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  1. A subset of controls .... hmmmm I've only seen blue for Automation Read. I've never seen it gray or with a slash and the documentation doesn't explain how to even get that to happen. This is the first time I've seen it. I wonder if it has something to so with some controller he has. Frankly, I don't think he knows what caused this.
  2. A friend sent me a bundle and it has something I've never seen before. The R for Read Automation is grayed out and it has a slash (on all tracks.) I can add automation and it reads it but I've never seen the grayed out R with the slash. Toggling it just changes the density of the gray. Any idea what this means? (Beside, yeah, ya didn't read the manual did you? Admit it!)
  3. Let me try it again. I didn't see a clipping effect light it up. Could be me (usually is.) But I was thinking of a simple box up top (or bottom) that lights up to say "go look for what's clipping." It's possible that many of the effects won't report that and they certainly aren't going to get updated.
  4. Thanks Will, but that's not what I am looking for.
  5. I'll look at that again but I never noticed it coming on when an effect was clipping.
  6. Right, but if an effect inside the track is clipping it won't tell you. I can crank up the Sonitus EQ output to full red and still back down the track level to not show red. If ANYTHING is red, flash something on the main screen.
  7. Maybe this already exists and I've missed it, but it would be nice if the main screen had an indicator that something/anything is clipping. It could be an audio track, effect, etc. Occasionally I can hear something's wrong and have to go find it. An indicator that something is red would alert me to start looking. And yes, the Sonitus EQ is a common culprit.
  8. Device Mode pull down will only show those device that work with that mode.
  9. Yeah, it looked good at first but on more testing, it crashes either Cronus or Vpenc.
  10. Never mind. Wishful thinking.
  11. Moved to V-Vocal thread. The comment about reducing the size of the region to stop Vocal Sync from crashing got me thinking about V-Vocal crashes.
  12. Click on the pin at the top right of the plug-in. It will stay. I use that a lot.
  13. I've brought this issue up to both the VST developers and CbB. Both claim they do it right to allow the patch names to appear, but they don't.
  14. Make a V-Vocal region and lower the formant. You can change the pitch too if you like but slightly lowing the formant alone might do what you want.
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