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  1. Thanks for the correction! I looked up what time zone is Berlin in. My bad. I should have asked Google what time zone will Berlin be in on March 29th. So, on March 29th it will be CEST, not CET.
  2. Central European Standard Time - Time zone in Berlin, Germany (GMT+1)
  3. This is fallacious reasoning. Anachronistic fallacy: Judging something historical using contemporary standards instead of using standards in effect at the time. Windows has changed since these older instruments came out including the implementation of various new modes of protection that weren't in effect when the software was developed. JMO: Instead of condemning Cakewalk by Bandlab, I praise it for allowing us to use ancient software. The current software could just refuse to add these older products. I was pleasantly surprised a couple of weeks ago that I was able install and run Z3ta+, Dimension Pro, and Rapture. While I am sorry you haven't had the same success, I think condemnation is wrong-headed.
  4. If you look through the forum, you will see that the general purpose c0000005 crash error has come up quite a bit. It might be hard to find though, because it usually shows up as a picture posted by a user as opposed to text which can be searched.** I have seen it myself as well as others mentioning it. When I get it on my PC, I take it as a sign that I need to problem-solve the issue. Yup! Part of problen-solving the issue. **CORRECTION: I was wrong. This search produces 2 full pages of hits.
  5. There are vast bodies of literature among researchers / scholars on this subject from a wide variety of perspectives / academic disciplines / fields of study. Unfortunately, for example, there is a populist notion that music is a "universal language." Most lay people mindlessly repeat that gross oversimplification and in fact many experts from various fields of study pander to that populist notion to give their research populist credibility. If those are the people you have in mind as the basis for the comment I highlighted, I would agree: Those people have very little knowledge about the role sound (speech, music, natural sound, etc.) plays in communication of all sorts. But among various educated communities (which are sometimes denigrated by populist communities), much has been written and much is known. Though in the words of some scholarly dscisplines, "More research is needed." That being said, I have a painful memory of a respected member of my graduate studies department who (in a doctoral presentation to the faculty early on in the dissertation process) thought I was saying that the only difference in the meaning of "close the door" and "open the door" was the sound of the words. In other words, ignorance of the role of sound in communication is not limited to lay people who deafly accept such things as the "Music is a universal language" and can't hear anything beyond that populist belief. Still, the role of sound is very far from being unknown and not understood. In part, given the bias of other modes of communication, it is not surprising that many people can't hear what they don't see. Also, the nature of visual modes of communication is very different from aural modes of communication.
  6. I also took forever to get from using the older UI as found in SONAR 3, 5, 6, 8.5, etc. to using the Skylight UI as found in SONAR X1 through Cakewalk by Bandlab. In fact, even though I have been using Cakewalk by Bandlab (CbB) for about 3 or 4 years, I am still learning new things about how to best use the UI for my own needs / workflows. Thanks for clarifying why you want to use SONAR X3. Just to let you know, a couple of weeks ago I installed X3e on my current PC (Win 10 Pro, 2011 era PC) in order to have some of the plug-ins that came with in. The X3e patch worked for me. (I had a copy on an external HDD, but I have also seen it in my Cakewalk account.) I agree that CbB has a whole lot more to offer over X3/X3e, but I can understand not wanting to connect a PC to the internet once every 90 days to re-authorize the software. Whether you use X3/X3e or CbB you will need to learn the "new" UI. The CakeTV videos are still on line. [No space between Cake and TV. That will get you food related videos.] So, if you want to just stay with the SONAR X series features, those might be better to watch than newer videos. PS: I still have my commercial C-64 Interfaces and possibly there's a C-64 and maybe an SX-64 sitting in storage (ir the critters and the elements haven't gotten to it). I haven't used them in decades. But I can relate somewhat to programming MIDI stuff (ASM) on the C-64--just custom stuff so I could do stuff for myself (processing MIDI on the fly, splitting Dr. T files, etc.). I didn't write code to program the SID chip, but I definitely got into the 6502/6510 instruction set and the C-64 architechture. Years before I every heard of a circular buffer, I found four unused zero-page locations that worked well as read and write index pointers for a 256-byte on-the-fly MIDI I/O buffer. If you are serious about converting your FF3 data to work with X3, have fun with the project. And thanks for the link to your Blast-from-the-Past, memory jogging site/videos. It brought back happy memories of teaching myself C-64 ASM Coding. PPS: I forgot, I also started work on making a large format structure for a Casio CZ librarian and evidently toyed around with the C128's Burst Mode. Totally forgot about that. Code segment from when writing efficient processing code was so much simpler.
  7. MISSING HOSTS: SONAR Cakewalk by Bandlab Voltage Modular MISSING PLUGIN FORMATS: CLAP UPDATE: The e-mail came about 30-35 minutes after my request. It works in VM, too. Not sure the bundle would be cost effective for me, but I can some possible uses of this freebie. BTW, exposed parameters (VST3 version) are Trigger Sync Time Shift Free Frequency Mode On Triplet Envelope Attack Time Hold Time Decay Time Attack Shape Decay Shape Direction Amount Manual Trigger [can be automated, such as with an LFO as a gate] Mode Bypass Program [to automate preset changes] I assume all these show up in Cakewalk, too.
  8. I think this comment is a bit reductionist. For example, there is more at stake than individuals as individual "just" becoming obsolete. While that might be a small part of it, today's AI revolution is more of a quantum leap for all of humanity taken as a whole. I agree, but I would posit that the recent changes go far beyond changes in degree and and quality. To me they are quantum changes that once introduced and fully embedded in the fabric of society will change how humans use their brains. Yes, the inventions of the alphabet, writing, moveable type, etc. also changed us, but changes stemming from a reliance on AI have the potential to be even more cataclysmic. I am not posting my example of what "race to the bottom" means to me out of deference to Milton. It stems from a professional interest in how human communication has been transformed by technology. I have saved the draft in case there is ever a coffee house discussion of the possible implications of AI there and I feel I can make a useful contribution to the discussion.
  9. I thought the "not even recognizable to me" comment was a reference to the "new" (compared to SONAR 2) Skylight UI found in X1, X2, X3, Platinum, and Cakewalk by Bandlab not the web-browser DAW known simply as Bandlab. I agree totally. But we don't know if the "newer computers" are 32-bit or 64-bit. SONAR 2 might have been used for so long because the OP didn't/doesn't have a 64-bit computer. That might also explain why the SONAR X3e patch was never downloaded and installed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a draft post from a few days ago. Glad to see some of the newer posts, but I still think we don't know enough to be helpful. Maybe the OP will return. I'd suggest not closing this thread as hastily as sometimes gets suggested. Besides, newer comments from long-time Cakewalk users can be insightful.
  10. I see this is for a Standard Edition. Is there a Pro Edition? I didn't see any other editions listed at the website (other than the demo version). Maybe I missed it? Even though I downloaded, installed, and tried the demo, I am also not sure if Unify would benefit my work flow, so thanks to all for the varying view points--from those who whaven't found a use for it to those who mentioned how they use it.
  11. At first I thought it might be nice to have a substitution table that allowed for user control of which manufacturers and which specific products would be automatically substituted when new versions came out, but I agree it would be a nightmare to implement. Plus, I can imagine some people forgetting they set up customized substitution tables, coming into chat, and in frustration rudely bad-mouthing good old Cakewalk because their projects no longer worked as they did before. 🤪 Conclusion: Best to let the users take responsibility!!! Just say no to Automatic Automatized Intelligence. 😉
  12. Yup; saw a number of third-party listings for X5. Through the WayBackMachine I was also able to find info on Samplitude Pro X3, but I have not found any website captures where the comparison link for Samplitude Pro X4 actually goes to a Samplitude Pro X4 Comparison page. I tried several website captures and they all went to the Samplitude Pro X5 Comparison. Not a big deal for me. Samplitude is totally unintuitive to me based on my decades-long use of Cakewalk and almost all of the time either it didn't work or I got crackling and skips far worse than what I got with Cakewalk before I fine tuned my Cakewalk settings (ASIO). Also, uninstalling Magix's generic allegedly low-latency drivers never solved the audio issues for me. Happy for others that use and enjoy Samplitude. There were some things I really liked about it. I was mildly curious about the Samplitude Pro X4 Suite, but not enough to risk reinstalling it.
  13. Nice find, @MusicMan. I will have to look up the compaison for X4 as a matter of curiosity. I bought X4 Suite before I found out that Cakewalk had been resurrected. I have no idea what X4 came sith since it never worked for me 1/10th as well as SONAR/Cakewalk and I deleted it to reclaim disk space. Never mind. Its not so easy to find. Found a capture for X4, but the comparison link goes to X5.
  14. I could be wrong, but perhaps the Samplitude Pro X5 description on Humble Bundle changed. I looked up Convology XT on the X7 Chart only because I saw it on the Humble Bundle page. But I don't see it now. Also, when I first looked, all of the NEW! items were arranged in a paragraph. Now I am seeing them in a list. Unfortunately, I didn't grab a screen shot when I first went to the Humble Bundle desription of Samplitude Pro X5. I tried to highlight and copy the description, but it couldn't be highlighted. My guess is that someone called attention to the error and they changed the description.
  15. I agree on two counts: (1) CA's Eight Voice is on my desktop (shortcut) to start my day on a positive note whether I am going to be doing music or anything else. It makes me happy just playing and often I get some ideas to jot down for later development. (2) Yes, to your clarification of the "mixed reviewers" including the points you raised. I agree with this, too. I didn't intend to give the "vocal minority" equal standing with "everyone else." I stand with the latter group. Thanks to both of you for calling attention to my reference to the "mixed reviewers."
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