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  1. Thanks a lot, gentlemen! My worry is that my recordings sound to low after print, and Its a little struggle to get it loud enough without clipping. I somehow manage everytime, but it is kinda uncomfortable, and often with (visible) clipping. I use a Roland Octa-capture by the way.
  2. I allways has to crank it to 10/11 o'clock to get a decent listening level when working with CbB. But if I forget it, I'll get shocked by other sources such as youtube, og FB videos. So I wonder; what is your "normal" setting for the volume knob?
  3. Thx, guys! Any tricks on filming, focusing, syncing etc. is very welcome.
  4. Worked on this at two locations. Guitar tracking didn't make it to the video. Its a Gibson SG standard on a Victory V 30. Working alone on video outdoors is not recommended: Batteries dying, invisible mousepointer, inaudible sync track, camera resetting itself, tripod sinking in the mire etc.. I recommend loud, though. https://youtu.be/EbMx3Sf8Dn4
  5. Yes? Just as in both DaVinci resolve and Lightroom.
  6. A couple of programs (DaVinci Resolve and Lightroom) I use that has an export function, also offer "Open file location" after export. (Lightroom opens that folder automatically after export) As I often need the exported file to use with film projects, I would love to see that in Cakewalk.
  7. Finally I can just restart CW after a chrash without rebooting PC! Old-ish Roland Octa-capture never gets driver update.
  8. They don't do the same thing. I use Melodyne as a region Fx to reduce the impact of AT when AT does a lot, and sounds like AT. If its me, I'm more likely to do it over again.
  9. Sorry, I could not reproduce it today, with a single voicetrack. I dare not test any other projects with work put into it. I do remember that there was no option to send/save chrashdump. I could save, restart Cakewalk and continue, although that took som waiting in between hung states.
  10. I'm almost certain that Melodyne will chrash if you put it on part of a track that has Autotune as an insert. Disabling autotune before adding Melodyne has helped in more than four-ish instances on my system.
  11. I've used an A&H ZED 10fx. It has USB, and works just like any other interface. I'm not quite sure, but I think I used ASIO4ALL drivers. Only downside was the max bitrate of 16 bit.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up, wookiee. It is still available, so I do not understand the reason. I tried to upload, but exeeded some size limit. Edit: I understand now: It was "friends only"
  13. Mike in video might not necessary reflect microphone used during recording. Also: string arrangement is based on the guitar chords. There is one "-5th" or two in there that I might regret. https://www.facebook.com/658586264/videos/10158844635606265/
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