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    AIR Updates

    On my PC I noticed this, too (yesterday). Plus some of the other updates (for instruments) don't seem to update the version numbers in Cakewalk even after a new VST plug-in scan (including existing plug-ins). Scook's VST Inventory Tool also indicates allegedly new files (ones with 2021 dates in the unzipped files) are not being seen. Please Note: I didn't try a complete plug-in reset yet.
  2. "Interesting" indeed!!! Maybe someone will chime in with an "official" answer. I just noticed it was sequential and moved on to the project at hand--most recently with my oral interview tapes, though I did notice it a while back on my XP PC using SONAR X1 during a project where I was going through a bunch of my improvs with an ear towards editing together sections of different performances.
  3. In my limited experience, every time you import a file (I've seen it with wav files), there's a sequential number in parentheses. Maybe its the same for cda files. EDIT: Since the first one in that images is (4), by any chance did you import 3 other audio files in that session of Cakewalk (or maybe using the same project)? My Example: I have been working on a series of oral history interviews. I started with a previously digitized version of Tape 1 side a and then imported a digitized wav file of Tape 1 side b. After I marked up one tape [using Cakewalk's markers plus comments in Notes] I saved Tape 1, erased the data in the track, and then used the same project for Tape 2 sides a & b. So, Tape 5 side a is the 11th importing of a wav file for that project--even though I saved a project with the contents of one two-sided tape after each mark-up session. Perhaps you have all of the converted files in your Audio folder for that project?
  4. Maybe, but please re-consider that the following had already been posted in August 2020 at the time of the original thread. So, by March 2021 there had been a question, some clarification, some civil discussion, some valid points raised (including the option to use the Mix Module or Ctrl+R), etc. And so the drama continues.
  5. I see a legitimate question asked plus a clarifying exchange. Obviously some people didn't understand that you were looking for a single button that would arm one track and at the same time disarm all other tracks--an "exclusive arm" button as suggested on 8/16/2020. Maybe my reference to a "radio button" confused people? Several months later suggestions were made that (1) you use either the Big red button in the Mix Module on the Control Bar or Ctrl+R (implied: if you weren't already doing that) to disarm all the tracks before (2) arming a new track. Just a hunch, but I suspect the subsequent tone of ridicule by other was abetted by this piece of sarcasm: In case you missed it: Between August 2020 (the time of the original post) and March 2021 (the time of this reply) was almost 7 months.
  6. User 905133

    selecting midi

    I have never used a Behringer interface, but I remembered reading a few years ago that they didn't have ASIO drivers. I just Googled "Do Behringer interfaces have ASIO drivers?" and found a source that says "Although most Behringer audio interfaces have their own driver (version 4.38 as of July 2018), some of the smaller interfaces will require the third-party driver, ASIO4All. These interfaces include the UMC22, UM2, UCA222, and UCA202. " I don't know if this has changed, but you might want to check if you haven't done so already.
  7. No, don't do that. It would be mean for sure.
  8. (1) TL/DR = too late/didn't read ????? (2) Are you talking about Bandlab (the web app) or going between Bandlab and Cakewalk? I ask because I have been waiting for the new integration features before starting to use Bandlab (other than for some casual tests). Thanks.
  9. I assumed it meant "out of time" [i.e., having some sort of timing issue].
  10. @Ben Staton Any chance you could make the DX, VST2, VST3, 32-bit text designations use theme editor colors as in 2021.04 EA 1?
  11. That works!!! I have thought about slaving soft synths to audio via MIDI before, but never got around to trying it. Thanks for the solution in some easy-to-follow steps and thanks to Milton for asking about doing this with MTuner.
  12. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, by "Colin's Most Excellent Theming Guide" I am referring to his YLIP to Creating Cakewalk Themes. As for the colors, I finally reconstructed some of my track color tests. Looks like one series of tests started with Boston Flowers: To do this, I tweaked the colors in the Theme Editor under Track View > Clips Pane > Clips. To verify, I did this today: Again, I probably didn't post this method previously because msmcleod's solution using the Inspector seemed much more efficient and quicker to me, but it can be done in the theme editor if you want. I have not systematically given thought to the advantages of the different methods, but surely there must be different benefits to each method (and maybe others?). Hope this helps.
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