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  1. When Cakewalk was first revived by Bandlab one of their first updates was to make a darker PRV. I didn't really like it. I enjoy cakewalks dark stock theme but not the dark PRV so I created one using the stock theme but changed the PRV back to white. I can share it with you if you wish.
  2. do a search in the preferences/colors and look for NowTime. The PRV lines are called "Justify" lines I believe. It will take some experimenting.
  3. Chuck E Baby

    OK who turbo-charged my horizontal and vertical zoom?

    Which keys are you pressing to perform this zoom ?
  4. Chuck E Baby

    Keyboard shortcut to insert bars/measures?

    No shortcut that I know of to move all tracks down the Timeline unless you plan on using the nudge keys, which is not really practical for moving a whole project 1 measure. I use ripple edit. It was made for things like this.
  5. Chuck E Baby

    Audio Render error when new project opened

    If your going to be recording any over dubs with Audio, you'll want to do as @msmcleod suggested and get a good driver like ASIO4ALL. (cant believe I just called ASIO4ALL a "good driver"
  6. Chuck E Baby

    Mixing 101 - very basic questions

    This thread is smothered in old pros giving awesome advise (even giving away their secrets). We each have our own way of doing things so this can a subjective topic, but there are basic principles to follow. 1- I personally wouldn't use reverb or delay on my master bus. I typically use a Bus and throw a Send from the track to the bus. However, I know a lot of people choose to juice 100% mix on the bus and use send level to add the effect but I tend to back off from 100% because it can be too much. that's not saying others might be wrong or right for doing it that way, its just simply the way I get more control and less drowning Reverbs/Delays. As far as sub mixing your BU VOX, yes I would send all BU tracks to a bus called BU VOX. Then individually create sends for each track. Sometimes one harmony might be over powering the others and become too focused in the mix if you send all BU VOX to the same reverb at the same time That harmony is going to catch the repeats too hard (no matter how much you back off the fader/tweak EQ. Another important thing to look at is try using a Some Delay for LEAD VOX(go easy on Reverb). This changes the sound up and can work to your advantage by making it stand out more than the BU VOX.
  7. Chuck E Baby

    Sonar and that vertical bar

    Your input was one of the reasons I got a Mackie control surface and I must say its been thee best improvement to my studio to use with Bandlab/Sonar. a ton of options for foot controls, buttons.
  8. Chuck E Baby

    Sonar and that vertical bar

    You can pick up an old Mackie Control unit used from guitar center for 200 bucks. I've seen them lower because of the units age, but they work great with Sonar/Bandlab. As @John mentioned the jog wheel, this is critical for navigating the Timeline.
  9. Chuck E Baby

    Moving from Windows to Apple

    I build a new PC every 2 years or so to keep things stable and new. I know this might not be practical for everyone because of costs, but my last build was back in May of 2016. Only reason I haven't built another is because this particular build has been rock solid. Apple make great products no doubt and I've wanted to get a MAC to try out logic myself. Im just having great results using a PC, so why fix what is not broke. that's my 2 cents anyway.
  10. Chuck E Baby

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    Some would think so.. but I don't. See your device controls latency, buffer and playback sound. If that driver is crashing/failing then there is nothing Cakewalk can do about it except go along for the ride. I used to have a device that I would literally have to kill Sonar with task manager everytime there was a freeze up with that device. What ever it is, keep us posted after trying the Behringer. If that doesn't solve it, it might be a bug in Sonar and I can try to rerpo complete steps with you.
  11. Chuck E Baby

    Cakewalk by Bandlab Issues / Fustrations

    You've updated Microsoft Visual Studio to the latest version ?
  12. Chuck E Baby

    Feature Request - Mouse Wheel Scrolling of Menu Lists

    Great idea @cclarry. I've asked for this in the past myself.
  13. Chuck E Baby

    Keep the latest installer after installation

    I would love to see a Rollback feature. Im just not sure Cakewalk wants us to have that option. If they did the installer wouldn't be deleted after install.
  14. Chuck E Baby

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    This doesn't sound like a bug as much as probably a system specific issue. Can you list out your full specs ? Could be a driver for a device freezing up.
  15. Chuck E Baby

    Cakewalk and TH3 beeping noise

    The word Beeping instantly sounds like "demo mode" to me. I don't know, its only my experiences. Did you get the Unlocked VST version of TH3 from Overloud when Sonar Platinum ended production with Gibson ?