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  1. If I power up my Icon Qcon console after I started Cakewalk, Cakewalk offers to add it. I Answer "Yes" and some spinning icon indicates loading. It is added, but it does not work. So I have to restart Cakewalk. Is this an (old) bug, or am I missing some essential setting somewhere?
  2. Wow! That was easy! I did not expect it to be that smooth. Finally I have Cakewalk on a NVMe SSD 2TB. This is comfortable.
  3. A junction might be a solution. Still I do not understand why projects fail to load vst's; or what is the point of the global list in the plugin manager?
  4. I installed one more hard drive, and the old F: is now H: So I corrected letter/path in the plugin manager. (And prefs/folder locations) But it seems my old projects don't care about that, and the vst's fail to load from F: (Because they are not there anymore) I do not/can not change drive letters now. Is there an an easy/smart way to fix the issue?
  5. This could be an example. I want tracks 2, 3, 5 and six to start at the same time as track one for when I export them. So that the recipient can drag them into his DAW with no regard of sync. Just put them in there.. I will export the separate tracks as wave files, and send them to somebody. I consider Scook's latest answer to be the the one I was looking for: "When exporting tracks and buses they default to starting at 0 regardless of where the first clip is located but it is possible to make a time-based selection either before opening the export dialog and/or in the export dialog itself too." Because: I didn't know that.
  6. Is the "Export tracks/buses starting at 0" a choice I can tick at export? (Because, If I start recording at the chorus, the recipient has do do some manual/visual sync) I intend to export the tracks, and send them to others who are not using Cakewalk. But they want to import the wavefiles for each track.. It is not complicated. I have done this by recording a tiny amount at the start, and "bounce to track" It did the trick..
  7. I am NOT starting playback or downbeats at zero. Never did. I just want the clips to start at zero, so I can export them, and then the recipient won't have to worry about sync.
  8. I just need all the clips to start at the same time.
  9. Sometimes I need all tracks in a project to start at bar zero. Even if nothings happen in the first bars. I saw this done once in another DAW, and the operation was named "Consolidate" or smth.. I can do this by starting a short, empty recording from beginning, and bounce. Is there another way that I've missed?
  10. I have also seen this from time to time. Also during recording; The recorded track is then behind the rest of the project when this happens.
  11. Thanks. I agree. He is an amazing bassplayer. I'll be sure to let him know. I was a fan of their song (which is NOT "Easy"/this one) for over a week until I realized he was my neighbour.
  12. ..and I had to play it over and over again. I contacted the band to ask if it was ok if I made a cover. He said yesofcourse etc.. and followed up with: "I can see your house from my window" Long story short: I invited him over for some home made craft beer and to play bass on this one:
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