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  1. They don't do the same thing. I use Melodyne as a region Fx to reduce the impact of AT when AT does a lot, and sounds like AT. If its me, I'm more likely to do it over again.
  2. Sorry, I could not reproduce it today, with a single voicetrack. I dare not test any other projects with work put into it. I do remember that there was no option to send/save chrashdump. I could save, restart Cakewalk and continue, although that took som waiting in between hung states.
  3. I'm almost certain that Melodyne will chrash if you put it on part of a track that has Autotune as an insert. Disabling autotune before adding Melodyne has helped in more than four-ish instances on my system.
  4. I've used an A&H ZED 10fx. It has USB, and works just like any other interface. I'm not quite sure, but I think I used ASIO4ALL drivers. Only downside was the max bitrate of 16 bit.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up, wookiee. It is still available, so I do not understand the reason. I tried to upload, but exeeded some size limit. Edit: I understand now: It was "friends only"
  6. Mike in video might not necessary reflect microphone used during recording. Also: string arrangement is based on the guitar chords. There is one "-5th" or two in there that I might regret. https://www.facebook.com/658586264/videos/10158844635606265/
  7. scook! Not all heroes wear capes!
  8. And what disk should I clean to improve performance? (They are both quite crowded)
  9. Yes, now it happened again. Brand new computer. I havent touched shit since I set up the Korg Nano kontrol. But today, any trace of it is gone. I give up. I'm throwing it in the thrash.
  10. It has always been like this. For ages. On any computer, using any control surface in 12 Tones cakewalk, Cakewalk, Cakewalk Sonar Cakewalk by Bandlab. On several generations on computers, from 386 via pentiums until today. MIDI control surfaces has tedeous setups, and suddenly and out of nowhere, they just dissapear. And I have to go through the process again. (Including searcing forums for ancient threads) What makes these (protocol?) so fragile??
  11. Just to make sure: It is not enough to add a midi track. You must add a soft synth to that track. I never add a midi track, going straight for the synth/piano/drums or whatever midi instrument I want, which will be added as a midi track.
  12. First: You don't need the "Control-a-daw" This is only if you have the Komplete kontrol keyboard. (I have the Komplete kontrol A61, listed there) In your dialogue, the Casio should appear, when connected to USB. If you don't want the sound of the Casio piano, you should not record as Audio. This will be using the sound of a soft synth installed as a midi instrument plugin. (In that case, you must connect via USB, and choose the keyboard in the dialogue box in picture.) Using the control/transport keys is another question. I will not try to answer that, as I don't know Casio products.
  13. If recording audio, you should connect your Casio into your soundcard, and not use the USB. If recording MIDI (connected to USB), the keyboard would appear here: (where you must tick the radiobox.)
  14. Low resolution, unreadable fonts. Edit: I used bad example. Outdated software..
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