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  1. Great work, thank you for sharing!
  2. What about the track icons in the upcoming Sonar? As the UI will be vector-based, will we still be able to use our own custom images as track icons, or will we be limited to a default selection? If the possibility still exists, will the custom icons need to be in BMP format, as of now, or will it accept resizable vector formats? Or other bitmap formats such as jpg, png (for transparency)... ?
  3. Arm button modified... You may download it here if you want to try it: Cakewalk theme - High Contrast
  4. Well, I thought about it (for good looks), but he said "fancy track coloring and shades of gray are lost on me". Yes, he's talking about track coloring, but I assumed he may have difficulties discerning colors and nuances. So I'm sticking to black and white. You can't go more contrasted that this.
  5. Thanks Colin Nicholls and Canopus. Suggestions well noted!
  6. I've started working on a high contrast theme. It's not finished, but you can already see the Control Bar (top of the screen) is ready, as well as most icons (like Mute/Solo/Record) on the tracks and buses. Would something like that be readable enough?
  7. Oh come one! Stop asking about the price, people! Yes, it's important to know, but we'll get to know when they announce it. In the meantime, just be patient. We'll know. What's the hurry?
  8. Absolutely. That would be a nice gesture from Bandlab to offer for example a 50% discount to those who have a serial number and a "life-time" licence from Sonar Platinum as an incentive and loyalty reward, sure, but they have no legal or even moral obligation to do that. (but it would be nice 🙂 )
  9. Yes, please give me hope 🙂 Not now, for sure, but "We're not saying this will never be done" is sweet to my ears. Yes, please, do it at some point. You know what? Theme-makers can actually make people more attracted to a software. Some may not like the basic look, but if they can find a theme they enjoy, then they will want to use the software more. I know, it's not much, but looks are also important, and the community is very sensitive to customization possibilities. Look at the Reaper community, how they brag "oh we can change this, edit that, and the other DAWs can't, ha ha ha, got you, we're the best". So pretty pretty please, with sugar on top, allow us to make you shine among the stars 😁 (Sonar user since 2005, here)
  10. Because it's fun to customize the tools you use. Nobody forces you to use the Theme Editor. If you don't see the point, why even bother downloading it? I love making themes. My whole life doesn't revolve around music and music only. I take great pleasure in making music with Cakewalk/Sonar, AND I take great pleasure in making themes. Sonar team: I'm very glad the new interface is vector-based, I've been hoping and waiting for this for years, but I'm bitterly disappointed that we can no longer edit the icons and graphic elements (if that's the case). Why not? If we have the know-how, the will and the time to offer the community original and varied new themes, why not give us the tools to do so?
  11. OK. I hope that we'll still be able to make full customizations as we currently can (with whatever improvements you're adding), because this is something that I really enjoy doing, along with other people. There may not be a lot of us making themes, but we are very dedicated. For instance, I recreated more than 600 graphic elements from the Theme Editor with Blender 3D, you see. Waste of time for some, actual pleasure for me and I sincerely hope I can continue to do so. Changing every single icon and color is satisfying, on top of making music, of course.
  12. I like making themes. Will the new Sonar allow us to customize the UI? Will it use the same Theme Editor? Did you fix such issues as one color used in several different places? Get rid of the old unused elements?
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