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  1. Can anyone tell me where the bg and label colors are fo r the drum pane, on the left where it changes from the keyboard, in the theme editor.
  2. I was getting tons of hanging and crashes with the new version. Literally couldn't do anything. Playback would only last a few seconds before hanging. I came across a post about having to update the theme to the current version, because of a new fields. Changed my theme to "pro Sonar 12 5", which I think is one of the defaults. After that, everything seems to be working fine again.
  3. For me, even if the drum pane has focus, CTRL +L/R does nothing. That's what's been so frustrating for me. I haven't found any other way to zoom the drum pane other than to click the onscreen zoom controls, or drag part of the time bar. I'm a long time programmer, so I don't think it's just something I'm not doing correctly. I also tried mapping keyboard shortcuts to the zoom controls, and still...
  4. I mapped ALT+Left and ALT+Right to zoom in and zoom out, and the only thing it seems to zoom, is the main window's tracks. If the drum pane has the focus, it still zooms the main window's tracks.
  5. You might have mapped this, because it doesn't seem to work by default, at least where I'm sitting. I'll see if I can map it to work.
  6. ALT + LEFT/RIGHT doesn't do anything in PRV.
  7. And yet, we're still waiting LOL! JK, I know there's a long list of things to do.
  8. This is a no-brainer! We need to have nested track folders. That would be a tremendously useful capability.
  9. This drives me absolutely nuts! In the PRV, when working with MIDI tracks, zoom can be controlled by ALT + mouse scroll wheel. But this doesn't work in the PRV drum pane. It's such a pain in the ***** to have to use the on-screen zoom controls! This totally disrupts workflow. In a similar fashion, ALT + mouse scroll wheel doesn't work when the PRV envelopes at the bottom has the focus. Works (or doesn't work) the same as the drum pane. It's very inconsistent.
  10. Something I really got used to, when working in 3ds Max, was the selected items being part of the undo history. For example, say you had 10 various clips selected, and you accidentally click on something else. In 3ds Max, the undo operation would reselect the clips that were selected. This would be so handy in the PRV, when working with individual notes. Maybe the CW developers could offer a flag to the users, labeled "Include Selected items in Undo History"
  11. Not sure why I was thinking "Mackie" LOL Exactly. I figured it was with both of them, but I'd have to put the blame on Mackie, as Behringer just follows suite with more affordable, generic versions of equipment. It's a bad design decision. If, as an engineer, you can't decide if the user wants A or B, you build an option for the user. Just a simple flag. But I bet it would be easier to move a mountain, than to get Mackie to adjust their code...along with all of the DAW software. So I guess I'll just keep rearranging tracks LOL
  12. I love my X-Touch, but I hate that hidden tracks occupy channels. Is there a flag, or something, that can be set to ignore hidden tracks? If not, I'd like to add this as a feature request.
  13. I'd like to see an option on the "Normalize Audio" window that allows me to select "Process Combined", or "Process Individually" when Normalizing multiple clips. As of now, it appears to only allow the "combined" option.
  14. In version 2019.07 (Build 70, 64 bit) I'm having issues bouncing audio clips together, in the track view. On a single track, select multiple audio clips, right-click, then Bounce to Clip. What I've seen several times, since this upgrade, is a long bounce time (30 seconds or more), followed by an audio dropout. After that, everything runs really slow, and its not possible to restart the audio engine. While I can still save just fine, the app has to be restarted in order to work properly again. Thanks for checking this out
  15. In the PRV, I'm able to zoom using the ALT key and scroll wheel. However, when I go to the drum pane, it doesn't work. I have to move my mouse up to the ruler, and drag zoom, which works really poorly. If you could make it work like it does in the PRV, that'd be greatly appreciated. The envelopes panel, at the bottom, also doesn't zoom.
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