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  1. I just figured someone might go "yep or nope." LOL. I didn't think we get into a deep alternative analysis. I fired up Reaper and tried various combinations of EVERYTHING and I think the noise is an artifact of the filtering itself. You don't notice it normally so I'm not going to dig any deeper.
  2. Guitar Center shows it for $129. Didn't try ordering it. I'm trying to figure out what's happening with LP-64. Maybe I do need to dump it,
  3. Hi Bit, I tried all of the standard fixes and it doesn't work. It's sounds like something is being over driven. Promidi, Expert Settings?
  4. Hopefully someone can check this - play something with a fair amount of low mid-range/upper bass and solo the lower mid-range band in LP-64. Do you hear noise like it's being over-driven or clipped? I was mastering a low volume section with a fair amount of lower mids and could hear some noise and start soloing tracks and it didn't change. Then I soloed each band in LP-64 and found it was in the lower mid band. To be sure, I switched interfaces, speakers and headphone and it was still there. I loaded several other projects and it was still there. I disabled all effects on all of the tracks and it was still there. It's something to do with LP-64. Disable LP-64 and it's gone. I switched to Sonitus Multiband and it's clean. Weird. Maybe it's something upstream I am missing? I reinstalled it from the old discs and it didn't change. I like LP-64 and hate to have to switch although there are plenty of alternatives.
  5. Oh, I was thinking it would go look since there is a VST in the effects rack. But it sounds like the answer is "it doesn't" Thanks everyone for the info. I'll start bouncing to tracks more. I do it now for sub-mixes but never thought to use it for this.
  6. I've been freezing tracks when I start to load the processor but one thing I've noticed is that if I have a track that has a midi-enabled effect like Waves or Melda Harmonizer (with a midi track providing the notes), the track will freeze but there isn't any harmony. I assume there is a logical reason for this. If I'm doing it wrong I'd like to know. Harmony plugins use a lot of processor time and it would be nice to be able to freeze the track and unload the processor.
  7. Does it hang closing a specific project or any project?
  8. Split the instrumental section and mute the clip. Unmute when you want it back. I do this a lot. You can always bounce to a clip to get rid of it later if you want.
  9. I will often do a few takes, edit and use Melodyne to correct it, then sing along with that for a couple of days and then re-record the vocal track. It usually only takes one or two takes and requires little correction after that. But as I am formulating the vocal melody, I can be all over the map so it helps to do some editing and correction to make it what I finally want to sing. Then learn and sing that.
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