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  1. I don't know if this would work. A cal file is intended to be specific to a particular mic and compensate for build variability AFAIK,when measured against a reference standard. IK don't supply one with their mic, because I believe, they claim a low variability from unit to unit. I don't know if ARC requires a cal file if you use a different mic. ...this subject probs needs it own thread, as I expect many people took the ARC software and are in the same boat about mic choices.
  2. As I understand it, the Dayton Audio EMM-6 is the same as the ECM8000 and Dayton provide a calibration file .
  3. Zo - how does Sonnox Claro stackup against Pro Q3?
  4. In at the $99 and $199 level...no picks yet...just waiting it out ....thanks Larry!
  5. So sorry guys ...I wasn't logged in....my mistake...I hope I didnt screw you up!
  6. Yup. register your code with IK and you're in at the $99.99 level. 17+ freebies ☺️
  7. AmpliTube SVX 2 $49.99 If you don't have IK product then this is a deal At RecordingSoftware.com https://recordingsoftware.com/product/ik-multimedia-ampeg-svx-download/
  8. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/x-sonible-smart-reverb.html Use this voucher code during checkout! SMART-REVERB-4999 Offer ends September 24, 11:59 PM California Time This is a fixed price offer! The price for this product will not change if you add more plugins to your order. But you will get dynamic discounts of 20-60% on any additional plugins you may purchase.
  9. yup...$110 with $20 voucher in June.
  10. I had an unregistered freebie ($99.99 tier) and got the $199.99 tier for $112 so I'm up to 12 and counting....🤗
  11. I bought Amplitube 5 (value $199.99) and Syntronik Deluxe Upgrade is an available pick for me.
  12. Got the Pro upgrade...Thanks! Studio One user.......don't use midi... also got Cubase when Cake went south....usually grab the Cubase upgrades and hold 'em for the free upgrades later...
  13. Demoed and got Tapeface and The Filkchannel Strip.... extra 10% off Filkchannel with WHITENOISE
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