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  1. The drum midi 6 packs can be had for this price as well. thanks for posting!
  2. Yes recordingsoftware set me up with the two reverbs, still waiting on the Groove 3 pass to get ironed out.
  3. Well I did buy from recording software, however upon entering the SN in the Izotope portal I only see Ozone 9 advanced to install. Guess I'll have to chase my tail a bit....
  4. what plug in is that? I can't tell from the pic.
  5. I don't suppose this would qualify for the group buy.
  6. And I had no idea, but now that I know...… Yes!
  7. Glad you said that. It prompted me to find a folder with those and a few other installers I'd purchased. I'm working from a 10 year history on my last computer. Easy to forget what you've purchased over that time period. I should add I did get a smoking hot computer from Jim Roseberry. The Pro NLE variety. Haven't put it through it's paces yet, but it looks great, runs quiet and is certainly setting me up for another long run! Scook, I recall you had a method for moving Rapture samples and such and referencing the move with a link of some sort. I can't think of what you called it. But I'd like to do that if you could direct me to one of those posts please.
  8. Maybe. I'll look sometime when I open up the old computer.... Is there a list anywhere that shows which plug ins came from which versions? currently known missing plugins I need are the PC4K and PC4KS
  9. Wow I had totally missed that. I see now that is the case that the cakewalk version is indeed running as a full version. I didn't even have to add the license. My old computer had two separate installs showing, (though it's possible that both were/are full versions) Cool, Thanks.
  10. Things are going pretty well for me so far. One snag though. I installed Overlouds TH3 full version but I have not figured out how to see it in CbB. I only see the cakewalk version of TH3 Any ideas?
  11. Now that you mention it 64 bit is where I would prefer to stay for the mostpart. Is there a breakdown list anywhere that might delineate when and which plugins from Sonar are 64 bit?
  12. Thanks scook! It's almost clear. When you said "If possible run this install before install CbB." Do you mean for all plugins, or specifically if I wanted to install V-Vocal (which I don't need)? Really I don't feel I need any version of Sonar to be installed, just a large selection of plugins that I know I've used in older projects. Can you even install vsts without some sort of install of either CbB or Sonar?
  13. Long time Sonar user here. I will of course want access to many of the old included plugins. Can I simply install the new Cakewalk by band lab, then go back through the discs and file to install the desired plugins? Or do I need to have Sonar installed first, then the plugins, then Cakewalk?
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