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  1. Millzy solved it. All new rig at my cabin-in-the-mountain. I assumed 'Stop at Project End' was "on" by default. Plus after that "paste special" mishap, I was on the wrong track. Thanx a bunch all of you!
  2. Gentlemen. I "pasted special", a lot of bars, and deleted a ton of redundant bars. Still, the project does not stop. I can not find the clip causing this by scrolling to the right. Is there a way to find the (to me invisable) thing after project endpoint?
  3. My father-in-law passed and left us a fantastic cabin in the mountains. I bought a cheap laptop, and a Steinberg UR 28. That took me out of my comfort zone, and I recorded that song to get to know the new pine covered room on the 2nd floor. A sweet experience with a minimum of plugins. Up there I have a weak 4G coverage, so pluginsblablabla.. I have a new stationary PC coming sometime the next week. Hmm I exceeded max filesize. Wasnt meant for youtube, but I had to:
  4. I do not have 4k, but some plugins have weird resolution on fonts.
  5. I will highly recommend DaVinci resolve. It is free if you can live without some advanced functions. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
  6. Thank you very much, everybody. Andy: I used two guitars: The one you see, is a Martin GPCPA 1 and out of sight, is a Martin D15M. I might have, at least I wanted to, use an ukulele: That is some Ibanez model. The bass is a Sandberg electra VS4, and the color is "Creme"
  7. Thank you, David. I used to. Nowadays, I've got a real job , and do not gig much live. It happens from time to time.
  8. Any pointers, hints and constructives are highly welcome.
  9. Change "power settings" from "balanced" to "performance" https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027067/windows-10-how-to-adjust-power-and-sleep-settings
  10. I received a guitar track from a guitarist with an idea he said was recorded at 120 bpm. So I imported the file, and inserted some midi drums.. Was not quite 120 bpm. I then dragged the "irregular" guitartrack onto the timeline. ...calculating.. And I now had a slightly different AND dynamic tempo map. Drums following nicely. Only tried it once, so I am insecure. I never could imagine this would be possible. Is it? Or am I experiencing a lucky coincidence?
  11. The Samsung has an excellent clone program that has worked flawless for me twice. I cloned the system drive those times.
  12. Just out of the blue, the transport stopped working on my Komplete kontrol A61 today. Thats my story of MIDI. Working fine one day, The next day, no joy. (No sound, no sync, must assign different channel etc..) And today; no working transport controls. I just don't get it. It is very frustrating. I tried un ticking "disable handshake" re-ticking it without any change. I know I did not touch it. What is going on? Edit: Updating MMcl now with the October 19, 2019 edition. Thanks msmcleod. I hope it works.. Edit#2 It did.
  13. Nevermind the tips about gear. Tezza's advice is what you need. Gear is the least critical regarding your question. Eliminate as much room reverb as possible when recording. Learn eq and compression. Then you can add a controllable reverb. I have made recordings on acoustic guitar both on expensive and more affordable mics. The technique is allways more critical than the price of the mic.
  14. Anders Madsen


    1000 takk! :)
  15. Anders Madsen


    I'm using toontrack drums. Choosing the kit is allways a challenge for me, and most of the times, I'm sure there is a better choice in there. Plus they rarely get any attention other than their preset mix and volume. Yes, Ken Hensley of Uriah heep. :) Shooting b-roll for such a thing can be a real chore, so unless I get an obvious idea, I don't prioritize it. Video is mostly there so I can put it on facebook. :) Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your input.
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