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  1. sjoens

    The box in the Take Lane header where you can take notes

    Some change only after closing & reopening Cakewalk.
  2. sjoens

    The box in the Take Lane header where you can take notes

    Asterisk by color name means you changed a color from it's default set. Saving the colorset with a new name makes it easier to identify. The default color sets are carryovers from pre-X days when all colors could be changed. X series removed some colors from user edits while still being listed in Preferences causing confusion & frustration. Even so, a user could still load a colorset from a pre-X version into an X version and regain some of those changes... with mixed results. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Dialogs2.075.html Note: If you customize a color in the Preferences dialog box, it will override the corresponding color in the UI theme (see Customization - Themes). If you change the UI theme, any custom colors will be lost, and the corresponding UI theme colors will be used instead. Be sure to save any custom colors as a color preset if you don't want to lose them when switching UI themes. The underlined part is not always true. Track View Control Text and Values affects Take Lane notes text. In my current theme it's YELLOW regardless of what theme I pick. TE says it's WHITE but Preferences says it's YELLOW. In this case Preferences overrides TE and it cannot be changed in TE. Follow the text in bold above.
  3. sjoens

    The box in the Take Lane header where you can take notes

    1. Once you have Preferences Colors right for your theme, save it, save it as a color set. Then if the colors change later on you can reload the color set from Preferences. 2. Some Take Lane features are missing from TE. The notes box, the track name background, & the spacer to the left of the take lane to name a few.
  4. Indiginus & OTS require Kontakt Full version. Impact Soundworks can use the free Kontakt Player. Wavelore PS is too complicated and pricey for average consumption. Earlier I was able to use SI-Bass' slide feature with a free Pedal Steel sfz set by modifying one of the PROG files. Crude but works & sounds pretty good.
  5. sjoens

    Time Ruler and Event List Header background linked?

    By design. There are many such oddities surrounding how Cakewalk's GUI is displayed. Remember, it was never originally designed to be altered beyond the original Mercury theme.
  6. sjoens

    How to select multiple PRV notes using select tool

    You can't use normal windows selection techniques in PRV. Select Tool requires holding the LEFT mouse button while dragging over the desired notes. Smart Tool requires holding the RIGHT mouse button while dragging over the desired notes. No need for ctrl, shift , or alt keys.
  7. sjoens

    Once Again...

    I am unable to log into the forums with IE11 on Windows 10. After clicking the "Connect with Bandlab" button, the login window never opens. The site freezes after the wallpaper displays. Chrome works!
  8. sjoens

    Cakewalk Theme Editor feature requests & improvements::.

    Read the Help manual. Cakewalk_Theme_Editor.pdf Light and dark theme "base" to build from: GO to "New" and select 'Mercury' for light themes and 'Tungsten' for dark themes. Make changes and save theme with new name. You cannot overwrite the original themes.
  9. sjoens

    delete marker

  10. sjoens

    Markers Delete Button

    Add a delete button to the Markers module to make deleting current marker easier.
  11. sjoens

    delete marker

    … would be cool to have a delete button in the Markers module. Markers are so small it's a challenge to get the cursor just right, sometimes.
  12. sjoens

    Theme Editor Install To 2nd Computer

    It is already gone. WilI uninstalling TE and reinstalling through assistant work?
  13. sjoens

    Theme Editor Install To 2nd Computer

    So how would I proceeded? Or is it forbidden?
  14. Can I install TE on a 2nd computer that has no internet capability? Since I already have TE installed on one system, BL Assistant has it grayed out when I log in. If there's an installation file on that system I can't find it. Thanks!
  15. sjoens

    Interesting Discovery Re: Dim Pro

    They look very similar but sforzando only shows one instrument window whereas Aria shows 16. I still don't see how to load 16 into sforzando. Even though you can access and open Dimension's "sfz" library from either of these player's dropdown windows, you can't open its "prog" files, which are Cake proprietary. BTW, I couldn't find a link to download Aria Player until I created an account and logged in.