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  1. Hi MartinSave Martin S, Glad you like the sound of the guitar. Hi Lynn, I'm happy I made your day, thank you for your kind comments. Hi David, I intended the song to be a warning for my sons about not taking life too seriously but as always I think it was probably a message to myself. Thank you all for listening and for your comments they are really appreciated. best wishes paul
  2. Hi SPAK, Thank you for the great compliment. Hi Congalocke, Thanks for listening. Thank you both for listening and commenting it is really appreciated. regards paul
  3. Hi Andy, Thanks for your kind comments and having a listen. Hi ABull, Thanks for your comments on the mix and the lyrics. Hi Doug, Thanks for listening + with regards to Brexit, I agree with you we should stay in the European Union. Hi Old Jode, Glad you liked the sound of the roads 'keys' and guitars. Thank you all for listening and commenting it is greatly appreciated. regards paul
  4. Hi amiller, I hope your load lightens soon, thanks for the listen and your kind comments. Hi Freddy, I am glad the link worked, I couldn't afford to lose a listener whose on the same life journey as myself - doing music for fun. Thanks for listening and your kind comments about the lyrics. best wishes paul
  5. Hi Bjorn, Thanks for sticking with it and having a listen + thank you for the kind comments on my singing. best wishes paul
  6. Hi Freddy + chuckebaby, Apologies, I have amended the link so hopefully it will work better now + the song will have been worth the wait. best wishes paul
  7. Hi Tom, Thank you for your kind words and having a listen it is really appreciated. best wishes paul
  8. Seasons greetings fellow Cakewalkers, In amoungst all the hustle and bustle see if you can take a listen to my latest song the weight of the world and if you have time to pass a comment or a critique that would also be most welcome. best wishes paul
  9. Hi Mark, Great instrumental which sounds fine to me. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  10. Bob's back in the house everybody! Great video and an excellently produced track - love the hooks, a real halloween fest. Thank s for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  11. Hi Kakku, Nice positive dance tune designed to shock with an abrupt start and ending 😉 Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  12. Hi David, Well played, thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  13. thegaltieribrothers

    Skin Tight

    Hi Bapu, Clean slick mix + seriously sexy rocking tune. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  14. Hi Tom, Great tune verrrry funky! Reminds me of the french group 'Air' - love the bass melodies + brass. The perfect theme tune for a sunny morning in Birmingham UK. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  15. Hi John, Nice song, love the line about getting your feelings burned, very good. Thanks for sharing Good Job! regards paul
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