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  1. Per the Early Access thread ... 2020.01 Highlights Multi-timbral soft synth enhancements Instrument Track Per Audio Output In Cakewalk 2019.11 and earlier, Simple Instrument Tracks are limited to one track per instance of a VSTi, and a single stereo audio out. Cakewalk 2020.01 has a new Instrument Track Per Output option in the Add Track menu and Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box for multi-timbral soft synths that support multiple outputs. It pairs a MIDI track with a separate audio output track (mono or stereo) for each synth output, assigning sequential MIDI channels. This allows you to have multiple Instrument tracks for a single instance of a synth. The Instrument Track Per Output option is similar to the All Synth Audio Outputs: Stereo and All Synth Audio Outputs: Mono options, except Instrument tracks are created instead of Audio tracks. Note: As with Simple Instrument Tracks, you must split the Instrument tracks if you wish to edit MIDI automation. ... I read this as it creates a Simple Instrument track for each output rather than multiple output tracks that still need a midi track driving it. I think. I noticed that if the synth doesn't have multiple outputs, the tracks created with both appear exactly the same (like Munt MT32 or Xpand!2)
  2. Thanks Jonathan, that clears it up. On my system, all .VST3 files are in VST3 and non-.VST3 files aren't. It helps to know what we can do with VST2 and the various one-off DLLs.
  3. So can we add a path to .VST3 files in another folder or should we move them to the VST3 folder?
  4. Maybe the team can chime in here. I get what you are saying but it sounded like the issue was files with VST3 extensions should only be in there and nothing else. What I don't know is if you can have a VST3 plugin that doesn't have a VST3 extension file (only a DLL.) Either way, if the file has a VST3 extension I only put that in the VST3 folder. But I believe there are a couple of plugins that claim they are VST3 but only have a DLL. I don't know if they are really VST3 or not. I guess I could look in the plugin window when it's up. They work being in their own folder without any issues ... so far. Arturia puts it's VST3 extension files in the VST3 folder but puts the matching DLLs in VSTplugins. So there is something cosmic about them being grouped.
  5. I just reinstalled EzDrummer (and EzKeys and everything else during an OS fresh start) and the default path was C:\program files\Toontrack. C:\program files\common files\VST3 only has VST3 files. The associated dlls are in C:\program files\VstPlugins. For standalone dlls without an associated VST3, I put them in Program Files under their own folder. C:\Program files\common files\VST2 only has Celemony\Melodyne. I do make sure VST3 files are in C:\program files\VST3 only. So far any VST3 that has an installer puts it there but I will certainly watch for ones that puts it elsewhere although it sounds like a second path to VST3 files is ok. Just don't mix non-VST3 in the same place. A search for *.vst3 showed them all in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.
  6. Yeah, I would go into Apps and Features in Settings, see if it's there and if so uninstall it and then reinstall. If it's not there, well it's not installed! Install it again and we will watch for smoke ...
  7. Now that is weird. Let me try that. I wonder if some program back-added them. Terry
  8. And EzDrummer shows up in the Insert -> Soft Synth?
  9. Did you rescan the plugins after installation? Do a manual rescan in the plugin manager. And check in the Insert Soft Synth drop-downs. It could have be put in Uncategorized or some other place but not in Drums.
  10. Is there a way to back out this latest update? That would take me back to the early release version or maybe one step before that. Then I can compare and see if it's related. Apparently maybe. Terry
  11. Hi Noel, It zipped up smaller than the limit. It's attached. That was the last dump while trying to export as 44.1k/16. Blue 6. For fun I might uninstall and reinstall and see if the Windows 8/10 warning shows up again. Edit: I just tried the export again and it bailed out of CbB with an empty dump file. I deleted the TW16 sampler and it exported to about 50% and bailed out. I deleted True Piano and it exported all the way to the end and then crashed with the C00000005. Blue 7. Another interesting detail is that a song saved just before the early release version will export fine using this updated version. Terry Blue 6 2020_01302020_232554.zip Blue 7 2020_01312020_084930.zip
  12. Hi Noel, I am running Windows Pro 10.0 Build 18363.592. I believe that is 1909. I am also seeing crashes trying to export audio to wave 16bit. Still messing with it. I have a dump file but it's too big to attach. It's a memory access error. C00000005. Is there a way to roll back? Terry
  13. I installed the last early release and was playing with it. Today I saw the official release and downloaded it. During installation it warned me that my OS wasn't supported and needed Windows 8 or 10 (I have been using 10 since it's release.) I never saw that warning before. I said continue and off it went. Second, it didn't find a couple of plugins I have. My count was short by three. I had to reinstall them. The folders were there but the DLLs were gone. Maybe unrelated? Weird. Seems to work fine otherwise. I need to upgrade from Windows 3.11 to 10! Edit 2/2/2020 - With Noel's input, I decided to completely reinstall Windows 10 Pro 64 and very selectively decide what VST's to add back in. I had been collecting stuff I wasn't using. The result is Cakewalk is now working fine plus the CPU loads and core temps are way down. I won't even know what made the difference but it's great now. No, I haven't tried TTS-1 yet. It's coming. An nicety of Windows is you can do a Fresh Start. You have to load a lot of software again but it gives you list a of what it had to remove (and no everything.) I walked through this list and decided if I wanted to add it back in. This might be helpful to someone that thinks their installation has gotten out of control. Things starting going goofy around Sept of last year and this was necessary.
  14. I can usually get away with it but it crashes enough I don't bother. Stop, insert, tweak, play. Either way, I do get a short delay while it loads and then it keeps going. No surprise with that. One thing I can just about guarantee will cause a crash is changing the Sonitus reverb time settings (pre-delay, etc.) while it's playing. Once in a blue moon only the meters will stop responding. Every other Sonitus plugin seems very well behaved.
  15. I learned long ago to not add plugins while it’s playing. And don’t change certain parameters of some plugins while it’s playing.
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