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  1. The Samsung has an excellent clone program that has worked flawless for me twice. I cloned the system drive those times.
  2. Just out of the blue, the transport stopped working on my Komplete kontrol A61 today. Thats my story of MIDI. Working fine one day, The next day, no joy. (No sound, no sync, must assign different channel etc..) And today; no working transport controls. I just don't get it. It is very frustrating. I tried un ticking "disable handshake" re-ticking it without any change. I know I did not touch it. What is going on? Edit: Updating MMcl now with the October 19, 2019 edition. Thanks msmcleod. I hope it works.. Edit#2 It did.
  3. Nevermind the tips about gear. Tezza's advice is what you need. Gear is the least critical regarding your question. Eliminate as much room reverb as possible when recording. Learn eq and compression. Then you can add a controllable reverb. I have made recordings on acoustic guitar both on expensive and more affordable mics. The technique is allways more critical than the price of the mic.
  4. Anders Madsen


    1000 takk! :)
  5. Anders Madsen


    I'm using toontrack drums. Choosing the kit is allways a challenge for me, and most of the times, I'm sure there is a better choice in there. Plus they rarely get any attention other than their preset mix and volume. Yes, Ken Hensley of Uriah heep. :) Shooting b-roll for such a thing can be a real chore, so unless I get an obvious idea, I don't prioritize it. Video is mostly there so I can put it on facebook. :) Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your input.
  6. Anders Madsen


    I did not check it out on laptop speakers. I have no such experience on the Yamaha monitors. I have no clue on how to mix for iPhones, tablets or laptops. I've read an article about it, but it did not stick. I'm way to old school. Thanks a bunch for your input, Mark. :)
  7. Anders Madsen


    I've arranged an old favourite of mine for guitar. Original is piano only, and made by Ken Hensley / Uriah heep. Any pointers are welcome.
  8. I found a way: 1: Speculate for half an hour. 2: Post question on this forum 3: Copy affected clips 4: Delete original clips 5 Paste copied clips back.
  9. I opened an old project to work on it, and it had some clips using V-vocal. That one is long gone. Clips go silent at those bars. Can I save it in any way?
  10. Right-click and choose: "Run as administrator"
  11. That was it, paulo! :) ("Pitch lines" actually.)
  12. I insert Melodyne on marked part of vocalclip. The field for "blobs" are without grid lines. I find these to the left and right of the recorded vocal, but active parts are just white and has no guides or grid. I miss that from earlier versions. Is there a way to "activate" those?
  13. I could never find a good habit of giving descriptive names to project where: -I just wanted to record a chord progression/idea to develop. -I tested a new synth, and like the result, and save it for later. -Other various reasons. I therefore have quite a few projects called "test" and other non-informative titles, because I trusted my memory to be more precise and vivid than it is. Any of yous have a good practice in such cases?
  14. This happens to me as well when using Kontakt. A lot. Default settings suddenly stop working, and I have to change I/O in CBB from "None" to "Omni" It is very random.
  15. I've noticed that too. Lately save time has increased a lot for me. Not sure why.
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