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  1. Yes, I think I've read about this here, some time ago. Might be time to pay more attention to it. Thanks.
  2. Hi Jesse, I'm having a hard time setting up my Hammer 88 Pro (so, same to yours) to work properly with Cakewalk. I'll try to follow your instructions and see how they work for me. Fingers crossed, and thanks for your contribution. Thanks to Blacque Jacque Shellacque ๐Ÿ˜„ as well! Do you think you could use the Preset Editor to save the preset file on your computer and share it here? That would be quite helpful.
  3. I just sent a message to my acquaintance at Arturia (apparently, he's still working there), let's see if he answers me and can/will do something about this matter. I'll provide him with both the message from Arturia's support and your message above, and let him decide whether something can/will be done...
  4. Thank you for your answers. I happen to know someone working at Arturia (if he's still there, I'm not 100% certain), so I'll try to get the message to them, but I must admit that I don't know what level of influence this guy has on Arturia's decision process, and I haven't had any contact with him for about 4 years, so... I don't know either whether I can have any impact there. I'll try anyway, who knows what may result of this ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Thanks for the answer (and on a Sunday, nice ๐Ÿ™‚). So, why does Arturia say it's up to you and not them? That's beyond me... Well, I must try harder, I guess. I hope my next controller will work fine, I'm hesitating between the M-Audio 88 Hammer Pro and the Arturia Keylab 88. If you have any idea which is going to be supported the best in Cakewalk, let me know. Thanks again!
  6. Hello, I'm glad that the nested folders feature is about to be added to Cakewalk. That's something I've been expecting for a long time, so that's good news. Here are 2 unrelated suggestions: 1- Now, it would be great to be able to "Save folder as template" (including subfolders, now they exist!), just like we can "save as track template". I hope this is doable. 2- What's up with keyboard controller support? I'm currently looking for a keyboard controller to replace mine which is unfortunately broken. But I cannot find any single controller with built-in compatibility with Cakewalk. They're all announced as compatible with Cubase, Studio One, Ableton, Logic, ProTools, sometimes Reaper, etc. but none is directly compatible with Cakewalk. I know... you can tweak it in the DAW. But it's a pain, some functions never work How come is Cakewalk never in the list of compatible DAWs? What does it depend upon? Is it a problem from the way Cakewalk was originally programmed? Is this the manufacturer's fault? Is this a question of some licence that would require to be paid in order to implement compatibility? (like the mp3 licence back in the days) The ACT in Cakewalk feature is... not user-friendly to put it nicely. I never could get my former controller (M-Audio Oxygen 88, full-weighted keyboard from an older M-Audio range, comparable to today's M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro) to work fine with Cakewalk, so... granted, I may not be the most efficient person to make this work, but it just shouldn't be hard for the user to do it. Again, I know... easier said than done, from a programmer's point of view. I contacted Arturia's support to ask them why their controllers (I was interested by the Arturia Keylab 88 MKII) wasn't compatible, and here is their full answer: "Thank you for reaching out. ยท First, here's the DAW compatibility list: - Ableton Live 9 & 10 - FL Studio 12 & 20 - Studio One 3 & 4 - Reaper 5 - Bitwig 2 & 3 - Logic Pro X - ProTools 12 - Cubase 9 & 10 ยท Most of the controller functions you're referring to are being either relying on : - The MCU/HUI protocols will indeed be handled and supported in different ways through each DAWs (defined by both the Protocol and how the DAW is handling it). - Dedicated script such as the one included within Ableton live which did develop it on their end. I do agree that it may require some further improvements and we'll indeed try to see with them if things could be reworded in the next update but this may require some time. I can also clearly confirm that the protocol is being properly supported by most of the DAWs but not by Cakewalk by Bandlab unfortunately which would clearly require a dedicated script to operate properly (We already did reference a feature request and in order to increase its priority I've just linked your ticket to it) or Cakewalk to update their MCU/HUI protocol support (Cannot confirm from my end if this will happen or not). Here's already a very useful tool for Cakewalk/Sonar users for them to tweak any kind of control surface: http://www.azslow.com/index.php Using this plugin, you should be able to assign all the devices' rotary knobs, buttons and sliders and benefit from most of the functions as needed. Also, some users seem to have been able to edit the Mackie control surface script as explained in this article: So, from their perspective, it seems you have to make a dedicated script ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope this can happen in the near future. I was a paying user of Sonar 5 through Platinum (I paid 8 versions in total), so I'm not just the eager free user of CbB-only. I do support you, and I thank the whole team for your continuous efforts to improve Cakewalk. But I think this controller compatibility issue is a serious one, as it could discourage many people from using Cakewalk. It would greatly simplify the users' life to have real plug-and-play features for midi controllers. Much more important than my first request for "folders template", actually. Thanks, Xavier
  7. Really? I mean, does it automatically update and contain the newest icons each time I update Cakewalk (which I did today)? That would be awesome, because Cakewalk warns me at the beginning that my current custom theme has incompatibility issues.
  8. How to download and install the newest Theme Editor? I cannot download it from the Bandlab Assistant app, because the "install" button is greyed out, so I cannot click on it. Also, the Bandlab Assistant app invites me to update it, but when I click on the "Update" button, the assistant window just disappears and nothing happens. No download, no installation. The app icon still shows in my Windows menu bar, and I can quit it from there, but the app doesn't seem to update. Anyway, the most important thing for me is: how to update my current Theme Editor in order to gain access to the new icons and update my themes? Is it available somewhere as an independent download?
  9. Not a big fan of the erratic singing, but I enjoyed the odd ambiance of the track. Interesting song.
  10. Grebz

    Spaceships in the Sky

    Great voice, I like your timber. Really nice guitar tones. I did not understand everything (but 85% of it) in the lyrics (maybe you could write them down for non-English speakers), but overall, it sounds pretty good.
  11. Really nice song. Very American topic, I can understand how concerned (and relieved) you may feel right now. Let's hope for the best, even though I'm not from the USA. I agree that your voice sounds somewhat like Gilmour's. Nice guitar tones and great, clear mix. All good!
  12. Grebz

    Hear my call

    Thanks a lot, Nigel!
  13. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Thanks for listening! Yes, I started reinstalling my audio stuff yesterday. Fortunately, I have several HDs and SSDs, so I didn't lose the main programs or my projects, which are all stored on different disks. But it's frustrating ๐Ÿ˜•.
  14. Grebz

    Time to Wake

    Yes, the neverending search for a perfection that does not exist ๐Ÿ™‚ Yet, I agree that the snare is a bit loud when I sing. I intend to just lower its volume by a few dBs in those parts and leave it as it is for the instrumental parts.
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