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  1. So take some advice from an old man with a storied history of scoring to picture...and I've done the lion's share in Cakewalk. Cakewalk's capabilities for scoring as they stand are fine, more than fine. People will argue with me about this, but I have the royalty checks and I don't need to debate this the slightest. If you want to make $ scoring to picture, you need to be prepared to do some editing. Just a fact. So get a simple video editing program and learn the basics. It might just save your life. No matter what DAW you use, there are formats and codecs that work better in that DAW. Editors and clients will send you all different formats. Find what works best and render every cut you get in your DAW's preferred format. When you have a sample to send back to the client for approval, or you want to create a video...do it using the video app not the DAW. I've outputted video files from Cubase, CbB and ProTools. Sometimes the client can view them, sometimes not. When i export out of my video app there is never a problem. CbB renders audio files quickly and more efficiently than video. You want the picture to start later? Slide it in your video app to where you want it to start. I'll admit, this feature is available in Cubase and other DAW's, but that is the only small advantage. And I would warn you not to do that in the DAW. Spend a thousand hours working under deadlines and you will find out why. OLD MAN RANT! PS. Want to look like a pro? When sending samples to clients for approval, put your name and version number on a title card at the start of your video. Include Time code for referencing...that is all
  2. that last meal was just a little over done
  3. Mother nature shaved my head years ago...I've worn a baseball hat ever since. The cold, the sunburn, I don't really care how ugly I look I just wish i had my hair back for the protection. My daughter teases me that I glued my hat on. I hate the thought of doing this, but Bosley might be my next stop... if I could just create some decent income.
  4. I must point out that the written words ..."the Pixels"... can feel much harsher than intended many times. I remember getting a reply to something and they wanted to know why I was so angry at them...I had no idea I was sounding angry. I thought I was being funny. Things can come off differently depending how you interpret the moment. So the apology is always well taken, but not always needed. Best!
  5. Just posting to see what the new me is and looks like.....
  6. So I started reading this thread and was dying to know...did the mixer ever come??? Just finished skimming thru everything and , fheeeew...it final came. Back in the day, I would order something from Sweetwater before noon and it would be on my doorstep the next afternoon around 3. Once in a while I would miss the delivery and would hustle down to the Fed Ex distribution center around 8:30pm (the drivers came back around 7 ish and they closed at 9.) Of course I was literally blocks away from the distribution center. That did have it's perks.
  7. This is outstanding...everything about it.
  8. Jimbo 88


    Pretty dang cool Jack! You always are stretching, which is so cool watch. It reminds me of the interludes Blood, Sweat and Tears use to do in the middle of a set.
  9. Using Synthesizer V with 3 paid, programmable voices and one free "lite" female singer. You can get the "choir" effect by creating 5 versions of the same part and tweaking each of the 5 by programing different types of vibrato, timing, breath, etc...and change the timbre of each voice. Not perfect just yet, but unless I'm hiring a bunch of top professionals, its probably easier and better. I have not been able to get a gospel, or a country, or a blue-eyed soul sound just yet. I'm still working on it.
  10. So I don't think this has been done before. I'm working on a Choir piece for High School students. Song with an AI choir. ...By different I mean post a Choir song! Any choir directors out there? Let me know what you think. It's greatly appreciated! https://youtu.be/UiiE2PPnUJk And can someone let me know why you have to click on the "YouTube" thingy at the bottom to watch instead of the spinning ball? I've seen other Youtube videos just play.
  11. ChatGTP is just a great thesaurus... I love AI, but that is all it is.
  12. Thanks for the idea. I'll check it out, I think the OS could be 3.11, it is something in the the 3's. But I really don't think there is a physical way to network on this laptop (Gateway... back when they made really good laptops) except perhaps out the parallel port that as now, is configured to handled the midi/sympte card. All of which still works very well.
  13. I purchased a year's subscription (really 12,000 credits) from Kaiber.ai to generate the images. I actually have a well paying project that needs images (I'm teaching middle school kids how to score to picture) and it more than justifies the $120. So I'm going to take advantage of that and use the subscription for projects like this also. The video editing program is a lite version of Vegas Pro I purchased many years ago. I imagine that AI will have drastically changed by the time (one year) my credits for Kaiber.ai run out. Thanks for the compliment. The future IS gonna be weird for those who don't jump in. I've learned that the hard way a couple of times over. I saw it in the 80s when I midi allowed me to grab lots of work from the old guys in the biz. I saw it again in 2000s when computers, social media and the internet took work away from me when I did not embrace the new technology. And so I'm not going to fall behind this time. You shouldn't either. Jump in and hand on!
  14. Man, I forgot about all this. And the fact that the disks are magnetic. I've seen what happens to audio and video tapes over years and it's been almost 30 since I put that rig together. I'd better fire up that laptop and see what loads before I invest in this thing.
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