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  1. Long time user (since Cakewalk Pro 9, but mostly from Sonar 5 Producer), I was pissed when Sonar was put on hold, but relieved when Bandlab took over. It's been going smoothly since then. Thank you guys for keeping Cakewalk alive. Keep up the good work! If you want to know what should be done next, continue focusing on fixing bug and improving stability, that's probably the most important. Regarding features, I suggest you watch the competition closely and steal any good idea and praised features from other DAWs. And of course, listen to the community. I know you cannot do everything at the same time, but we want to put our faith in you, so... cheers! For the sake of customization, it would also be great if you could improve the Theme Editor, and try to make every single element on screen customizable. There are still some stuff that aren't accessible, or elements that share common options and if you change one, you'll change the other as well. Vectorial UI would be nice so we can change the size of anything without losing details. Not a priority, but a nice idea.
  2. I have downloaded and successfully updated Cakewalk to this new version, but like every single time, I check the cell that should display the version notes, and I get to a page that says "Oops! Access has failed" (or something similar). So... I don't know what's new in this version.
  3. Perfect! I just installed it. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello, In the new Cakewalk updates, it says that some changes have been brought to the Theme Editor, but I cannot find where to download a new version of the editor, or how to update the current one (the one I got with Sonar Platinum). Does anyone know where to find it?
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