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  1. Is Tracks the same as T-RackS 5 or something different? If its the same, I see 3 T-RackS 5 qualifying options. one at the $300 level and two at the $150 level.
  2. 3X = three units in the X- series of pedals for which there are software only versions in GB25: X-TIME, X-SPACE, X-VIBE, and C-DRIVE. The hardware pedals are not part of the Group Buy, but if you look them up, you can see the description. Also, I believe they are in the current AT5 pdf manual which you can download.** The software only versions were added to GB25 a few weeks ago at the $150 level. So, if you were following the GB before then and then took off some time, you might not have seen them added. **Try this link. PS: You can try them in the AT5 Custom Shop.
  3. ooops. that was supposed to be a PM. 😮
  4. Not sure what the Position module did in the version of SONAR you are using, but in the CbB manual there's a reference to "Position toolbar." Not sure this is what you want, but the default shortcut for G brings up the Go to time dialog. OH! This is what you are looking for: (from SONAR 3). Let me find my SONAR 3 manual so I can try to figure out what specific functionality you are looking for. Second update: It seems that the module you want has 3 sections: (1) measure/time, (2) go to start, go to end, and (3) move the now time. Hunch: It's now called the Transport Module. Let me boot CbB to check. BTW, what Workspace are you using in CbB? Fourth update: Try this (on line help) or look up Using the Transport in the Cakewalk Reference Guide.
  5. Welcome back. Hope all is well.
  6. So, is it true that anyone can now get on board with getting 24 free from the list by buying one qualifying item (or can get 24 more by buying a second, or third, or fourth . . . item)?
  7. What makes you think it will end tomorrow? Are you saying that once 25,000 registered products are reached, there can be no more registering of products? Is that how Group Buys work? UPDATE: You get 24 more each time you buy in, at the level you buy into.
  8. After the addition of the hardware, I called my local GC over the spans of 4-5 days at different times of the day to see if they had any IKM products in stock. No one ever answered the phone and there was no automatic answering system. The website did not say they were closed, but maybe they only have kiosks in lieu of staff?
  9. Glad to see you found the cause; however, you might want to consider using something other than the MS GS Wavetable Synth. I am sure there are others in the forum who would be more forceful in advising against using it. It is problematic for a number of reasons. There are other recent threads that address this. Perhaps other users can post links to some of those threads.
  10. Snowflakes????? I can't keep up with all the buzz words and phrases that seem to be proliferating in the War of the Words!!!! I can relate. In fact when I say things like this, my kids are quick to tell me, "You are already old! But seriously, these manufactured buzz words/phrases should not be taken for things (or people/groups) that exist in reality. They are intentionally manufactured terms often designed to sell things quickly, efficiently, and uncritically to an unsuspecting populace. Resist Labelling People! Don't Buy Divisiveness!
  11. Are your midi tracks properly pointing to [aka routed to] a sound producing device (such as a hardware or software synth)? Is your mini piano hardware connected to your PC that you use to record midi note data in a DAW such as Cakewalk and then play back on the hardware from the DAW? I am assuming you know that midi data is not audio and generally does not make sound until you send it to sound producing device. But maybe not.
  12. Thanks for raising this issue and for all the comparative responses including the screen shots. I am finding the discussion not only interesting, but very useful as I use older PCs and have only recently (last year or so) decided to make a large-scale move away from hardware (e.g., multiple sound modules, etc.) to soft synths and FX plug-ins.
  13. "Cancel Culture Club" - sounds like a great name for a group that does contemporary political commentary pop! AKA "The Culture." "Hey Hey We're The Culture. People say we belong to a Cult. Why don't you come and join us, Then you won't be such a Dolt." [sung to the tune of "The Donkees:" "Hey, Hey, We're The Donkees. We're known by another name. People call us Asses, It all means the same." ] 😛 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING/GUARANTEE: The above is intentionally APOLITICAL; it's called SATIRE. The intention is to poke fun at the whole idea of so-called "Cancel Culture" which is a more of a convenient, contrived political fiction than something that exists. People from different political PERSUASIONS talk about "Cancel Culture" as if IT EXISTS. Counter-Advertisement: Don't buy that "Cancel Culture" Crap! Seriously: The above doesn't take any partisan political stand. It is not racist, sexist, ageist, ______ist. At most it is biased against the uncritical adoption of CATCH PHRASES which THE MEDIA foists upon an UNSUSPECTING POPULACE to promulgate divisiveness. Just trying to stop THE SLIME here! 😉 Thanks, Media!
  14. A handful of diagnostic questions (just a few of many possible things to consider): When playing on the keyboard (such as to record a new track), do you turn input/MIDI echo off on the previously recorded tracks? Is the MIDI data on each track using a different MIDI channel? Are the tracks pointed to different software synths? Are any of the VSTs set to transmit midi data?
  15. Sorry to hear the UWP/MME setting wasn't the fix you needed. There have been other discussions re: KORG nano drivers. If you haven't done so already maybe info in some of the other threads might help with a solution. I searched the forum for "KORG nano" [with the quotes so I didn't get hits for the words individually, but adjacent. I even found a post that describes a solution  I found that worked for me. Not saying this is the solution you need; just saying that maybe the search will find a solution that might help. or at least a thread suggests other possibilities.
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