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  1. Interesting. I will have to check it out. Thanks. No time to diagnose why Windows Defender doesn't like this; will have to try another day.
  2. Long shot, but is your MIDI Driver mode MME or UWP? I have had a MIDI Controller work under MME mode and not UWP mode. P[references] > MIDI | Playback and Recording
  3. For the previous revision (the one before this one), I thought of suggesting a "New!!" icon so people could just go through the guide and see what was new quickly. Not sure if that fits in with what you do; so, its just a thought if you want to use it or not. Not sure if it would save time from a revision list, though.
  4. Thanks for calling this to our attention!! I will have to check my personal themes to see if they work properly with the change. z
  5. Looks nice!!!!!!! I wondered about this, too. **I noticed this, too, and wondered if it was because different things [UI elements] get set up, stored, and restored at different points--software start up, project load, etc. I meant to ask if there was a list of what gets set up when. Maybe over time that could be added to the Theme Guide. I know I commented on this with regard to the Notes Browser colors; not sure if that has changed since then. But as you point out--if you don't see changes from switching to a newly edited theme, best practice says to restart Cakewalk (at least once). Not sure if recent changes to Workspaces had an impact on any of this. Thanks for the amazing work you have done with the Theme Guide, to all the theme developers (and updaters of older themes, and tweakers who share their finds), and to Cakewalk for including and continuing to update the customizability.
  6. Just addressing this last piece of the puzzle (i.e., not the original issue), there could be many reasons why you aren't getting sound from the MS GS Wavetable Synth [MIDI Output "device"]. This is just one of many possible issues: Are the tracks pointed to the MS Synth [as your output device]? For example:
  7. NO I found a copy of the manual here. I did not see any place where the manual says it outputs MIDI timing commands, but I just took a quick look at several sections related to the sequencer and song mode. (Maybe its in a separate MIDI Implementation sheet/guide.) The manual does talk about controlling the SY77's sequencer from an external sequencer. (See for example page 197: MIDI Control.) It would be good to find out if it outputs MIDI timing bytes. If it doesn't, perhaps you will be able to control the SY77's sequencer from Cakewalk. If you use a midi monitor from the SY77, does it show timing data being sent? UPDATE: I found the MIDI Data Format manual here. Page 8 summarizes when it transmits and when it receives MIDI timing data. Pages 7-8 has the MIDI data reception/transmission flow ["block diagram"], shows various switches, etc. Maybe someone experienced with Yamaha gear can help further.
  8. My HW sequencer has a setting to send MIDI Clock. I had that turned off. So now the transport buttons on the HW start and stop Cakewalk. Not sure how you tell the SY77 how to transmit MIDI clock. I am still working on getting Cakewalk to follow the HW clock itself. Sec. It used to work. UPDATE: It is working (now that I turned on my HW to send the clock) insofar as the Cakewalk transport is synced to external hardware start, stop, and clock. I forgot about the issue with Cakewalk's metronome. I forget how I solved that. So, if HW is at 143 BPM and Cakewalk is at 40 BPM, the Cakewalk metronome is at 40 BPM. BTW, the Audio - Sync and Caching settings also affect how Cakewalk responds to external clock/sync. Also, depending on what you are doing in Cakewalk, the following might be relevant: Did you get your setup to work with the SY77?
  9. I am getting that, too. I am checking to make sure my hardware sequencer is seen by Cakewalk. It was a few days ago.
  10. Did you press the start button in Cakewalk's transport module and get the standby message [something about waiting for sync]? Sec: I was doing this from memory; just tried it; Cakewalk seems to be stuck and won't dislodge using "Esc."
  11. I have tested both methods with another manufacturer's hardware sequencer (actually, the sequencer section built into a sound module): (1) SONAR/Cakewalk as transport controller and (2) external hardware as transport controller. I found that there were advantages and disadvantages to each method. With (2) IIRC SONAR/Cakewalk was put in standby mode [using the external clock] so that it would start from the hardware's start. I seem to recall each time I pressed stop on the hardware, I had to put SONAR/Cakewalk back in standby mode. Your Q re: Project Clock just came in. Load a project; make sure you are in Advanced mode [Preferences]; look at Project: Clock. BTW, in my experience having more than one project loaded with different clock sources often caused crashes when switching between open projects.
  12. For the benefit of users who want to read posts in other threads about this informative [JMO] video, here are a few others:
  13. LOL. You are not worth any more of my time. Goodbye . . . .
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