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  1. According to the manual many views are zoomable. After a couple reboots (and some redbull) LUNA is working fine and much faster now. 3rd party plugin performance is a crap shoot, tho. Even using their Shape alongside RAVEL piano DEMO has issues. Only the 1st one loaded will work.
  2. Version 1.5 should work in most DAWs. You can download it here if it's in your legacy account and you have the right numbers: https://legacy.cakewalk.com/support/dl.aspx?DLID=1788 1. Click the above link. 2. It will open your web browser and change itself to "...www.cakewalk..." in the address bar. 3. Change the "www" back to "legacy", hit ENTER and the download will commence.
  3. LUNA seemed to work fine yesterday. Today it's slower than molasses loading and responding to any mouse action. Won't even create a new track. Not sure if it's a JAVA issue but other JAVA based apps load up after a while and have to be closed and reopened on my system. Maybe it needs more caffeine?!
  4. Using LUNA in Windows Includes PDF manual link Known issues at the bottom
  5. What do you mean by this? Later in the same session? After closing and reopening CbB? After renaming the Bus? I haven't seen this behavior (yet) but I have see where Automation Lane names don't update when Bus names are changed, tho all other areas do update. When this happens you can reassign it to another automation, then re-reassign it back to the original and the name will update.
  6. Some observes: Shape instrument is like a stripped down Dimension with 4 Parts (Elements) but creates a lot of rice krispies when using more than one Part. Audio settings are 48kh @2048 samples (max available). Crackles get worse the lower I set it. Never an issue with CbB. Can't find a way to set the sample rate before creating a project. Had to close LUNA and reset the Mackie driver by opening CbB in 48/24 first. Can't even change it in Mackie Control Panel. 😠 "Mike" is right. Melodyne is impossible to use within LUNA. Need ARA or ability to resize it's window. Not sure why they'd do that but I found LUNA also prevents the Windows 10 Taskbar from opening when it's full screen - even with the Win key. Guess I should be telling UA about these.
  7. fixed So far even some VSTi3s like the Cakewalk AAS group crash LUNA as soon as you insert them. 😠
  8. Apparently doesn't support VST2??
  9. Installed and runs fine here on Windows 10, but... rejected 50 plugins so I only have access to 1/2. The ones I use most were among the rejected. That, and the project creation/saving is quite convoluted (non-standard) and MIDI isn't up to par. Looks like it's Java based with a weird file structure. Is this a new beta or has it been such since 2020?
  10. Looks like Pro Tools with a Cubase/Reaper theme. No PRV. Track/Clip "Notes" view expands to show PRV. Not sure if multiple PRV views are possible. MANUAL or PDF
  11. Well... they I screwed up the install right off the bat by locking in my ilok email instead of my user name and I can't manually change it here. Now I have to spend an hour&1/2 dealing with support to fix it before LUNA even installs. Not worth the hassle. Update1: Hassel averted. Figured out how to change account info by going to my account but it's now in que... ⏳ Update2: Finally able to dnld & install. Looks good and totally theme-able. No "Save As" under file menu. Saving multiple versions will take getting used to. 🤔 Auto save interval is changeable in Settings.
  12. sjoens

    Activation required???

    Don't know why but for me not a single DAW out there will install or run right on my system without some hangup except Cakewalk. It owns me.
  13. Now I understand why so many softwares are subscription only. User can't resell.
  14. Thanks for the reminder. It can be "activated" if they have both numbers. Edit: The seller is in Alberta, CA, not the EU.
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