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    @freddy j Thanks for having listen to this little epic, I never knew it would grow like this. As to the "chik-chik zhaaaaa" that is very much how I heard them, as I was hunting for new voices for this piece, it has obviously been tweaked a little, if one has access to a knob one must play with it.
  2. Wookiee


    Very astute Tom, for this I used Korg's digital legacy M1, Wavestation and Odyssey along with Arturia's Modular V, CS-80V and Jupiter 8 V. Reverb's were provided by Softube's TSAR-1R, Overloud's BReverb 2. I also used Arturia's MINI filter FX which is an emulation of the MINI Moog's filter with some tweaks. Good to hear the squid has been dealt with and thank you for your kind words, glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Wookiee


    Thank you, but do we stay and investigate or do we move deeper to the very centre? Will the MCP let us get that close???? Thank you once more for your on going support.
  4. Wookiee


    Is it Part Four you decide? Four Thanks for listening.
  5. Wookiee

    Tune In Tomorrow

    @Hidden Symmetry I was listing to Mix 1 but change to Mix 2 when I got to it. which did cause a momentary stutter on the furry paw tapping Overtones of Steely Dan, cool grooving, mix two sounds nice here on the Adam's, like Imu2002 I just enjoyed it sweet playing, nice tones, good airy balance, why would you ask for more
  6. Not bad, I always loved that line "Pretty women out walking with Gorillas" one of my favourites from him.
  7. @batsbrew If it was to bright my Adam's would scream at me, they are very unforgiving when it comes to the top end. Perhaps let the bottom end breath a little more if anything. (Feels strange to hear Space follow it)
  8. Wookiee

    Emotional Rain

    Nicely done sir @Keith Wilby. Mix come across well here on the Adams.
  9. Oh how sweet is this, love it Bat's, such a beautiful blend of acoustic and slide.
  10. Wookiee


    It works and your vocal works as well, unlike mine that would kill thanks for sharing.
  11. @MikeyT I believe the email address is Support@cakewalk.com and yes recipe what you did to get to happen.
  12. @MikeyT I would report this with a recipe and full system details.
  13. Do you eat meat, do you prefer it off the bone or on the bone? I only ask as some peeps find fingers and toes a little disturbing. 😎
  14. @MikeyT Have you tried to update to the latest version?
  15. What is your sound card? Are you using WiFi rather than a wired network? Have you set power setting to maximum performance? Have you disabled Power management on your USB ports.
  16. @Bajan Blue you are most kind I am a fan of a lot of his solo stuff. I really appreciate your time and ears.
  17. @David Sprouse It is the same basic voice used in parts 1 & 2 just opened the filter up a little more, put the ARP speed under automation, the ping pong is achieved by getting the ARP to trigger different envelopes. Thank you for your time and ears it is appreciated.
  18. @emeraldsoul Thank you Tom, nasty things them Neptunian Squid's, sorry for the delay I have been trying to arrange food deliveries.
  19. @Hidden Symmetry Thank you too sorry for the delay I have been trying to arrange food deliveries.
  20. @Makke Thank you sir sorry for the delay I have been trying to arrange food deliveries.
  21. Cool grooving, nice trills, nice tones, like Tom I do like 99% of what you do the other 1% is just great
  22. As nice as ever Bats
  23. @Douglas Kirby My thanks Sir, you are most kind.
  24. @DeeringAmps Thank you, it just kept regenerating itself, a new idea here a new sound there. Again thank you for all your support. Who know may be there is a part 4.
  25. @geeare1 Thank you, all the Arp's are same basic sound just difference patterns based on the same sounds as in parts 1 & 2
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