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  1. Diagnostic Question: If you go to the Menu Bar > Views and choose Synth Rack (1) is the Synth Rack there (that is, can you choose it or is it missing from the Menu)? and if it is (2) when you choose it, are the synths there or do you need to re-insert them?
  2. You could be right; until recently, I almost never used chrome. I checked extensions, and I don't have a translator extension. Also, I discovered after people started typing in brief non-English sentences and phrases above, I did not get the automatic pop-up asking if I wanted it translated. It did, however, every time I went to the page with the huge block of non-English text. So maybe its not a Google chrome extension, but maybe some algorithmic automatic detection thing that offers to translate sites when there is a high percentage of non-native text as determined by some mysterious Google programming. Or maybe its not Google that's monitoring my browsing activity? 😛
  3. FWIW, the third-party filename indexer/search utility called "Everything" allows for locating files, dragging and dropping, sorting by date, etc. Also, the standard Roland.ins file (sorry I don't have the Cakewalk *.ins files link handy) seems to have the XV-5050 definitions--such as "[XV-5050 GM2 Capital] and many other banks. I will see if I can find a link.
  4. I usually use another browser, but for the past week or so I have been using chrome. Each time I went to a post on a page with comments in non-English, chrome asked me if I wanted to translate it. It was seamless and much easier than cutting-and-pasting the post into a Google Translate web page which has a size limit. Just a suggestion that seems to work on my PC. If I wrote in another language I would test this feature as a writer.
  5. Sorry to hear about your health issue. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hey, Larry. Assuming you have these as midi files, could you render the Gminor version an octave higher and the Bminor version an octave lower? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the discussion about "Capital B" (as in "DB MAJOR"). I rarely click on links to external sites, but thanks to the controversy/misunderstanding I took a look. Relationships between music (theory and practice) and communication (including what has been called the Doctrine of Affects) has been a longstanding personal interest. The article (the one has "DB MAJOR" 😞 ) is a new expression of a discussion that is (minimally) thousands of years old. Esoteric Footnotes: Some of the "elocutionists" from a century or two ago actually talked about how different intervals (specific intervals!!!) could evoke different emotions (specific emotions!!!) in speech. More recently, 1990s IIRC, a team of medical researchers tried to measure the effect of differences between a major key melody and a minor key melody on people with Alzheimer's. Fortunately, JMO, more recent research has taken a holistic approach--as opposed trying to measure alleged effects of microscopic changes. This is not to say that specific keys (C major v. A minor for example v. C# major) won't have different communicative properties / effects / listener reactions / etc. However, I agree (as has been pointed out in the discussion) that individual differences between the experiences of individuals and groups of individuals (including cultural groups) probably has more impact on communicative value (including connections with moods, feelings, states, emotions, etc.) in musical contexts than innate properties of sound / sound waves / etc. -- not withstanding things like chalk squeaking on a chalkboard, PA system feedback, weaponized sound, etc. ADDENDUM: This is a tiny part of the history. Many other German musicologists among others correlated music theory and communication theory. IMO the article, while colorful and geared towards a pop audience, does a great disservice to the full body of literature. JMO: it adds nothing new and perpetuates stereotypes. Citing Mattheson to lend credibility to the article don't make it true.
  8. Yes, that's what I meant. This will be my new method from now on. I tested it before and its much easier than using task manager. + right click =
  9. Thank you for this info!!! It explains why the method I use works!!! I go into task manager and kill all the 0% BandLab Assistant processes. Its much easier to kill the task tray icon!!!!
  10. What is snap supposed to do in the staff view? I never use it, but when I just placed notes on a staff to test, they placed themselves based on the duration of the note I had selected. Does snap position the note to a snap value independent of the duration chosen? UPDATE: OK, I see. Placement of notes works based on chosen duration; however, moving notes left or right is independent of either note duration or snap to settings.
  11. Did the recent release and/or update change anything having to do with personal track control (widget) management? I ask because all of my personal track control presets seem to have disappeared. I have tried changing themes and workspaces, but the ones I had previously are nowhere to be found. Thanks.
  12. Using the Mix Workspace [supplied with Cakewalk], I assigned Ctrl+W to Show/Hide MultiDock. I usually use D. It worked to toggle (Show/Hide) the MultiDock. UPDATE: I am not sure how I did it, but I changed settings so the Show/Hide MultiDock does not work with a shortcut. Also, there are no dock/undock options on the MultiDock itself. Found how I did it. In the MultiDock, I closed all tabs using the little X on the tab. To get it back, I switched to a different Workspace. I am not sure if Console View = Mixer Mode, but if so, I hope this helps.
  13. Just a guess - Mixer Mode = Console View?
  14. withdrawn: reply was more of a workaround than an answer to a very specific question
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