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  1. If interested in this issue, the YouTuber known as "Top Music Attorney" has a reaction video to the "WTF Udio" video. It's a typical reaction video (setup, plays video segments, comments on video, adds opinion(s), etc.). Jesse Josefsson also has a conversation video with her. Top Music Attorney also has a conversation video. "YouTubers of the World, UNITE!"
  2. Interesting. I had not heard of him, but he definitely made an impact on the history of music from our era.
  3. I saw that news segment!!! Found the dynamics between them interesting (as well as what they were saying).
  4. Yeah; it can be frustrating. I think I wrote up the procedure I used a few weeks ago. I will see if I can find that post. IIRC, I logged out of Blandlab via the CbB Help Menu, and then logged back in by going to the Bandlab site (again from the link in CbB's Help Menu). PS: I am not on Cakewalk's staff, so I have no authority to acknowledge anything about alleged user-hostility with the activation process/messaging. I am just a user and try to share my experiences in case they help other users. UPDATE:
  5. Personally, I have long thought evolving textures and arps/sequences/beatz went well together when properly layered with progressive development as you've demonstrated here. Nice one here!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Here's a "piano roll" that's more of an accordian [word plays intended]. 🤪
  7. Interesting (Atari ST Pro 24 Software). This issue of "Amazing Computing" has an article on "Master Tracks Pro v. Bars and Pipes" (starts on page 30).
  8. Where did the "standard" timeline/piano roll DAW UI paradigms come from? I am pretty sure software got the idea of the piano roll from player pianos. As for putting all the different elements together, it might be nice to have a reference book on all the different elements and when they were first used in different DAWs.
  9. This one has been available on a number of free (with ads) Roku Channels for while. IMDB shows that it is currently on Crackle, freevee [formerly called IMDB], tubitv, and The RokuChannel along with some subscription channels. I remember watching Europa Report a few years ago and again within the past several months.
  10. I have had a low opinion of AARP for a few years; never heard of AMAC before, but I just looked it up. From what I have seen, they are not worthy of a high opinion either.
  11. To see if its been excluded from your Workspace, use the Workspace Manager and look at Show in GUI > MIDI > Sysx. Is it checked or unchecked. Also, does Sysx show up under Menu Bar > Views? If not, try "None" or Advanced. Does that enable the Sysx function? FWIW, a few years ago when teaching myself how Workspaces (formerly Lenses) work, I created a Workspace I named "No Views." I consider Cakewalk's Workspace customizations one of its most innovative workflow features.
  12. Are you intentionally using a specific Workspace? If its a custom workspace, did you exclude Sysx? Did you accidentally switch to a Workspace (such as Basic) that excludes sysx?
  13. I think they should tally up the amount of money each user paid for Cakewalk/SONAR products over the decades (including all upgrades, add-ons, etc.) since Cakewalk for MS-DOS came out and then give a prorated discount/benefits package to long-term users over the age of 70 to cover the Senior pricing plans described above for as long as the historical users live or the individualized prorated amount based on prior spending runs out, whichever comes first, after which the Senior pricing plans as described above kick in. For Seniors who never paid anything for Cakewalk/SONAR, maybe a deal could be worked out with SilverSneakers.
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