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  1. May have mentioned these in the past but these 2 issues have persisted for years thru every version of Sonar/CbB. I don't change any settings and they seem to happen at will. Using Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V 1. Sometimes pasted notes don't go to the intended track. They (1) end up on another track, or (2) disappear completely even tho "Undo Paste" is in the Edit list. Normally I can select the target track with the PRV Track list, but not always. When that fails, sometimes I have to switch to Track View and Select & Focus the intended track for it to paste there. Sometimes even this does not work and the note simply doesn't paste. 2. Pasted note clips should only be as long as the notes themselves but about 50% of the time they will paste with a new full length clip. Is this intended behavior?
  2. Yes, according to his 3rd screen shot and my comments above. But I was replying to his 2nd screen shot which I took to be Saved or Saved As to the same location (overwritten), which has never reduced file count for me.
  3. I was unaware you can click the display times to change them, so original mod was updated to preserve this function. >Select From Time. The current From time. Click to modify. >Select Thru Time. The current Thru time. Click to modify.
  4. Sorry, it was tongue-in-cheek, but I will refrain. I also omitted the fact I was wearing a tinfoil hat while writing it.
  5. So Next is just a "store front" that doesn't actually do the work. It sends to a server "out there" where "other" software breaks it down and returns it to your desktop. IOW, you have to be online & signed in to use and your files are now "out there".
  6. Who said you could leave?! I just followed the info someone wrote on pg 144 of Colin's YLIP. Since the module's background "display" area is really partially dead canvas space, I extended the button dimensions to overlap it adding extra elements using trial & error to line everything up. Most 5 state buttons can be resized, but each frame must have equal dimensions. Since Select module has no "ON" state, frame #4 can be blank. 👍
  7. Been working on a new Onyx mixer styled theme and for some reason decided to see if the Select module could mimic the mixer's FX screen. Turns out it can. Loop & Punch Modules too. All hand painted, and as usual... "over baked". CbB interactive control bar.mp4 Updated
  8. Thanks. I vaguely remember that. At least for me it's a Display Scaling issue when set to a value other than (Recommended). And as Bruno mentioned, SI Instruments along with other older Cake instruments also suffer from a form of 'menuitis'.
  9. I wish Cakewalk allowed cc lane patch changes like Samplitude does.
  10. It broke some things for me, so it's not as DAW friendly as Windows 10.
  11. It was probably me... No doubt it will carry over. I just reported it because I didn't know why it happens. Then I fooled with display setting and found the answer. But probably no point in further reports as CbB is now obsolete. My guess is those menus are linked to Windows instead of the app?? They upgraded some of the main menus but not this one. I may just resign to using the obscure, overlooked, hiding in plain sight, Patch Browser.
  12. Memory laps... This is a screen scaling issue and happens even when CbB is on screen #2 @100% and screen #1 is @125%. Weird. Both screens have to be @100% to correct it, but I need screen #1 @125% to see it. AFAIK this is the only bug resulting from screen scaling.
  13. 1. Hover mouse over "0" (do not click on it) 2. Use mouse wheel to scroll up or down by octaves 3. Do the same while holding Shift key to scroll by semitones 4. Double-click to return to zero
  14. After opening, I have to select Workspaces > None for the layout to be corrected. So at least for me, Workspaces are seriously broken.
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