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  1. Over all really NICE and very wide stereo field mix Batman! Listening thru my Atom near field monitors. Long live ProgRock! I'm detecting a slight peaking on the right side seemingly being caused by build/pump up somewhere midrange frequencies, and which at times makes the hard panned right guitar seem too peak bright & loud in places, and only the right channel VU just barely peaks at 0 dba on my monitor controller, and that's a little weak for an analog output signal. While it's certainly never OK to exceed 0 db on a "digital" track or buss, it's very much OK to bounce peaks on the VU's up to +3 dba (amplitude), especially for power rock such as this. I don't believe the bright & loud is in the overall mixing and EQ itself, perhaps just needs a tweak'in with a multiband compressor on the master buss, or better yet, if you have one, an Adaptive EQ which can be adjusted and tweaked to only add limiting to the trouble "PEAKING" spots and let all other freq's alone. The Waves F6 is ideal for that job, and no I don't work for Waves, but the F6 is great for zeroing in on the mid, either side, stereo, and or L/R.
  2. I totally agree, ACT was a God send for creating MIDI maps back when every vendor had the own ideas how and what to control from their hardware. Mackie Control (MCU) and HUI are pretty much cover the universal industry standards today. And I think it would be nice and or cool if Cakewalk did bring ACT and or MCU up to speed or modernize it if you will.. For instance, Propellerhead includes a very large selection and vast array of different preset MCU configuration maps for Reason. Even and on/off switch which is very handy to use before "Rewiring" Reason to another DAW such as Cakewalk. Believe me you DON'T want to see and experience what happens when you have 2 different DAW's fighting and competing for control over one MIDI controller. Saying things get unpredictable is an understatement. And so the best that can happen is you crash and or lock up both Reason and Cakewalk and don't lose or destroy your projects. And that being said, I'm not sure it would be wise to try to run both MCU and ACT at the same time in the same project either, even with 2 separate DAW controllers?? Anyone here ever have any success with doing that?
  3. These are really REALLY KILLA GREAT for deep in depth control and parameter automation of hardware synths and synth modules!
  4. Well maybe you should just buy one and find out. 😂🤣😂🤣
  5. Well almost sliders, more like 1/2 throw sliders which I found are kinda awkward in real life hands on mixing control. The X-Touch CAN do anything and everything else and can be easily and instantly switched back and forth from DAW controller to Plugin controller to Instrument controller with the push of a single button. One separate button assigned to each in the "Encoder Assign" section in the very top right hand corner of the X Touch. You don't need to clutter your desk with another device. And if you want to create any elaborate exacting customized MIDI map(s) that you can't find in Mackie MCU for the X Touch with Cakewalk ACT, simply boot the X Touch up in MIDI mode and start programming away. """!!!DON'T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR CUSTOMIZED MIDI MAPS IN A SAFE PLACE LIKE DOCUMENTS FOLDER!!!"""
  6. The X Touch Mini is only $58 (us) https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/XTouchMini--behringer-by-touch-mini Also it works "Out of the Box" off Mackie MCU protocol so you don't have to use Cakewalk ACT to create MIDI maps if you don't want to.
  7. Wowzer, I never thought I'd live to see the day when I could jam and collaborate with anybody, anywhere, anytime, anyway, anyhow over the Internet on a "Cloud" based multi track DAW, complete with an ever growing and sizable selections of FX plugins, that literally SHATTERS and breaks the chains of recording on any one specific platform. It doesn't matter if you're recording on a Mac or PC, doesn't matter if you work in Pro Tools or Cakewalk, and it doesn't matter if you have either DAW or even know how to operate a computer, you can record your tracks or compose with loops directly from your Android or iPhone smartphone... And invite, work on & share your ideas with like minded musicians and artists.. Then PUBLISH your music projects and share them with EVERYBODY! And it's almost too much fun doing exactly that and meeting, jamming, and collaborating with artists from all around the world in all types of genre with all artists on types of skill levels. From jamming on our favorite classic cover songs (the best way I know how to meet like minded artists), to collaborating and developing original songs (with your favorite like minded artists). Anyone here like "The Eagles" and would like to join in and jam on Ly'in Eyes (an Eagles Jam by Steev w Jenniferwren) Be our Guest(s) The Bakers Team at Bandlab have come a long way developing the Mix Editor, it has AMAZING power and functionality for a DAW that isn't even installed on my computer..
  8. I've been kind of dragging my on switching over to UEFI BIOS weighing the pros and cons of the benefits. Considering the UEFI BIOS is stored in it's own partition on the hard drive itself does make it safer against exploits that can be embedded in a legacy BIOS on one hand, but on the other hand you can no longer boot your system remotely from another computer on your network, or from a USB or optical drive. And that can be highly problematic in situations where the boot records or OS itself becomes corrupted or physical SSD failure. And what makes matters worse in that respect, SSD's being silent, typically don't give any tell tale signs of failure like the strange/different noises and sounds magnetic hard drives make right before they are about to blow, LoL. I only had one Samsung Evo SSD fail. Everything seemed perfectly fine until I shut down my computer one night, and it wouldn't boot up the next morning. Of course that could happen with any vendor's SSD and I don't mean to imply the Evo wasn't an excellent SSD. But I need to warn you that Samsung's support flat out sucks because after 3 attempts at contacting them over the course of 3 weeks they never even bothered to get back to me with anything more then the standard automated "We're sorry for your inconvenience, blah, blah, blah" email. Anyway as a result, I purchased a Western Digital SSD, primarily because Newegg offered a great deal on a "Flash Sale" 500 GB for $80 which was AMAZINGLY cheap for an SSD 2 years ago, so I jumped on it and waited for Samsung to get back to me to fulfill their warrantee. And ummm,, ahh, I'm still waiting.. I'm obviously not holding my breath, but I'm still waiting.. And kinda having fun talk'in smack about their support staff..
  9. Ah yeah, I'll stay around until someone insists on turning our technical "discussions" focused on finding solutions into political "debates" which are never anything more then continuous "arguments" with no "solutions" in sight. No sense in me trying to hang around at that point because once we go that far off topic my sense of humor is guaranteed to do nothing but get me in trouble AGAIN with our illustrious forum moderators.. And yeah there is no question that computer system death is in sight when you fall too far behind stop updating, maintaining, AND protecting your system IF YOU DON'T. My favorite work around solution for 90% of those tasks is to schedule a specific time for Windows Security to do it's thing(s) when I know I'm not going to be working on my computer. My favorite scheduled time is Wednesday nights when I'm sleeping, just one day after Microsoft's infamous "Patch Tuesday", and I never get bogged down wondering why my Internet connection and computer is slowing down because of too many Windows services and processes are running in the background gobbling up computer resources that I want to use and do MY THING with. And BTW, you can soften up the harshness of the appearance of Windows 10 by choosing color schemes more suitable and easier on the eye, and switching to Dark Mode. I do find the default BRIGHT BLUE really offensive and alarming myself, and so I changed it to a dark gray color, and SAVED the color change scheme in my Microsoft User Account Profile, so it stays that way across ALL my Windows computers desktops ALL LOOK THE SAME and NONE OF THEM default back to that ugly and offensive in my face. Hint, choose ONE default color scheme for all Windows computers or you'll confuse and goober up Windows telemetry.. Which contrary to conspiracy theorists unfounded beliefs, ISN'T SPYING ON YOU TO MANIPULATE YOU. It's simply collecting info to make things easier and better for you based on how you work, your habits and how you use your computer and how you want it to look, recording and remembering and applying these changes YOU MAKE, and never EVER shares this information with ANYONE. Not even the police or Homeland Security without a court ordered warrant, specifically detailing PROOF that you have been and willfully intend to continue to be undoubtedly A VERY NAUGHTY & DANGEROUS THREAT. Microsoft's security and integrity of protecting your privacy is second only to Apple's. However, neither can fully protect us from ourselves, and the stupid boneheaded decisions we make.. And Oh YES WILL! That's simply part of the "Human Condition" that can never be fully controlled. Why?? Because............…. Humans are the ONLY species on Earth who can absolutely KNOW something to be true, and still adamantly deny, and refuse not to accept it.
  10. @Promidi yeah, it's strange, if I remember correctly the PCR worked fine on my Intel i7 laptop right out of jump street when I upgraded it from v7 to v10 even without a hack, but was a total bust on my main whip AMD FX8370. It also never skipped a beat on my i5 iMac thru 3 OS-X upgrades currently running the latest release version of High Sierra v13.xx.xx. Apple won't even allow me to upgrade my aging mid 2012 iMac to the latest OS-X Mohave v14.xx.xx, but that's OK it's still running the latest current version of Pro Tools, and only use it to mix in Pro Tools for pro collabs and teach ProTools to those who feel the urge to enter the world of professionalism. So at any rate, being Pro Tools basically rarely to never changes, my old Mac simply doesn't need to be upgraded until it drops dead of old age, and that could very well mean it could out live me, LoL.. Ever notice that after Windows 10 settles in to updates it becomes MUCH faster and smoother running? I certainly have.. My AMD FX8370 boots up to Win 10 on a 500 gig WD solid state HD in less then 5 sec (after BIOS loads)
  11. Yes I do understand this and have tried several hacks to make the PCR drivers work thru USB port, and it did indeed work, but not efficiently and bottlenecked the flow of MIDI data traffic causing unacceptable latency somewhere around an unpredictable and unstable 4-8 msec. Which is hardly noticeable with the flow of audio data or listening to playback of a pre recorded MIDI track, but really a buzz kill while trying to perform a keyboard performance in real time. However, the PCR 500 still works just fine thru it's 5 pin dyn MIDI interface which bypasses the USB drivers, and using the USB port plugged into a wall-wart power supply, and ALSO using and storing MIDI maps in Cakewalk ACT instead of the PCR's "Editor/Librarian" solves all latency issues. While it's true that the much newer tech Novation Impulse is heads and tails far superior in so many ways over the PCR but one.. The Impulse supports separate standard wheel controllers for pitch bend and modulation, and I do NOT want to live without the PCR's single joystick controller for mixing my PB&M. 😍
  12. I was actually elated with introduction of Windows 7 after all the headaches and problems I had Vista, and considered it to be the "Vista FIXED" version by removing all the extra bling, bling eye candy that made it pretty but did nothing for performance and first stable entry edition into wonderful world x64 computing. I liked it so much I stayed with it until Windows 10 because, to put it mildly I was NOT a fan of the radically new and improved Windows 8 GUI. And by the time 8.1 came out and gave us the choice of switching back to the legacy GUI, I was simply too comfortable and confident in Windows 7 performance to try to risk fixing something that wasn't even close to being broken. But by the time Windows 10 came out it fairly obvious Windows 7 was becoming obsolete, it was after all 6 years and 3 versions old, and that translated to me to be a no brainer to jump on a free upgrade deal. So I just purchased a new hard drive and set my computer up for duel boot configuration, and made a clone image of Windows 7 as an extra added measure just in case something went wrong with the migration from Windows 7 to 10. Microsoft's update wizard stores a full image of your v7 configuration installation in a temp folder and keeps it for 30 days just in case you're not 100% satisfied, or something goes wrong. It is after all a computer, and there is always literally 1000's of unexpected things that can go wrong during major upgrades, sooo. But it didn't go wrong for the most part, except for my 10 year old obsolete keyboard controller it all went amazingly smooth as silk without a hitch, as did my roll back two weeks later to get my obsolete Edirol PCR 500 MIDI keyboard controller up and running again to finish a project in SPLAT. And then 2 weeks after that I missed Windows 10 so much I broke down and upgraded the PCR 500 to a new Novation Impulse keyboard controller, reinstalled Windows 10 Pro and never looked back, nor did I EVER miss anything about Windows 7 again. I do look back fondly a v7 as my 1st stable introduction to x64 OS, but that's about it. And from day ONE and after 4 years of maturity, reliability and performance improvements, Windows 10 is heads and tails so much better, faster, and has and provises for a so much easier more streamlined work flow. As does CbB has over SONAR. It's like trying to express the meaning of true love with mere words. IT MUST BE EXPERIENCED TO BE APREACIEATED enough to even begin to understand.
  13. @ razor7music ditto that bro. Wise move because that gives you full license and functionally for all the 3rd party and add on plugins Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter, Multi Band compressor, Linier Phase EQ, BlueTubes bundles, TruePianos, Addictive Drums 1 & 2, and all the extra add on ProChannel modules and VSTi (instruments) Dimension Pro, Rapture (to name a few collected over the years) that were previously bundled and included and licensed to your previous SONAR licenses we received over the years that aren't included and bundled with CbB. By leaving SONAR installed on your computer ALL of these extra tools seamlessly and automatically migrate and register in Cakewalk by Bandlab, and the only thing I've ever noticed changing was the desk top Icon changed from black to orange, the name of the DAW, improved performance and functionality due to continued updates, and a slight but noticeable bump in sound quality and VERY noticeable much lower latency due to the much improved Windows 10 "WASAPI" audio drivers that deliver amazingly low near ASIO super low latency performance.
  14. @ mdiemer only way I'd lose any sleep over this conversation is by thinking about it at bed time and slip into LMAO mode.. Just as I did when I read "This alone will prevent the vast majority of malware attacks. I have this on good authority from the experts on Tom's Hardware forum. " and laughed coffee out of my nose at the mere mention of building a Linux machine for Internet security, and the enormous hassle and extra work of setting up a VM to run Windows on it. Please don't explain WHY you would go thru all that extra work to do that, and or what it has to do with you still running SONAR and Windows 7?? I don't need to know, because I don't care, 😁 I am no stranger to Tom's Hardware.com. It's a great place to research, umm, new "hardware technology"... ??? Keep abreast of things concerning new computer builds. AMD vs. Intel, new advancements in microchip tech, buss speed- northbridge/southbridge chipsets, SATA 3 vs. M2 PCIe, using USB-C ports to interface Thunderbolt 2 on Windows computers, and DisplayPort to interface Thunderbolt 3, and stuff like that. But I can't remember ever reading anything about safe internet practices or Microsoft's dark & evil practices to take over or manipulate anyone. Mayhap you have Tom's Hardware confused with Facebook or Twitter? 😂😂😂😂
  15. Windows 7 end of life: Months from patch cut-off, millions still haven't upgraded I'd highly advise all Win 7 user's unplugging from the Internet, NOW to be safe. In the past year, the only people I know personally who were victims of hacks and exploits were Win 7 users with all kinds of conspiracy theories convincing themselves of Microsoft's dark intentions of taking them broke and eating their souls, and hacking into their own Registries and antiquated driver packages leaving gaping holes and backdoors large enough for hackers to drive trucks and RV's into. Yep, they are already parking "exploits", and they are gonna have so fun with you self proclaimed "irritating Windows 7 purists" before the end of this coming January you'll most likely theorize Microsoft sold your soul to some 15 year old 3rd world nation to take over your computer and maybe, just maybe start recording from your DAW adding Rap lyrics to all your favorite song projects and posting them on YouTube with some really lude porno with Taylor Swift's head Photoshopped onto some kind of monkey or hairless cat or something, and she'll get mad at you, and you'll spend all your time and energy apologizing to Taylor Swift trying to convince her it's all Microsoft's fault, and won't even notice that the 15 year old from the 3rd world nation used your credit card to buy himself a new Windows 10, or God forbid, a new Mac Pro. 😫 Ya know, the computer that looks like a trash can, but costs as much as a new Toyota? Then you'll be sorry you didn't upgrade to Windows 10 I'll bet ya. Did you know that Windows 10 built in "Defender" is rated on par with all 3rd party virus protection? And...……... Microsoft: Using multi-factor authentication blocks 99.9% of account hacks Staying ahead of the wave is some fine and very cool waters..
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