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  1. If I want to manually enter something and miss hitting enter, those shortcut keys make Cakewalk explode all over itself and I have no idea how much stuff I've trigger just typing the word "Lead".
  2. Did you check the shortcut list?t? Edit: Someone pointed out it's "e" on the keyboard. I always click the button in the control panel. Does that do what you want?
  3. When I've done it, I filter the midi down to one instrument, freeze it, copy the audio to a new track and filter again for the next instrument. Repeat until you have what you want. Other ways seem to take more steps to get from midi data to audio. I have also set up EZ Drummer to output to separate channels/tracks (16 if you pick stereo) and freeze those tracks.
  4. V-vocal is working again with this build. Weird but I will take it. I thought I'd try some of the files that crashed in the past (Cronus) and lo and behold ...
  5. I second Nigel's point about adding TTS-1 the first thing in a project. Adding it later is likely to be futile. Same for V-Vocal. Use it early because at some point it will crash Cakewalk (usually Cronus.dll.)
  6. Ask questions in any language. We'll figure it out.
  7. I use Xpand! a lot. It's got some great balls-to-the-wall pads among other things. I too grabbed the expansion pack and never noticed it's all in the X86 folder. I thought Xpand! was 64-bit. Maybe the preset location is legacy (where it was when it was 32 bit.) Also, has anyone found a keyboard stroke to step through the presets? I noticed +/- or any arrow keys will not do it. Regardless, I love this instrument.
  8. Getting fixes and new features essentially every month is pretty unbelievable!
  9. Didn't early Cakewalk have this? I need to fire up C4W 1.0. I don't think CW DOS did.
  10. I could see setting the key myself (like G) and having it as a reference for any global key shifts. So if I do a global transpose up or down, it would change accordingly, Of course I'd have to know the key in the first place which I don't often. All white keys - it must be C. Oh, one black key, that's um, er, ah ... I wouldn't expect Cakewalk to figure it out.
  11. Hi Murat, I do see that but it's still an instrument track. As you pointed out, any change disrupts the midi section. As you suggested, I too just copy the audio data out to a new audio track. Extra step but not a deal breaker. The OP was suggesting (as I read it) that the freeze would essentially change the track from instrument to audio. Alas, I am not sure why I am invested in the topic at this point, LOL! It's certainly a feature worth investigating.
  12. Maybe what we want is for it to create a new wave track at the same time? I don't understand how an instrument track and wave track can be the same thing at the same time when they are different things.
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