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  1. Just to make sure: It is not enough to add a midi track. You must add a soft synth to that track. I never add a midi track, going straight for the synth/piano/drums or whatever midi instrument I want, which will be added as a midi track.
  2. First: You don't need the "Control-a-daw" This is only if you have the Komplete kontrol keyboard. (I have the Komplete kontrol A61, listed there) In your dialogue, the Casio should appear, when connected to USB. If you don't want the sound of the Casio piano, you should not record as Audio. This will be using the sound of a soft synth installed as a midi instrument plugin. (In that case, you must connect via USB, and choose the keyboard in the dialogue box in picture.) Using the control/transport keys is another question. I will not try to answer that, as I don't know Casio products.
  3. If recording audio, you should connect your Casio into your soundcard, and not use the USB. If recording MIDI (connected to USB), the keyboard would appear here: (where you must tick the radiobox.)
  4. Low resolution, unreadable fonts. Edit: I used bad example. Outdated software..
  5. I'm sure you are right. Kick/Bass is my weak/blindspot. :)
  6. Thanx, gentlemen! Well guess who's old Yamaha yamaha hs5's had activated a highpass filter at 100hZ. Has been since I bought them eons ago. No wonder I never had the need for bass traps.
  7. Nice, and yes: Tangerine dream-ish. In a good way. Nice and firm bass on my new JBL's, which I'm-still-learning-to-understand. The bass-side of things is a new challenge for me these days, and this was a promising hear-through.
  8. Thanx Bjørn! What speakers are you using?
  9. Took some time because a back injury prevents me from sitting down much, and I'm not very familiar with this kind of instrumentation: Electric guitars. Oh! I allso have a new set of monitors that were not "marginally different" from my old ones. Salesman told me they were. (Old: Yamaha HS5, New: Jbl 305P MkII)
  10. Millzy solved it. All new rig at my cabin-in-the-mountain. I assumed 'Stop at Project End' was "on" by default. Plus after that "paste special" mishap, I was on the wrong track. Thanx a bunch all of you!
  11. Gentlemen. I "pasted special", a lot of bars, and deleted a ton of redundant bars. Still, the project does not stop. I can not find the clip causing this by scrolling to the right. Is there a way to find the (to me invisable) thing after project endpoint?
  12. My father-in-law passed and left us a fantastic cabin in the mountains. I bought a cheap laptop, and a Steinberg UR 28. That took me out of my comfort zone, and I recorded that song to get to know the new pine covered room on the 2nd floor. A sweet experience with a minimum of plugins. Up there I have a weak 4G coverage, so pluginsblablabla.. I have a new stationary PC coming sometime the next week. Hmm I exceeded max filesize. Wasnt meant for youtube, but I had to:
  13. I do not have 4k, but some plugins have weird resolution on fonts.
  14. I will highly recommend DaVinci resolve. It is free if you can live without some advanced functions. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
  15. Thank you very much, everybody. Andy: I used two guitars: The one you see, is a Martin GPCPA 1 and out of sight, is a Martin D15M. I might have, at least I wanted to, use an ukulele: That is some Ibanez model. The bass is a Sandberg electra VS4, and the color is "Creme"
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