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  1. MMM ok, what do you mean with noise exactly? What should be noisy in 16 bits?
  2. Damn it! Is it a big difference in audio quality between 16 and 24 bits?
  3. Check out the input output in Kontakt and those in the Midi Track and in the audio track
  4. Hi there! I have a steinberg UR12 audio interface which supports 24 bit, but as an idiot I basically recorded all my songs in Cakewalk with the Audio Driver Bit Depth at 16 bits. Now I'm wondering if I change that to 24 bits after I recorded everything, will it work for the overall audio quality? Or is something you need to set before recording?
  5. Ok thanks! so it won't affect the file audio quality but maybe only when you listen to the mix via Cakewalk correct?
  6. I have some powerful marshall headphones paid 100 euros, I also have the audio interface of course but sometimes I don't want to bring it around and I would like to work on my mix (already recorded) directly with headphones.
  7. It works! Great! But is what Michael saying true? Will the audio quality be affected if I use MME directly with headphones instead of connecting to the external audio device? I mean not for recording of course, just to work on the mix then maybe I'd export the whole mix to a WAV file, would this WAV file sound badly compared with one exported using an audio card?
  8. Is it possible in Cakewalk to mix without using the audio interface but switching directly to the headphones connected to the PC? Sometimes I'm not at home and I'm not connected to the audio interface and I would like to have the possibility to work on my mix just with headphones connected to my laptop. If the audio interface is not connected when I open Cakewalk it will prompt a message saying there's no audio interface and I cannot hear anything basically.
  9. Anyway I'm using LANDR for mastering my songs, anyone knows? ever used it? it's an AI online mastering platform, basically you don't do anything, you just drop your mix into LANDR and it just spit out the mastered version, you can edit some minor settings or either upload a reference track to make your master sound like that.
  10. actually yes in some parts, I'm changing the different amps and cabinets, thanks for the tip, I think it's fine now.
  11. No I did not, I’m just assuming is out of phase cause looking at the ozone imager phase meter it goes down between 0 and -1 meaning phase issue.
  12. Got it, reading it very useful article. Only doubt is when only 2 panned guitars are playing on their own, it seems to result in a phase issue.
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