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  1. Really? I mean, does it automatically update and contain the newest icons each time I update Cakewalk (which I did today)? That would be awesome, because Cakewalk warns me at the beginning that my current custom theme has incompatibility issues.
  2. How to download and install the newest Theme Editor? I cannot download it from the Bandlab Assistant app, because the "install" button is greyed out, so I cannot click on it. Also, the Bandlab Assistant app invites me to update it, but when I click on the "Update" button, the assistant window just disappears and nothing happens. No download, no installation. The app icon still shows in my Windows menu bar, and I can quit it from there, but the app doesn't seem to update. Anyway, the most important thing for me is: how to update my current Theme Editor in order to gain access to the new icons and update my themes? Is it available somewhere as an independent download?
  3. Not a big fan of the erratic singing, but I enjoyed the odd ambiance of the track. Interesting song.
  4. Grebz

    Spaceships in the Sky

    Great voice, I like your timber. Really nice guitar tones. I did not understand everything (but 85% of it) in the lyrics (maybe you could write them down for non-English speakers), but overall, it sounds pretty good.
  5. Really nice song. Very American topic, I can understand how concerned (and relieved) you may feel right now. Let's hope for the best, even though I'm not from the USA. I agree that your voice sounds somewhat like Gilmour's. Nice guitar tones and great, clear mix. All good!
  6. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot, Nigel!
  7. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Thanks for listening! Yes, I started reinstalling my audio stuff yesterday. Fortunately, I have several HDs and SSDs, so I didn't lose the main programs or my projects, which are all stored on different disks. But it's frustrating 😕.
  8. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Yes, the neverending search for a perfection that does not exist 🙂 Yet, I agree that the snare is a bit loud when I sing. I intend to just lower its volume by a few dBs in those parts and leave it as it is for the instrumental parts.
  9. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation!
  10. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Thanks for listening, Tom. Yeah, for the snare, I get that a lot 😄 I'll fix this as soon as I can. For the moment, I have some hard disk problems and my VSTs and sound libraries have... disappeared, so I cannot fix anything or create anything new.
  11. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thank you for listening.
  12. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot, mark!
  13. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot!
  14. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks jack c. I'm using VSTs from Fabfilter (Pro-Q 3 mostly) and also a console strip from Brainworx which is called bx_console SSL 4000 E. I also like Arturia's reverb Rev Plate-140 very much. These are my main tools. For classical virtual instruments, I mainly use Vienna Symphonic Library. As for synths, I like Arturia's V-Collection vintage synths, among others. Depends on the projects, of course.
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