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  1. This happens when the 2 screens are scaled differently in Display Settings with CbB on screen 2. Did not happen before 2021.04.
  2. I'm not aware of a way to do that. You can display other tracks by highlighting the track numbers and they will be darker than the focused track.
  3. When using CbB 2021.04 on a 2nd monitor, the Insert > Soft Synth dropdown File menu floats on the 1st monitor. It doesn't stay with the program.
  4. New File Menu Issue When using CbB on a 2nd monitor, the Insert Softsynth dropdown File menu floats on the 1st monitor. It doesn't stay with the program.
  5. It's on the "Large" module but not the "Small" one. "Go To Start (RTZ)" Not sure why they call it that. RTZ = return to zero. 😎
  6. Curious what they'll do when the Inspector Header is no longer big enough to add icons for all the stuff they keep adding to it. 🤔 Maybe it's time for a 3rd collapsible view. p17: According to the PURPLETRATOR test, "Export" will always be written in White. So we are constrained somewhat in our design choices. Also, even though there are 5 slides in the element, only the first one is used. The button does not change when clicked, only the menu appears. There's a few like this. Not sure why they don't carry thru on some of these buttons. They did fix one a while back after I mentioned it's spring had sprung. I think any new function should also be color customizable now that it's a thing.
  7. sjoens

    Colored clip backgrounds

    Submit a feature request in the Feedback forum.
  8. To clarify: Wide EQ Plot screen is located under ProChannel Narrow EQ Plot is located under Console View | Modules | ProChannel Would like to see minor inconsistencies like this remedied.
  9. @Starship Krupa Thanks for doing this! The list of Colors in Preferences is a carryover from the pre-X series and many are now "broken" (non useable or misapplied). The documentation list you linked to is now incomplete and contains colors no longer listed. If colors are important to a theme you can set them how you like and create (export) a color list for that theme. Cakewalk & Theme Editor both contain left-over, non-used graphics from previous Sonar versions as well.
  10. Right about the CA2A. Was curious about the new PC2A vs. the X1 PC2A version. I sus-pect it's a reissue. Edited
  11. I have the PC2A which was offered with Sonar X1 PE (2012). I also have the CA-2A (2016) which has added features. Registration codes were in my Products page. Is this new PC2A any different than the X1 version?
  12. If your interface has multiple inputs, select the one in CbB's track input you want to record from. If your interface only has one stereo input visible in CbB, you won't be able to do it because all tracks will play thru that input.
  13. ... or perhaps add a flyout extension to one side of the channel strip like ProChannel does, so adjacent strips aren't covered up.
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