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  1. Anyone notice that Alt-File-Close doesn't always close the file? Using the mouse to select File/Close from the menu does. It's happened to me on prior versions.
  2. Been using Organized Trio and Arturia.
  3. Thanks, I’ve got plenty of alternatives, the question is about what is going on with Sonitus reverb. It works great as long as I avoid changing the settings during playback.
  4. Well, I did learn to not insert or delete effects while playing so maybe I need to do the same for changing effects parameters.
  5. If in doubt you can open the Resource Monitor and see each core load. CRTL+ALT+DEL->Task Manager->Click on Performance tab->Click on Open Resource Manager (at the bottom)->Click on CPU tab->On the right is the CPU usage for each core. You might have to click on the arrow pointing left at the top right of the screen to expand it.
  6. I've traced a problem to Sonitus Reverb. I like the sound of the FX but I occasionally have an issue with it popping, peaking the output meters and wreaking general havoc on the audio. It seems to happen mostly when I increase/change the pre-delay/room size or diffusion when playing a song. I've stopped using it for the most part. It seems to be ok if I change the setting while stopped but what fun is that!? Is it just a temperamental plugin? I can't associate it to anything else I might have loaded with it. Terry
  7. I've been PMing with AZ about some potential additions to AZ Web. Right now it's strictly stop, play and record. If we were to ask for a few additions, what might they be? I am thinking in terms of having a tablet or small device I can take into a vocal booth or over to my guitars or keyboards while I record. I don't need to mix or solo or mute or really mess with any of the tracks really. Just switch things for recording or playback from across the room. I was thinking: 1. Bypass FX 2. Disable PDC 3. Master Volume 4. Reset Audio/Midi engines (screeeech!!!) Maybe: Volume level for a single armed track for record but it would be a problem with several armed tracks. Anything else specific to remote transport/settings? Just thinking out loud here. Terry
  8. Then what we need is an iOS emulator for Android!
  9. The way I do it is create a new stereo bus, change the name to Reverb, insert the reverb of my choice as an effect on this bus, set the output to the master/main bus, turn off the dry signal in the reverb plug in and then add sends on any track I want to have reverb. There are times when I want some reverb to be different on a couple of tracks than the others. In that case, I just repeat the above but with the different reverb. I can send to one, the other or both depending on how crazy I want to get. I will occasionally put reverb or echo only on a specific track. I also do the same for echo, some global chorusing, etc.
  10. Why ... didn't ... I ... find ... AZ Web ... SOONER!
  11. That's what I am starting to think. Every solution seems to be one step away from what we want. For now I think I will go with an Xtouchmini and a long cable.
  12. It appears to depend on the EuCon interface for CbB that you can't get unless you own a serialized Avid product. Maybe the iOS app is serialized? I couldn't figure that out. You can't create an Avid account for EuCon download without a serial number. Edit: I followed the path to the download for the drivers and get essentially to the same point.
  13. I've been looking too. CbB docs say to just select it as a control surface but it's not there. Any attempt to find it always takes you to the Avid site and it assumes you bought something. I'll keep looking.
  14. Thanks. I’ll keep looking. I want transport control not a mixer. I’d be wasting most of the mini. Same as my BCR2000. I rarely use the knobs.
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