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  1. It actually hangs in memory quite often here. I just confirmed that my MOTU micro lite MIDI interface is almost always the culprit. As soon as I unplug it from the computer, CbB is released from memory. (year old thread. If SEARCH would reveal a newer topic I'd use that.)
  2. A. Audio track B. Aux track C. Input Echo enabled D. Aux track icon E. Assigned patch point http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.13.html#1750199
  3. So if this is something not published in a spec sheet or feature list how would one know if his unit's EQ's sample rate is doubled?
  4. I have no clue what's being asked here, but I wonder if slip-stretching the midi clips would work.
  5. I'm not aware of a way to "load" meter range changes into an existing project. But for future projects, just create a new project, set all the meters and save it as a template (.cwt). You have to set each View's meters thru their Menus: Track View, Console View, & Inspector. Very tedious. Right-clicking and changing won't retain upon saving. I once Feature Requested having all the meter settings in one place with a Set As Default button in Preferences so you could 'set it and forget it.'
  6. sjoens

    Migrating Program Files

    Thus a simple Yes or No may suffice. Or in this case: "Simply add the folder paths to Preferences >File >VST Settings.... then upgrade to CbB."
  7. Will try that. Link Tab says: "Sorry, you do not have permission..."
  8. As Hard as I try, Steve, I cannot get your link to work.
  9. sjoens

    Sonitus Plugins

    The "average" user can't do this as it requires a special editor to extract and reinsert the graphic files. But it's not hard to do and won't hurt the plugin.
  10. My Behringer UFX1204 USB/Firewire has worked well for several years. A couple small issues like scratchy headphone pot and getting a bit warmer than I'd like but otherwise a solid unit. It has: 4 mono/mic, 4 stereo, & 2 AUX channels giving me 8 stereo pairs to record from, great for digitizing analog multitracks. 2 stereo channels can be used as USB/Firewire Main outs which allows the other channels to be recorded "wet" when using outboard FX. An onboard multitrack recorder with thumb drive port and a 3 year warranty make it a pretty good deal for home use.
  11. 1. There is quite good space available on the console beside the fader to make the meter a lot bigger and more detailed. The space is shared by both styles. So while true with non-segmented meters, it's not with segmented meters. What could be done is place the non-segmented meter digits beside the meters like they are with the segmented meters. 2. I would also really like to easily (not using any theme editor) set values where the meter changes colors, so you easily see where the signal resides. As far as I know, to accomplish all that, the meter code & graphics would have to be reconfigured. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ With segmented meters you can repaint the color change point with mixed results as the default point of change is -6 and everything below that point repeats/extends itself for the larger scales. A larger flyout could be added to existing code.
  12. That would be difficult as-is due to how they function.
  13. Hey, hey, Jonny, Go to Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and Export your custom set. Then you can Import them after each update.
  14. sjoens

    Loop Point Minimum

    The minimum Loop duration is an 1/8th note. On occasion I'd like to loop 1/16th or even 1/32nd note. Is there a reason or can this be changed in a future update?
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