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  1. I found a way: 1: Speculate for half an hour. 2: Post question on this forum 3: Copy affected clips 4: Delete original clips 5 Paste copied clips back.
  2. I opened an old project to work on it, and it had some clips using V-vocal. That one is long gone. Clips go silent at those bars. Can I save it in any way?
  3. Right-click and choose: "Run as administrator"
  4. That was it, paulo! :) ("Pitch lines" actually.)
  5. I insert Melodyne on marked part of vocalclip. The field for "blobs" are without grid lines. I find these to the left and right of the recorded vocal, but active parts are just white and has no guides or grid. I miss that from earlier versions. Is there a way to "activate" those?
  6. I could never find a good habit of giving descriptive names to project where: -I just wanted to record a chord progression/idea to develop. -I tested a new synth, and like the result, and save it for later. -Other various reasons. I therefore have quite a few projects called "test" and other non-informative titles, because I trusted my memory to be more precise and vivid than it is. Any of yous have a good practice in such cases?
  7. This happens to me as well when using Kontakt. A lot. Default settings suddenly stop working, and I have to change I/O in CBB from "None" to "Omni" It is very random.
  8. I've noticed that too. Lately save time has increased a lot for me. Not sure why.
  9. So , a music score is what I would know as a partiture. That "junkie" example was a bad one from me. Got it from "Naked lunch" By William Borroughs. (The movie. Where he "had to score")
  10. Being norwegian, I know the word "score" from soccer og handball. It is putting the ball in the net. I am confused about the english/american use of that same word. There are "musical score" and junkies "score" in the street. What is meant by a musical/music score?
  11. I've got somethings to learn about the Nova. This was recorded some time ago, and I'm not sure what I went for. Typically I would go for the "deresonate" feature in Nova.
  12. You were all right. I restarted windows. There was a windows update pending. Upon reboot, it all worked fine! Thank you guys a lot!
  13. I ran that one, but it reports no newer versions. I wonder where the update that provides MCU support is? Is it the komplete kontrol app only?
  14. But what updates did you perform? I only got to update the Komplete kontrol appliocation.
  15. What did you update? My only download was for Komplete kontrol application. I can not find any new firmware.
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