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  1. I could have sworn I addressed this. Maybe I forgot to post it? Or erased it?
  2. I am confident that my TTS-1 is set up properly. This is the first time I can remember having an issue with normal usage. I am not sure the presence or absence of the no-sound issue tells whether or not TTS-1 was set up properly. @Annabelle , if I can upload a version of your song that has TTS-1's master fader all the way up, would you be able to test the effect of starting play twice as I described? And if it plays, would that be helpful to you?
  3. I seem to be getting something consistent with 8.5 on older Win10Pro PC. Condition 1: Loaded Annabelle's version. Cleared CC3 assignment on Master Fader in TTS-1. Slider up full. Saved using Save As (renamed). Upon loading this version, slider is still up full, but TTS-1 doesn't sound. Pressing play (I am using the spacebar) a second time kicks TTS-1 into playing. Condition 2: Loaded Annabelle's version. Upon loading this version, slider is down, and TTS-1 doesn't sound. After slider is moved up and spacebar is pressed once to start play, no sound. Pressing spacebar a second time kick TTS-1 into playing again. Is it possible the RTZ from the second "play" trigger (in this case, the spacebar) dislodges something (regardless of the CC3 assignment) or enables something so that the medley plays??
  4. Looks like I have SONAR 5, 6, and 8.5 on my Win 10 PC (in addition to X1 and/or X3). I might also still have them on an XP SP3 PC (not X3). I took a quick look at the CCs. There's a bunch of CC121 and CC64 in the beginning. Later on I saw RPN PB Sens. several times preceding Wheel. I have heard of JAWS, but no idea what goes on under the hood. Could that be automating TTS-1's Master Volume on its own (independent of what on the tracks)? Could the version/build of TTS-1 make a difference? 32-bit TTS-1 (XP) v. 64-bit TTS-1 (Win 10)?
  5. I am using CbB, and several times I resaved the one you uploaded with the Master Slider in TTS-1 up full and when I reloaded it, the medley played. Its a long shot, but it might work--provided (1) there is nothing in your setup that is sending it back to zero and (2) TTS-1 in Sonar 8.5 works the same way.
  6. Why not save a Workspace or two with just your favorite set(s) of keyboard bindings saved? I could be wrong (and I suspect that someone will correct me if I am), but the way I understand Workspaces if you have a workspace (let's call it KeyBindings-001) that just has keyboard bindings saved that's all that will be restored when you load it on top of your current workspace. I am pretty sure I tested this and when I did, it worked this way.
  7. OK. You talked me into it. I will try the built-in arpeggiator again to see if it will work for me. [moved here from the other thread, because any possible follow-up discussion would be less relevant to the Deals subforum]
  8. I was going to see if the x50 passes midi through, but since you have the manual and midi-ox, I don't think I would see anything that you haven't already tried. Maybe someone else has some ideas to help. Good luck with that.
  9. Just to clarify, the reason I asked "Do you have a link to the Roland x50 manual?" was because "All I could find was an e-x50 manual." EDIT: I am going to go out on a limb on this, but here goes: Either (1) Louis is confused or (2) Louis is trying to confuse us. (I might be wrong, though.)
  10. Do you have a link for the manual? All I could find was an e-x50 manual. On the other hand I did find a Korg X-50 Manual.
  11. When you say, "Its as if . . . ." I have to ask: Have you tested the midi data with a tool like midi-ox? Do you have a link to the Roland x50 manual?
  12. User 905133

    Prisha - Video

    Didn't mean to confuse you. It sounded Indian to me. So I looked up Prishna. https://www.babynames.co.uk/names/prisha/#:~:text=Prisha is a name of,for both boys and girls. Or are you making a point about cultural appropriation--that Indian music was taken from Africa, that Indian names were taken from Africa, etc.? https://www.nairaland.com/1206540/indian-god-krishna-black-african See also: https://www.thehindu.com/entertainment/music/indian-musicians-with-african-influence/article24172523.ece
  13. User 905133

    Prisha - Video

    African? https://www.babycenter.com/baby-names/details/prisha-18465
  14. I don't have this file on my PC. UPDATE: For the "fun" of it, I tried the most recent update I have and the most recent rollback I have using VT. No red flags. Evidently some AV software couldn't handle the files, though.
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