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  1. Hmmmm. I just checked the two factory themes (mercury and tungsten) and both have green meters.
  2. Shortcut P = Preferences (or, Edit > Preferences). Image of personal options removed per scook's suggestion not to use them unless advised.
  3. Yesterday I saw this in the other thread (about using the matrix) but wasn't sure what you were trying to do. B0 73 02 (in hex) is a CC event for parameter 73 (hex). The third byte (what Midi-Ox lists as DATA2) is the data for that midi command. Are you trying to map specific data values (nn) for B0 73 nn to different columns in the matrix? If so, that would be amazing if it could be done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just did a very quick test of using CCs (knobs on a usb keyboard) assigned to 3 different columns [CC10 = column 1, CC11= column 2, & CC12= column 3]. They do switch columns, though I did not yet test to see if the third byte [the data byte] makes a difference. I will also test to see if different data values from a single CC can trigger different columns. I couldn't make this happen.
  4. I get this, too. As soon as one module is checked or unchecked, the Modules menu and the sub menu close. One option is to "Show All Modules" and then right click on the hot spot for specific modules you want to close one-by-one. The hot spot for each module is on the left side of the module.
  5. I get the same thing here. Scroll wheel works for loop packs and search mode, but not for the filter.
  6. I know I have written about issues I have had with Bandlab Assistant, but it was more informing other users what steps I tried and then how I finally solved the issues. I hope you are not including me in your "majority of people complaining." I don't remember all of the steps I tried because it has been working for me ever since. At one point I found that there was a hidden dialog waiting for a response. Have you tried looking for those? I also monitored Task Manager and saw Bandlab Assistant with several processes at 0%--doing nothing. So I killed them all and started over. After I discovered there was a hidden dialog waiting for me to do something (possibly to allow Bandlab Assistant to shut down something), the next time instead of killing the processes, I knew to look for the dialog. Maybe this will help you?
  7. Good suggestion!! I tried this before and decided for the 3-5 soft synths I usually have, I can keep track of them by the order in which they were minimized. Also, with a second monitor, it has become second nature to just slide them around as needed rather than minimizing them. However, I just tried it again with a one-monitor Workspace and then floated the Multidock. That is definitely be useful to me if I get back into piling up soft synths. That being said, this past week, I started to get back into working with hardware sound modules. Of course, if I start routing them individually though through soft synths-as-FX, having them in a single multidock with tabs would be very convenient. And it works well with Track View on Monitor 1 (full screen), Console on Monitor 2 (full screen), and using "D" to show/hide the soft synths in the Multidock as needed. Thanks!
  8. I am not sure what "several screens" means, but I often minimize soft synths. They then show up as minimized window icons in the lower left corner of my main Cakewalk desktop. In Cakewalk I have ToolTips on. Hovering over the minimized FX window icons does not display any information about the soft synths. If I click on the overlapping boxes on the left side of a minimized window icon, it will restore a soft synth. If I click on an X (right side), it closes just as if I Xed out the soft synth itself. If I right-click on the left side or the center, I get some options, but no information indicating which soft synth is which. I get the same options when I click on the "FX" box to the left of the overlapping boxes. Minimized soft synths: Right-click options: In Windows [10], if I hover over the Cakewalk icon on the task bar, I get a miniature version of my Cakewalk project. If I hover over the mini-project tool tip, I see the soft synths superimposed on my monitors where they would be restored. There is no indication of which minimized icon window belongs to which soft synth. When I stop hovering, the "pop-ups" disappear. I am used to restoring and minimizing the plug-ins one by one to find the one I am looking for, but I generally have less than a handful minimized. I can understand that if someone has more, it can be extremely frustrating. To be clear, at no point when I just ran though this step-by-step to write this up did I see "a pop-up with the name of the plug-in and the track it's on." If there is a setting I can change to make that happen, I would like that. Thanks for any other help you (or any one else) can offer.
  9. Some footnotes to what others have already stated: Since my mouse motor coordination has gotten worse over the decades, I tend to prefer a larger target than a smaller target to grab onto. Also, when dragging tracks into folders, the destination changes from a single line to a rectangle.
  10. I have just dragged them (one at a time) into Cakewalk. I haven't used either the audio loops or the midi loops for anything (other than previewing them), but it is also easy to just download them to a folder and drag them from the Media Browser if they meet your needs.
  11. Thanks for the Korg link. I decided to download the latest configuration utility and found my Korg Kontrol Editor no longer worked, despite the fact that the nanoKontrol itself still worked (per MIDI-OX). After getting midi port failure messages and an ability to receive/send [communicate], I finally found how to correct the problem. Just a guess, but I think the 2020 driver uses a different device name than my previous driver. My solution was to change the device marked "(Not Connected)"--possibly from a previous configuration file--to the names evidently used by the new driver. I had to do this for both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. I mention this here in case someone else updates their Korg USB-MIDI Tools and has a similar problem. New Korg USB Driver device names :
  12. SONAR 3.3.1: Cakewalk: Not quite 20 years apart. One of the differences is the proliferation of usb/midi devices. If you unplug them and move them to different usb ports/hubs, that can cause issues.
  13. Is this a duplicate triplicate post? (wanna go for quadruplicate?)
  14. I hope its not pre-mature, but congrats! Maybe something you did reset a setting that caused an automatic sequence/patch/etc. to stop playing. Hope the problem doesn't return.
  15. To rule out the possibility that the Casio is generating the midi data, try a utility like MIDI-OX independently of any other midi software. I have had it working on Windows 10 for a few years.
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