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  1. Hello , do someone know why oversampling doesn't work with prochannel module ? Link Video
  2. oh no , I don't wanna argue with nobody, it's only my opinion 😉
  3. it is Fader time ... white, why not ?
  4. ok , I know ... but people who haven't PBSuite ? I work whit UAD, Brainworx, Waves, Softube ... it is not indispensable for me but i think may be useful for other users do you agree with me ?
  5. maybe ... it is possible they want give away in the next Update like a new surprise ... maybe ...😉
  6. Yes it work in other DAW too. but it's extremely precise and efficient , it's a pity not to have it again
  7. mhm ... I dont think, TS64 was part of Cakewalk internal plugins (if I remember correctly)
  8. another modify to Pc76 and Pc4
  9. yes but why not for other user ? TS64 it's a very nice tool without to find other free plugin online . are you agree ?
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