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  1. Make a V-Vocal region and lower the formant. You can change the pitch too if you like but slightly lowing the formant alone might do what you want.
  2. I never have either but I thought it was a notification at the top of the page, not an email. I get the top of the page notifications.
  3. I turn off all effects (highlight FX), turn on PDC (highlighted) and set the buffer down to 128 or 256. At that point the delay is not noticeable but my system sometimes starts going static at 128. 256 is good enough for me. Considering how slow MIDI really is, it's disappointing that you have to defeat so many thing to get it to pass from the keyboard/controller to Cakewalk without taking seconds (ok, it's less than a second with effects turned on. no PDC and a larger buffer.) It's a Windows issue. DOS didn't have this issue even with the generally slow MIDI data rate and opto-isolater delays.
  4. I would like a global flag I could set for "always undocked." I too still have to undock all of the time. I know I can do some workspace changes but it would be nice to know things will be always be undocked.
  5. I have Cool Edit available via Scook's tool just for this purpose. Good for noise reduction too.
  6. When I open certain files, a box pops up with the message. I close it and the file opens. It appears that resaving fixes it. I'll give this a try. I can't really predict or associate it with anything specific.
  7. I see this periodically loading some older project files. Any guess what it means?
  8. Is this Cakewalk Error 5 or the ever popular Windows c00000005 memory access error?
  9. I like it and I have Xpand!2 too. TTS just has some very useful sounds. I am not alone in these crash issues. Again, do it early.
  10. I've learn something about TTS and V-Vocal. Add TTS early in the project and as many instances as you think you will need and do your V-Vocal tweaks before you start building up the track with effects. Otherwise, it's crash city with no fix in sight. I've learn - don't expect to add TTS or use V-Vocal late in the project. Grief will ensue. If I have a project that I've built up with a lot of tracks and effects, I have to copy the audio to a new project to get V-Vocal to not crash. I usually copy one instrument track with the audio so I have a pitch reference. I've spent countless hours with problem projects trying to figure out what is going on. I've started deleting effects, freezing tracks, merging tracks and nothing works. I've play with just about every setting, switched audio interfaces, different PC's, slaughtered a goat, nothing works. Once either TTS or V-Vocal decide to not work, they will never work in that project no matter how much you delete/remove/change/pray/dance ...
  11. I suspect CbB fixed some feature that I had gotten used to how it worked broken. Before, once undocked, always undocked. Not so now. I need to read the manual more in case there is a setting that means "Always docked."
  12. Now that you mention it, the console would open back up on the second monitor in the past, but now everything is always docked ... I'll check a bit more.
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