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  1. Yes to what john is referring to. Also make sure all your tracks are assigned to the master bus or the same output. You might not be monitoring your mix and it's outputs correctly.
  2. Perhaps your vocals sound boom-ie because of your listening environment. You might have frequencies that boom out in your room. Try headphones and mixing down and listening to mixes in other places.
  3. Try using the "workspace" function on the top right side. I'm sure someone can be more help than I.
  4. No, audio quality will not suffer if all your setting and levels are set up correct. Usually the default settings. I send pic references for mixes all the time. I use to do it the way the others describe, it use to be the most efficient way with Cake doing the audio rendering and a video app rendering the picture. That rendering process was the quickest and I had more flexibility choosing the video format for my clients who mostly worked with Macs. But recent cakewalk updates have made that unnecessary. I wish I could help you with the codes thing, but I'm just a button pusher when it comes to that stuff. All I know now, is that I export a video file from Cake, choose export MPEG4 video and everything works...and works well. Thank you Cakewalk bakers again!
  5. Man, I've been working on this dang software for almost 30 years non-stop and it never ceases to amaze me what I learn when I show up here.
  6. agreed...I save multiple versions when I suspect I might wanna undo later. But It would be nice tho.
  7. Alto and Bari are Eb instruments, Soprano and Tenor are Bb...so there is that craziness. Same for me Bitflipper. I'm amazed how some horn players transpose on site. I have hired a lot of horn players and I am so grateful that I can sketch out a horn arrangement and have the players read it with no problem. I do know a couple of guys who play / bring all of the saxes to a session and transpose with little thought. I use a trumpet player and if you give him an alto part he will transpose from Eb into his Bb. Generally if you get jazz guys they pick up that skill. I guess the point here is if you are going to learn alto or any sax, best learn how to transpose also.
  8. Not really useless...I do what you described above all the time. I make a Gif or Jpeg lead sheet from paint and import it as a video into Cake. When I record a singer the words are up on screen all the time or if I'm playing jazz in a bar with backing tracks from Cake I have the lead sheet up for me to look at...so a lot of good uses for the trick. It helps me 'cause the lead sheet gets saved with the Cake file and is one less thing for me to manage.
  9. This post made me think that it might be cool to set up the loop function and have the option to program the number of loops. Also maybe it would be cool to set up 2 sections that can loop. --Just musing, don't mind me.
  10. no problem on my system... Good luck tho,
  11. Just my 2 cents...I find it much easier to edit in piano roll while looking at Staff View
  12. Yes, adding lyrics in staff view is the way to do that, but you have to have the melody notated to do so. If you add lyrics to a melody and export a midi file, the lyrics will transfer with it. One trick I use...type lyrics out in a word processing doc. Use the "snipping" app available in Windows to take a snap shot and save as a .gif or .jpg file. Load this into CW by importing a video (you tell CW to look for all files not just video). You will have a window that shows your lyrics, although they wont follow the music. If I need lyrics to follow the music, use the "snipping" tool to create a line or two at a time and create a movie in any simple video editing program. Render a .avi file and load that into CW. I do this a lot. You do it once and becomes very easy and fast.
  13. I love this forum...no matter how many hours I have spent inside "Cake", someone always comes along and shows me something really cool
  14. Yes, more notation related updates please, how about something like piano roll view that looks like this photo I stole from someone many years ago:
  15. Here's the thing, If you work with the same audio track for hours on end, as I have been forced to do in my career, you have a chance to hear the difference between 48K and 44.1, 16 bit vs 64. After hours and hours you might hear the difference, but a week later you won't be able to pick out which one is which. I have tested this out myself not because I really wanted to, or was trying. If you start your project at say 96K, 64 bit you will notice your recordings sounding better and your plugins responding better. That will translate. In the old days 48K stayed in sync better with picture, but that's not an issue anymore.
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