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  1. and when i die I won't be com'in 'round here no more, I can tell ya that. 🥱💤😴
  2. OMG, I hope I can still have babies after experiencing this Or umm, maybe I don't, too much Chaos to decide one way or ta otter. All I know is I 💘 Jacyn just as much as Laurin! if they really even exist, but you don't care. 😍
  3. Excellent revision of one of my all time favorite boogie tunes that I almost completely forgot about. Much thanks & respect for doing such a fine job of dusting the cobwebs from my brain pan. 😍
  4. Maybe on the Cover of the Rolling Stone? Or not, but it sure couldn't hurt.. 🙏🏼☮
  5. Yeah, I kinda agree about too many instruments & some pretty radical "The Beatles" like panning for my taste's as well, but it's all good & this is a blues jam after all, and this mix was done by Renee Dragoo-Farner's Bandlab crew, and BB King was featured in many live "Mega Jams" on YOUtube. They probably thought I would be offended if they removed some of my tracks and replaced them with their own performances but I don't really care about stuff like that. I'm just happy to create backing tracks that inspire her others enough to belt it out singing into her cellphone or whatever, and keep my "chops" up and flowing. 🤪
  6. 🍺🥃🥂🙏🏼☮
  7. @Wookiee Thanks so MUCH for your kind words Wookie, jamming in CbB & Bandlab with peeps anywhere & any time is about as much fun as I've ever had with or without my clothes on I kin tell ya! 😆🥂🙏🏼
  8. And while we were sleeping.💤😴💤. let the jams forever live on. 🙏🏼☮ And How Blue Can Renee Get?
  9. Thanks for the input Jack. 🙏🏼 Each instrument and part is on it's own track in Bandlab's Mix Editor and can be completely remixed, automated, cut, copied, pasted, and or deleted & replaced, and tweaked to taste with a rather large collection of FX plugins provided and included with the surprisingly powerful box of tools in Bandlab Mix Editor.💪🏻 Please feel free to "fork" it and make it your own and show me what you mean..😎 The Blues belongs to no one. ☮
  10. Thanks much Mark, yeah jamming over the Internet is really a BLAST, it's so much fun & EASY, and you are missing OUT on a LOT. 😢
  11. I found if you record play/sequence each horn part to it's own track and don't go out of the natural range of each horn it really does sound quite authentic. 👍 Even more if you treat each track to a tweaking session with ProChannel and a slight dash of Sonitus Reverb running from an Aux. send to it's own Buss to virtually put the horns in a common "Room". 👍👍 For example, Here's a rough 1st mix of all parts/tracks uploaded to Bandlab Mix Editor, but instead of using Cakewalk's Sonitus Reverb I used Mix Editor's built in reverb on each channel/track. None of it's parameters can be tweaked, but used judicially, it really sounds good for adding "space" and making all of Mix Editor's tracks sound like a full band jamming in the same room. 😎 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
  12. Semi Live jammie presently go'in on & happening on Bandlab. And how blue can YOU GET? All tracked out, mixed & edited in Bandlab's remarkably KICK ***** Mix Editor. 💪🏻 Feel free to jump on in JAM, bend spindle, mutilate and make it your own. da Bluz belongs to NOBODY & EVERYBODY all at the same time. 😉😎🙏🏼 (22) 😎How Blue Can YOU GET🤔? jammies by Emitters | BandLab
  13. Thanks MUCH Noel for you excellent support and informing me of what changes to CbB were made that don't or shouldn't effect the DAW. That alone is a great help for what I feel is getting caught in the middle of a "Perfect Storm" of new updates and changes from not only in the Cakewalk DAW, but Bandlab.com, and near constant bug fixes released Microsoft all at once. It gets overwhelming, like trying to hit moving targets ganging up that are so much faster them me, I can't even tell which direction the next one is coming from, and keep up with commitments. So THANK YOU for even getting back with support, I don't even know how to use Bandlab's new v10.com GUI never mind how get in touch with Bandlab support, LoL, and falsely assumed that you guys were one in the same. And yes I was aware of the rollback installer, but I'm typically gun shy around rolling back from past experiences that at times did NOTHING, and or made the problems worse and just cluttered Windows Reg with more dead end junk. However I did take your advice and installed the latest early release as a last ditch effort before going thru the process of uninstalling CbB, cleaning up all traces the Win Registry & reinstalling manually, and it WORKED!👍 And I'm HAPPY to report I did roughly an hour test run of CbB with out one single issue. YOU GUYS ROCK!
  14. Well that solved ALL of my CbB problems! 👍😎🏆
  15. Yes Windows is up to date, and I religiously do weekly maintenance scans and tasks every Saturday morning.
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