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  1. Not a big fan of the erratic singing, but I enjoyed the odd ambiance of the track. Interesting song.
  2. Grebz

    Spaceships in the Sky

    Great voice, I like your timber. Really nice guitar tones. I did not understand everything (but 85% of it) in the lyrics (maybe you could write them down for non-English speakers), but overall, it sounds pretty good.
  3. Really nice song. Very American topic, I can understand how concerned (and relieved) you may feel right now. Let's hope for the best, even though I'm not from the USA. I agree that your voice sounds somewhat like Gilmour's. Nice guitar tones and great, clear mix. All good!
  4. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot, Nigel!
  5. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Thanks for listening! Yes, I started reinstalling my audio stuff yesterday. Fortunately, I have several HDs and SSDs, so I didn't lose the main programs or my projects, which are all stored on different disks. But it's frustrating 😕.
  6. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Yes, the neverending search for a perfection that does not exist 🙂 Yet, I agree that the snare is a bit loud when I sing. I intend to just lower its volume by a few dBs in those parts and leave it as it is for the instrumental parts.
  7. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation!
  8. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Thanks for listening, Tom. Yeah, for the snare, I get that a lot 😄 I'll fix this as soon as I can. For the moment, I have some hard disk problems and my VSTs and sound libraries have... disappeared, so I cannot fix anything or create anything new.
  9. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thank you for listening.
  10. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot, mark!
  11. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot!
  12. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks jack c. I'm using VSTs from Fabfilter (Pro-Q 3 mostly) and also a console strip from Brainworx which is called bx_console SSL 4000 E. I also like Arturia's reverb Rev Plate-140 very much. These are my main tools. For classical virtual instruments, I mainly use Vienna Symphonic Library. As for synths, I like Arturia's V-Collection vintage synths, among others. Depends on the projects, of course.
  13. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks, Kurt!
  14. Grebz


    Impressive skills from all players, It's exhilarating and highly enjoyable!
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