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  1. used these guys for this tune
  2. https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/world-goin-down a new mix from me, this is a groovy tune with acoustic guitars, electric slide, and a bunch of vocal harmonies. will be on an upcoming album re-release. it's a bit different from my latest instrumental releases.
  3. the strat i used on this one
  4. dexter..... morgan.... brother sister, husband wife real life? LOL what a funky uptempo tune... it's a bit bright, but super clear recording. didn't care for the sound of the drum kit tho, the snare is a bit annoying, and cymbals a bit bright too... could be just the kit that's bugging me, but the bass line is so groovy, i tend to forget the snare. LOL, can you change the snare? and back off the cymbals a bit, they are splashy and you can hear the compression working. i watched all of 'dexter', and the season they tagged on years after the fact, i was a micheal hall fan from 'six feet under'
  5. love the intro... so slinky, catches my attention right away. the reason i like it so much, is BECAUSE it's lean! you can hear all the character of each instrument. dig it. nice mix. it'd be super cool, if you could find a way to put a vocal on top of it. in and around it. lean vocal. just like the music.
  6. Ha! Thanks Steve, yea, what else di you want! I kinda feel like the wah was invented for race songs....! LOL my first wah song i learned was white room", Which ain't really racy, but still pretty groovy!
  7. Thank you equality Glad you got to hear this one
  8. Leclerc pole. Home turf. Should be good!
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