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  1. I didn't even try to select more than one before. This is what I was looking for. Thanks! It would be cool to have a way to save all of this floobydust at one time ...
  2. I originally posted this in the Early Access 05/20 thread since I first saw it after I installed it but after rolling it back, the issue is still here. It's not related to EA05. I can't change the CPU Meter Option in the Performance module. I can right click on the module, go to the CPU Meter pull-down and see all threee options (Audio/System/Overall) but selecting System or Overall doesn't. Audio Processing stays checked. Is there some other setting that can lock the CPU Meter option? On a side note, I also lost the Audio Processing/Engine Load/Later Buffers dialog when you hover over the Performance module but determined it went away because I de-selected Tool Tips in the Preferences (weird, but it does that.) Tool Tips must be selected to see that dialog.
  3. Not sure if this is related to the 05 EA but I can't change the Performance/CPU meter settings. It's always stuck on Audio Processing. I can't select Overall or App. Also. The drop-down shows them but no matter what I select it stays on Audio Processing. I also don't see the dropout information if I hover over the CPU meter. Did I lock these settings somewhere? Edit: I rolled back and it still doesn't work so it's not EA 05. Edit 2: Changing the CPU meeting setting still doesn't work but I found Tool Tips needs to be enabled to get the Audio Processing, Engine Load, Buffer bubble to show up. It's shouldn't work that way. There is nothing intuitive between Tool Tips and the Performance bubble.
  4. Is there a single location for saved plug-in presets? I noticed when reinstalled CbB none of the presets were there. I had a lot of compressor, eq presets created. I was able to recreate many by loading the associated song file and resaving them but being able to save them for a reinstall would be nice.
  5. Check out Voice Meteer. I've used it to mix in CbB to Skype.
  6. Hi Pwalpwal, I've done a lot of testing around TSS and V-Vocal problems. About the only conclusive thing I can say it that if you plan on using either, use them early in the project because at some point they will stop working. I've tried everything suggested in the last decade and nothing conclusively works. Maybe Direct X changes, maybe they were never stable in the first place (that sounds true for V-Vocal), maybe other changes exposed their issues ... who knows. V-Vocal hates effects. If you installed any effects (like compressors, eq, etc.) it will likely crash on one of them while creating the region. Remove them all and it will crash on Cronus. Open a new instance in CbB and copy over the audio and you have a better than 50-50 chance V-Vocal will work. Again, this is a function of using it early in the project with no other plugins. But be prepared to have to close CbB completely, then open it with your temporary audio file and for god-sakes don't add any plug-in. Don't. Don't even think about. Oh, and just to give you hope it will work with lots of plug-ins, being used later in the project and without rendering immediately to make you think you have it fixed. Fool. TTS is similar. Add it early in the project. Adding it later risks it not wanting to insert or play anything without a crash. Too bad because it is a very decent synth. The crashes are access violations. That can be caused by many things in Windows. It's not practical for the average Joe to follow it through memory and see where it's jumping out. I've figured out some work arounds in case I need to use either but I do what I can to avoid them. I also don't report the issues anymore.
  7. I don't disagree at all. Hey, I'm still using it and thankful for it especially for the price! But it does have it's moments that gets frustrating.
  8. The issue for me is that if CbB decides to do something funky, troubleshooting it pretty much impossible. Yes, there is always someone that will post that they have been using it since 1956 without any problems but there are many people that have it go totally goofy without any obvious changes. Just when I think I have it dialed in, it decides to go south. I decided that constantly posting with the latest weirdness just isn't worth it. I get that the team is at the mercy of the shoddy plug-ins we want to load and can't deal with every corner case. Got it. But it's pretty unpredictable if today is the day it decides to close without warning, fail to export without hanging, needs a system reboot or crashes on TTS or V-Vocal ... It could be better.
  9. I'm not sure why it flips to Custom but it messes me up. I can set it to All and at some point it will change. I suspect it might be a hot key I am hitting when I fail to make a text window change for typing. Hilarity ensues.
  10. Right, that's what I think is my only option. I read everything I could and didn't find anything. Thanks for the reply! I can use the pending Arranger above it as a marker (markers themselves are too small.)
  11. Is there a way to change the color of the text of a clip or the overall background or bar at the top? I found rename but nothing that lets me change the color. I want to set the verses to the same color, choruses etc.
  12. I'm curious, to maintain pitch does it slice out sections to speed it up or double sections to slow it down or is there some other algorithm? Most speed up and slow down algorithms without a pitch change leaves some ugly artifacts. I have a song that is a mix of audio (14 tracks) and midi. I want to speed it up from 70 bpm to 120 bpm. That's a lot. EDIT: I found David Baay's explanations and it worked. Pretty simple and works well.
  13. I've seen this. Pretty consistent when it happens. I saw it on the mains out. I have a main bus feeding the sound card/box. Flip that main bus to mono. Poof.
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