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  1. Browser? Got it. Never called it a browser.
  2. Hi Rick, Yes, I still have it. I have nailed down the track that will do it, but I can't figure out why it does it. It appears to be related to how CW brings in an audio file to start it playing. The chirps occur at the start of the clip. Fading in through automation, removing FX/PDC, chaning buffer sizes, resizing the clip to get past the chirp, editing the start for a confirmed zero crossing start - nothing stops it. Wi-fi off, BT off, LAN off, different interface, changing driver revisions, restarting CW, restarting computer, no other programs running - well turning off the computer does ... But the perplexing part is that I can sit there with the space-bar and start the track over and over and sometimes it doesn't chirp. Why not? If it was some issue with the wave, then it should happen all of the time. I also notice the chirp position can drift around a bit (under 100mS window from what I tell) and not happen at exactly the same time. I've been watching to see if it starts as the song gets more complicated (more tracks, more effects.) Anecdotally, it does "appear" that way. At some point, here comes the chirp. My work around is to mix down multiple time and hope I get one without the chip. 1 in 10 times, it will be clean (or unnoticeable.) And I have too transferred to Reaper and it doesn't chirp but I can't say I have totally reproduced the environment in Reaper exactly like CW. Weird.
  3. Thanks for following up with the solution. It will help someone in the future.
  4. You have to insert a surround bus for any of the controls to show up. I use it fairly often. However, things like speaker mute don't work.
  5. I still use Pentagon. It has some great presets. Yes, I fully expect Cakewalk to implode one day and take half the block with it but for now, what the hell.
  6. Acon VST3 is working fine for me. I wonder what is happening ...
  7. F and Shift F? (Fit) Had it wrong. Outrage corrected it.
  8. What ever the fix is to not have to click on the clip to get the blobs to show up, I don't think it lays with the user. It's either Melodyne or Cakewalk. I have noticed here and there that when I create a region and no blobs show up, if I wait 10-20 seconds or so, they magically appear. I have no idea what it's related to. I was thinking it might be a long analysis but since they often never show up, I don't know. Being the impatient type I just click on the clip and get on with it. And I am on the latest release of Editor.
  9. Having to often (but not always) click on the clip has been that way for a long time.
  10. I wrote an MT32 editor back in the day. Ran under DOS and required ANSI.SYS! But hey, it worked! I converted it to Cscape at some point.
  11. And they would have to add the option to select how far ahead. It's easiest to mark the area (record punch-in automatically enables) then set the now time what every amount you want. Hit the big R and have at it.
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