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  1. Thanks for your continuous efforts with your tutorials, Mike!
  2. Thanks a lot David, Freddy and Dan! I know you posted a while ago, but I just found out today...
  3. I'm very touched by your reference to Tolkien, as I was an avid reader of Tolkien's books many years before it became a phenomenon with Peter Jackson's movies. I obviously was thinking of the Tolkien's universe when writing this piece. I'm also a big fan of Danny Elfman's music, and I may have managed to include some influences from this composer as well. Or maybe it's just a wishful impression. Thank you very much anyway!
  4. Grebz


    No, still no Telecaster on this one 😋 Thanks for listening and commenting!
  5. Thanks for listening Antler, and glad you liked it. I didn't know this room tone you gave me a link to. I'll try it (I do have a Kontakt licence).
  6. Grebz

    Underground panic

    Thank you very much for listening, David and Bjorn!
  7. Grebz

    Underground panic

    Imagine you're alone in a subway station during the night. The atmosphere is eerie, menacing. You sense a presence. Something doesn't feel right and suddenly... the chase begins! Underground Panic!
  8. Very nice. Funny, it almost sounds like a harpsichord 🙂
  9. Very nice ambiant music. Reminds me of Blade Runner somehow.
  10. Thank you Bjornpdx and Wookiee!
  11. Thanks for listening and commenting DeeringAmps. Yeah, I'm probably not the best one either at using the reverbs I own. I'm not even sure I'm trying to aim at realism because, let's be honest, I won't be able to achieve that with my current knowledge. I wrote one piece of music for a string quartet, and had the chance to have it played by a real string quartet, and when listening to the real thing, I thought that I could never have succeeded in making the original computer track sound near as good as the real thing. So, I accept the hard truth, my orchestral pieces are what they are: computer-rendered tracks, and if I cannot make them sound as realistic as I would like, at least I hope to make them pleasing to the ear and enjoyable to listen to. Then if by miracle, some of them get played by actual musicians, I'll be more than happy! Concerning your 'issue': yep, no telecaster in this one, you'll have to listen to my other SoundCloud tracks to get that sound 😋
  12. Grebz

    Rain is Coming Down

    Utmost respect for this piece. Everything sounds top notch on my speakers and headset (as well as my ears). Congrats!
  13. Thank you so much Bob! I wish I were good enough at film making and CGI to produce a video that goes with the music. Well, one step at a time 😋 Happy hollidays to you too!
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