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  1. A beautiful song and voice! Thanks for posting. Loved the video, too.
  2. geeare1


    I think this is a really catchy song and your vocals are great. Fwiw, I think the song is worth spending more time on if you're not happy with the drums.
  3. geeare1

    eye contact

    Lynn: Hi Lynn, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I've been a fan of your music for a long time and I appreciate the kind comments. I really enjoyed your collaboration with Daryl1968, "Dependence Day". Michael Fogarty: Thanks very much!! I'm mostly interested in the arrangement so this means a lot to me. Max Arwood: Haha! I wish! Thanks very much for the listen and comment. Glad you liked the "vibe".
  4. Really lovely recording of a beautiful tune. Well done!
  5. Great collab guys. Outstanding playing, production and mix. I'm jealous of people who can work this fast. Man, I can't even tune a guitar in the time it took you guys to finish this song. ☹️
  6. Wow, everything about this is fantastic! Amazing job on the recording, production and mix.
  7. I enjoyed this quite a bit. I really like the arpeggio and panning that comes in around 2:20. Excellent!
  8. geeare1

    eye contact

    Makke: Thanks very much, glad you liked it!
  9. I really like this. The title pretty much sums up the overall feel and the heavy guitars were an unexpected but welcome surprise. Nice work!
  10. Very nice! Love the Dick Dale, Ventures vibe.
  11. Hi Bjorn, very nice song, mix and vocal. It's really impressive (to me) that you get such an organic sound using virtual instruments. The fiddle sounds great. I had never heard of Bolder Sounds but I'll have to check them out. Great job!
  12. Wow, this is great! Amazing how the voice over from the 40's sounds like it could be from current politicos. Great mix and arrangement. Loved the 'springy' guitar, the horn lines and, well, everything else.
  13. geeare1

    eye contact

    David Sprouse: Thank you, David. I appreciate the listen and you taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad you liked the song. I enjoyed your tune "Gossip Song". AndyB01: Hi Andy, thanks very much for listening and your kind comments. Much appreciated. User 905133: Thank you User 905133, glad you liked the tune! garybrun: Thanks very much for listening and commenting. You're not the only person who has said this. I need to get over my fear of reverb!
  14. Hi David, cool tune. I really enjoyed the elec. piano changes as well as the brushes on the drums (what did you use for that?). Well done!
  15. geeare1

    eye contact

    Douglas Kirby: Thanks for the listen and for taking the time to leave a comment! Glad you like the tune. I enjoyed your song "Sweet Temptation". Paul Bush: Thank you, Paul. I appreciate the listen and positive comments. Great job on "Fake" btw. Jesse Screed: Thank you, sir! Well, I tried to use my mojo but it wasn't working so "snake charm" was all I had!
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