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  1. Thanks for the listen David . . . I will forward your cudos to the lyricist Carroll Kiphen . . . glad you liked my melody . . . envy energy gratefully received :D:D
  2. Some excellent guitar playing here John . . . you always seem to have that "never know what's coming next" thing happening in your projects. Mix is really easy on the ears too, all clear no mud. Like the gentle fade intro . . . and wild climax. Great stuff, as usual.
  3. noynekker

    It's About Time

    Real sonic feast Bjorn, always that question, all the way through . . . I think your decision to add the vocal part was very well inspired, it really adds an extra dimension to the piece, liked listening to this a lot . . . will swing by again for sure.
  4. noynekker

    Forever On and On

    RexRed . . . simple, beautiful, effective. Your vocals and harmonies are always spot on, and fit inside the instrumentation perfectly. Are you using some virtual instruments here ? . . . they are well done . . . sounds like like you hired Kenny G for the session (but maybe nobody here can afford that) . . . the ending is very smooth . . .
  5. noynekker

    Tele & Tabla

    Oh Yeah . . . of course you're going to keep it ! Nice one, and thanks for describing your creative "digital" process . . . the end result sounds like some folks just jamming with a great feel. I was listening close, and don't think you repeated many guitar patterns, just a free for all . . . very relaxing piece.
  6. I read some song lyrics by a guy named Carroll Kiphen, who has written a ton of song lyrics . . . and immediately heard a song idea. I've just been inspired by folks here on the Cakewalk Forum to try different things, so this one was something different for me, since I usually write the lyrics. It's great when you have the road map of a song already, made the process smoother to complete it, maybe less personal attachment helps ? Who knows, just go with the flow . . . thanks Carroll. As usual, I trust you'll let us know if anything jumps out ?
  7. noynekker

    8 Hot Dog Buns

    jack c. . . . this one's kinda' catchy, nice groove, drums and synths . . . though, mix is a bit over cooked as far as compression or limiting. ? Seems you have something to say, but I can't quite make out all the vocals. Would love to hear this with more dynamics.
  8. noynekker

    I Like You

    Douglas . . . had a listen, and I'll say I always appreciate all your songs posted here . . . but this on has a little extra shine to it (for me). I'm really liking the rhythm guitar in the verses especially, think you've done something different here. So good, so well done !
  9. Lynn (and friends) . . . very cool song and collaboration project ! You've tackled something super important that gets lost from the mainstream news, with all that other stuff going on. The bees and their tie to agriculture are a crucial part of the fragile ecosystem that sustains us all with those healthier foods. There is some very interesting bee footage in your video, so well done . . . all of it. Hope this creates a real buzz, it deserves it :)
  10. noynekker

    You & Me

    Mark . . . I'm OK with this the way it is, endless tasty guitar interludes . . . you could just market it as chill out music, because that's what it did for me. If you must turn it into a song with lyrics, you'll have to decide which tasty interludes will go to the back, and for me, those would be hard decisions. In my head I can sing almost anything against this, because if it's sheer musicality, but I don't hear a chorus part . . . maybe that's all you need to make a "song" from it, and I can see why you may have wrestled with lyric and song choices on this one . . . will be very interested to see if it becomes more like a song, but for now, I'll keep coming back for more listens when I need to chill.
  11. David . . . I never know how to critique the "Classical" stuff . . . so, I'll just say I had a few listens, and enjoyed both of them. Sounds well orchestrated, and balanced . . . you've changed up and moved through the orchestra sections to make it interesting. You mention using VSL, and there are a few places where the strings get very intense, and I can hear the "digitality" of them . . . so wonder if you've ever experimented with any analogue, tube, or console emulator tricks to mitigate that ? I only ask, since I've noticed it in some of my compositions, and sometimes in Jerry Gerber's posts of his midi / digital symphonic projects. Regardless . . . I always like the projects you post here, you have quite a range of styles you're involved with.
  12. Tom . . . so much fun ! . . . perhaps more fun than humans should be having ? Oh well, we deserve it after last year. A few days ago I just listened to the music, then tonight had a go at the video . . . and I must say I got the same sense, as with many of your other projects online, that I would be coming back again and again for many other listens and viewings, you've got a lot going on in this one, just excellent. Now those horns, why so much louder > dang, there's the phone . . . likely my neighbors calling to complain about the volume (again) The whole thing seems a very interesting poke at modern society. Your educated "rap" is unlike any other I've heard . . . and I knew it was you singing when you went for that low growl around 2:24 . . . reminiscent of your other projects. Sounds great on my big speakers, my small speakers, and my studio headphones, you've mostly got it covered . . . except for the dreaded Ford Ranger stereo highway test, I'll let you know how it goes . . .
  13. Wookiee . . . it was a moving meditation ! (except for the traffic sounds panning in and out - outside my window) . . . in the middle section I saw some whales, hope that's normal, maybe just in Canada. Your 8:11 was the most relaxing part of my day, maybe I need to stay in more ?
  14. Hi John . . . always a good listen . . . great piano playing and surprise instrumentation, and you sure do like that melodic Trilian Bass throughout. I haven't heard much lower bass / kick frequencies in your recent songs. Sure, clear sounding recordings, but not much low end punch . . . you might be missing a whole frequency range to add some extra drama to the overall feel. I like the stops you use here in a few places, effective, and helps the song breathe out a bit. You have a very unique sound in all your songs . . . that's a good thing, doesn't sound like anyone else. (okay, maybe occasionally Boz Scaggs)
  15. Wow ! Great project accomplishment here . . . and this is such a great and groove friendly classic song, never heard it before . . . but you've surely restored it to all it's glory. Well done Steve, thanks for posting it here . . . funkadelic.
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