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  1. Hello everybody, it may be possible to have the old Sonar plug-ins inside CbB? the TransientShaper64 works fine, why not? ... It will be in the next upgrade ? Thanks Bakers EB
  2. lately much problems of stability ... why ?!
  3. In questo Tutorial vedremo i principali controlli della channel strip SSL 4000 in versione plugin Legacy UAD rispetto alla versione Softube. Buona Musica
  4. This is the track created for Tutorial n° 146 inside Cakewalk Enjoy https://www.bandlab.com/post/d87bb9f8-6a0b-ed11-b47a-281878315d59 SoundCluod :
  5. Hello everibody, I was asking myself if I'm alone with this issues . let me know if you have the same problems! - Color can't change in strip/bus channel - Automation gain can't work on clips and near fade points Buona Musica Issue-101A.m4v
  6. Hello, same problem with Lab 4 and song crash with mackie control select.
  7. Ciao Alfio Il consiglio è quello di installare una versione aggiornata del programma. La versione a cui fai riferimento tu è Pro Audio 9. Buona Musica
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