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  1. @Colin Nicholls For some reason the HUD Menu button only turns blue for the Draw Tool, not for the Smart Tool. This is probably by mistake since the main CB button turns blue for both.
  2. Some notes: pg.17, 2. Control Bar: Control Bar / Collapsed Vertical Background: There is no reference in YLIP for each modules' "Icon", which is editable. Control Bar / Collapsed Vertical Background Left Grip: Control Bar collapsed & not locked. Control Bar / Collapsed Vertical Background Left: Control Bar collapsed & locked. pg. 19, 2.2. Tools module: Track view / Focused Track Text: Resolution button text when Smart Tool & Draw Tool are active. You can add here or on pg, 15: Global / Alternative Text #2: Resolution button text when Smart Tool & Draw Tool are NOT active. Control Bar / Menu Button: State 1 = Smart Tool & Draw Tool are NOT active. State 4 = Smart Tool & Draw Tool are active. (HUD = as described on pg. 20 & when Draw Tool is active ) State 5 = no project loaded. ( all "disabled" button states are used when no project is loaded) HUD text color not changeable?
  3. "C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Command Center\Cache\images" They are "Rapture" icons. I'm missing the CA2A image for some reason.
  4. It seems Cakewak runs BEST on a system running only Cakewalk.
  5. I just launched CbB right after booting up and it never opened. Turns out it went directly to Background Processes, it's favorite hiding spot these days. For me it's almost always an audio or USB conflict.
  6. My Multidock is at Top. It can be sketchy at times but you can drag Inspector & Browser out into their own window, then to redock, you can hold them where you want them to go (the area turns blue), either under/over, or beside Multidock. Once you have it, save a screenset # and you can always call it up when things go wacky. You can search Multidock in the online or pdf Help.
  7. Depends how your screenset is arranged. I dock Inspector & Browser under the Multidock so they only appear with Track View. That way Console, PRV & other views get full screen width. I & B keys won't work If you dock Inspector & Browser aside the Multidock, they will always be available whatever view you have open. I & B keys work.
  8. NICE! (where'd ya get 'em?)
  9. Speak of the devi.....
  10. If only the "Don't Crash=1" line worked. 😁
  11. Yeah, that's why I decided to post.
  12. Not a big deal but... the small Transport Module would look much better if the display data was centered better in their respective areas.
  13. Still a mystery why an old web home page would show up where it was clearly never intended to.
  14. Yes. But edit at your own risk. It's a bit complicated (especially if you want several themes) but doable. MC9 has an updated theme with an MC8 style theme option.
  15. Aesthetics & creative outlet-ry. Actually, DP10 & Mixcraft have theme-able GUIs too.
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