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  1. Chuck E Baby

    Unavoidable bug - Mouse movement limited and shuttle issue

    Have you guys gone out on a limb and tried a different mouse ?
  2. Chuck E Baby

    Clip properties shortcuts cannot be turned off

    Yes, I realized this like 2 seconds after I commented but didn't have time to edit/delete it. Thanks Mark
  3. Chuck E Baby

    Clip properties shortcuts cannot be turned off

    I just Use the shortcut "*I*"to toggle the Inspector from Show/Hide. Maybe im misunderstanding the question.
  4. Chuck E Baby

    Same old song and dance

    I've taken a break from original songs for a while and been having a blast just jamming to some of my old favorite songs. starting a You Tube series called "The wicked Awesomeness of..." Playing songs from amazing guitarist from old and new. This one is dedicated to the late, Great Dick Wagner. For some of you that don't know, Dick, along with Steve Hunter ghosted the solos on 2 songs from Aerosmith's 2cnd album "Get your wings". This song featured here being one of my all time favorites.
  5. Chuck E Baby

    Sudden Slow Down In Performance

    Sounds like something is chewing up resources while Cakewalk is being used. I would look at my Anti Virus first. Make an exception for Cakewalk and it relative files (I do the whole Cakewalk Core folder). THIS is the way I use Region FX. Good luck.
  6. Chuck E Baby

    Start Screen update

    I like the start screen. I would agree too that it could use a few improvements/added features/tweaks.
  7. Chuck E Baby

    hang on close

    Im still addicted to some DX plugs . The Sonitus suite being my favorite DX. But agreed with what you and @Robert Bone are saying. I also went to VST 64 as much as I could starting a few years back.
  8. Chuck E Baby

    Sudden Slow Down In Performance

    Could indicate Windows went into sleep mode. My experience has been (with any software) is if im not using for more than 5 minutes, shut it down.
  9. Chuck E Baby

    ASIO and metronome completely out of sync

    Just because you drag an audio file to a project doesn't mean it will synch the metronome to it. The audio has to have groove clip property's and the metronome set accordingly. I cant it is of unsupported format. Probably little to do with soundcard, more with the clip.
  10. Chuck E Baby

    Track Templates by Reference

    But to answer your question.... No.
  11. Chuck E Baby

    Track Templates by Reference

    Time to update your project templates I do it every 6 months or so. Keeps problems from rearing their ugly heads.
  12. Chuck E Baby

    Are you telling people about CakeWalk by BandLab?

    And where is this "Available Data" ? Are you going to point me to some Gear Sluts poll ? Or maybe a KVR poll on "What's the most "recognized, popular, widely used, award winning" daw ? You know as well as I do there is no way that data is accurate. Its only accurate to people who use those sites. I don't belong to those sites, a lot of others don't either. So its impossible to say for sure. That's why we say things like "I believe" So we cover our tracks using our opinion. The second you say "Data" your giving a false sense of knowledge that is skewed and far from fact.
  13. Chuck E Baby

    Are you telling people about CakeWalk by BandLab?

    He did say "I do believe" (an opinion). So what's your point ? Your opinion Vs. his ? Come on man, don't be that guy.
  14. Chuck E Baby

    Strange string doubling

    Make sure you don't have any over lapping notes or duplicate notes on top of each other. IE- Start right clicking on notes in the PRV to see if any duplicates accidently got in there.
  15. Chuck E Baby

    Strange Random Frequency or Phase Issue (AD)

    Strange indeed Razor. Could be such a fast delay time its over lapping and throwing the signal out of phase ? It would be impossible to alleviate this unless you found out the true offenders (since its only happening 50% of the time). Stereo Delay correct ? Make sure the Signal is dry before running it through the Delay (if AD has a preset reverb/delay)