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  1. mcmd

    Tomorrow Is Today

    Really liked it! Solid melody, arrangement and musicianship. The snare might be a tad harsh to my ears, but really nothing major. Well done!
  2. Totally pro and checks all the boxes for: Song craft Arrangement Musicianship Recording/mixing/mastering
  3. Message Mike via https://www.scuffhamamps.com/support/contact He'll email you the upgrade link for $29.
  4. Thanks everyone for having a listen. I'll pass along the nice comments! Kloon - yes, definitely proud dad here. ZincT - yes, she's got real stage presence and enjoys performing. Jesse - I'll let her know! Song is a cover of artist rihanna's Diamonds song. The piano is just backing track ripped from youtube. Tom - thanks for the kind words.
  5. ...just sharing,,,,,my daughter performing rihanna Diamonds - high school sophomore.
  6. Very tasty chops ......great tone......totally enjoyed this.....
  7. ....wonder if dealers/discounters are included....I would be especially interested in the full version - Drawmer 1973.
  8. I have Jamstix 4 and a couple of the expansion paks. I don't see any upgrade options / pricing to Ultimate, other than new license at $119. Anyone know?
  9. mcmd

    LM2 TC electronics

    .....they got my $19
  10. It appears that the earlier lower price deal is expired (or was a mistake).
  11. HS5 $149.99 https://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha/HS5-Powered-Studio-Monitor.gc HS7 $224.99 https://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha/HS7-Powered-Studio-Monitor.gc HS8 $262.49 https://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha/HS8-Powered-Studio-Monitor.gc
  12. B&H https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/944798-REG/overloud_oldl_ms2_mark_studio_2_bassamp.html $29
  13. mcmd

    cubase 10.5 released

    just registered my 9.5-->10 upgrade to get 10.5.
  14. mcmd

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    I got the 9.5-->10 upgrade during the sale in May and will register it once 10.5 is released.
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