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  1. noynekker

    So Cold ..

    Yes a great listen on a Friday night, amazing , thank you . . . I had to laugh when JohnBee58 and David Sprouse said Boz Scaggs, because it is so reminiscent of that sound, but never thought it until it was mentioned . . . so much talent in the guitar work in all your songs I've heard here.
  2. noynekker


    Great to know , thanks Hidden Symmetry !
  3. noynekker


    Hi everyone . . . you may recall I posted this song earlier this month, and was having trouble with the Hi Hat sitting in the mix right, well, thanks to some great suggestions here I've upload a new mix with a totally redone Hi Hat, different hat, panned closer to center, some open hat additions, no breaks between sections, and a few other mix tweaks. Thanks to all who listened and commented, it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hidden Symmetry . . . some very beautiful things here, jazzy and worldly, lots of spicy guitar work ! I haven't spent much time looking at BandLab's music posting site, but I like the link you've sent, a little more flexible than some of the other music posting sites ? Albums feature . . . hmmm
  5. Yes ! . . . Allan, really liked this listen . . and I totally relate to the subject content, and I also hear some Beatles in there, many of us here grew up listening to that.
  6. noynekker


    Ok freddy j . . . 2 people "inspired" . . . thanks you so very much, it really helps me to keep doing this.
  7. noynekker


    I'm so glad the positive idea translated.
  8. noynekker


    Paul, thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me.
  9. noynekker


    Thank you Old Joad . . . yes, I'm a tenor, but those high notes are getting harder, if you know what I mean.
  10. noynekker


    Thanks DeeringAmps, good to know, that's what I was hoping . . . on my small speakers it sounds OK, in my "car" listen and studio speakers the Hi Hat seems way too much. I'm tempted to put some more room sound on the Hi Hat, but something tells me that's a good way to wreck a mix. Glad you liked the song.
  11. Hey this is nicely done ! I kind of picture this as a Rock Musical Theater piece with all the different voices swirling about . . . also because the Ken Nilsen lead vocals are so theatric. Love the melodic electric guitar solo, and all the orchestral sounds throughout.
  12. noynekker


    I was thinking about how so much of my stuff is about the struggle, so wanted to write something more positive. On a mixing note . . . I'm struggling to find the right level for the Hi Hat on this one. If I bury it in the mix too much, the overall feel doesn't work as well, If I have it too prominent, it takes over everything, doesn't sound natural . . . maybe it should be shaker or tambourine, something softer ? Anyways, give a listen, the comments here are always helpful.
  13. Hi Rick . . . what sound card / audio interface are you using . . . or, are you using just the mother board default on board audio ? Sounds like windows is finding the audio, but Cakewalk is not. Can you define what " I output to a surround sound system" actually is regarding the sound source ?
  14. Were you using per project Cakewalk project folders ? If so, when you saved it, they would be in a sub-folder called Audio. If you weren't using per project folders, they would be in a root folder (of your install) called Audio. Try searching for "Audio" folders on your drives . . . maybe you'll find them and be able to reload them . . . best of luck ! Definitely more information required to assist further.
  15. Hey thank you everyone for having a listen, and posting some more such positive comments ! I always treasure comments from fellow musicians. Originally, I threw this out as a question about how the mix sounds ? With all the comments here, I learned to leave it alone . . . maybe even use it as a reference track, since many of my other recordings are questionable. (More of a songwriter than an audio engineer) Also, I have to mention my songwriting partner on this project, my good friend Daniel. Maybe many of you have had that experience playing music with someone where it just flows so easily, and the results don't have to be mangled by technology too much. Just wanted to give Daniel some credit for helping make this even possible.
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