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  1. Judging by the maturity of your post, umm, sorry, but how old are you? And why do you post immature posts like that on other forum users behalf? How many professional EDM artists do you know that's using Cakewalk mainly to produce? Not even Ilan Bluestone use it any more. He switch to Live AFAIK. You might want to take a look at: https://equipboard.com/c/daw?sort=most-used Yeah, that's how popular Cakewalk is in general, all genres considered, among professionals. So before throwing out immature comments, you might want to check your facts. I've never said Cakewalk is not used by professionals. I'm using Cakewalk, and many others do too. But I don't know one other professional EDM producer that actually use Cakewalk for his or hers productions. Only reason why I'm still stuck with Cakewalk is because I'm familiar with the workflow. But if it doesn't work properly, it's better to invest time in learning the workflow of some other DAWs. And you might be surprised how fast (real) professional producers work. My reply to another user, which you could not handle, describes exactly this. This is a fact. Professional music producers will not take it slow and "wait for the DAW" on every move they make, they just won't. Maybe you do, but professionals don't. They work fast. Also, consider that I'm talking about EDM producers mainly. Music producers who are using Cakewalk for multitracking live instruments or hardware triggered by MIDI, does not work like EDM producers do, it is a different workflow and I've done both (both hardware via MIDI and a only software environment). For the moment, I'm working entirely in the box, with software. Do you think Cakewalk can do the following in the video? And these techniques are often used by EDM producers. Also, look at how he works. He's taking it easy and "slow" for the video's sake, I assure you that. When he's producing on his own, I'm very sure he works it a lot faster. I just can't work this fast in Cakewalk, because if I do, it will crash again, and again, and again. So I'm taking it easy already.:
  2. It is correct that I'm trying to work fast. I can't sit and take it easy, I have deadlines to meet. I would say, that if Cakewalk can't handle a fast workflow, it is definitely not for professionals. Then it is for beginners and hobbyists that's using it for fun and doesn't have deadlines to meet and such. A professional DAW will certainly allow a fast workflow. If you're on the professional end of music production, then you very well know how the DAWs are worked by your fellow professional producers. It's click, click, click, click, click.. it goes fast. Same for graphics production, 3D, architecture in CAD, or whatever that professionals are working with, they're working fast. If the software they're using can't handle it, they simply wont use it. And I'm moving towards that decision with Cakewalk more and more as these problems are not solved in the software. Maybe there is a reason for why Cakewalk is very rarely used by professional EDM producers. SONAR was still used by also EDM producers in 2000-2010 (or something like that), but even those few went over to other DAWs in the end, ending up with Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reaper, etc. Cakewalk simply could not keep up with what EDM producers need, and can't to this date. Although, this is a bad decision by those who are in charge, because the number of EDM producers will only increase with time. So Cakewalk is unfortunately loosing shares by ignoring those genres. It's a pity!
  3. Yeah, by the way. Why not mention the one where the entire automation lane is deleted just because you try to delete one little node. This happens often when there's not many nodes there yet. But it doesn't matter if there's like 5-6, if you delete one, there goes the entire damn automation. And to get it back, you'll have to go through automation hell again, according to my previous post.
  4. Just gonna throw it out here while I'm at it. I'm so tired of all the bugs with the automation in Cakewalk! It is more or less a working hell. I could make a list with all the bugs, but I just don't have the time and want to take the effort right now. One is that when you have an automation lane and you do an UNDO, and then a REDO, then the automation lane that was undone, will not pop back up again. So in best case, you will have to add a new lane, which will NOT be the lane that should be added back with the redo but rather something else like Volume or Pan, and then you have to chose the correct parameter for the automation. This is in the best case. In some cases you can't even select the automation lanes that's already there (but not visible more than on the track) in the shortlist (it sits there VISIBLE, but is greyed out and NOT selectable), but you have to go all the way through all the menus and find the automation lane that you have to add, and add it manually, AGAIN. This can be a little hell with maybe a hundred parameters to choose from, sometimes perhaps even more. In worst case, you can't do a damn thing and you just can't get the automation back and you can't add it back no matter what you do. It just sits there on the track, but you cannot get it back to an automation lane, no matter if you add it manually. Then you have to redo everything. Another is when automation lanes just disappear completely. Very nice. A third one is when the automation lane is for some weird reason just stuck up in the lane, and you have to add it AGAIN manually if you want to change something. Worst case scenario, the lane is up in the track, but you can't do a damn thing with it, as you cannot even add it manually. Four, automation ghosting (yeah, there's a whole thread about this... ..no wait, there's more than one). Five, automation lane doesn't trigger the plugin and one have to enable, disable, enable, disable etc. a number of times for it to react. This also happens from time to time. That Cakewalk crashes a number of time each day does not even have to be mentioned. I guess I have 5-10 crashes/freezes a day. On a good day maybe I get away with a couple of crashes/freezes. On a bad day, when there's automation corruption, it's just a freakin' hell. Not least when it takes for ever to open up the project again. This is automation in Cakewalk 2024. It has been like this since I started to use Cakewalk "by Bandlab". Which means, for years now! No fix, nothing. It's just the same. CWPA 9.03 work just perfectly, although it didn't have VSTi functionality and such, but for MIDI it was great. Cakewalk might work fine for rock, pop, country or other genres where you use MIDI and use the DAW for multitracking, and volume mixing, a compressor here and there. But for EDM and extensive/heavy automation work and complex routings, not so much.
  5. I'm not mentioning this to start a p__sing match, but it is the truth and I'm quite sure this is one of the reasons that this problem even exist in Cakewalk. In a DAW where you need to do extensive automation work, with maybe tens- or even hundreds of thousand users, no problems like this would be allowed to continue. And I think this might be the reason for why it is like this. Firstly, this problem might not be that big for the average Cakewalk user, since Cakewalk is not mainly used by EDM artists. This is a fact and can be checked on various sites. Secondly, even if there comes reports of these problems, as from me, right here, also replicated by another user (see earlier in this thread), it will not be prioritized by the devs., much due to the first fact, that the average Cakewalk user doesn't do as much automation as EDM artists do. This is just a fact and yeah... bummer for those who do EDM. And of course all the different DAW's are aimed to the different type of producers, so it is what it is. Cakewalk can do fantastic stuff that some other DAW's can't. I'm just using the wrong DAW for what I need and I can only blame myself actually. But I'm very used to how Cakewalk works and I loved it in the 90's when doing lots of MIDI work with hardware. That is where Cakewalk excels really, MIDI with hardware, and not mainly extensive VSTi and audio editing/manipulating work. I don't think this is a mouse problem, because there are problems happening here that should not even be possible. Automation should be designed so this simply can't happen, because if it is designed so this Can happen, then automation is completely worthless. So I can't think of anything else than that this is a bug or a automation design problem simply. There are actually also quite a few other automation problems in Cakewalk. It is simply not functioning as it should.
  6. Me too, and the automation works most of the times (otherwise I would have stopped using Cakewalk of course), but eventually there are problems and that is when it becomes unusable. Nobody can work properly under those conditions when you have to do extensive detective work to fix problems that should not be there in the first place. Problems that need to be fixed in order to even be able to play audio (no audio is even played when the automation is corrupted, only a harsh click from the audio engine when trying to play). This problem has already been replicated by another user if you check the history in this thread. So the problem is not exclusive to me.
  7. Unfortunately not the entire project, however, I can strip it down and save the "corrupted" automation part. I will have to do this as soon as I find time.
  8. This automation hell continues! Whenever I'm doing more heavy automation work, this problem happens! Too bad I don't have time to strip down projects and send things... Cakewalk itself make this almost impossible since all my extra time is spent on handling "bugs" and crashes and what not. I hope this will be fixed in the new Sonar! I guess this happens more to me than others, since I do more heavy automation work due to working with EDM. Cakewalk is mainly for other genres than EDM I'm afraid
  9. Thanks for the tips! I actually didn't know any of these features! I tried to right click in the track pane on certain tracks to see the "Associated Audio Files" but couldn't find it in the menu. Then I discovered that I had to right click in the clips pane instead I hope we'll get a feature in the future, when one can search for a certain clip name and Cakewalk takes you to it and highlight/select it automatically. That could be quite useful in some situations in large projects!
  10. I actually did that too, but got the same results. I'm not sure why many waves, not used in the project, are still listed. This project have some corruptions in it though, so that might be one reason. It seems almost like there are "hidden" tracks and what not.
  11. Thanks man! Just tried it out and it actually works on the new .cwp files too! At least it does on mine. However, the list of audio files seems still be the same as when one list the files in the browser inside Cakewalk. Thus displaying also unused audio files in the project (audio files that ones was used in the project but where the clips themselves have been deleted from the tracks, but not the audio file itself in the audio folder). I wish there were some feature to display only the files that are actually used in the project, and not least making the names of those clips popping back up in the timeline as markers.
  12. So, when you import samples and put them onto the audio tracks by dragging .wav files into Cakewalk, the clips get the filename as "clip names". All these imported clips are then also placed as markers on the timeline and can be seen in the list of markers. I've deleted all those clip names from the list of markers to clean it up, but now I'd like to have all the clips used in the project listed in the list of markers. Is it possible to somehow force Cakewalk to list all the clips and thus placing the names of them back in the list of markers, by a push of a button so to speak? AND/OR is it possible to list all "active" clips used in the project? It is possible to list the audio files in the project folder, although it will list everything, even those clips that were deleted from the project. I'd just want to list the clips that are placed on the tracks.
  13. I will strip it down as soon as I get a chance here! Got to finish everything else here first, I'm behind too much already as it is. The other day I had to revert back several hours of work because the project got unusable. Couldn't find the culprit either. Had to open up an older auto-save. Pain in the ...
  14. I'm so tired of this ****... the more automation lanes I add the more it crackles and clicks and pops. There's no logic to it what so ever. It just keeps clicking and popping at the start of the clips suddenly and so forth. There's nothing wrong with the clips them selves. They played just fine before. But when automation lanes are added, it just bugs out... a total nightmare. Is unworkable. I really hope the devs can take a look at this. I'm sure many have these problems without even noticing it, because in the middle of the mix when everything is playing its not always easy to detect these clicks and pops, even though they are there. I guess there are many bounces these are present in, and can be heard when they're listened to reeeeally carefully. The problem is the more automation is added the more crackle, clicks and pops and it just destroys the sound. Unfortunately, it's on the final bounce too... not only when playing in Cakewalk. A complete nightmare. Project after project when there's "too much" automation I guess.. whatever "too much" is. This is not even a huge project. It's not small, but not huge either, it's about 60+ tracks.
  15. Still not had time to strip the project down since I'm still working on it, but I have a small update. I've discovered that when there already are several automation lanes, and a new one is added in any other place than at the bottom of these, it gets all weird. When adding a new automation lane somewhere in between the ones that's already there, Cakewalk gets really confused and the automation lanes are re-assigned and creates a real mess. I've discovered this many times before in several other projects, but didn't care too much about it since I just used UNDO and put the automation lane at the bottom instead. Of course, this should also work correctly. All in all, with all the problems, I guess there's something fundamentally wrong with the automation part of Cakewalk, which causes a lot of damage and bugs and what not. That whole section should probably be looked at by the devs. When I think about it, most problems I've had with Cakewalk, actually comes from "bugs", or whatever to call them, with the automation part of the software. This was never a problem with MIDI CC sends/sysex and so forth in the earlier days, that just worked fine. Automation, less so, unfortunately.
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