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  1. I have specified the intent and kind of song, I was just wondering whether there could be some limit, if this is purely subjective fine. I'm new to recording so I just reported what I have read. I'm afraid there could be too much dynamic in a song? I was also wondering what do you do to increase dynamics, if it's just the way it's played in terms of strong/delicate hence " velocity" or a matter of "increasing volume faders where the song should sound louder", because that's what I have done, increase the faders volume of electric punchy guitar parts.
  2. Hi there! I need some tips about the overall song dynamic. I have read that dynamic is important, and that the wave image of the entire song should not be flat but change in volume to increase dynamics. In the song I'm recording I have some clean chilled guitar parts and then some boomy electric guitar parts with powerful drums where the song should explode let's say. So I have kept the clean guitars bus at -8 volume and set the electric guitars bus at -2 volume. Now an interesting point of view of a listener that doesn't know anything about recording, my wife in this case, is that the song pass from a low volume to a higher volume too much, her opinion is that the listener should not have to low down the volume because at a certain point the song gets all of a sudden louder, but should maintain the same volume pretty much. And when playing live for instance you play stronger but is not that you increase the guitar volume from amp, that make sense. So is there a way to understand what would be the right dynamic balance? Like for instance the wave image should increase maximum double or a quarter compared to the clean parts? or something like that?
  3. I guess you also went through first phase of learning before becoming a pro.
  4. Ok well until now I used mono-Right option, with that I can still pan left and right, if I use stereo same thing, if I set it on mono-Left option when I play I don't hear anything, is this correct? is it fine if I set all my guitars in mono-right but then I pan them? I thought that with mono you could not pan the guitars.
  5. Ok well until now I used mono-Right option, with that I can still pan left and right, if I use stereo same thing, if I set it on mono-Left option when I play I don't hear anything, is this correct? is it fine if I set all my guitars in mono-right but then I pan them? I thought that with mono you could not pan the guitars.
  6. Bloody hell actually I totally didn't get the mono stereo thing, should I record the guitars in stereo or mono? What's recommended?
  7. Actually I don't know Lol, I have just recorded guitars with TH-U, that's it, I can pan left or right so should be stereo, I have forgotten indeed to put NONE in input, now I have recomputed the wave image but it's still the same even if input none, no idea.
  8. Hi Guys, I don't understand what's going on in some of my tracks they are displayed as the following, double waves one line on top the other on the bottom. What is wrong with this? is it just a display issue? I hear no difference in sound.
  9. Thanks just saw on LANDR QA, but it's refering to the master bus "7. Don’t cheat Have headroom in mind when you start your mix and keep your tracks at safe levels. If you’re finding yourself trying to recover headroom at the end, fine tune your individual track levels rather than reaching for your master fader and pulling it down. Don’t cheat your way to -6 dBFS. If you’ve used plugins for the sake of loudness and your waveform is big, block-like and peaking at or near 0 dBFS – don’t take a shortcut by dragging your master fader down. You might think you created headroom because your peak level is now lower, but you’ve only squished your mix. For headroom to be beneficial to your mix, it needs to be arrived at in the right way."
  10. "Do I add compression, limiting? Dithering? Music-makers and engineers alike use plugins in creative ways, everyone’s got their little tricks and we love that. Like we mentioned, Compressors are often a vital tool used to control dynamics and we encourage you to use them as needed. Just remember that LANDR can do more for your mix if you’re gentler and more calculated with your compression techniques. Compression can eat up your dynamic range and the heavier you apply it (especially when used on your entire mix) - the less you’re giving LANDR to work with. Limiters are also useful for more than just brickwalling and boosting. Use these wherever you like, but we don’t recommend slapping one on to your master channel and pushing it for the sake of overall loudness - LANDR’s an expert at this and will take care of it for you."
  11. Thanks a lot! for the left right pan, if toocentered it gives the impression that it's mashing up the guitars track resulting in less clarity of what single guitars are doing.
  12. Thanks for the comment!! No need for this, LANDR mastering tool does not recommend it. "Mastering involves compression techniques that use this space in order to add intensity, presence and glue your mix together - if the dynamic range is already gone - there’s not much LANDR can do on that front. The main culprit behind mixes with low dynamic range is heavy compression or limiting. We get it, using compression and limiting at the master or stereo output of your mix adds loudness and intensity, and you want your mix to be BIG! - but if you’re planning on using LANDR for that final touch - LANDR will take care of this for you. If you like mixing loud, no worries - just turn your monitors up!"
  13. Hi there, so I have my guitars track clipping a bit over -6db, I already did gain staging at the beginning without plugin and kept it at -18/-6db, but then adding the plugin it goes over it. now what should I do? 1- low down faders volume ( apparently this is just tricking, the wave form will remain the same anyway, not good.) 2- low down the gain on top of fader (already at -6 gain, decreasing this will take out the gain from the distortion modifying the guitar sound I need, I want it quite distorted, in plugin THU gain is already st max) 3- low down the output volume in the THU plugin ( then I would need to low down the volume of the rest, clean guitars, drums and bass to keep the dynamics, but the overall song volume is already very low, I can barely hear the song playing having the masterbus at 0 volume) 4- other options? What do you suggest?
  14. Honelstly? Not using one! LOL , I'm just looking at the faders that won't go red and using Free-G to see if it stays between -18 and -6db
  15. I get it ok, thanks. I will try with the WAV format!
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