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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses...as usual this forum is indispensable. Ok, after a few days and much concern over my purchase, I found that I really, really like this thing. I can see how this might vary between people, but I have found that once I found the right distance to sit from it, it serves me very well. For me, if I can sit back as far as possible as long as things are readable, the curved monitor is excellent. The farther back, the less I see the curve and everything looks great. The less I'm moving my head and my eyes. And the picture has a very cool depth to it. Watching video is amazing. But that might be all a function of the fact my old monitor was so bad and I didn't realize. All the Best!
  2. I picked up a curved monitor on a great deal. Looked great in the store, but seems weird editing music on it. Will it grow on me? Anyone else using a curved monitor?
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    Jerry! Nice! your composing is always great. This vocal is outstanding. More than outstanding.
  4. Ok , disclosure, I use to score to picture in Sonar non stop for like 25 years. When Sonar tanked I jumped on the Cubase band wagon and I do like my Cubase a lot. I still like to compose in CbB just because of familiarity, but I dreaded when the video editor started sending me edited versions and I had to cut my old, approved music cues to the new picture. It could very easily turn into a nightmare if you where not on top of your game. BUT NOW, with the ripple edit and new(ish) Tempo Track...not a problem. My first revised cut went smoothly. No need to jump to the other DAW . just want to say THANKS to the Bakers! (again). Even my coffee this morning tastes better. And i do think it's due to the improvements n CbB
  5. Where ever these tracks are assigned to there is no audio path out of CbB. Go into Preferences>Audio> Devices and make sure that a audio device has not been disconnected. A lot of the time this solves the issue. You may have to then assign audio outputs to all your instruments or maybe just the master bus.
  6. ...so the JV 1010 is just used to give me a piano sound out of my midi controller (StudioLogic 88) when I'm not connected to a sound in a DAW. I have a rack of similar modules behind a wall I can access, but have not used in years! Probably should sell them, but you never know when ya might wanna fire them up just for fun. The monitor on top is really just a hair above eye level when I sit straight up... which is what I try to always do and is a good tip to know. The better your posture, the easier it is to work long hours. I never sit back in my chair. So I really do not look up at the top monitor. Much of the time I also have notation software (Sibelius) rewired in that monitor. When I'm working not scoring to picture I always have notation up. A very clever trick I learned from Jerry is to put a dummy track in Staff View up on the top screen that works as a sketch for melodies and chords and then open a separate Staff View in the docking station below to edit arrangements. Something not possible in any other DAW, but CbB.
  7. Hey so I tried to up the resolution on my monitor just to see what i might be missing and it turns out I'm maxed out probably due the age of the monitor. It has to be at least 10 years old. So now I might be monitor hunting in the near future. Here is what I look at every day...
  8. Of course much of this is all preference and how you work and use CbB. I do have a 27 inch main monitor and am pretty happy with it. The thing is I also have an old flat screen monitor that I use for Picture playback only and another smaller monitor that I use for Console view. I could easily doc the console and view it on the 27 monitor in front of me. And I feel I would be pretty good with it. My main monitor is set at 1920 x 1200 and 100%--and I'm good with that. Hope I helped.
  9. so just to beat a dead horse! Another thing that causes me issues is the fact that video editors now send me picture files with no preview time or roll up. Which is not really an issue until you want to record live musicians. If you want to record something on beat 1 bar 1 with a live player(s) you most likely are going to clip the 1st note. Your great music score is going to sound amateur right off the bat. So from the very beginning, when I get a film/picture file to score I start with throwing it into Vegas and adding 10 secs on the front and create a title page. I will also add streamers to let me know when music start, stops or changes direction. This knocks hours off of the composing time. And say I have a Guitar player recording to the picture, I don't have to say things like "OK be out when that graphic goes away", or "change when the car pulls away" . He sees the streamer and knows what to do. When I need to send a music sample I already have a project in Vegas that is just waiting for me to add the new audio that I render from CbB. Again, the DAW renders audio quickly and efficiently, then the Video App does the same. I end up with a Video file that I have complete control over the size and content.
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    Yea, this is cool. I do like how you put your very own spin on things, both lyrically and music-wise.. Big thumbs up on the jack c. experience.
  11. I'm ruffing out this song with Band In A Box. This is my 1st attempt at BIAB. So my songwriting partner sent me a single track with Geetar and Vocals. The Keys are me and the guitar solo is a scratch from another player. The horns are scratch until we can record them live. FYI I'm using BIAB as a vst plugin inside CbB. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks!! Band Aid on A Bullet Wound Band In A Box 5.mp3
  12. Yes, exactly. Mixraft is probably the best at this. I'm pretty sure I can also do this in Cubase minus the add titles feature. So I have always done what John Vere is talking about. I just render the whole audio file from CbB, drag and drop the client's video and my new audio into Vegas (Movie Studio nowdays), select the area I want to send, the type of video, then render. Sometimes i do put a title on it so the client knows what version they are looking at. This is the best, quickest, most professional way.
  13. I don't believe I've ever been able to export a section of video in CbB no way, no how. And my clients are all on Apple computers so even when I render whole videos in MP4 format from CbB there are issues. Some can't play back with audio etc... I always try to send a pic reference to whoever is laying back or mixing my audio and those guys are very tech savy, and can have problems. I don't even want to imagine how producers who know nothing about codecs and such react when I send them a video from a DAW. I've been doing this for years and always respond the same. It's much more efficient to use a simple video editor to do this. Quicktime Pro, Vegas Movie Studio are some of the cheap options I have used. If you are going to do any kind of sound to video, you really should have/need something to do quick video edits in. I don't care if you are working in ProTools or Cubase or whatever, you really need to have the option. You never know what you are going to receive as a video, or what changes are coming at you. So let your DAW render audio (which it does very well) and let a video app render your video samples , you will have much greater control over what you send to your client. I know some people will say I just want to quickly render from my DAW with no other steps, and DAW XYZ does that, but I still do so much better with my simple video app. So this is just my advice, don't waste your time trying to do video renders and edits from an audio app. You can do it just as quick and with better options with an inexpensive video app.
  14. ....and this is why the Bakers would be wise to up the ante in the notation end of Cake. Notation is always going to be there. The technology is going to change and morph constantly. In the long run, musicians will learn and communicate with notation, if nothing else chord charts. In the short run musicians will create loops and beats.
  15. Hey Jack, very creative. You would have had your fair share of FM radio plays back in the day....
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