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  1. πŸ€” Well now, still alive and limping this was an utterly refreshing listen, I do believe you have quite a loverly singing voice, Wookie. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Much better than my own, I pretty much cringe hearing my own voice. But hey, just like making sure the trash makes it to the curb once a week, it can be a cringe-worthy job and all too often I have a hard time trying to get someone else to do it.
  2. Jenniferwren πŸ‘©β€πŸ­πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ @wrenjennywren is one of my Bestest, most reliable, & oldest long-time collaborators/ buddies I've met on Bandlab since I joined. I don't know exactly how many songs we've collaborated on and published in approx. 3 year's time, but I'm guessing at least dozen or so? Nor do I know how many collaborations she's been involved with other Bandlab artists. But I'll guess & SAFTLY ASSUME it's somewhere between 100'S - 1000'S⁉ But that's not as remarkable as the FACT that she not only records her vocals directly into Bandlab's Mix Editor in her kitchen in England on a cheap Android smartphone, she MIXED this very revision from her cheap Android smartphone monitoring from inexpensive noise canceling earbuds. 🀣 ill Logical by Emitters | BandLab
  3. Yep, it's ALL in the Sausage! πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ‘ My sentiments exactly. Please keep in mind this particular revision is being remixed in Bandlab's Mix Editor, and it only 1/2 of the original Cakewalk project due to a really liberal 128 MB file size restriction per track on Bandlab, I couldn't fit the entire song project in 24 bit .wav files. Besides 9 out of 10 listeners won't listen thru to the end, it at all. Many will hit the like button in he hopes I will like them back, and it's not uncommon on the same day I publish a song I'll notice I get a LOT MORE LIKES than listens from peeps asking me to give their tune a listen. I published a song collaboration with 8 different artist/friends about that practice, originally released on the now defunct ACIDplanet.com about 20+ years ago. It's entitled "Chart Whores" and it's pretty funny in a very Zappa like sort of way and stayed at the top of the AP's "All Genres Charts" for quite a while getting 1000's of hits and 100's of reviews. I remastered it and published it Bandlab.com, and it BOMBED. I believe it holds the record of my most ignored published songs not only on Bandlab, but of all times. πŸ˜† But for the 10 or 12 Bandlaber's who actually listened, they noticed we weren't pointing fingers, they got a chuckle out of us picking on "ourselves". 🀣 I COULD have uploaded the entire length had I uploaded each track in .MP3, but that would be missing the point of my Bandlab Mix Editor sound quality field test by using compressed files to begin with, sacrificing sound quality before the tracks even get into Mix Editor.🚫 Although I can't access takes in the original Cakewalk project to bring out/up the vocals in the beginning, They can be fully edited & automated, & tweaked to your hearts content directly in Mix Editor, as all gain, pan, and FX parameters envelopes can be automated by either adding & adjusting nodes with a mouse, or using a standard MIDI controller. As to date, Mix Editor does not support MCU or HUI MIDI control protocols. This project can be "Forked", meaning it can opened in a multi-track Stem mix, remixed and revised in the Mix Editor, and even REPUBLISHED by ANYBODY who want to join in & collaborate with a Bandlab account. I know that my sound a tad disturbing but Bandlab keeps a pretty good "history" record of who does what and sends notifications of who's forking and publishing. And I also find it quite FUN when some overly opinionated & competitive folks like to show off by taking control of the narrative, & bullying leaving stupid to nasty criticisms. That makes me chuckle & comment; "I'm not sure I follow your logic... πŸ€” Why don't you just "fork" the project & SHOW ME! " 😍 I myself love & appreciate honest constructive criticism, but I've grown immune & utterly bored with flagrant critiques & praise. And yes this entire piece has literally 100's of lanes of takes that have all been comped together with Cakewalk's "Comping Tools" one performance, one section/movement at a time. In fact, although a gave my best at trying to play & perform each part myself, I'd be lying to say that I didn't nudge or add a couple notes in certain phrases to the proper place with Piano Roll Editing instead of completely redoing a "close but no cigar" take. I'm also a big fan of using Melodyne Editor to correct "small problem areas" and create harmonies here and there as a time saver as opposed to wasting too much time redoing an otherwise good take. And ever since Melodyne started to support ARA & VST3, I frequently also use it to convert audio tracks to MIDI as a quick work around for using my stock Fender Strat or Les Paul as a MIDI controller for MIDI synths to perform parts I literally CAN'T physically play/perform on keyboards. I also used a MIDI pattern sequencer on certain sections of the drums that, um, try and try as I might, I'm starting to believe that I will NEVER be able to play drums as well as Chester Thompson, but I'm not in the least ashamed to admit that. Nor am I ashamed to admit that I played/sequenced the entire drums on an Alesis Sample Pad Pro with nylon drum sticks, a Novation Impulse 61 MIDI keyboard controller using my fingers on the keys, and using the Impulse's handy 8 Trigger Pads preset to trigger MIDI "groove clips" I composed in the Cakewalk pattern sequencer and or the Sample Pad Pro to compose my MIDI tracks in GM to play "Drums" in Addictive Drums 2 using my personally custom tuned Gretch drum shell, Ludwig snare samples, and Cakewalk TTS-1 for playing Roland GM/GS v1 percussion instruments. As a guitarist, my native instrument, I'm quite proficient and have been playing & studying music theory on guitar long enough I can pull off anything I can see written on staff paper, and just about instantly figure out anything I listen to. BUT... If I can't figure it out instantly, I can figure out where to buy the sheet music for it. I guess I'm an OK intermediate novice grade keyboardist as a second instrument, and with my collected knowledge of started learning MIDI sequencing on a Roland MC-500 around 1985 to editing MIDI in Cakewalk DOS way before Cakewalk was capable of even thinking about recording audio, by the time Cakewalk introduced the TTS-1 DXI with SONAR 4 (If memory serves me correctly) from that point on I could play any MIDI instrument I wanted to on keyboards, AND reliably record audio tracks in Cakewalk without having to rely on my aging pre Intel "Power Mac" running Pro Tools. ALL the horn parts on "Inca Roads" were performed using either the Cakewalk TTS-1 or Dimension Pro. These are my oldest & most trusted softsynths of all times. Just as long as you don't exceed the natural octave ranges of any instrument patch, you can achieve the instruments "natural sound" and with a bit of tweaking with ProChannel, I can not only achieve the natural sounds with bone chilling accuracy that equals and or rivals ANY other synths at any price point, and any other synth sounds just as MIDI-fied or wanky when you rely too heavily on quantization or record/sequence tracks out of an instrument's natural octave range. The only advantage of using Samplers is, samplers use audio files of natural instruments so they typically CAN'T exceed an instruments octave range unless you know how to modify & shape them into something else I also used a MIDI pattern sequencer on certain sections of the drums that, um, try and try as I might, I'm starting to believe that I will NEVER be able to play drums as well as Chester Thompson, but I'm not in the least ashamed to admit that. Nor am I ashamed to admit that I played/sequenced the entire drums on an Alesis Sample Pad Pro with nylon drumsticks, a Novation Impulse 61 MIDI keyboard controller using my fingers on the keys, and using the Impulse's handy 8 Trigger Pads preset to trigger MIDI "groove clips" I composed in the Cakewalk pattern sequencer and or the Sample Pad Pro. Now some may argue that that is cheating and that there is nothing better sounding then real instruments and real drums. πŸ€” Well I gotta say after 40 years of earnestly trying to get a band together to play Zappa tunes on real instruments I have FAILED MISERABLY at even trying to get 3 people to decide what toppings should get on a pizza that will make everyone happy. πŸ˜† And besides, 99.9% of the listeners couldn't tell the difference, or even care to compare the end results. And if you do, then PLEASE let me hear whatcha got! But as far as I'm concerned, once it's recorded and being played back on even the finest stereo system ever made, no matter to made it, when and or how, it is NOT A REAL PERFORMANCE anymore. It is a digital replication of a real performance which can be replicated any time, anywhere, which, even whilst listening with cheap earbuds and cheap cellphone almost ALWAYS sounds better than a band can do it live in any room or venue.
  4. Thanks VERY much guys for invaluable critiques & input Tom @ DeeringAmps and Jeff @ jwnicholson78 πŸ‘πŸ‘ And THIS is a prime example of exactly WHY, as a standard practice in the industry there recording engineers, mixing engineers, and mastering engineers and why we shouldn't be mixing or mastering our own work, ESPPECIALLY after performing, sequencing, & recording all tracks ourselves by multi-tracking. Simply because... "WE ARE TOO CLOSE TO IT" Of course, knowing that is one thing but that's all moot points if you lack the resources of funds and or skilled cooperation. And besides, how will we ever improve our skills if we don't at least try. πŸ˜† To my ears the vocals sounded maybe a tad too loud or maybe just confused trying to avoid killing the dynamics with over compression which can have the same effect or illusion. I always make a point of never trying to record and mix on the same day or even week. Two different processes, one requiring monitoring with closed back headphones to hear everything getting pumped clearly @ 20 Hz- 22k/Hz directly into my brain pan with minimal leakage in tracks/channels and cross talk is great for recording but does cause ear fatigue that increases after a couple of hours we can't really trust our ears to do anymore more a rough mix balance. And mixing tracks together moving some air thru near field monitors is a completely different listening environment, that really require wearing two different hats' & frames of mind. As does the 3rd process of "Mastering" which I don't even like to do in the same room as recording and mixing sessions, and try to avoid the nasty habit of cutting corners by simply applying Ozone to the master buss of the DAW, and the easy and ability to tweak channels in the mix while mastering is too irresistible for us mere mortals, and typically causes subtle train wrecks that we don't even notice right away, or maybe too late as in.... Not even until someone points them out to us. 😡
  5. This was actually published about 2 years ago to Bandlab.com, and due to file size restrictions is only about 1/2 of Zappa's Inca Roads, and as expected, not being a pop tune, bombed out. πŸ˜† So if you're not progressive, are easily offended, or a Zappa fan, ya might want do yourself a favor and STOP right here & TURN AWAY. 🚫 Since then, the good baker's @ Bandlab have made some SERIOUS PROGRESS in improving & refining their Mix Editor as did the bakers of Cakewalk by Bandlab the DAW. πŸ™πŸΌ To demonstrate how far it's come, I went back into my Bandlab archives and create a new remix/revision to field test it to see & hear the differences, and not only notice extreme improvements in Mix Editor's automation writing, Mix Editor now has a very comprehensive menu multi-FX presets which are not only completely editable, they can be SAVED & SHARED as well as renamed as customized presets with any and all other Bandlab friends & collaborators. Adding the ability of chaining FX Presets, is very much like adding CbB's ProChannel to the Mix Editor. πŸ‘ I've also noticed, even though Bandlab's free Mastering only has 4 fixed mastering choices, the end results compare favorably for end results to what I would normally achieve with Sound Forge Pro 15 and Ozone 9. I can honesty say, although it may or may not give my all too often ***** mastering ***** what I want, I must grudgingly concede to admit it's like comparing Apples to Oranges. 😡 All instruments except my Fender Strarocater plugging into a Line 6 Spider V-120 & T Bucket acoustic bass plugged into an Ampeg SCR-DI preamp, an Alesis Sample Pad Pro MIDi drum pads/controller used to trigger XLN's Addictive Drums (which previously cam bundled with SONAR Platinum, are still bundled with Cakewalk by Bandlab. And a Novation Impulse 61 MIDI keyboard controller use to perform with Cakewalk TTS-1 & Studio Instruments elec. piano.. πŸ›ΈInca Roads πŸ›Έ by Steev | BandLab
  6. Unless you purchased and installed the CA/2A as a Prochannel add on for SONAR Platinum it can't be used or won't be listed in channel's VST FX bin as a standalone VST plugin. It can only be used as an input channel or buss "Insert". You should be able to access & add it directly to Prochannel as a simple module by right clicking on the control bar of the PC2A and choose "replace" or on a blank space on top of Prochannel and choose "add" from the dropdown menu.
  7. Oh OK, that's simple. Just go to Native Instruments support and download and install the legacy version of FM8 in CbB than you can OPEN YOUR OLD SONAR PROJECT (where your patch & preset settings are stored) in CbB and Have a nice day! 😜 🀣 🀣 You CAN have both a Dxi and VST versions of FM 8 installed in the same DAW.
  8. πŸ€”WHY would you even want to do that? What advantages could you possibly achieve by running 32 bit Direct X plugin on a x64 version of Windows? I'm not trying to be a wiseacre or factitious. I'm simply curious.. Today the only DX plugins I have and still use are Cakewalk TTS-1 and the Sonitus bundle which are built into SONAR/CbB and they configure & install with the DAW's automatically with no user input or hassle. I am also unaware of any DX/DXi plugin development in the past 2 decades as VST/VSTi plugin had leapt ahead ENORMOUSLY. I have WITNESSED, felt, and HEARD the differences from VST to VST 3, as well as anyone else who has had the insight to bother to continue do things like keep their Wavesβ„’ VST plugins updated from (old legacy) v9 and under to today's current v13 VST 3. And YES the old legacy Waves VST plugins still work and sound greatπŸ‘ , just not NEARLY AS GREAT as their current v3 VST 3 plugins doπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ» . I'm also wondering WHY anyone would want to run a x32 bit version of SONAR on an x64 bit computer, as it will run a good deal slower & sluggish, had limited physical RAM memory bandwidth, and DOESN'T SUPPORT multi-core CPU's. 😫 I even noticed improvements in details in sound quality and sharpness in the GRAPHICS. I remember very well how SHOCKED I was at the different in performance, power, and even SOUND of SONAR P was when I switched from x32 bit to x64 with Windows 7 being able to easily access and USE 8GB out of 16GB of memory, and spread the processing work load across all 4 cores of my AMD Phenom 960 CPU I was using at the time. 😡🀯πŸ’₯ There were no 8 core CPU's released yet to date, but even though there's a considerable boost in raw horsepower, I don't believe the difference between 4 core CPU's and 8 core CPU's is as VAST as the differences between x32 bit and x32 bit computing. I DO BELIEVE the transition from x32 bit to x64 bit computing IS the most significant LEAP of computer TECH UPGRAGING of ALL TIMES I have experienced in over 30+ years.
  9. I don't believe bit depth is an issue with DX (audio plugins) and DXi (instruments) as they run on Windows Direct X runtime component built into every version of Windows. However, it's a serious issue with VST and VSTi plugins because they are "stand alone" apps that don't rely on any one particular OS. Does the x32 bit version of SONAR even recognize VST 3 plugins? What happened most likely depends on what OS version you are running on your computer, and IF the old software/plugins are so outdated that Windows 10 had blocked/tagged them as possible security issues? (Assuming you even are running Win 10?) And or corrupted/ broken "paths" in Windows "registry" and maybe confusion between the different paths of "Program Files" and "x86 Program File" folders? It's generally a BAD idea to keep running x32 bit apps on an x64 bit OS computer. ALL support for 32 bit apps and programs have already been, or are being phased out of Windows 10, and Cakewalk by Bandlab doesn't support an x32 bit version of the DAW at all. But both Splat & CbB DAW's do in fact serve as an excellent "Host" for running x32 FX plugins and instruments. There is no reason to keep running an x32 bit version of SONAR on an x32 bit computer as the x64 version will recognize and run all DX/ DXi and older 32 bit VST/VSTi plugins, and do so MUCH better MORE efficiently. That being said, there is REALLY no good reason to run SONAR at all being CbB is really just a newer ever evolving updated version with continuing support. If Bandlab didn't change the name it would still be SONAR, just v20+ or maybe v30+ or something by now. πŸ˜‚ Although I do sometimes spark up SPLAT on occasion when opening up very old projects (just in case) The only reason I still have it installed is for licensing purposes for bundled Cakewalk & 3rd party software that isn't included CbB, and I've had little to no problems or surprises either DAW opening projects going back as far as work originally done with SONAR Producer 2 running on Windows 2000 when I couldn't trust Win XP x64 bit computers where nothing more the a distant wet dream.. Ah those were the dayz, when I couldn't trust XP until about it's final year when Microsoft FINNALY got it STABLE about a year before Win "Millenium" was released and then the cycle of crap continued ON & ON and I continued to rely on XP for my SONAR workstation until Win v7 and Microsoft FINALLY figured out how to make a reliable x64 OS. It was so good and reliable for so long, I didn't even hesitate to JUMP on Win 10 and since then I NEVER LOOKED BACK! Yeah, it's been a long and bumpy ride and I DON'T see much to "wax poetic" about NOR do I miss recording to tape either.... 😫
  10. Ah where would we be without a sense of humor? 😜 I've been using Cakewalk DAWs for 3 decades, and while there were certainly occasional problematic updates, 9 out 10 problems I've had with it were MY FAULT. Of course, I could easily blame that on drinking too much or smoking too much weed, but still it was my fault for drinking too much or smoking too much weed, now isn't it? I've tried every major DAW & more than several minor DAWs, and I'll stand firmly on my experiences that the CbB DAW, Support Team, AND forum help is all SECOND TO NONE. Gett'in all pissy and scrapping Cakewalk ain't gonna fix yer rig. That being said, 9 out of 10 times when you get that setup error code it's a "warning sign" that your Windows Registry has so many broken/dead end paths it's attempting to follow thru with it exceeds the limits of the computer's RAM & HD Disc's cache's swap file space, and times out giving you an error message. It has nothing to do with how much open "storage space" is left on your HD or SSD. Just because the 1st time you've seen this error message was with trying to install CbB does NOT mean it's the fault of the DAW. My 1st solution, or most likely educated guess if you will, would be the beginning of a Windows Reg. corruption/meltdown. This could POSSIBLY be fixed with a reg cleaner app for FREE. 2nd beginnings of HD/SSD failure. NOT FREE. 3rd your computer especially if it's a gen 5 Intel or earlier, may be getting bogged down by an exploit. You're SCREWED, you need a NEW COMPUTER. There are very good reasons why Microsoft won't budge on allowing Windows 11 update for any computer WITHOUT an UEFI BIOS & "Secure Boot 2.0" chip (made before 2018). It's a long boring technical story only "GEEKS" can understand..😫 I can go on & on, but I'm only guessing and these guessing only get considerably WORSE & scary from here.
  11. If you have 5 tracks selected/highlighted and "accidently" move/nudge one the other 4 selected tracks will "accidently" move together. Easy fix. Select/Highlight the tracks by holding down the Ctrl button on the keyboard while clicking on the tracks you want to move/nudge with your mouse, then drag them where they belong whilst hold down the mouse button and BAM! problem solved. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. Hmm.,,, πŸ€”..... That SURE looks like a REGISTRY ERROR MESSAGE TO ME.
  13. The good people of CbB Support are ignoring you because this isn't a problem with Cakewalk, it's with your WINDOWS REGISTRY. I would highly recommend doing a fresh CLEAN install of Windows and KEEP EVERYTHING up to DATE . Or you can spend several hours trying to fix it yourself, or try to use this utility tool with from the link below which has a 50/50% chance of fixing it, but believe me, if you continue to not keep your software updated it won't fix it for long, and it's a LOT quicker & less painful to perform a CLEAN Windows INSTALL. How to Fix Your PC | Windows Techies
  14. Ah, I had a very similar problem with my HP laptop that was driving me bonkers when I had 24 gigs with 3 SODIM memory sticks installed, and believe the problem may very well be your RAM memory config. My laptop's mainboard wouldn't support running in "Duel Channel" memory mode unless it had an even number "MATCHED PAIR" of physical RAM cards/sticks installed. You'll need to look in the manual to identify which memory slots are paired together, then you can try pulling the 1 out of the slot that the documentation says is paired with the empty slot. And if that does the trick you will also notice a nice little kick in the GAS in overall computer performance. Hope this helps, & good luck!
  15. Yeah me too, and that's why I'm offering up "A Buddy Guy Xmas Jammie" open multi-track jam created in Cakewalk by Bandlab, then published to Bandlab in the spirit of giving and sharing for any & all who would like to jump in, jam, bend, spindle, mutilate, and, and, and, uuUmmm, aaahhh, OWN IT⁉
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