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  1. Yes, scook, I finally found it. It has the correct path, but the files are *.sth. I'm off to find some newer ones. Thanks a lot, man.
  2. Ok. An update made the old *.sth files incompatible.
  3. Sad to say, the Directory junction did not work either.. Also: I can start the editor from prefs..
  4. I agree. I could not find the key under "Content locations" nor in "Theme"
  5. Thanks a lot. I should be able to find that key, and edit correspondingly. Very much appreciated!
  6. I tried to put a copy of "Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes" on C drive, but the themes in there are still not available. How can I make Cakewalk look for themes there? (Or, preferably on F)
  7. Now I understand why there was a sudden change; I disabled the folder-protection-thing in windows for a second.. That registry operation, though.. Ouch!
  8. Thx a lot, scook. Can I put my other themes in "Cakewalk core"?
  9. ..as I started Cakewalk, it had a hybrid theme, dark and light grey in a mix. I opened prefs/themes, and only tungsten and mercury were available. My Cakewalk content/themes folder is on F: (Has allways been) Strange thing is: Tungsten and mercury are not there. Just the custom ones, including the one i lost are there. There is no "Cakewalk content" folder on my C drive. So where are the available Tungsten and Mercury themes?
  10. Upon touching the jog wheel after activating "scrub", Cakewalk chrashes along with explorer process, and I have to reboot to fix. I'm using built-in Mackie protocol. Halp! It is an Icon QCon pro G2. (Roland Octa-capture. ASIO, Windows 10) Crashes all projects I've tested it on. (Reaper scrubs just fine..)
  11. Can't wait to get home from work and start working on this in stead. Thanks! I'm sure I'll learn something useful.
  12. It has arrived, and I'm picking it up tomorrow. Which one do I choose in this setup?
  13. Thx a bunch! Love the new export dialogue!
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