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  1. I asked because I have never had a midi track generate sound unless the midi data was routed to a sound source that plays midi data. Maybe by default it is pointed to the MS sound source. Can you post a screen shot that shows the midi widgets for each track? [I, O, C, B, P]
  2. Track 2 is a midi track. Are you routing Track 2 to a software synthesizer or an external sound module?
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    As I understand it, Move in Staff View worked properly from Sonar 3 through Sonar X3. After that it seems to have gotten changed and the new behavior got passed on to Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  4. The other day, I only tested one software synth I have and was able to export two arps. I have not yet tested any others, but while it could be a midi routing issue with/within Cakewalk, it could be a function of (a) a specific software synth, (b) what a specific software synth "exposes", and/or (c) how Cakewalk treats those parameters, among other related issues. Not disagreeing that it must be a midi routing issue, just trying to identify possible sources for the problem. Over the past six or seven months I have been trying (without success) to get Cakewalk's Inspector-based Arpeggiator to do what I want and only recently discovered that there appears to have been some midi routing decisions made that impact where remote control midi data [aka midi learn data] gets sent (or not sent). So far I have not been able to find a midi routing/signal map/flow chart comparable to the level of the audio signal flow chart. Something like that might help many people sort out midi-related issues, including those related to automation.
  5. @Colin Nicholls Do you also get the anomaly I get here (upper right-Inspector Strip Tab Bar)? I have been using this (1) for the sake of variety and (2) to see if there are any color combinations I like and want to borrow. I had the Inspector collapsed on the right* and wanted to move it to the left but couldn't because of the layout issue. Also, I switched from a "None" Workspace to one where the Inspector is on the left and the display issue occurs there too. However, once I collapsed and reopened it, I got more evidence that some images (tabs) are amiss.** Also, for me the floating/undocked strip is problematic.*** Not sure if its me or an incompatibility with recent display element changes. If it is an incompatibility issue, it shouldn't be too hard to tweak if someone wants to use this theme. Any idea who designed it? Thanks. *Docked at right: **Docked at left: ***Floating/Undocked: Hmmmm. If this is indeed the minor incompatibility I suspect, it might make an excellent example to demonstrate step-by-step how to override a new Cakewalk theme format with a set of parameters of other theme parameters. UPDATE: Simple import-on-top method seems to work partially, but some other minor tweaks are evidently needed: UPDATE: Found what appears to be the original posting of the theme.
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    Are you talking about the awkwardness issue discussed in the thread that includes this?
  7. I have several versions of the three files (z3ta+.dll, z3ta+_fx.dll, z3ta+_fx2.dll) on my PC. For one set, they are all 984 KB. Another set ranges from 1,318 KB to 1,320 KB.
  8. Not sure of the details of what you are facing, but maybe this recent discussion addresses your circumstances: In part, pitch bend value depends on the pitch bend range setting of your synth. For example if the range is set to a Perfect Fifth, the full range of the value with be +/- a Perfect Fifth.
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    I am not sure if this is true, but if it is, it might be good to ask specific sound designers themselves. Just a guess but different sound designers might have different reasons and there is not a single reason.
  10. @DonniebAre you talking about something like this? If so, in my experience it is because a device [or a port] is trying to be accessed by two pieces of software--an error message rooted in Windows and having nothing to do with your PC's available memory. PS: Compare your use of ports with what Craig posted: Notice how MIDI-OX is being used to take KOMPLETE KONTROL - 1 and route it to KOMPLETE KONTROL EXT - 1. In this way, Cakewalk and MIDI-OX are not trying to access the same port.
  11. Thanks for clarifying, @Adam. As I understand it, the issue here is one of using a mouse (dragging a loop edge) verses using keys [keyboard shortcuts, menu selections, etc.]. I can totally relate to personal workflows based on left-hand, right-hand, multiple-hands preferences.
  12. Thank you for mentioning this. Back in the 90s I made chord tracks to send to Roland (!!!) "Intelligent Arranger" modules. Easy Peasy. If I get out one of those,** it should motivate me to attempt starting to navigate the Cakewalk Arranger learning curve. As far as the online videos, some of them are a total waste of time. Maybe its just me but I find that a list of 4-8 steps in text is far more efficient--takes less time than watching a 3-6 minute video (forget about the longer ones that might have a gem of wisdom or two in a 12-20 minute video). I understand that some people can watch animated gifs and infer the steps from the visual presentation. Personal limitation--I can't unless I pause them and unfortunately it is a royal PITA to load an animated gif into software so it can be paused. **I even know where the box of power supplies is!
  13. I face a similar situation--I really want to learn to use the Arranger Track, but I have never used software that had anything like it. When the Arranger Track was first introduced in Cakewalk, I was hoping someone (staff or users) would do a series of text-based progressive exercises to try to give users like me a series of small, step-by-step "Instant Gratification" style tutorials--to get me started and to introduce me to the essential/important features. Different users have different learning styles, but for me there is nothing like hands-on-learning (aka learning-by-doing, not learning-by-watching-someone-else-do-it). For sure, demo projects to showcase advanced uses can be helpful, too! Thanks for raising the subject.
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