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  1. I love oldies music so i choose The Tremeloes song Silence is Golden to cover... My gear: Focusrite Solo 2nd gen audio interface Presonus Eris 3.5 monitors and AudioTechnica m20x headphones Studiologic Numa Compact midi keyboard for playing bass and drums Guitars : Ovation Applause 12 strings acoustic and Gretsch G5422T electric Microphone: condenser Behringer C-1 Here is cover song: Thanks for listening and enjoy!
  2. first thanks for the comment, the piano is put in the background together with the rhythm guitars. Maybe the volume of the piano should have been increased, but I felt that it was not necessary :)
  3. This is full version of the cover
  4. Hi, this is my attempt to make a cover of Status Quo....only without the solo guitar, it's still under construction...What do you think about this mix? Thanks in advance My equipment used in creating this cover song : Jackson guitar with EMG pickups, Studiologic midi keyboard for drums , bass and piano/strings, audio interface is Focusrite Solo 2nd gen.
  5. Hi, i made cover song of The Beatles - Get Back. What do you think guys about this mix? I used: Focusrite Solo 2nd gen interface Vintage V52 Telecaster Studiologic Numa midi keyboard for wurly sound, drums and bass Condenser mic for vocal I also use Ezdrummer, Modo bass, Amplitube Slash Marshall amp with different cabs on guitars Thank you for listening!
  6. Hi we made new original song named "Jesen" in english this means "Autumn". I hope you will enjoy it
  7. Hi, this is new cover we made Dont Fear The Reaper, i hope you will like it :)
  8. For 12 string emulation yes i simple dup track and +12 transpose all six strings....and yes it is easier to buy a 12 string guitar For harmonies i think there are three harmonies I can't decode the third that connects the vocals so i record only two It seems like a simple song but it’s not.
  9. Hello, i made cover of Byrds version of song Mr.Tambourine man. I will post two versions the differences are in panning instruments I use virtual drums and bass and for 12 string part i duplicate guitar track and transpose +12 because i dont have 12 string Rickenbacker Hope you will enjoy! Have a nice day everybody!
  10. Our new original song we made "Pismo na kraj svijeta"(A letter to the end of the world) Song is mixed and mastered in Cakewalk. Here is lyrics of the song translated to english: A LETTER TO THE END OF THE WORLD VERSE I am writing a letter looking at a picture of memories boiling I have so much to tell you since you've been gone. And you are far away now, are you missing someone If you say a word to me i would be immediately come to you to the end of the world. BRIDGE And through strong storms and winds And through the currents of the sea and the waves And the letter reaches you quickly. REF I'm sending you a letter letter to the end of the world. Let the wind carry him to the end of the planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd_kPBfPMiM
  11. I made and mix cover of John Lennon - Borrowed Time Enjoy
  12. Thank you very much and here is "Fox on the run" cover we made
  13. I have done some experimental acoustic cover of song "Who can it be now" by group Man At Work...
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