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  1. @Philip G Hunt Hi Philip . . . another great listen, and for me this one has a feeling of compelling mystery about it that I really like ! Certainly an interesting bubbling of overtones in the production. I've joined later, and can hear a great improvement from that first mix vs. your latest mix. My one thing (as @FreeEarCandy has previously alluded to) is the main vocal. Everything works well in your last mix, though, for me, specifically the line "No-one'll believe what we saw there" . . . you've mixed that very subtle, panned slightly right, thought it seems very important to the overall of the song. Perhaps add a double track panned left, or slightly more volume / less effects there . . . don't make the first time listener work so hard (if you hadn't posted the lyrics, that important part may not be recognized) As always, really like your stuff !
  2. Paul, really like the way this turned out . . . it's very fun to listen to ! Thanks for posting the lyrics for this one, there's so much going on there, so it's great to read along and have a better understanding . . . I think the lyrics (and vocals) are very strong, and your guitar work has that rockin' edge to it (as always) . . . seriously, did you really use "my nans hearing aid" ? LOL, so much fun, whatever it takes . . . you got that great result.
  3. Hey Mark . . . excellent playing, and it's recorded / mixed as near perfection as I can imagine . . . you really got that thing with the strings ! Also, really love the way you brought back that ghost of Mississippi from the dead (faded out) for one last rousing chorus. Like Jesse said . . . when the tour comes, I'll be there with my old school bic lighter for the encore.
  4. Most impressive . . . FWIW, "test mix" is not such a good title, but I guess it's the teaser for the forthcoming attraction ? Sounds very much like a live jazz fusion band, but not sure how you recorded this one (live or dubbing ?) . . . I'm hearing a lot of talented players coming and going throughout. Well written, and I also like how it builds in intensity and volume as it goes . . . mix wise, I can only say, I did not want to adjust the volume, or reach for an EQ, it just sounds great as presented . . . now if we can just get a proper name for it . . .
  5. Great tune Freddy, in that old blues style. It's a pretty thick mix, but compliments for the clarity of everything . . . that main guitar is deep in the tube, very tasty how that fits in. Also, thought the harmony vocals sounded great !
  6. @AndyB01, @Makke . . . thanks for your comments, so much appreciated ! Sometimes art and fun collide in the best ways.
  7. Fun stuff Makke, like the way you bend it . . . really great to listen to !
  8. noynekker

    Saturday Night

    Hi Bjorn . . . great piece, it has a certain nostalgia I can't quite place in time, very calming and pleasant to listen to. The drums entry seems very sudden / loud at the opening ? I did find the fiddle quite stark in the recording, compared to the verby guitars . . . the sound fits the piece very well, with a cool melody and feeling, but sounds like it could be brought back into the ambience some, to fit into the mix of it all. Really enjoyed this one !
  9. Hi Gary . . . had a few listens, headphones and small studio monitors . . . really sounds quite balanced to my ears, the drum feel and kick are all there, on the small speakers. The vocals are super clear (and very well sung !) pronunciation is top notch (even though I don't know what they are saying), and I think you've really captured the warmth of the guitar tone, without it sounding overly muddy. I'll have another listen tomorrow on bigger speakers, or when you turn off the "God Particle Limiter" whatever that is ? Lol, sounds like a plugin you should have engaged all the time, eh ? Great tune, Great band !
  10. Jesse . . . thanks for having a listen, Lol, even your reviews are experimental, keep on rocking in the free world !
  11. noynekker

    Dirty Lies

    Hey ! FreeEarCandy . . . well, since it's free, may as well go and enjoy it . . . and I did very much ! Thanks for posting here, I can only pay with my compliments. Very well done !
  12. Hey Jesse . . . never sure if I totally understand it, but musically and lyrically, I'm an appreciator of this one ! Well done.
  13. Thanks for your comment Steve ! . . . actually, my main mix challenge here was no drum kit, I usually have a drum kit, but it was not suggested here, trying to get it sounding loud enough on a streaming platform without squashing the natural acoustics of it all.
  14. Hi Dean . . . thank you for your ideas ! The piano part was mostly mixed to help define the chord changes and tonality, especially in the bridge modulation section, and agreed there are places where it could be mixed back to bring the guitar to more prominence. Glad you picked up on the emotion, sometimes you never know how that will come across . . . thank you for lending your ears !
  15. Hey Paul . . . great to hear you're still rocking the air waves here ! Sounds like this will be another good song by the end of your process. I really hear some very clever lyric phrases throughout this, though, I can't totally discern all of the lyric quite yet., but get your sense of social commentary. 3:47 . . . still time to fit in a solo guitar ? I'll be listening in here.
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