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  1. @Brian Walton I resolved whit overwriting my personal theme editor.
  2. we have resolved whit the theme editor overwriting
  3. @HIBI the ransomeware is off, I resolved the problem renaming this file in pict
  4. Hello , I can't visualize the entire Icon of "Control Bar Select module changes" what is the problems ? Thanks All ****Resolved**** -------- we have resolved overriding the Theme Editor ---------
  5. Ciao Everybody , During the installation I've received this message ? what is the problem ? Thanks All Elix
  6. Hallo all, someone had problems with the conversation Audio to Midi ? it work right in your DAW after the last upgrade ?
  7. Thank's @Noel Borthwick Cakewalk in italy was become real, even more users arrive to this DAW in one year up to 100 Tutorial it was a challenge Happy holidays to All
  8. ITA: Bene, Questo è l'ultimo Tutorial per quest'anno, un anno sicuramente particolare per tutti. La speranza è che la Musica ci abbia resi un po' più spensierati anche grazie alla nostra DAW. Siamo arrivati al 100° Tutorial esclusivamente trattando CbB ed è stato un grande traguardo. Granzie BandLab per aver permesso ad un software cosi importante di continuare a vivere lo Staff di EnglandBross - ENG: Well, this is the last Tutorial for this year, which has been a very special year for everyone. The hope is that the Music has made us a little more carefree thanks to our DAW. We have now reached our 100th Tutorial dealing exclusively with CbB and it has been a great achievement. Thank you BandLab for allowing such an important software to live on. EnglandBross Staff
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