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  1. The update notes also reference a few specific Cakewalk fixes . . . which is great to see that Melodyne is paying serious attention to Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  2. Jesse . . . tonality is just the scale and harmony system developed by western music that many view as a ball and chain for creativity, while others believe it makes music a more universal language. (For example: Beethoven vs. Zappa) FYI . . . "noynekker" is just a mythical creature that can move freely in and out of time and space.
  3. Hey Jesse . . . seems you always stray from the various pleasantries of predictable tonality and the mainstream, and I do like the raw and honest vocal you've recorded here. It's Bob Dylan on a bit of a bender. On my second listen . . . okay there's a kind of loose tonality. Keep it rolling, and stay out there on the curve.
  4. noynekker

    Light Up the Dark

    RexRed . . . nicely done, very well crafted song with a great internal message for the listener. Vocal performance and guitar work are top notch. May I add that it made my Sunday much better than it was =)
  5. Hi Bob . . . my reason for freezing here is that I want to get my latency adjusted back to under 15 ms, so I can keyboard play a new part in, without losing all my mix and EQ settings for the rest of the mix.
  6. Hi Paulo . . . what you're describing sounds a lot like what's happened in my very botched project. I've spent a lot of time just now trying to put it right, but I've wasted a lot of time with no results. Interesting that you mention Omnisphere. While trying to fix my project, I'm cutting and pasting my midi into new Omnisphere VSTi's, but notice the older ones keep changing, as if they are cycling to the next one. (if that makes any sense) I'm using 3 different Omnisphere VSTi instances, and when I delete one, it moves to the next one . . . possibly because they are all assigned to midi channel 1 ? . . . but on totally different tracks. When I solo the Omnisphere track, it also solos the BFD3 drum track, when I unsolo the Omnisphere track, the BFD3 tracks do not unsolo. Yes, totally botched, I don't think I can fix this one.
  7. Thanks RBH . . . I think I understand what you're saying, and will look into that. Neither of these VSTi's have been upgraded recently, no tracks were moved or deleted.
  8. Hi Noel . . . thanks for responding. I will work on trying to reproduce it if I can . . . as I've stated this has happened more than once, I've obviously done a procedure against the program rules, but will have to examine what that is some more. (I know it's not a bug unless it's reproducible)
  9. . . . bitflipper, the only thing I can think of is that I added another VSTi instance of Omnisphere on a completely different track, then a while later unfroze the other Omnisphere track to work on it, but it became BFD3, and was silent because none of the Omnisphere notes were assigned to drum samples.
  10. Hi John . . . yes, I have had this happen in at least 3 projects. If no one else has had this happen, it must be something I'm doing wrong.
  11. Hello . . . I've run into a very frustrating problem in a few of my Cakewalk by Bandlab projects, such that I'm thinking of porting them over to be Cubase projects. The issue is that when I unfreeze a VSTi track, it actually has become a different Vsti track, and the track goes silent ? So, here's the thing. I have a track that is a guitar sample program in Omnisphere VST3 . . . I freeze that track, to save resources etc. . . . then in a later session I unfreeze that track to work on it again, but when I unfreeze it . . . it is now a BFD3 drum track, which is another VSTi I am using in the project, and it plays back silent. When I click on the Synth rack view, it is still labelled as an Omnisphere VST, but when you click to open that VST it opens as a BFD3 drum VST. So, yeah, I can cut and paste and recreate these Midi tracks, and recreate the proper VST programs, move it all back to where it was, but it has happened so many times in various projects, such a waste of time, and . . . I think I'm done. Hopefully my explanation of this bug is clear. Anybody else run into this, and have a solution ?
  12. noynekker


    SPAK . . . all I can say is thank you for this song.
  13. Hi Grem . . . thanks for your positive response . . . actually, the lyric goes: ". . . and I'm turning very suddenly, I don't like to read the signs" . . . but TBH your LOL version "driving slow because you like to read the signs" works well too !
  14. Hey daryl1968 . . . I'm glad for your listening in, and comments . . . I think you've been around this Cakewalk forum a very long time, pickles and monkeys and all that. I've had a good close listen to your Songs threads here, and really appreciate what you do. Your comments "'squeezed' - maybe over compressed?" YES . . . I sooo wish my mixes sounded so open and widely spaced as yours . . . okay, perhaps different genres, but you really do get a very spacious feel to your mixes. My guitar settings as recorded in my mix are heavily compressed, the vocals have modest compression, and my mastering overall mix has only a hint of Ozone Maximizer Limiter on it . . . I tend to prefer a thicker sound, but still I wish I could open it up and separate the instruments more like you're getting. Anyways, thanks again for chiming in . . . my compliments and inspiration to your recording science !
  15. Thanks Old Joad for replying and listening . . . yes, I don't really know where the song title came from, but it became a "topic sentence" then a song + lyrics formed from that . . . I guess that's a good first step, a catchy title.
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