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  1. I'm ruffing out this song with Band In A Box. This is my 1st attempt at BIAB. So my songwriting partner sent me a single track with Geetar and Vocals. The Keys are me and the guitar solo is a scratch from another player. The horns are scratch until we can record them live. FYI I'm using BIAB as a vst plugin inside CbB. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks!! Band Aid on A Bullet Wound Band In A Box 5.mp3
  2. Yes, exactly. Mixraft is probably the best at this. I'm pretty sure I can also do this in Cubase minus the add titles feature. So I have always done what John Vere is talking about. I just render the whole audio file from CbB, drag and drop the client's video and my new audio into Vegas (Movie Studio nowdays), select the area I want to send, the type of video, then render. Sometimes i do put a title on it so the client knows what version they are looking at. This is the best, quickest, most professional way.
  3. I don't believe I've ever been able to export a section of video in CbB no way, no how. And my clients are all on Apple computers so even when I render whole videos in MP4 format from CbB there are issues. Some can't play back with audio etc... I always try to send a pic reference to whoever is laying back or mixing my audio and those guys are very tech savy, and can have problems. I don't even want to imagine how producers who know nothing about codecs and such react when I send them a video from a DAW. I've been doing this for years and always respond the same. It's much more efficient to use a simple video editor to do this. Quicktime Pro, Vegas Movie Studio are some of the cheap options I have used. If you are going to do any kind of sound to video, you really should have/need something to do quick video edits in. I don't care if you are working in ProTools or Cubase or whatever, you really need to have the option. You never know what you are going to receive as a video, or what changes are coming at you. So let your DAW render audio (which it does very well) and let a video app render your video samples , you will have much greater control over what you send to your client. I know some people will say I just want to quickly render from my DAW with no other steps, and DAW XYZ does that, but I still do so much better with my simple video app. So this is just my advice, don't waste your time trying to do video renders and edits from an audio app. You can do it just as quick and with better options with an inexpensive video app.
  4. ....and this is why the Bakers would be wise to up the ante in the notation end of Cake. Notation is always going to be there. The technology is going to change and morph constantly. In the long run, musicians will learn and communicate with notation, if nothing else chord charts. In the short run musicians will create loops and beats.
  5. Hey Jack, very creative. You would have had your fair share of FM radio plays back in the day....
  6. Jimbo 88

    mind mine

    It is pretty cool to see jack c. morph. never dull for sure.
  7. Hey So you guys might get a kick out of this...maybe not I turned this song into a children's choir piece. So all you school teachers out there, check this out...
  8. Very Cool. Yeah I suffer from the same. I too have a baby grand in my living room. It really needs tuning. It kinda has that cool"out of tune" vibe going for it tho. But the point is, the occasion when I sit down and play it, I walk away with arms, wrists and hands wore out. Something I would never imagine when i was younger. The thought of spending $200 on a piece of furniture that's going to wear my arms out and just need re-tuning is killing me, but the thought of not getting it tuned might be worse. It's a good thing one of my best qualities is procrastination. I can procrastinate with the best! Hopin' Bit enjoys his time working out on the analogue gear!
  9. So the Loop function can be activated by pressing "L" and the looped measures will have a yellow bar over them. I recently picked up a Line 6 FBV Express pedal that has pedal switches that will transmit Midi CC data, MMC and "Mackie". I'd like to use one of the pedal switches to toggle the Loop function on and off, but I can't think of a way to get that to happen. Would I set up the Line 6 Express as a surface controller? I can't find a way to effect the Loop function that way. I going to be using a laptop with CbB to play backing tracks for a jazz group and would like to loop the solo sections so everyone gets a chance to solo. Then turn off the loop without taking my eyes and hands off the piano to hit "L". Thanks....
  10. I always update now. I use to wait. I use to have a previous version of CbB always at the ready. I have not had to roll back and I know there is an app for it and I use to know how to roll back, but I not sure I can remember the procedure. Thank God for google. Anyway, Yes. I always update. Not had an issue. Someday I'll probably get hit by it.
  11. I'm with Bitflipper on this. Motivation is the most important thing here. Getting a college degree is big, can be more important to get one than what the course of study is in some cases. Staying out of dept is also something to consider. Having a minor in something computer orientated would not hurt. My parents did not want me to major in music, but that is all I could ever think about. I followed their wishes, got thru college and a BS in Business Marketing by the skin of my teeth and then went out and built a career in music. I often wonder if i would have been an "A" student if I majored in music. I really have very little "talent". Bad timing and a very average ear have plagued my life as a musician. So I might not have done well in music school, but in the real world I more than made up for short falls because of my desire not to to do anything else. I have out earned and out produced many with much more talent. So I vote for whatever motivates a kid...
  12. I really don't think that I could find anyone who has logged more hours on Cakewalk than me over the years. Granted, I have not always been heavy into audio, a lot of midi scoring to picture, but a fair share of audio. in 30 years I can not recall losing more than 15 min to an hour of work and I can't recall the last time any loss happened. The method I use is similar to what people mention. I have my auto save set up, but the main thing I do is save project versions. After I complete a a major task I save then save as v(+1). Another trick to prevent lock ups is bouncing to clips. After I edit a voice over or a singers part I can have tons of clips, fades, clip gains, eq's dropped in a clip, Or drum parts can have hundreds or small timing corrections. So after I'm done with a major chunk I save , then bounce the audio to a clip, then save to the next version. All your edits get printed and the computer frees itself of tons of data. Just a note...one thing that people don't really realize is that when you do a long take , split it into a small section, the DAW still is trying to edit the audio as one big file. So split out the small section that needs to be fixed and bounce it to clips. It then creates it's own small file (less chance of crashing ). I have spent a healthy amount of time in ProTools, Cubase, Sibelius and Dorico. None of them are any better off as far as crashing. In fact I like CbB's safe mode better than anything else for dealing with crashes. Saving versions is lifesaver and It's rarely the DAW that fails, but some 3rd party plugin that is the issue. My point is not to berate anybody or anything, but chances are you will have the same issues on your next DAW. I learned this all the hard way...very hard way.
  13. Jimbo 88


    The song, playing is great. I truly love the mix. Sax solo is killer, yeah but so is everything else.
  14. Hey So How the heck is the piano? Did you get it tuned yet? I gots ta know...
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