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  1. BitBridge Server Configuration can support up to 32 servers but the Preferences dropdown only shows 16?
  2. All Multidock/Inspector/Browser views can be individually floated. Multidock tabs can be double clicked or simply hit "D" to open full screen, then again to return to a shared screen.
  3. You could also try a different VSTi on the same MIDI track which can eliminate one or both of those two. When playing mid stream, pitch wheel events will also wreak havoc on note tuning when MIDI Events Chace on Play is not checked in Prefs, Random or not, I'd also check the Event List for erroneous data. - I've recorded outboard sequencer tracks into CbB only to find a host of unwanted MIDI data.
  4. In my cases visual & audible corruption occurs, thus the need to undo &/or bounce.
  5. When editing audio clips under certain circumstances, the content can become corrupted to the point I have to undo a series of edits and start over. Bouncing between edits seems to help.
  6. or google 'cakewalk video'. there's tons of 'em out there.
  7. I'm already confused.
  8. Are you asking to stretch the main window across both screens with both views open? Currently TV & CV cannot be open full screen in the same window. Split screen, yes. You can put both Inspector & Browser to left of Multidock so CV is on the right, but TV must be toggled. FWIW I dock Multidock at top as docking at bottom seems way more difficult to manage other views where I want them.
  9. Could be he/she tried entering notes on the fretboard and it didn't work for him/her. He/she may now be scratching his/her head because after trying it again it does work. No doubt he/she still maintains this would be/is cool. FWIW, mirroring the fret board only flips it top to bottom, not giving lefties the same point-of-view righties enjoy: Mirror Fretboard - Inverts Fretboard so highest-sounding string appears at the bottom. Flipping it left to right might be more advantageous to lefties, but he/she probably isn't left handed and so may not be completely sure about that. His/her comment was probably just a passing thought as he/she was checking out the Staff View which he/she said he/she never uses. Of course, I... er, he/she could be totally wrong about all this. 🙄
  10. Might be project specific. Just tried this in 2 different projects and am unable to reproduce the issue.
  11. Having the 2 tracks adjacent is best practice for this.... as you now know.
  12. Are you bouncing the clips first? If not the hidden data, if any, may be the culprit.
  13. I can't read music. Aside from that you can't enter cc's in Staff View. Never use it. If you could actually enter notes in the guitar Fret Pane that would be cool. Turns out you can but for some reason I couldn't. Fret Pane should also be reversible for left-handers.
  14. Simple! Right click the clip and select Convert to Mono.
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