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  1. mcmd

    Moon Over Gotham

    well done...very pro ...very tallanted musicians .... I have one of her CD's in my collection....
  2. Very cool and enjoyable ....nice groove and production elements....
  3. mcmd

    Mangata Mood

    Pure class!
  4. Arc 2.5 blew out at $99 recently and voila ARC 3!
  5. mcmd

    Gift of Faith

    Pro all around!
  6. thanks...but going pass for now...­čĹŹ
  7. hmmm....Getting 'invalid Promo' ....­čśĽ
  8. Tested for a couple of days ......really liked it.....bought it. The compressor is also sweet....but 2 bills is 2 much....waiting for the coupon!
  9. mcmd

    Neunaber Wet Reverb

    Site says $49 or 4 payments of $12.25...maybe I missed something.
  10. mcmd

    RME Babyface Pro

    Rocking V1 for many years...don't think I'll get to the Pro any time soon, as RME keep my drivers up to date and performance and reliability have been great.
  11. mcmd

    Softube Drawmer 1973

    I have it. I like it. Lowest price ever.
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