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  1. I say "countless" becaue I'm too lazy to count them. I used Panup's Duckbar with Sonar X3 and found almost 500 areas that could be changed. Many more were never found due to limitations (1000's of black results). I posted the lists in Themes forum a while ago. Theme Editor has less than what I found and it's doubtful the rest will ever be included. Best we can do is make requests for missing areas.
  2. There are countless areas we can't change. For now we just live with it.
  3. As Colin suggests, sounds & looks like a mask is going up for the text to display over but the text never makes it to the scene for some reason. I also notice the cancel "X" isn't there either. Matthew's image inverted: Sonar/CbB is known for occasional hiccups like that. Reminds me of when Sonar forgot to display knobs & buttons in Console View a few times.
  4. Not changeable? Gray=Non selected clip. Black=Selected clip.
  5. As it looks like a mask, could be a display setting issue like the one I reported on earlier with the Now Time marker transparency. AAR, This one goes into the much slimmer CbB Bugs I'm Immune To book.
  6. ... or route the nonfading tracks directly to the hardware output, bypassing the Master bus.
  7. You can also drag an audio file into a blank project to invoke the display routine.
  8. Did you close and reopen CbB after changing the Color set?
  9. I have never had this issue. Check for custom text colors in black or set Colors to Normal and restart CbB to test.
  10. Thanks guys. Fan's in the base. Mic's at the top of the screen by the cam. You'd think they'd isolate it better than this. I may have a cheap mic stashed around somewhere.
  11. When recording "notes to self" using built-in laptop soundcard & mic array and any audio recorder, the results include the cooling fan cycling on and off. The fan is quiet by ear but on the recording you'd think it's the loudest thing in the room. Fan cycles 4 min ON, 2 min OFF. I had an old boom box cassette deck internal mic that would do the same thing recording motor noise. This can't be normal?! Sample: (silence - fan start/stop - silence) lp fan (5).mp3
  12. Not on the "Master" or Hardware Output strip.
  13. None available. Mute only. "W" Welcome
  14. I think thread title and OP misses the point of topic? Maybe title should be: "Track Dots Disappear At Low Zoom Levels."
  15. They weren't crappy at the time. 🙄Originally Ensoniq sounds. Creative/E-MU bought out Ensoniq at some point. And, once installed, the sf2 banks were accessible from the computer itself, I believe.
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