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  1. Ahh yes. So its not necessarily a wet dry control, it's more of a knob to mix the plug in with the original signal.
  2. I like this idea. Objective- I find moving automation nodes to be some of the most difficult work. Unless you are zoomed in full scale and have a track fully expanded it is nearly impossible to make pin point accurate on node placements. Non objective- If we find ourselves needing to place nodes in the perfect spot down to the precise element of a fraction of a millisecond, the problem is us really. Sometimes we need to just call it a day and throw a node in there. Its not going to make a lot of difference between a millisecond. However, i like the idea. Good stuff.
  3. you are correct, FX chains can and do control parameters, but unless every manufacturer assigns the same wet/dry parameters to each plug in or somehow has a code name to interact with the learn function, its just a mixed bowl of salad.
  4. Rather than applying trimming..have you instead tried Bounce to clips ? Its the same thing as Apply trimming. Might fix your issue here.
  5. The problem isn't really within cakewalk but more windows itself. Windows does not allow certain special characters to be used in file names and once a track is stored within the project folder, files are listed by track names. I could be slightly wrong here, but i dont think i am.
  6. Would be nearly impossible to implement as you would need the code for every plug in out there and no developers will do that. I do love the idea though, its just impossible for 3rd party plug ins.
  7. what OS are you using and when was the last time you ran Windows update ?
  8. Using Windows 10 ? try WASAPI exclusive for your driver mode. Once i read, plug and play, no drivers need for any product, i run. All good products create their own drivers and keep them updated. Companies that don't do that, often reply on ASIO4ALL or onboard WASAPI. More or less because they don't want to be bothered or responsible for having to pay a software development vendor to keep up with their product.
  9. Now that LUFS has become the industry standard for streaming content, Cakewalk would really benefit from adding in a professional built in meter. I know this thread is about VU meters but I'm strictly talking about a hybrid meter that could be designed by Cakewalk for use in the mixing/mastering stages. Giving readings for Peak/RMS, LUFS, The K-system and VU. Personally i use Youlean for all my mastering work.
  10. Bingo !! Thats what i did. Set up special hot keys for REW/FF like the old tape decks
  11. there are so many questions here im not sure where to begin except to say, check out the manual and watch some videos. I went from Pro audio 9 to Sonar 7 and then 8, 8.5 then X1 was the big change, it was a whole new design it took me a while to figure out what was what but once i did, the work flow is 10 times easier then it was back then.
  12. In the future.. I believe (but not sure) in preferences you can change the setting to have each take put in a separate track vs the same track in lanes. See "Store takes in separate tracks" For previously recorded content, i believe shift drag to a new track maybe the only solution.
  13. I believe this is the limitation of the mackie. you must have stereo outputs 1+2 together and routed directly to 1 stereo track. I have a Mackie Pro FX 12 I used to use for drum monitoring and it has the same USB option (stereo output L/R only) through USB.
  14. I should know better than to challenge you to a game of Cakewalk . I'll lose every time.
  15. Oh i got yea. Thanks bud. Never even knew that existed.
  16. It doesnt say.. Remove lane though does it ? i thought the tool tip said Automation lane ON / Automation lane OFF I suppose i could see this as confusing, i always just took it as the lane was either open/on or closed/off.
  17. Where does it say "Remove automation lane" ?
  18. Im not sure if this will work or not... but you could make a copy of the file... Change the EXT of the file name from.WRK to.CWP. As i said, im not even sure it will work but if it is an extension issue, this might solve it. As i said though.. make a back up so you dont mess with the original /wrk file.
  19. You really need something that will allow you to control the amount of gain that is being sent to the source. Controlling levels from your synth is almost useless. Dedicated audio interfaces have a knob that controls the signal. Onboard audio does not. Why this is working in Cubase and not Cakewalk i have no idea. Only other thing i can think of is possibly you have a bad cable.
  20. problem is..when your doing automation for 3 tracks at one time its kind of hard to widen a bunch of tracks.
  21. Yea slight confusion going here. kind of went a little off topic (sorry to the OP). myself and another user are looking for a way to make fine adjustments to automation nodes..weather that be in a clip or in a lane. Kind of like the way you can hold down SHIFT and drag a volume slider (to make smaller adjustments). I love automation in Cakewalk. I love the clip and lane functions. But in order to do detailed work you need to widen the clips vertical height. At one point we used to be able to hold SHIFT and drag a node to make fine tune adjustments. That seems no longer possible.
  22. Are you saying, i select a node first... then drag from the lower part of the clip while holding CTRL ? That will allow me to make fine adjustments ?
  23. yea i tried both the clip and the lane this morning. Not sure when it changed but it does not work anymore. I would like to see an update to lanes and automation. its tough to do any detailed work in such a small amount of space.
  24. I believe you are referring to automation. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Automation.11.html
  25. It used to be SHIFT+CLICK/DRAG but i just noticed that doesn't seem to work anymore.
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