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  1. Hi BiIly86, It begins unmasking but never completes the process.
  2. Hi reginaldStjohn, Yes but they don't support Cakewalk by Bandlab so I thought I'd see if someone else was experiencing the same issue. Thank you for your reply. regards Paul
  3. I am trying to use the Nectar 3+ Unmask Assistant within a song using the Relay plugin to define the masking source but although the process starts and hears audio, it never completes. Any ideas why or suggestions how to use this feature successfully? regards Paul
  4. Hi, Does anyone know why my Boss ME-80 is greyed out in the audio devices section on both the input and output drivers section whilst my Focusrite 414 is showing ok? I am trying to record via USB from the ME-80, any ideas? regards Paul
  5. Thank you scook + everyone I will try all the solutions mentioned accordingly.
  6. Hi Greg, I am looking to copy the markers in one song to another song. I use a template for creating a song then copy the tracks to a new song but have to do the markers manually instead as one group. No biggy but perhaps if the bakers get bored they could look at these 2 ideas. Thanks for replying.
  7. Hi, Is there a way to copy markers from one track to another like you can drag and drop a midi file from one track to a third folder and then drag it into your new track? Also when removing breaths I use fades and trim to isolate each vocal segment; is there a way to copy the fades and trim from one track to another (e.g. 2 nearly identical vocal takes + one amended with fades and trim which now need to be repeated on the 2nd vocal track). Any guidance on the above 2 scenarios would be greatly appreciated. best wishes paul
  8. Hi Makke, Glad you liked the Pop sound thanks for listening. Hi Larry T, Thanks for your suggestions about extra guitars and piano + thanks for listening. Hi freddy j, Thank you for your kind comments. Thank you all for listening and commenting, it means a lot. best wishes paul
  9. Hi Larry, Lovely relaxing piece of music, very easy to listen to and chill out. Nice chord progressions + instrumentation. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  10. Hi Freddy, Another great fun song with a great story behind it. Loved the twangy guitars they sound so cool. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
  11. Hi David, Glad you liked the song, thanks for listening. Hi Jesse, She might very well return ... in another song. Thank you both for listening and commenting, it means a lot. Best wishes paul
  12. Hi Wookie, A great relaxing piece of music here with excellent chord changes. A sound track to Charlie and the Magic Elevator perhaps. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! best wishes paul
  13. Hi whoisp, Great track well produced and mixed. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! best wishes paul
  14. Hi jack c, Glad you noticed my intentional out of tune notes to give it a more country feel 😉 I left the rhythm arrangement spartan so that the guitar part could ring out clearly but I'll have another listen. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. Hi Tom, Thanks for listening and commenting + your suggestions for a better 3 minute pop mix, it is really appreciated. Hi Bapu, Glad you liked the song + thanks for listening and commenting it means a lot. best wishes paul
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