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  1. Thanks for all the help guys. @msmcleod The Sonitus noise gate didn't have any effect. @Will. I could see Tape Emulator on the Pro channel. I ended up chopping the track in pieces leaving only the soundwaves, which I then faded out - I also added some reverb as @msmcleod suggested and it works well.
  2. Thanks for that, I was just about to Google Izotope RX, as someone else mentioned it. I can't replace or remove the track, as it's for a competition and the tracks all need to remain in place.
  3. I'm mixing 35 audio tracks, one of them is a triangle with 3 hits. It leaves a hissing noise on the tail as it fades out. Can you advise on what to use to reduce the hiss - and walk me through it please. I've tried the Cakewalk compressor and gate, but I'm not sure if I'm setting them correctly - I'm not experienced with using these tools. Thank you. p.s. I can't remove or replace the track - the mix is for a competition and all the tracks (35 in total) need to be in place.
  4. Thank you very much, that's very useful information @msmcleod
  5. I'm trying to write music to a video that has a scene that needs punctuating with short notes on some action points. But the scene only lasts for about 2 or 3 seconds. Is there a way to slow down the video playback (and then put it back to original speed), so that I can more easily align the notes with the action? Thanks for any assistance - and Happy New Year!
  6. It does thank you. But, the midi learning thing is confusing. Some instruments (or certain controls on some instruments) will MIDI Learn with a right click, but others instruments (and some controls on other instruments) won't MIDI learn at all.
  7. It's really not in the user guide. Honestly, I have looked - a lot.
  8. I did make it clear (I hope) in my OP that I don't have full grasp of the terminology - or the skills. See my other post about scouring the manuals and Youtube (and even a book on Cakewalk) for help. I've also had 3 emails from Nektar support, yesterday. But, so far I'm not getting it to work.
  9. I asked the question here, as a last resort and after days - maybe a week - of scouring the official Cakewalk 'help' documentation, searching Youtube and reading not only the printed version of the LX25+ handbook but also the PDF 'LX25+ and Cakewalk' one too. I spent 25 years teaching at universities and if there one thing I do know about; it's research methodology. So, yes, I've already looked elsewhere, to no avail.
  10. Apologies in advance for the newbie question and possible lack of appropriate terminology. I have a Nektar Impact LX25+ keyboard controller - and not much idea of how to get the best out of it. As of now, I'm only using it for basic functions (mainly the play and record buttons). Is it possible to assign CC's found in the PRV of Cakewalk to the pots (knobs) of the LX25+? For example, could I write variable expression or velocity values (for example) in the PRV with a pot, rather than using the pen tool, which I find cumbersome and not very accurate. It's also not something I can do while playing, either. Any advice on that and/or how to get the most from the LX25+ with Cakewalk automation would be very welcome.
  11. I'm not having any joy with that. I must be 'missing' something.
  12. Well, I'm using a Berhinger UMC22 for the audio output, and the computer audio driver is NVidia HD. So, I'm not sure which one may be malfunctioning?
  13. Thanks for your reply. Having removed 2 tracks, the error message I was getting vanished. But, Cakewalk won't open again after closing (if I use the red X in top right corner). If I close the project and re-open another one from inside CW, no problems. Can you walk me through how you apply the script, when you have time, please? I can't find any other solution to the problem of CW not re-opening, without having to end task in Task manager. I'm not sure which driver would be at fault? Is there a way to find out? I found another very long thread in this forum about a similar issue, and there does not seem to be one definite solution.
  14. I've got an issue where Cakewalk is not re-opening (at all) after I close any project I'm working on. I need to go into Task manager (Win 11) and right-click on Cakewalk and 'end task', it will then open again (once). One of my projects gives me this message when I open it: 'This product can not be downloaded because it does not exist on the content server'. I'm guessing that this might be the source of the issue. But, I don't know which 'product' is being referred to, or how to get rid of the message. All of the tracks are playing, so it seems all of the plugins work. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. Very instructive thank you. I did manage to find the dump file in Task Manager, but didn't know what to make of it!
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