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  1. This is the track, is it too quiet in your opinion? try to compare it with some other references. Skip the first part is only solo https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VNQJSj152Zxw1PFJGIHYQAMPEb89fZY9/view?usp=sharing
  2. @Craig Anderton Yes Indeed, my friend who's a mixing engineer and did some mastering before, told me that he mastered my tracks to stay at around -14 LUFS int because more than that would sound worst, I think he means that would sound too hot and harsh, at the same time I have to be happy with the volume not being too loud, at least not as loud as my other reference tracks. Thing that bothers me is not when I listen to the record on speakers or amplifiers, but when I listen to it from my mobile phone, iPhone in my case, which has a maximum level to protect ear damage which is not in relation with lufs, so if the song is low I cannot raise the volume until a certein point. I'm not sure he took into account the low frequencies being too high
  3. There you go indeed, so Spotify won't normalize anymore, I guess if you have premium account, Bandcamp also never did. Does it make sense still to master at -14 LUFS integrated as recommended for streaming platforms? My mastering engineer ,which is more of a mixing engineer actually, told me that the master version he did at -14 LUFS integrated in terms of quality sounds much better of that done at -10/-8 LUFS integrated. Is this possible?? The more you raise the volume (meaning pushing the track more against the limiter in the master) the more sounds shitty? I cannot hear the difference honestly but if I compare the master he did with some reference tracks, it's much lower in volume. https://newsroom.spotify.com/2021-02-22/five-things-to-know-about-spotify-hifi/
  4. Hi Guys, I want to use my guitar pedals instead of plugins in cakewalk, I will still use the guitar amp sim, but I want to use my delay pedal. I will have to buy a re-amp box and also, Since I only have a steinberg UR12 interface with one single input, I'm thinking to get a focusrite with two inputs, but I just have one doubt: the interface needs to have 2 outputs as well ? There are these 2 versions, which one should I get??
  5. ok so from my understanding if you recorded at 16 bitrate and you export at 32 bitrate doesn't really matter, but if it's the opposite you should dither otherwise gets lossy correct?
  6. Bloody hell some tracks were recorded at 16 and some at 32, what should I do? I export it in WAV at 32 anyway?
  7. I remember I recorded this one at 32 but I'm not 100% sure I did. DOn't remember
  8. Thanks man!! This means it was recorded at 16 or at 32? I suppose 16? what is render referring to?
  9. Hi guys, I have started recording some songs at 41000 sample rate and 16 bitrate, then I figured out it was too low so the next songs I recorded at 48000 sample rate but then I don't remember at which bitrate, maybe 24 maybe 32, thing is that I did back and forth exporting some old songs recorded at 16, and now in my Preference settings I have 16 by default, but is there a way to check at which bit rate the tracks were recorded in cakewalk??
  10. Guys! I have an issue I exported my mix in WAV, entire mix, indeed it creates one WAV file. Then I need to import this file in a new project for the master, but when I do Import > audio it creates 2 tracks, I don't gt it, this never happened, it seems almost like one is mono and the other stereo, doesn't make sense, do you know how to fix this?? If I just delete the second one it sound shit, like in mono.
  11. I think I'm getting it, guys, the post has been going for quite long, thank you all. I basically didn't figure out that I had to balance the threshold in the limiter with the input gain, so I increased the input gain quite a bit to stay below 0db and then decreased the threshold, now the gain reduction is not that heavy and persistant in the whole track, it sounds slightly lower then what I expected but I'd rather not risk to squash it and have a lower volume.
  12. mmm ok than if you can change the meter settings, what do you need the meter for? I mean if I need the meter to tell me not me telling the meter LOL
  13. yea that's way too much just for a meter. How do you check if there is too much compression or not happening? I honestly cannot tell just by listening yet, some meter? how do you use them usually?
  14. No I have found one is called bx_meter, it measure the dynamics and tells you if your mix/master is squashed or not
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