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  1. @giovannibuchelli the Track View Clips are not graphics, so the Theme Editor won't make them transparent.
  2. Sometimes. Theming can be quite involved. If you want to learn all about it you might take a look at this first.
  3. Only inspector & Theme Editor can do this. They removed the backgrounds from Preferences with Sonar X1. There is this post.
  4. Just right-click on each page & select Print... > Save as PDF, then merge the pages together using a PDF program. Downside is no links will work.
  5. Two things I noticed about adjusting the Console View audio faders . 1. The graphical scale marks are not accurate. -audio numerical marks are either above or below fader positions. -MIDI 127 is dead center while all the rest are 1 pixel below fader positions. 2. The 2 ways to reach audio +6 & -0- have different results: -double clicking fader puts it dead center -0-. -manual value entry puts -0- 1 graphical pixel below dead center - you can see it move. -fader cannot "visually" reach +6 with value entry or dragging. Since most values must be manually entered I'd like to believe it's more accurate but is it? BTW - the scales can be "calibrated" (repainted) to be more accurate once we know which method to use!
  6. YES! So we're not constantly re-coloring clips after bouncing and such. ***Per Project*** I. Track View > Options > Color Options: [ ] Set current colors as default [ ] Reset default colors -OR- II. Clip Inspector: Use Track Colors [ ] Set Current Colors as Default [ ] -or- Maintain Theme Colors [ ] -OR- Return track backgrounds to Preferences so they can be saved in a Color Set.clr file.
  7. Is there a way to avoid this?: In PRV, copy 4 notes from track "A" and paste them in track "B". The 4 notes create a new clip in Track View that is as long as the original clip. I have to select the new clip and bounce it to get rid of the empty space.
  8. I'm unable to duplicate this issue using "Duplicate Track". Check your hardware outputs if they are different. Also try drag-copying (Ctrl+drag) the clip to a new track.
  9. When lock centering or justifying the Control Bar, the Custom Module Medium Background is used to fill in the Control Bar's empty spaces. This can have some "mixed" results when repainting the background to accommodate some themes: - YLIP pg 120 I would like to request using the Background Fill graphic (currently unused?) to fill in the Control Bar's empty spaces instead.
  10. Drivers w/instructions are the only thing available ATM.
  11. "Make sure you have "Zero controllers when play stops " selected. EDIT > PREFERENCES> PROJECT> MIDI ." Thanks RBH! That's what I was looking for. Normally these are checked for this reason but this project had them unchecked.
  12. To me the whole idea of "freezing" is to hold the track "as-is" so "nothing " will change it and to free up resources. The online documentation is helpful, but to understand... freezing a track is the same as bouncing a clip but affects the entire track, not just a clip in the track???
  13. Yeah, one more for posterity... Take Lane Description Background is un-theme-able so having black text show up there is (ugh) another headshaker. Don't use it so don't care.
  14. Oversight? Undersight? Intended behavior? Another caveat of Skylight not designed to be themed. Mercury doesn't expose these anomalies because it uses the same colors for both instances. The Folder BG issue existed from the beginning with X1.
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