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  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ THOUGHLY ENJOYABLE! Inspiring job by all, had me dancing around the room! 🀣
  2. Steev

    Coming Home

    Wow, this is truly outstanding producing! High Quality and low Budget Music Video at its finest in my opinion, simply Beautiful and Inspiring!
  3. What to regret? I've used the studio version many times in other studios and LOVED IT. But not so much in CbB with ARA technology running as a plugin, the edit version suits my needs and workflow perfectly and doesn't cause eye strain. I'm not interested in polishing turds, but I have been known create vocal harmonies, stretch or shrink phrases as an example to let others who don't understand music theory know what I have in mind, remove sibilance, and breath noises, or to move a missed note or 2 in pitch/place in an otherwise killa track. That "Oh let Steev fix it in the mix" BS gets old with me really quick. One of the BAD things about Melodyne is, if you keep correcting mistakes and make performances sound better than then they can actually are, NOONE will ever focus and improve and REALLY embarrass themselves in live performances Ya know, as in the ONLY VENUES AND places where we actually make any money, MAKE REAL FANS & SELL merch for REAL MONEY? πŸ’²πŸ˜΅πŸ’² that ya can use to purchase Melodyne 5 Studio without a seconds thought, to have instantaneous fun running on your superduper completely paid for never run out of power killa powerhouse studio/computer/ workstation with? 😎
  4. Just click and drag the audio guitar track into a blank MIDI track and Melodyne will open and convert it to MIDI. For the best most accurate results use a clean DRY audio track with NO FX. I don't know about "fixing" guitar tracks, I find it easier and less time consuming to just do another take, or 3, as practice does make perfect. But for creating parts and or MIDI tracks for other instruments that you couldn't perform otherwise, it's a wonderful thing. 😍 For instance, my primary instrument is guitar. Over the decades of MIDI sequencing (recording performances in MIDI), I have become a semi proficient keyboardist, but I'm nowhere near as proficient on keyboards as I am on guitar.
  5. There is no supported 32x version of CbB anymore either. πŸ˜†
  6. Steev

    Scratching My Head

    15 days and counting. SOLUTION FOUND! πŸ† Using CUSTOM WINDOWS SETTINGS listed under "Additional Mouse Settings" does the trick by selecting "option 3" for "changing pointer color"! It's actually such a simplistically brilliant solution, because Windows is "monitoring" & constantly changing and adjusting the color & size of the pointer/cursor to "White" over a dark background to "Black" over a light background. THANKS Starship Krupa! πŸ™πŸΌ Proving once & for all again... "Two Heads are Always Better then One!"
  7. I have never had any Cakewalk clients, it's always been the industries standard of Pro Tools clients, and now they are ever few and far in between. And now it's only clients looking to have their Ableton Live, or Reason DAW projects imported into Pro Tools. And although I do still use SPLAT to open older projects and keep them in their natural versions, and to make sure they are prepared and ready to go for a newer version in CbB, I always keep CbB up to date. It only takes a few minutes to update, and only a few minutes to roll back if something goes wrong, which is extremely rare. I only had to roll back once since Bandlab took over. And Historically, back in the dayz of Windows 2000, I would schedule and reserve and entire weekend to MAYBE finish upgrading to a new annual release version of Cakewalk Pro Audio, BOY O BOY was THAT ever an oxymoron of a name for a DAW. And things improved with Win XP and SONAR Producer. I felt fairly confident I could MAYBE do it in a day. And then SONAR 1 came to be with it's new and improved "Skylight" GUI and MY WHOLE WORLD CHANGED. and it made me want to hit myself in the head with a FAQ'in BOARD!😡 But I just kept doing the upgrading deals, stuck to doing serious projects in trusty, tried, & Pro Audio 8.5 PE as my #1 workstation. It wasn't until SONAR 3 that I became happy & comfortable enough to turn off PA 8.5, and then.............. and then........... And then SONAR PRODUCER 4 was born and it ROCKED THE FAQ'in WORLD! πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ’― And kept getting better and better leading the world in cutting edge technology. Things like the Cakewalk TTS-1 that's powered by highly acclaimed Roland's Sound Canvas synth engine, a double precision x64 sound engine that ran natively within SONAR, even on x32 bit OS. And the list goes on and on.... And still goes on today. The only difference is, it doesn't cost $150 per year for an annual upgrade. Now Bandlab does it in smaller, faster, increments, and not only is the DAW maintained and supported for so is many services provided by Bandlab.com, which would cost literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year using Pro Tools/ AVID cloud account. 🀯 That being said, SPLAT is still ROCK SOLID after all these years, which is surprising considering all the changes Windows went thru with v7, v10, and now v11, and can do everything I want or need it to do. But not nearly as easily or efficiently as CbB's new and improved tools and workflow enhancements, and the difference is on par with comparing a landline telephone tethered to the wall with a 1 meter piece of coiled wire and you have to stand there looking at it because nearest stool 3 meters away and comparing it to a Google Android or an iPhone. YEP, they DANG SURE DON'T MAKE 'EM THE WAY THEY USED TO!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜΅πŸ€£ And good riddance. Things constantly evolve and change in computer technology, for better or worse and typically for the better, that's just the way it is and the farther you fall behind the harder it is to even understand "what's happening" before you can even learn how to catch up to "what's going on".
  8. And if you love to collect Plugins and take advantage of Holiday sales, NOBODY offers better deals than WAVES super discounted, buy one get one free at the time of this writing, you can purchase both Waves Harmony – Real-Time Vocal Harmony Playground | Waves and Waves Tune for the ridiculously low price of $29 (us). Please note Waves Tune is a "Rewire" device, it doesn't as a real-time VST plugin, I've used it for years, it is not only an EXCELLANT runner up for Melodyne, it can do things Melodyne can't, and of course vise versa.
  9. If you use Melodyne 5 primarily as a standalone application, then Studio version has many advantages over the Edit version. But if you use Melodyne within a host DAW such as CbB as a plugin, there are little to no advantages running multi track view in Cakewalk's GUI because of limited screen space, it makes it very hard to see the blobs and differentiate between tracks. And that makes it all too easy to accidently create an editing train wreck. Another disadvantage of upgrading to Studio version is higher future version update pricing. However Melodyne 5 Edit WILL create multiple tracks for editing at once by select/highlighting all tracks you want to edit at once before creating "Region FX" , Then you can select/highlight to toggle between them in Cakewalk, it just won't show them all in the same window at once, which is a slightly different way of going about it, but as I mentioned, it is also a GOOD thing. To be clear Melodyne 5 Editor does detect and allow polyphonic editing. And one of my favorite most used useful tools is the SUPER FAST and EASY way of converting "Audio tracks to MIDI tracks" in CbB, by simply clicking on and dragging an audio track into an empty MIDI track, Melodyne 5 will open automatically and start the conversation process for you. πŸ‘ For best results, just make sure all time-based FX plugins are off. Melodyne 5 Editor polyphony and chord detection running as a plugin in CbB
  10. Steev

    Scratching My Head

    Yeah, but how much do you like them for an editing session of 32-60 tracks of a Cakewalk by Bandlab project? Prolly not too much more then I got used to my neighbors blasting Reggaeton music thru a cheap but LOUD soundbar. 😜
  11. Steev

    Scratching My Head

    Windows 11 does not support links that ae configured hook up to the mothership's support pages thru Internet Explorer that still used by many software vendors product portals. Like Focusrite, Novation, iZotope, Eventide, iLok, and even messes and trips up Waves Central and IK product managers. I have no idea what it does to Bandlab Assistant, I'm still running SPLAT on my newer Intel machine which I like to use to open very old archived Cakewalk projects with because it has many old DX & DXi Cakewalk plugins installed going back to the pre–SONAR Cakewalk Pro Audio days, SPLAT has survived intact though many years of upgrades and hard drive cloning's. it's not even close to broken so I'm not bothering to fix it, and I never even installed CbB on my comparatively wimpy performing consumer grade components they use for off the shelf HP Intel i7 from the local big box store. . So even though I'm not sure I may or may not have caught the exploit, or I very well may be an immune infected carrier of the Meltdown exploit.. My computer can longer spread it. It had zero effects or performance issues running on the AMD architecture. It took a noticeable performance gut punch with Intel's patch update for the Meltdown exploit attacking Intel's patented Hyper Threadingβ„’ technology, but I got most, but not all of that back by upgrading system memory with matched sticks of High-Performance G Skill RipJaw RAM sticks, and now that good 'ol decent performing i7 puppy runs like a great performing i5 Border Colley. πŸ˜‚ My AMD FX 8370 doesn't support Intel's patented Hyper Threadingβ„’ technology that balances 4 physical cores with 4 virtual cores that registers in Windows as 8 cores. AMD FX8370's have 8 physical cores, very powerful and very fast. The only real downside is AMD FX series create a lot of heat, they are glutenous and aren't as energy efficient and require larger power supplies and cooling solutions so they can gobble and burn up more wattage that's needed for other components and peripherals to run properly and give comparable Intel "i" series chips a right proper smackdown at the right proper milli second. Under power a computer running an AMD FX chip, and Intel will outperform it in a bench every time. Of course, without bench testing software, both are so fast and powerful it's humanly impossible which is faster. But at least AMD was pretty quick issue a security patch to help stop the spread of exploits to Intel, I'm not sure that Intel would reciprocate. Intel's corporate greed and business practices got them FIRED by Apple who replaced them with their own smaller faster ridiculously powerful M1 chip, and cutting the pricing of Apple products, which again is very hard to tell because Apple ONLY uses premium grade parts and peripherals making them very pricy to begin with.. That being said, based on my 2012 Intel i5 iMac running a constantly supported & updated version of OSx High Siera with the newest versions of 3rd party software, I haven't had to put a dime into that 'lil 'ol iMac, Never even replace the hard drive because all important files are kept on servers, I have nothing to lose. And if it's ancient Western Digital 500 GB "Black" hard drive blows I'll spend a Franklin on a Western Digital 1 TD SSD. That old mule ain't all that fast, but either is Pro Tools v14 on the BEST of machines, and my iMac ROCKS a stable, STEADY, Pro Tools for almost 14 YEARS NOW!
  12. Steev

    Scratching My Head

    THANKS! Much better solution then adding MORE 3rd party shell extensions that's looks easy enough. But not today, all this is cutting into my jam time and I already spent way too much time in the registry looking for stray remnants of my unwanted/never asked for Kensington trackball driver package out of my AMD workstation, which was a bit aggravating, and I am NOT a big of editing Windows Registry without a very level and sober head, good clean glasses, and a steady hand. I already drank WAY TOO MUCH coffee and only criteria I'm meeting this morning is clean glasses. And my Intel running Windows 11 computer is currently synced to transfer/export audio from SPLAT project files into a Pro Tools projects running on my Mac computer running in real-time via ADAT and MTC. Time consuming but very reliable way with having to remix and deal with incompatible plugins. SONAR has no problems reading PT projects, less automation and plugins, but that's not the case vise versa. Pro Tools does NOT or play well with others.
  13. Steev

    Scratching My Head

    You can still do it by scooooling the mouse cursor over to those pretty little buttons and scrooooling back and forth again & again, again, ans again. You just can't do it with a simply High light> "right click/copy", > move cursor to desired place and hover>"left click/paste"> DONE! It's a real PITA for simple things like "EASIEST WORKFLOW" comp copy/paste editing in any DAW or NLE, and don't even get me started with have to use how to use and navigate thru Microsoft Office Pro 2021 all over again, once and for all AGAIN. 😑
  14. And when is a mix actually finished? Good question, but I have absolutely idea if there is any one correct answer. I had started this project in my studio in NY State recording/sequencing with CbB jamming with people I played out with, Blake Edwards and my "Good Brother from another Mother" Dave Robbins, doesn't use Cakewalk and not member of Bandlab, but he's in the infamous "Blackbyrds" band. Mark Colitis from NJ, he had used Cakewalk SONAR Producer v8.5 way back, was his latest DAW, but had no interest in learning how to use it, no interests in joining any websites with built in social media and would like to kick Mark Zuckerburg in the ***** for creating Facebook. πŸ˜‚ But Mark has a serious love and respect for MIDI drums, especially the kind he can beat upon with sticks, fingers pencils, pens and clubs, oh my, and so it happens, he sequenced his drum performance on a Roland OctoPad, emailed the MIDI files in Roland GM/GS MIDI 0 format. that I'm using for triggering drum samples created on a Gretch Birtch drum set in the Addictive Drums 2 VSTi, You can argue and debate to the cows learn to fly which sounds better, the Roland or AD2, but I prefer AD2 because it doesn't take up any room real estate, and because the plugin has great FX plugin modules, a mixer with comprehensive signal routing everything else I need to mix drums with built into it's GUI. And AD 2 has 12 AUDIO OUTS that can be configured to automatically ROUTE THEMSELVES to 12 audio tracks in CbB where they can almost too easily dialed in to exacting results.. The Roland doesn't have all that ease of access, it has MENU'S, and does NOT have 12 audio outputs, either. 🚫 abel https://www.bandlab.com/kane_abel .a.k.a ."Fugi" on Bandlab is nicknamed after that sweet Japanese fruit of her homeland. and she is not only UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL to collaborate with, it's also very easy to "HEAR" WHY.. She is also a very talented sweet young lady from Japan who's training herself to speak English thru singing and performing her favorite songs and publishing them to Bandlab, of which she has quite a catalog of MANY favorite cover songs, original song and in just as in many different genres. And enter Fiz https://www.bandlab.com/fizbahn Killa sax player from the Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy who has a very real respect for my horn arrangement/ compositions that I create with Cakewalk TTS-1 DXi and Dimension Pro. He has some MAD mixing skills, and very nice guy and newest friend on Bandlab. Other than that, I just virtually met him so I don't know much about him other then he is SERIOUSLY FUN and easy to collaborate with. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚ So anyway, please check them out, and please let me know which mix you like better. M Maybe it's of course I'm too close to these projects, but I really do love both revisions equally as much. And then in a while, maybe in a week, maybe in a month of not listening to either. I'll go back and revise it again with a fresh set of ears, different mindset, and fresh outlook & perspective... 😎 You Don't Know What Love Is. abel's mix You Don't Know What Love Is, Fiz's mix
  15. Steev

    Scratching My Head

    Me too, context menu copy/cut/paste is a natural reflex. Burned into my brainpan since the 90's, I don't even realize I'm consciously doing it. Even Apple, the last holdouts of the one button mouse gave up the ghost and finally supported it and scroll wheels too! I don't know why Microsoft does stuff like that, moving the buttons and levers around, RENAMING THINGS. Although to be fair, I noticed v11 to bit a bit quicker and snappier then v10 in my Intel i7 machine. Can't tell the difference in my AMD machine which runs naturally at 4.1 g/hz, 100 g/hz faster than average rating of 4.0 g/hz, and turbo boosts over 5+ g/hz but not for long, only a few seconds at a time before thermal throttling kick in, and only with Vegas Pro video NLE if it needs and extra kick in the gas., FX series AMD's were always super-fast and muscular. I would imagine it turbo boosts during cold start boot up. Ever since installing an SSD, it takes about 3.5 seconds to boot to Win 10 post BIOS, and maybe only 2x that booting a 30-50 track audio/MIDI CbB Project with God only knows how many audio plugins running, a large full synth rack of various Cakewalk, Waves, REASON STUDIO 11 Synth Rack Plugin. I don't know if you are familiar with that, but it literally runs the Reason DAW as a VSTi plugin, using CbB as a host. The only thing that's missing from the Reason DAW is the sequencer and SSL 4000 mixer. Truly Awesome mixer, but so is CbB's and I had purchased all the add on ProChannel modules during SONAR days, and being a big WAVES fan and evangelist, I don't NEED no (truly awesome & authentic) stink'in Reason's licensed version of an SSL desk. And that being said, I'm rambling on here putting some extra time into MS Edge and on the cursor clock, and it hasn't changed and is STILL AN ARROW! 😁
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