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  1. Too bad, it still has value when it works. An MT32 on steroids.
  2. I vote for Forth! Pop Push Dup Swap Word Take that C!
  3. I had to switch to closed back headphones to minimize this but I noticed some leakage is still possible but not enough to show up in the mix. Only if I solo the track and listen carefully.
  4. I'm not surprised this makes TTS-1 work since virtually anything will make it not work. Lol (Did I say this out loud?)
  5. I sometimes wonder if having accidentally "played" a bundle directly from the Google Drive has made it associated CWB with WAVs but I can't find any local or account settings suggesting that. On a side note, the question about this issue that I posted on the Google Drive Help page shows one "upvote" and it was promptly locked for any comments. Definitely a conspiracy. My formal backup is raw files. No zip, compression, bundles etc. Just the files ma'am.
  6. This is a real problem. I see this too. I haven't figured it out. For some reason Google appears to be associating CWB files to WAV. I checked the browser (FF) and it's not doing it nor is Windows. If I put a CWB on the drive for my buddy, it's fine. When I bring in one of his, ".wav" has been appended to the file name so I see it as "song.cwb.wav". I asked the Google forum about it too but got no replies. It only started happening recently (about 2 months ago.) As far as a quick fix, just rename the file to .CWB. You can also tell Cakewalk to open *.* and it will see the .wav, you can open it like any other .cwb file and re-save. The value of bundles is a totally different subject.
  7. For those wonder exactly where to click, you have to expand the takes using the icon and then right click on the top (parent) clip. I kept clicking on the track information and not the clip itself.
  8. I had good results with my HP 8560p i7 16GB but I couldn't keep it cool. Monitor the CPU Temps and see if Windows is slowing to processor to keep it cool. One of the indicators was noise, static and crackling.
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