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  1. This is what I thought of when I first saw the Topic: Ujam Dandy To The Res-cue! I had a college housemate that was into Black Oak Arkansas like they were the best band in the entire world. Those albums are permanently ingrained in my auditory memory! Brings back memories of fun, care-free, reckless times and activities. I held off looking for the song to post yesterday to avoid those "flashbacks." Oh well. 😜
  2. Are you talking about Key +/- in the Inspector Panel? For me the PC mouse wheel does +/-12 and Shift+mouse wheel does +/- 1. Are you talking about a different slider? The documentation says "Enter a value (1 = a semitone), or press the + or – key to change the key by a single semitone. Use the [ or ] key to change the key by 12 semitones (one octave)." If you are talking about the Transpose MFX, I was able to enter values by clocking on the Offset value box. If you are talking about Menu Bar > Process > Transpose, [ & ] still work for transposing by 12 and plus + minus still work for steps.
  3. For years I wanted some audio device tied into my phone that would make con artists and identity thieves posing as telemarketers, software problem-solvers, etc. **** in their pants, vomit uncontrollably, have seizures, lose the power of speech, etc. Now that every industry is moving towards using AI to affect consumers of all sorts of communication, how about using AI to detect con artist callers, e-mail spammers, fake website developers, and other evil people and fry their electronic devices? That's my thought on using AI to make trailer music to subconsciously affect consumers.
  4. Thanks for the additional details. Re: Plugin dropdown v. Plugin Browser: If you are referring to Menu Bar > Utilities > Cakewalk Plugin Manager, yes, I am referring to something else: Menu Bar > Views > Browser > Plugins Tab where the dropdown arrow has the option to Sort by Manufacturer. When I do that, and have Instruments selected in the Bowser Pane, my expanded IK Multimedia folder has the Hammond B-3X plugins as well as others IK Instruments. If you don't have an IK Multimedia folder listed under Instruments when sorted by Manufacturer or it doesn't have the B-3X inside, try typing B-3X in the plugin search bar (right below the Audio FX | MIDI FX | Instruments | ReWire buttons) case it got placed in a different folder. You can also try sorting by Category. My B-3X is under Synths, but I sometimes Instruments get put under Uncategorized. If that doesn't help, I will defer to other users who have more experience in addressing your issues now that some of the easy diagnostic stuff has been addressed. I know there are tutorials, other threads, and online documentation that spell out the steps for properly installing plug-ins, but others are better at locating those than I am. As for having Cakewalk see the MIDI Input from the JX-3P, double check to make sure have you selected the usb midi in device properly: Edit > Preferences (the default shortcut is P) > MIDI > Devices. If it is checked, but no MIDI data is coming into Cakewalk, it might be helpful to know more about the usb MIDI interface you are using.
  5. Thanks for your workflow details. Other users here might be better to help get you through the steps to make sure IK's B-3X is in your VST list. Just a few thoughts: Are the paths for the B-3X's plug-ins listed correctly in the VST scan list? You type 1K here (One Kay), not IK (as in the first letters in "Indigo Kale") I almost always use default paths which for the IK Hammond B-3X is on my PC are: C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPlugins for the *.dll version [Hammond B-3X.dll] C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 for the *.vst3 version [Hammond B-3X.vst3] Your paths might be different, but if it were me, I'd start looking there. Cakewalk generates a VstScan.log text file. Mine has entries including: 106: c:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins\Hammond B-3X.dll 428: c:\program files\common files\vst3\Hammond B-3X.vst3 These items tell me the vst scanner found them. Later entries tell me Cakewalk knows where to find them and there are no errors to loading them. Is your Plugin Browser set up to view plugins by Manufacturer? Out of curiosity, how are you getting MIDI data out from the JX-3P and into your laptop. 1983 synths had 5-pin DIN connector, not usb/midi connector. MIDI is a digital form of communicating between devices; its is not sound.
  6. CbB = Cakewalk by Bandlab, a Windows-based DAW [Digital Audio Workstation] Bandlab is the owner of Cakewalk by Bandlab who also owns the web-based browser music productivity called Bandlab. I have used WinAmp (including the use of multiple instances), but not as discussed above. If you are using a 32-bit PC with XP or an earlier Microsoft OS [Operating System], CbB is not for you. From what I understand, it is no longer safe to use web browsers under XP, if that's even possible. I have not tried to run Bandlab on an XP, but I would be extremely surprised if it worked. I just looked up PCDJ Red. It looks like very old software from 2008 and was discontinued at least 10 years ago, according to the 2022 PCDJ website. JMO [Just My Opinion]: If PCDJ works for you, don't let anyone tell you you have to get a newer PC and newer software. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your hardware and software, that's up to you.
  7. I really like many of the CV-1 sounds, but it doesn't fit my workflow other than accessing CV-1 from within VM. In fact I have some preliminary VM presets that route CV-1 to some FX (IK's MixBox, some PSP sound shaping modules, among others). As well, I have test driven cabling in VM CVs using CV-1 four Macros (wish there were a couple of dozen or more CV input lines). Since I have CV-1, I am wondering are there any forums where users post original patches others can download and use? I did listen to the demo sounds in Swatches (Currents and Modular City), and I am interested in hearing the original patches done by others. Thanks. PS: One of the many nice features of AAS's software I especially appreciate is that they implement remote Program Change (i.e., not from the UI, but by external controls--e.g., CV, midi). I am always amazed to learn that some otherwise excellent software synths don't.
  8. Question of Clarification: Is the IK BX-3 being used in standalone mode? If so, use it as a plug-in within Cakewalk. As others have said, more details are needed so others can better point you in the direction of making it happen with your setup and workflow.
  9. Interesting. FZ had conceptual continuity references to Laurel Canyon but I knew very little about it. Thanks for the link to this video. UPDATE (after Episode 1 finished): JMO: Would be nice if Peace and Love would finally surpass Divisiveness and Hate in the Court of Public Opinion. The hour is late. We might never see it happen. But perhaps Hope and Dreams are not dead.
  10. FYI, in case some one stumbles onto this request for the ability to replace FX and doesn't keep track of ongoing updates: As of November 2022 there have been several recent Releases, Early Access Releases, and Updates which give us some additional FX bin options, including: Improvements Replace audio effect You can now replace audio effects from track or bus effect bins. To do so, right-click an effect and select Replace Audio FX, then select the desired effect. Enhancements: Quick group support for track effect bin Delete command Delete All now available in effect bin menus Thanks to everyone who requested and re-requested the replace audio FX feature over the years, to @msmcleod for following up on this, to those who suggested enhancements, and to all who made it happen. BTW, do users who make FRs mark them "Implemented" (maybe with the date of the release) on the Topic line like when problems are marked "SOLVED"? See
  11. NOTE: Voltage Modular has been updated (not a deal, except maybe for Mac users who have been waiting for support for the new Mac OS) .
  12. According to PG Music's chat desk its SynthMaster Player version 2.9 with 800 presets.
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