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  1. Cool Bluey track John. Nice drums, horns and vocals.
  2. ramscapri

    Plan 9

    Cool Ambient Soundtrack Bjorn. Goes well for the dialogs. Liked it. Well done. 👍
  3. Thanks for listening Douglas and glad you enjoyed it.
  4. Thanks for listening and for your comments Wookiee. Will take note of the strings observation. Maybe some softener would help (Smoother maybe ?)
  5. Thanks for your valuable comments Tom. Glad you liked it. Oh yes, the drums could have been better. I do have SD3 but was experimenting with some patches from my MZ-X500. Maybe I should be processing them more to taste.
  6. Thanks Bjorn. Glad you liked it. Good thought about the phrase. Will look at that.
  7. Thanks for your generous comments John. Glad you liked the track.
  8. Thanks for listening Daryl. Glad you enjoyed.
  9. Thanks for listening Gary. Haven't heard Tubular bells. Will check it out for interest. 😃 Well, kept the low end low on the strings to allow for the bass clarity.
  10. What should I say for this 🤔 Kind of an amalgam of electronic techno and orchestral maybe. 🤩 https://soundcloud.com/ramscapri/orchestral-electrons
  11. ramscapri

    Cinderella Cover

    Good song for daughter Gary. Vocals are nice and overall a touching feel, as always it would be when singing for children.
  12. Good break track Lynn with interesting variations and vocals. Nice guitars and bass.
  13. You sure let loose on vocals on this Jesse. Good one with interesting support synths and tinklers.
  14. Good track of collaboration Ken. Pretty heavy on distortions and overdrives yet well mixed in metal piece. 👍
  15. Good one Daryl. Nice switches from jingly to rocky style beats and guitars. And catchy vocals too. Interesting processing and effects on the vocals.
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