difficult hurdles, I don't mind telling you all that I used a guitar loop that I purchased from audioblocks.com for the main core of this song. I wrote and sang the lyrics/ melody, I chopped up the song loop and copied and pasted it respectively so it would fit my verse and chorus arrangement and I added a bass but that was pretty much it. So the subtle guitar lead is sort of glued into the mix with the guitar rhythm. I don't mind telling you all this because, it is not really my intention to take credit for parts of the song that I did not fully make even though my contract with audioblocks is royalty free. I realized a while ago that even though I can make an okay song from scratch that my approach is hit or miss and sometimes, lackluster. Where, through the offerings created by artists who have dedicated their lives to making loops that I can find some very nice frameworks for songs that in the end have a possibly greater overall appeal. I have made many of my songs totally from scratch but even with them I am still using synths and other instruments created by musicians. Where do you draw the line? I didn't build my acoustic guitar, drum kit and synth from scratch myself either. (hehe) So, I am sort of stuck because audioblocks did not supply me with separate tracks for this loop. I can eq, compress or add some overall reverb effect but that is pretty much it. I am also considering adding some drums that come in once the song picks up and a pad maybe and some other embellishments to give the various verses and choruses a bit of distinction. I am worried I will disrupt the subtle instrumentation of the loop which is transparent and very delicate. My thinking behind adding stuff is that it gives the song a more interesting overall appeal and therefore listeners will find it more palatable and it will become tiresome later rather than sooner. Also it makes the song more mine and not as much precanned. I can always go back to this mix if my additions overwhelm the intimacy of this original interpretation. I will look into trying to tame this loop as best I can and I will post something more when I have it and notify you all of the changes. Thank you for listening and helping me perfect my songs for primetime. Best Regards RR
  3. Love to you all here at Cakewalk By Bandlab!!!
  4. RexRed

    Light Up the Dark

    Excellent Wookie!!! Thanks for the listen and nice comment! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. WOW! THIS is awesome S.L.I.P! Big big thanks for hunting this list down! A lot of the bugs fixed in other DAWS are also noticeable in Cakewalk. Like the window resizing fix now allows you to scroll and see splayed tracks in Melodyne Studio where before they went out of the window view. I have found that Melodyne tech support is conducive to people submitting bugs. Submit away Cakewalk people! Melodyne is a great tool and worthy of much more refinement and features! Best! RR
  6. RexRed

    Light Up the Dark

    Okay, the bass and drums have been turned up quite a bit, I took them out of the side chain so the vocals would not be turning them down. They really should not interfere with the vocal that much. The drums are short jabs and the bass quite low (for the most part). I trust you guys and I like the changes you suggested. Let me know if I went too far even if only in spots I am willing to turn the drums or bass up or down in sections, I have envelopes on the busses and can tweak any section even minutely if needed to make it right. Best to you all and thanks for caring about my mixes!!! ๐Ÿ’—
  7. RexRed

    Light Up the Dark

    Thank you all for the great comments and tips. Yes, that is me singing FJ Lamela, and I hear what you mean about the bass too, it would warm up the bottom end and balance the song more. Excellent tip! I will post the bass enhanced version and leave a message here soon. AMiller I will bring up the drums more also. Thanks for the the nice compliments awesome Cakewalk peeps! For more of my art please visit http://rexred.com
  8. RexRed

    Red Mountain Ogre

    Here is a more appropriate picture Tom.
  9. RexRed

    Red Mountain Ogre

    Hey beautiful Cakewalk people! Here is my new song, "Red Mountain Ogre" it is an instrumental and yes, I sing most of the male choir work in this song, it has over 100 tracks, it was quite an undertaking. Enjoy the fantasy march of the ogres to red mountain! (This song was inspired by Edvard Grieg). Best regards peeps! RexRed Most of track instruments in this song are from Dimension Pro. The spoken words are from Kontakt Voices of War Men of the North.
  10. Changes in the current Version 4.2.4 (Starting from Version 4.2.3, which according to our database is the latest version you have.) New functions and improvements Compatibility: From Version 4.2.4 on, Melodyne is compatible with Appleโ€™s macOS 10.15 Catalina. Bug fixes Version 4.2.4 brings various minor bug fixes and optimizations for both Windows and macOS. Comment: Does anyone know if there is a page detailing these "new functions and improvements" and "bug fixes"? I have Melodyne Studio. It would be nice to know what they are fixing and adding. Different colored blobs on multiple tracks would be a real game changer...
  11. RexRed

    Light Up the Dark

    Thank you EmeraldSoul for your very helpful critique, if you play the song again linked at the top you will hear the edited, replaced version. Your suggestion to turn down the guitar during the vocal sections was exactly what I was searching for and could not quite put my finger on it. My myopic view was too close to the mix and I also think the snare was too muffled and low, I also adjusted that. There was definitely banding going on between the main guitar and the vocals. Your tip helped me realize the guitar was mostly an effect and not necessarily a backing instrument for the whole song. It is nice you have a really good sense of the mix and are not afraid to speak up and give a solid critique. Hey Freddy J, thanks for the compliment on my vocal performance and the mix. Some of the tracks I purchased from Ueberschall and some of them I made myself. The little sound at the end is one of the arps from Rapture. Thanks Noynekker, for the compliment on the songcraft, it was a bit of a challenge getting the right build from the various tracks. There is a very deep message and it can be interpreted in several ways. To me it is a song about a person who hides their love and who they are, a gay person, who needs to come out into the light and freely be who they are. I am sure it can be interpreted in other ways but that was the thread and emotion that I used to write and create the song. I was inspired by the thought of a rose sitting in a vase on a table in a totally dark room; its beauty unseen until it is lit by a well attenuated and focused light... I like to think my music and creative content can be that light to inspire people to greater achievements in their life. Best regards to you all! RR
  12. RexRed

    Light Up the Dark

    Love to you all!!!! ๐Ÿ’—
  13. Thanks Scook, I will get an email off to Jon now, best to you!
  14. This is what I thought also but there is no line under the Sonar X3 Studio for a Melodyne serial. Also they got a strange email a while back saying something about how Melodyne was issued twice to a number of customers. It was strange to only see the Sonar X3 Studio listed there and no Melodyne Essential serial... (or any other serials other than Cakewalk) Any help on this would be appreciated.
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