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  1. We did a bunch of testing and certain plugins across different companies will break the surround panner mute/solo. Deleting the plugin won't fix it. You have to restart Cakewalk. VST/VST2/VST3/DX. I'll leave it to support to tell me who's the issue. It's a coin toss which one's will work.
  2. You can click on the push pin on the top right of any plugin you want to keep open or turn off recycling the windows per scook's link.
  3. Have you considered Cubase? J/K For a sampler, there are several free one's out there like TX16W that are really good. I am not sure what Cakewalk could bring to the table that you can't already get. I thought sidechaining was pretty easy in Cakewalk. Maybe I am just used to the steps. Some of your other suggestions are intriguing.
  4. What interface? ASIO drivers? Block size? Bit rate and depth?
  5. Hi Mr. Cook. Your point is probably the best way to infer what can and can't be done. I could never find someone that tried it and said it didn't work but only, "it probably won't work." Sounds like SteveT is the first to confirm it with real world results that I've seen. Presonus has a long drawn out paper on how the clocks work and even gets close to saying that "reclocking" would allow multiple interfaces. But when they get to the meat of the subject their answer is get interfaces with external clock inputs and lots of BNC cables and tees or get an interface with more inputs and outputs. After playing with multiple interfaces (and Mr. McLeod said it best) you can get close but not perfectly in sync with reclocking (meaning let the interface handle it.) Apparently Macs will allow some interfaces to be merged but staying in zero phase-sync is still an issue according to users. I did some phase measurements with several borrow interfaces using WASAPI Exclusive and I could never get them within more than a couple of milliseconds of delay. Even two identical interfaces drifted or had a measurable (and audible) delay. It would work but I couldn't expect to get a solid mono localized image between two interfaces (like front and rear left.) Ain't gonna happen unless it's pure luck and it's unlikely they will stay that way. So I conceded (through testing), that if it works it's still not locked and stable. Get a multichannel interface or interfaces with external clock inputs. And the ASIO driver for the Behringer UCA-222 just picked one interface, not both. I never got to test two Presonus with ASIO. You would think that given the bandwidth of even USB 2.0 you could send sync pulses or sync clock to multiple interfaces but it appears that's not in the cards.
  6. My initial answer is yes but what VST3 are you trying to control with a VST2?
  7. I'm working in 5.1 Film surround. According to the manual I can click on any speaker in the surround panner and mute it. But when I click any speaker nothing happens. To mute a surround speaker In the large surround panner, click a speaker icon to mute its output. The speaker icon turns gray when the speaker is muted. Or In the small surround panner, click a white square to mute a speaker’s output. The square turns gray when the speaker is muted." Am I missing something? My ultimate goal is to not have any center channel signal after a mix down. I don't know if muting the center channel in the panner would do that, but muting certainly doesn't happen to allow me to test it. Right clicking on the panner and selecting Mute C (or any speaker) doesn't mute it. A friend tried it on his system and it doesn't mute either. ........... Feesuat Posted June 15, 2019 (edited) I am working on a film project 5.1 and facing a strange issue. On the large surround panner the speaker icons are not working as I want to mute /unmute but nothing happens upon pressing/clicking on these icons. Whereas it is suppossed to be turning grey upon pressing/clicking and mute that speaker output. i am using TC electronics 24d konnect soundcard and windows7 64.
  8. Yes. Most people have VST, VST2 and VST3 running at the same time.
  9. Is DIM highlighted at the top in the transport? If so, Solo Dim is on and the other tracks are just reduced and not just turned off.
  10. I just noticed that I can change the buffer size for the Presonus iTwo from Preferences/Audio/Driver Settings. If I open Universal Control, I can watch it change after I move the slider and hit Apply. Saves a lot of steps when I switch back and forth. I swear the slider was grayed out before but there it is.
  11. There are passive stereo pots in a nice housing available on Amazon. I might have to resort to a pair if I do go with line outs.
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