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  1. AMD is a no brainer for me.
  2. This is my test drive mix using the new 2020.04 release of Cakewalk by Bandlab.. 💗 I can't think of a better way to test drive then mix one of my favorite, not quite finished Steely Dan tunes I've been working on. FM, and there's no static at all. Rarely if EVER have I ever selected a plugin "preset" and thought it needs no tweaking. I've always thought of presets as a really cool way to get me close to what I want, but I think this is the first time I think in my entire history of recording and mixing that I EVER got this close to what I want with the new ENORMOUS selection of KILLER ProChannel module presets included in CbB v2020.04. This is also the first time in years that I used NO 3rd party plugins. This mix is 100% Cakewalk & Sonitus audio FX plugins that are included with Cakewalk by Bandlab. FM, and there's no static at all.
  3. I have absolutely no problems with Waves plugins running in CbB on my computer. However I DO periodically check for updates for both Waves Central, and the plugins themselves. This is VITALLY important if you are running and mixing older VST2 versions of Waves plugins with the newer VST3 Version 10 and trying to run them at the same time in a DAW project.. And ALWAYS manually RESCAN all VST plugins in Cakewalk anytime ANY plugin is UPDATED. There has been a NEW CRITICAL RELEASE update 11.0.58 for Waves Central. 1.) Make sure you are running the latest version of Waves Central INSTALLED. 2.) Check for AND UPDATE ALL Waves plugins even if they are no longer supported for "version" updates. 3.) Open Cakewalk by Bandlab and rescan ALL VST plugins. If that doesn't stop your problems, MANUALLY uninstall and reinstall any Waves plugins that are causing the crash. If you aren't sure which plugins are causing the problems, uninstall & reinstall ALL OF THEM.
  4. LOVE the new ARRANGER track and how MUCH EASIER it makes my life. 😁 When we were in limbo after Gibson shut down SONAR I started researching what DAW I liked good enough to go thru the trouble of the dreaded learning curve required to get me up to speed, navigation, and familiarity of which I'm used to working in Cakewalk as a power use on a Windows 10 computer. No small task after a couple of decades of since the game changed using SONAR as my primary source WHIP since version 8.5 reigned in on stability, SONAR 4 Producer when the Skylight ProChannel UI became comfortable & ROCK SOLID and up until the final release of demise of SPLAT. 😣 After careful consideration of at least a month of digging in deep thru trail and error of several DAWs, I concluded because of their foreword thinking and thoughtful approaches to innovation, Presonus Studio ONE was the only DAW I considered a distant second to SPLAT. And Studio ONE's Arranger Tabs is most likely the ONLY functionality that attracted me to Presonus Studio ONE that I always wished SONAR/CbB could do. And so in my opinion, adding the Arranger track is probably the BIGGEST leap foreword for my personal workflow since SONAR 4 Producer for making my life easier. Not to undermine any other improvements and most generous support provided by Bandlab since. They've ALL BEEN GOOD! Thanks for continuing Cakewalk's tradition of adding something for EVERYBODY'S workflow enhancements. 🙏
  5. Steev

    Cabin Fever Blues

    Hope everyone is doing well and adjusting to the New World Order. Hang in there, all things must pass. I had taken the extra spare time to upload a series of blues jams to Bandlab.com to keep me occupied and keep my chops up uploading one every day for the week. They are all Multi-tracked for anybody who would like to use, add to, or remove tracks, and can be bent, spindled, and mutilated any way you choose, or not, only rules I have is stay safe & have some FUN.. 🙏 Cabin Fever Blues (day 6)
  6. He was a such great influence to so many. Bill Withers has passed way on the 30th of March. He was 82. 🙏 Just The Two Of Us
  7. EVERYTIME you update or upgrade Waves plugins or Waves Central, you MUST Re Scan your VST folders.
  8. That's most likely a Windows Security issue caused by Windows recognizing Waves Plugins are changing your systems config settings, and asking you if it's OK to do. Check "YES", and be sure to run a VST scan and everything will run fine.
  9. Make sure "System Exclusive" MIDI data is being transmitted to Cakewalk from your hardware & software synths.
  10. You won't get a notice for driver updates in Focusrite Control. You need to log into your Focusrite account and check for updates. I had the crackling issue after a Windows update with my Scarlett 18i20 Gen 2. It didn't record the crackling, but it still drove me NUTS. 😣 Anyway Focusrite just recently released Focusrite Control version a month or so back for "GEN 2 interfaces". Focusrite Control version also includes a new firmware update with will automatically install with the driver installer package.
  11. Mustang Sally Renee Dragoo-Farner @tinselweed0827 : Vocals @steveschreiber : Music [rhythm bed] @stevebotterbusch : Acoustic Drums @wrenjennywren: Backup Vocals @deanwyant: Mix&Master
  12. And one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things I Love about Bandlab.com is when someone like Steve Botterbusch revises a song and records himself playing his drum set in his garage in New Bern, No. Carolina from his iPhone directly into the Bandlab Mix Editor. 😜 Romeo & Juliet Revision
  13. Thanks all so much bro, more times then not, while doing cover songs I tend to like to improvise and bend things out of shape and more or less into my own visions, but I truly feel songs with such beautifully intricate, and delicate arrangements like this need to remain as close to an intact revision as we can do in order to tell the story faithfully. And having previously suffered thru a similar tragic love story myself not very log before this was released, it took me years to even even be able listen to this piece thru to the end without breaking down. And then the other day after picking up my Alvarez Acoustic and simply finger picking away waiting for inspiration to strike the right chord, before I knew it, this is where my Muse lead me without even realizing it. 🤔 I have written countless songs, so many I've lost track of how many, but that's not entirely accurate because I've never sat down with the "intention" of writing a song, it's more like these songs are living observing expressions of life that write themselves... I feel it would be nothing short of being pretentious, or maybe even dishonest to believe that I could write an original song more heartfelt then this.
  14. Thanks much for your insights and mixing input Tom, I actually had a bigger verb on the snare on first mix, but on second listen I thought it was maybe a bit too much. But now that you mentioned it, now I'm thinking I should have left it alone, hmmm. Also I didn't realize the Springsteen vibe at the time, but now that you mentioned it, I get now, LoL.
  15. NICE! 👌 I've ALWAYS found The Beatles to be enormously inspiring. I do the same thing sometimes, and it always charges my creative batteries. Baby You Can Drive My Car
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