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  1. it snowed in the mountains here.
  2. i do not miss the vinyl sound. i DO miss that ritual of opening up the album, taking it out, putting it on the platter, setting the needle, kicking back with the album art, and just listen. for, about, what, 20 minutes?! LOL, then have to get up, flip it, and do it all over again... but i never thought vinyl was very accurate. noisy. and if you didn't have your turntable far enough away, or, in my case, floating in the air riding on a macrame sling, the low end would make the needle jump!! how annoying... i bought a nice Yamaha Natural sound receiver, cd player and tape player set back in 1980, gave it to my parents, 20 years later, i had it back, and still have it! i rip my own albums from my cd collection, and i have a hundred cassettes that STILL play, but no vinyl.
  3. yep, not impressed at all. it's too....average. for a band like the stones, with all that experience, like a self stereotype.
  4. tequila, and some pineapple express (crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian) would be my go to.
  5. last time i went whale watching, i was at the mall.' ba-da-boom! THANKS FOLKS, I'LL BE HERE ALL WEEK.
  6. i always find it's better to go for the sound in your head, rather than emulating another era/style. if you like 70's prog, just use your ears and break down your favorite recordings, as to what was done then. things were a lot simpler in the 70's, because there just were not as many choices. i use plugins that emulate older equipment, using K-18 as a basis for gain structuring. dry drums (except for sections that need bigness, think, pink floyd TIME, and the drum intro...), and favor more mono drums, with hard panning for overheads and toms. smoother sounding guitars, that don't have a lot of high end crunch, and MUCH less gain, more room sounds than actual reverbs or delays. analog style delays for solos, etc. all analog keys. use MOOG sounds and ARP, Yamaha CS80, etc... verb and delays on voices, but with a good amount of predelay.
  7. bats brew


    hey jeff! thanks for the comments yea, i tried to match the arrangement with the actual race... It started with Max Verstappen's car damage, then the drama at Ferrari, and then finally to cap it all off, the late-race Safety Car restart that added to the nerves. start, stop, sprint, buildup, race! LOL
  8. bats brew


    hey thanks so much for the feedback, mark! it helps me dial stuff in, to get impressions back... i never keep the old one, i figure, if i needed to work it some more, it wasn't there yet! yes, i did several things to make this punchier.. i took off the 2-bus compression (which was a SSL style G seried comp, doing very little work)... i took the LA2A compressor off the rhythm guitar buss, and just let them ride on their own.. i took some low bottom out of the bass, moved the low peak from 60hz to 80hz, kick from 50 hz to 100hz (it already had enough at 50) and then tweaked the levels just a bit.
  9. don't practice comprehension much, i see. probably substance related? or other?
  10. pretty much says it all, eh? the question was, 'who's on bass?'
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