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  1. I would wait (1) to see if it will make it and (2) to see if there might be another extension.
  2. Just my opinion, if anyone has Syntronik 2 CS, SE, or Full, but hasn't gotten into the SYN2GB yet, and wants the Multis, they should help make sure it reaches the top tier. As I have noted before, the 30 Multis in Syntronik 2 Full reference Presets and Instruments that are not included in the non-MAX version. Now that I have the 11 new instrument packs installed from the SYN2GB, the Multis do load and don't crash Syntronik 2. To be clear: I just spot-checked the Multis that came with Syntronik 2 Full and (1) they do reference the new instruments and (2) they do work now that I have the 11 new instruments installed. UPDATE BASED ON A PRIOR POST (see the 5/9/2022 below): Since I tend to triple- and quadruple-check things, I just took the 11 new instruments and temporarily moved then to a "Pulled" folder. This effectively verified that SYN2 Multis that came with my purchase of a bundle with Syntronik 2 Full (1) reference Instruments not in the non-MAX version and (2) crashed Syntronik 2 Full on my PC. So, getting the 11 new Instruments solves this problem!!! Again, if you like Syntronik 2 and you want to use the new Multis, but you haven't bought into the SYN2GB yet, you might be very pleased at what you can get for $50 or $35 + $15 in Jam Points, even with the installation issues, the filter bugs, the amount of GBs, etc.
  3. I used nanoKONTROL1, to start and stop drones. Its easy! Just assign buttons as toggles for note events. Press once (On) to start a drone, press a second time (Off) to stop the drone. 🤣 Usually had a descent release so the drone didn't didn't suddenly drop out abruptly. 😜
  4. My comment was based on my original plan stemming from my past experience, namely that once I decided to participate in GB25, soon after that, the MAX Bundle came out with an introductory price that would have been better for me (more stuff that I didn't have) if had not jumped onto the GB25 bandwagon. In other words, if TS MAX4 includes Syntronik 2 MAX (in addition to the new Basses and Drums for the MODOs), I will have made the same mistake by not waiting for it. Oh. I think I get it. You were saying in effect "Don't look for v4 anytime soon, because there would have to be a new flagship full version of something like Amplitube, T-RackS, or Sample Tank first and there isn't anything like that in the pipeline." In that case, if SampleTank 4 gets a major upgrade so that Syntronik 2 and ST5 are more in sync in terms of editing and use, I can certainly wait!
  5. Is that a typo or are you visiting from the future? Or, maybe since this thread is over 2 years old, you lost a couple of years due to the pandemic? Ho! Ho! Ho!
  6. I KNEW I should have waited before getting into the SYN2GB. :-(
  7. By any chance are you using the Staff View to enter notes? If so, is your prior experience ("paid version") with pre-Skylight versions, that is to say, pre-X1 versions of SONAR? If so, the Staff View is a bit different than what you are used to and it would be worth your while to spend some time understanding and getting practice using the Control Bar's Tools Module and the controls in CbB's version of the Staff View. In any case (Staff View or Piano Roll View), the comments related to whole note snap and snap to grid sound like an excellent place to start looking to account for your inability to place notes any where within a measure.
  8. I am no stranger to speculation myself, so I appreciate your post. BTW, this was from less than a year ago: but TS 3.5 MAX included: So, as you said, who knows?
  9. I thought The Resonator wasn't in the previous Total Studio MAX Bundle because the Samples were owned by someone else.
  10. User 905133


    along with (7): So, thanks for the clarifications, Doug. I'll go with (6) + (7).
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    This seems to be related to what I was getting at before--when there is a software update to an existing product (e.g., 1.2 to 1.5 for a product without a number) and at the same time a product upgrade (e.g., a product with an implied 1 to a new product numbered 1.5 or 2) it invites customer confusion (possibly leading to dissatisfaction or resentment). Not sure if this is what JT was thinking or if JT had in mind a model like some other companies do--you buy a product for life and when it gets updated/upgraded with new/improved features, you get those. In either case, I think the simultaneous rollout of a software update with a product update contributes to customer confusion (and sometimes ill-will). Let me see if I understand. (I think I do, but sometimes I have found my understandings at odds with what others meant, only to be discovered after-the-fact.) If I have MODO BASS with 14 bass models and I get the free MODO BASS 2 CS, will I have the same 14 bass models that work In MODO BASS 2 but with the new MODO BASS 2 enhancements, patterns, etc.? If so, my choices to get the 8 new bass models seem to be (1) to buy MODO BASS 2 SE (currently $150), or (2) to get the current upgrade to MODO BASS 2 (for $150), or (3) to take the cross-grade deal (currently $200) , or (4) to get the special cross-grade/up-grade DRUM/BASS Bundle (currently starting at $200) , or (5) to purchase individual bass models (currently for $80 each). Obviously, there's also (6) to use the 14 original MODO BASS basses (currently version 1.5.2) with either of my current licenses. Do I have that right? If so, please don't confuse me by adding a new software version (2.0.0) to my current 14-bass version of MODO BASS. If you have to update the software (such as to support purchase of the 8 new basses individually), please make it 1.5.3. If it's called MODO BASS 2.0.0, I won't understand why I don't get the 8 new basses--too much confusion between MODO BASS with version 2.0.0 and MODO BASS 2.
  12. I've had Syntronik 2 Full since less than a week before the SYN2GB was announced. So, I don't need more than the 11 new ones. At present, I have 14 promos available that are useless to me. Wishful Thinking: Wouldn't it be great (as in a 3-way win-win-win scenario) if after the SYN2GB ends and it doesn't go all the way to 33 Instruments, loyal customers (say for example, those who have paid cash to IK of over $300 since first becoming customers) are given an opportunity to gift (i.e., no transfer fee) unused/unneeded promos to other customers to fill in their collections? Gifters win because their duly earned promos don't go to waste; giftees win because they get to round out their collections; IK wins because when new IK synths and bundles come out all customers will have wonderful feelings about IK and will likely spend more money to up-/cross-/max grade to products that include what they already have.
  13. One of my favorite Dylan tunes popularized by someone else. Nice cover here; brings back fond memories of yesterday/year/decade. Have you done covers of other Dylan tunes as made famous by others, e.g., Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower" (my favorite all-time Dylan cover)?
  14. Speculation: Is it possible that a number of problems including this installation issue have been known for a while and phase 1 of the solution is the amazing GB: $35 ($50 minus $15 in Jam Points) for up to 33 SYN2 Instruments, including 11 new Generation 2 Instruments? Or, maybe its a reward for being Beta Testers and once all the problems are fixed the price will go up? I don't know. I am still trying to understand IK's MO. In either case, I am glad I picked up the 11 new instruments--even with the problems.
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