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  1. Wookiee

    Modal Mini's

    Some say I am a little deranged I don't disagree 😎
  2. Even I had problems with the and piece, it happens to the best and the furriest.
  3. Wookiee


    Nice Nigel, I have a love of the phaser FX on so many instruments and this is lovingly applied here. Sweet stuff, as ever
  4. One of the early singles I purchased when it was release Mr Manfred and his men. Not a bad cover, has the same feel and vibe of the original but with bass
  5. @steve@baselines.com I think you need to check your title I think there is an R missing. Well the furry paw is tapping which is a good sign, yeah he does have overtones of Mr Costello, the whole piece has his feel. Nice
  6. Mix becomes quite dense from the 1:00 mark but as ones tastes takes it. Other than that it works well here.
  7. As noynekker noes this is much more a musical theatre piece, mix sound fair here on my Events. That lead synths sounds just tad to forward at the 2;18 point woudl be my only observation.
  8. Wookiee

    Modal Mini's

    Thank you, the timing is 4/4 it is just a very staccato slightly erratic rhythm, nice to hear you enjoyed.
  9. Thanks for er that opinion, though I think this may be a little different, do you understand what a whole tone scale is? As for your demand for singing, I don't sing, secondary, Wookiee singing is lethal to none Wookiee life form's who hear it or are with in a par sec of the offending Wookiee. Thanks again for your thoughts they are noted and will be remembered for future reference.
  10. Continuing the idea of alternate scales here is a piece created using only a Whole tone scale. The First 6 bars introduce the note/tones of the scale C, D, E, F#, G#, A#. The nature of the scale can be a little discomforting as it fails to resolve as you would like, shifting between Augmented and diminished chords. https://www.bandlab.com/the_wookiee/equally-intervals-e54bc1da?revId=f5b89133-c9d9-ec11-b656-2818783151a1 I hope you enjoy Created in Cakewalk by Bandlab with the following toys. Cherry Audio Polymode MemoryMood And the Stardust 201 delay FX Arturia CS 80 V ver 4 Korg MS-20 Augmented Voices All other FX are stock CbB other than the Boz Digital +10dB compressor on the Bass voice.
  11. Wookiee

    Modal Mini's

    Glad you enjoyed this Freddy.
  12. Is that a snare in the opening few bars? I will wait for the more finished product to comment any more
  13. Wookiee

    Never new mix

    @Zargg I have come back for another listen to this revised mix, I am not sure what the differences are as I have had so much happening here my mind is furrier than normal. Consequently what I am not about to say might be a a whole bunch of fetid dingo's kidneys. The vocal sounds a more pulled back in the mix but with more definition/clarity, the top end slap of the Kick is more obvious, which will help to those listening on buds and the like.
  14. He will continue to be an inspiration R.I.P. Sir, you made a whole new form of music possible. Thank you.
  15. If this question had been raised on the Studio One forum but about Cubase or Performer, or CbB the OP would be removed from the forum permanently.
  16. Wookiee

    Modal Mini's

    That is nice to know, keep doing what you do, it's avant-garde, experimental and refreshingly a delightful.
  17. @Jesse Screed This has elements of freestyle Jazz and there is hints of King Crimson's Discipline album or more the Indiscipline track. I like it.
  18. Wookiee


    Very pleasant @David Sprouse, not long enough though, I did enjoy what I heard I just wanted to be greedy and hear some more
  19. Wookiee

    Modal Mini's

    Thank you Douglas you most kind.
  20. Wookiee

    Modal Mini's

    @DeeringAmps cheers t 👍
  21. @Andrew Rhodes I am with Andy on this has definite feel of Anthony Phillips, more Trespass than Foxtrot, as has he had left before that album was recorded. Mix works well here, not just the Mic it is the technique as well.
  22. Wookiee

    Lead Me On

    Nice track @Douglas Kirby.
  23. Wookiee

    Never new mix

    Interesting piece of metal? (is it metal or a sub genre) to start the day. Mix works well here on the Event's.
  24. Wookiee

    Easy Listener

    Pleasant little ditty
  25. I do not know @Jesse Screed I feel pretty broken at this time, but that is another story, as usual your musical extravaganza's are an audio adventure, nicely done sir it made my furry ears twitch and smile.
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