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  1. Heh heh... More important than kHz is, are you using gold plated cable connectors?
  2. Right. Must have slipped my mind momentarily.
  3. Breaking News! Frozen Duck Spotted! Rescue Team Dispatched!
  4. As I Understand It: You're much be better off reversing that formula. Record @96 and mix @48 or even 44. You're not gaining anything mixing at a higher rate than your recording. All you'd be doing is making a huge file for no reason. You won't hear any audio nuances much above 48 anyway. It's not so much WhatYouHear but how much head room the original signal has to capture finer details. Higher resolution rates afford recorded sound that headroom. Also allows any effects/processing more headroom to work in. Once you've applied any processing to the audio, like "bouncing" it (destructive editing), you're safe to down sample to a playable resolution. Since most players don't support over 48, and probably never will, it makes little sense to mix to it.
  5. What better way to invite the great outdoors, indoors?!
  6. Cool! @chuckebaby, ultrawides basically add extra width to the height of a 'standard' monitor. To maintain proper height to width ratio, the standard 1980x1080 becomes 2560x1080.
  7. Try running it @2560 X 1080 (or biggest 1080 setting) with 100% scaling.
  8. Stay off line or 1903 update won't wait. It self imposed itself early this morning here. So far one GOOD thing is now I can log onto the forum with IE11 whereas before I couldn't. I will use IE11 till it completely dies for good. Tho I don't see that as 'good'.
  9. Yeah, it was always float-able, tho I've always had to stretch it downward to get the scroll bar to show.
  10. Hold the cursor anywhere over the volume slider and drag left to (-) and right to (+). Double click to return to default (70%). For Pan & Tune drag cursor up to move right and down to move left.
  11. Thanks SK. I find with a little tweaking here and there, SI plugins are very usable. The drum volumes take a little getting use to but little I could do about that. Do tell more as my themes shouldn't be affecting anything but appearance.
  12. Top meter simply shows how full your HDD is. You might consider getting a 2nd HDD for your projects & sample sets. Bottom meter shows how much RAM is being used. You might consider increasing it if it's 8gb's or less.
  13. Which meters are you looking at? The left vertical meter is CPU usage. The upper horizontal meter shows project HDD space used - a mirror of what's displayed in "This PC". If you open a project stored on a different HDD, the meter will change to reflect that HDD. The HDD icon lights up when the project is reading/accessing the HDD. The lower horizontal meter shows total system memory and will also change per project. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=AudioPerformance.20.html#1238403
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