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  1. I've often wished for this feature because a simple hit of the W key won't take you back to the last Now Time setting. I've set my arrow keys as transport. < = RTZ > = Go To End v = Pause ^ = Record Space = Play
  2. If I understand you, any notes directly above the pitch bend data in PRV will be affected by it. It looks like you have several short notes throughout the length of the pitch data, so they will all be affected by it. Cakewalk defaults the full bend range to 2 semitones up (0 to +8191) and down (-8191 to 0), or 4 semitones total. There is a way to change it higher and lower but I forget how ATM.
  3. When I'm lost, I use "Everything" to find everything. 😊
  4. Request option for dark theme. Too much white for my tired eyes. 😊
  5. I have a 17" 4K laptop monitor but for CbB I run it at 1920x1080 to match my 2nd wide screen, which to me does more for a DAW than 4K. Aside from resolution there's also text scaling from 100 to 350% which affects the whole screen.
  6. BTW, Performance Module colors are separate from the other modules and can now be changed in Preferences as well as TE... Preferences - Colors - All Colors - Control Bar Performance Module Meters (Normal) & (Warn).
  7. Some SD kits load with the loop button engaged while others don't. If it is, it will need to be disengaged separately.
  8. You can change the size of the Arranger section itself by dragging either end with the mouse. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Arranging.07.html
  9. In Session Drummer, I believe this is because triggering any of those keys activates SD's PLAY button (indicated by an orange box) so that whenever the transport is in PLAY mode, the last selected drum Pattern also plays. Simply hit the OFF button or key to deactivate it. On my 88 key controller it's the lowest G key.
  10. I thought that was the default setting??? When notes are displayed, you can 1) left-click and drag up or down on the frame between the controller and clip panes to increase or decrease note size, or 2) right-click the frame and select Fit Content.
  11. sjoens

    Missing Midi 'images'

    This happens when 1) one take overlaps another, or 2) there's controller data at the end of the clip, or 3) notes were deleted near the end of the clip. I see at least 4 clips on the track in question. Highlight the entire track and Bounce to Clips. If nothing changes, check the Event List.
  12. Photoshop illustration.
  13. Request option for dark theme. Too much white for my tired eyes. 😊
  14. Since you inserted SI Bass as a Simple Instrument with no MIDI source, try copying a MIDI clip into the SI Bass track and see if it will play. Then try removing the SI Bass and inserting a new one. This time select MIDI Source and First Synth Audio Output. This will create a separate MIDI and Instrument track.
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