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  1. Just a quick update, plus a question about splitting clips to the notes, so a clip with several notes are automatically split into one clip for each note and is adjusted to be the length of a note too? Is this possible? I can only chose to snap to "measures" in the split-dialog. Anyhow. There's another way to do MIDI note warping too, although it is much harder to control how you want it all, plus that it will be a bit backwards. If you put Time Base to "Absolute" (no need to lock the clips), you can then adjust the tempo curve (although you'd need to speed it up in order for the clips to come apart (and slow down)), and when you've done that you change back the Time Base to "Musical" and then you can delete the tempo automation. This will then result in moved clips according to the adjusted tempo. It might be useful for some cool effects, although the first method by bvideo is much easier for the task of decelerating and accelerating.
  2. My notes actually stayed the same (they were not time streteched), just as I want it to be. However, if one would need to stretch the notes accordingly, maybe one could lock "Data" too? I can try. Yeah exactly. The mathematic perfection is there, so it can be streched as needed and the notes move up and down as needed too in case one need a melody. Yeah tedious but at least it's something if one does not want to install Reaper. This is great!
  3. Haha yeah! WOW! THAT worked! Worked like a charm! fantastic! Midi notes distributed perfectly! Thanks so much! Very well done! 👍👍👍
  4. Ohhh, that I must try!! A little more work, but could be rewarding! Note length doesn't matter much as that can easily be corrected later with the length setting. I'll report back soon.
  5. Alright, just tried this! I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I set the time base to "Absolute" in the MIDI clip properties, then I clear the tempo track data I've drawn for the deceleration as I wanted it. And then the track plays at the normal tempo again, but the MIDI clip have not been streched/warped anything, it's still just as I've drawn in the notes there. With other words, the MIDI clip stays the same as it was before, and no redistribution of the notes have taken place.
  6. This sounds VERY interesting and might do what I need! I will try this at once! I'll let you know if this work as soon as I'm finished!
  7. Yes I know this, but as mentioned before, I need the track to run the same tempo. I need deceleration and acceleration for an effect, while everything else is playing at a set tempo. What I CAN do, is to do this in another project, use the tempo track as I've mentioned before, record what I need, and then put back the audio file in the main project. However, I want to be able to do this for several tracks and I also want to be able to adjust this in real time without this procedure. But, I've now learned there is no such feature in Cakewalk, nor plugin, so that's it, then I know. I'll have to do this by other means.
  8. Okay, if I put it this way. I want one MIDI track(or clip) to slow down gradually, while the rest is playing constantly at the same speed. Also, I want to be able to do the same thing and accelerating. Now, this can be used for lots of stuff, and one is to create FX. I'm talking about accelerando and rallentando here, quite basic things in music really. And in my case, not for the whole project, which the tempo track would solve, but for certain MIDI clips only
  9. What do you mean by note values? I'm talking about the positioning of the notes, the position in time.
  10. And just to clarify, I do not want to alter the tempo of the project, it is important that the tempo is steady throughout the song. I only want to do a gradual tempo change (decelerating, or accelerating) on the MIDI notes on one MIDI track only. I do not want to evenly drag out the MIDI clip to adjust tempo. I want to "warp" it so the beginning of the clip stays the same, and the further away you get from the first note in the MIDI clip, the longer space between the notes, thus creating a deceleration effect. And the same thing the other way around, for accelerating.
  11. I mean like the "Mutli tool" does for Reaper, a script that can warp the midi notes, like this: Source: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=176878
  12. I want the melody slowing down gradually, not by altering the project's tempo, but rather having the midi notes moved apart accordingly.
  13. Yes, but that only drags everything apart. I need deceleration, and/or acceleration.
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