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  1. I believe cakewalk community is a huge asset that was part of the deal Meng made. It’s always been a most helpful and generous community. Alan
  2. I have ,psamplitude 3 which I purchased after we all thought cakewalk was done, but the learning curve is tough, even with Kraznet videos there is not a lot out there that I’m aware of when I search for tutorials. I do love the restoration tools As I learn to use them.
  3. Alan

    Banned from KVR

    LARRY, you have been adding value to my life through the boards for several years and I thank you. 🙏hands palm to palm, alan
  4. Hello, I need help. On my 62 key Korg Triton Extreme Workstation I can not get the Keyboard to activate Key Switches (The Red Keys to the Left). Is there a way to assign the keyswitches to higher keys? I have to activate the key switches with the mouse in Kontakt and its very frustrating trying to figure out a solution. I read the manual, but I did not see a way to change the keyswitches . I need to move the keyswitches up an octave but they do not respond to changing the octave range on the keyboard. The manual states: 4.1.1 ARTICULATION SELECTION: On the lower end of the interface all available articulations are displayed. You can activate an articulation by clicking on it, or by playing the note that is shown above it in the lowest octave (C0-B0). Thanks, Alan
  5. That was lovely, great timpani playing.
  6. Izotope looks great but I am going to try to do what I can with Samplitude or Audition. Thanks, Alan
  7. Hello, I have to attempt to repair a very poorly recorded wav file of a 3 hour audio lecture. Lots of changes in the volume of the recording throughout, and high pitched noise running in parts of the recording. I have never really done this before, but I have both Samplitude and Adobe Audition and I know they have some features to repair poor recordings. Any tips on which is the better program to use as I am going to tackle this project as a favor for a friend. Thanks, Alan
  8. Alan

    I’ll carry the cross

    Thank you for the feedback. The family went to a super bowl party so I took a couple hours to play with this idea and sing, which I can’t down people are in the house. I so appreciate your comments. Many thanks. Alan
  9. Alan

    I’ll carry the cross

    Thanks I scratched it out yesterday just having fun.
  10. https://m.soundcloud.com/bodhi65/ill-carry-the-cross-ac
  11. I still use the Triton Extreme in my studio. I wonder if the software has the Moss sounds which are really great in the Triton Extreme. Alan
  12. I still have that Fostex in a box somewhere,
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