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  1. I confused the two faders, the one on the left is the input, the other is the output, so no left/right should be fine my bad!
  2. Hi Guys! Every time I open and expand a new plugin in Cakewalk the others go away. How can I keep them open at the same time? I need it for visualization
  3. ah really? why the hell the Maximizer would boost only the right and not the left??? Anyway not my case, if I bypass the Maximizer is the same. strange, is it a big difference in db? or can be left like that? If is too unbalanced, what should I do? raise that Left in Ozone, or raise the left guitar in my mix?
  4. I see man thanks but I have the free version where you cannot select Spotify settings. In any case I can see it in the meter. The problem with my track is that if I set the true peak at -1 and set the Limiter Threshold so that the track won't exceed -14 LUFS integrated (as suggested on Spotify website) , it will sound too freaking QUIET!!! I made a low version then when I upload on Loudnesspenalty.com it shows me thet Spotify won't decrease my volume, so fine right? no indeed cause it's too quiet comparing to those artists song on spotify! Then I did another one higher in volume, and on Loudnesspenalty.com it shows me thet Spotify will decrease the volume of -6 db! So too loud right? But when I listen to the other tracks on spotify (different songs) comparing them with this version it sounds like the same volume!! SO How come?? This doesn't make any sense to me honestly.
  5. Thanks for the tip! Ozone 9 standard is at 100 Euros, quite good considering it costs 450
  6. Ok thanks. I see the difference in RMS is 15.7 Left and 9.0 Right so it's about 6 db difference, I guess is too much?
  7. Sweet then I'll keep working with Ozone 9, is pretty rad, but unfortunately I have it only for 10 days for free, it costs shitload of money
  8. On my master is just a problem with Left Right balance I think? not sure how should I adjust this.
  9. Really? thanks! To me mine it sounds much thinner though compared to the other
  10. Guys, thanks for the advices, I did a master with LANDR where you just drag and drop basically and it's automatic, I didn't do anything. Then I tried with Ozone 9 to make one by myself with EQ and stuff, but is the first time I do it. Woud you take a listen? What's the best in your opinion? How's the LUFS and peaks are they ok? too hot? too loud? Consider LANDR master is in mp3 high def, since I will just pay for the wav once I'm sure. The other is WAV. Ozone 9: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zih7N970u5bafP2YI8NnUFJy1YgruRuP/view?usp=sharing LANDR: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kwDKRtfo3DLAsNb8CZjrFZGGuZRlYJX1/view?usp=sharing
  11. Hi guys, anyone using Ozone 9 knows what does this mean? Why on the right the peak is at -1 and left at -3.4? and also RMS is different? I suppose these should be equal??
  12. Thanks! I agree with you on the dynamic, I have firstly tried to make my track quite dynamic, having some parts very quiet and then some distorted ones, then I made it listen to a friend who doesn't know anything about recording and he said that he didn't like it because he doesn't need to stand up to turn down the volume of the stereo when the explosive part starts, so it was maybe too dynamic and I reduced it, in the way that there is not a huge difference between clean and distorted parts. ANyway I will play with it a bit and see.
  13. That's good I turn up the monitor, but when I listen to my song on my iPhone for instance (loaded in local WAV), as I suppose in all smartphones, there's a maximum volume level which is not that high, so if I listen to the master I did at -14 or -12 on my iphone at maximum volume is not that high, or at least much lower than the songs I have on my iphone in local, if I use normal earphones and I'm in the middle of the traffic jam I will barely hear it. Different story for home speakers or car speakers, you can turn up the volume as much as you want more or less so -14 won't be that much of an issue. That's the problem for me, but I suppose that's how it should be. Even if, as I said, I compared a Mogwai song in flac (High Def), which in youleanmeter shows at -5 LUFS, with the one on their Spotify profile and the volume is the same! So it seems that spotify didn't really turned down the volume, I'm sure if you try with other artists songs, downloaded one with the same song on Spotify, to your ears the volume will be the same, maybe they pay Spotify for a louder version? no idea. So this thing that Spotify turns down the volume if too high it doesn't seem to apply for major artists, to me the downloaded versions with the one on their spotify are exactly the same volume, even if on the meter it shows -5 LUFS! So the thing that I still don't understand is, Why major artists songs are mastered at -5 LUFS?? I'm not speaking about thos on their spotify but those downloaded in the original format. And why they sound much higher than my track if that is at -14? If -14 is the suggested volume balance, why major artists songs are all breaking the rule?
  14. Ok great thanks for your suggestions! Even though to my ears -14 it sounds very low. I have compared a downloaded version of a Mogwai song in high definition (flac) with the one on their Spotify, and to my ears the volume is the same! Even if the flac version if analyzed in youlean meter is at about -5 LUFS! How is it possible? very strange
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