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  1. Hey Paul . . . you have really refined this mix in the right direction, I like how the opening vocal is more upfront and has more attitude ! Yes, you've brought out all the great parts of this song with more clarity and balance. There are some cool moments where the Bass guitar really growls out in the mix, very nice. I can also interpret the lyrics better this time around, and they are very well done, right on, it needs to be said !
  2. Googled it . . . found a punk band that used it . . . are you saying you used to play in a punk band ? Now that's an Odd Bit of Fun. Hmmm, might need more clues.
  3. Well, my booty don't shake like it used to . . . but my cerebellum was workin' and twerkin' to this one. Can you explain the phenomenon of panning the lead part and not having the volume of it dropping ? . . . is the 25/8 time signature a standard out there in the cosmos ? . . . seems we're all trapped here in 24/7. My only suggestion would be to call this one "Sequential Pulsars", maybe even "Pulsating Sequences" . . . but that's just my tiny internal marketing guy's idea. Great stuff Wookiee, enjoyed stopping by this one a lot !
  4. noynekker


    Hi Paul . . . much better mix I think, way more punch in the bottom to my ears, sounds more like a live band. The vocal mix is better too, and I do love those vocals and harmonies ! I agree with antler that the drums sound squeezed a bit much (didn't they do that in the eighties ?) . . . if you could open them up a bit and keep that volume, it would help the overall mix concept. The lead guitar parts work very well, like you really leaned into it.
  5. Bjorn . . . such a great listen and watch . . . seems to me a reminder of the beautiful things in our world, that those of us in the big city don't get to see enough. Makes me want to retire to the country, very relaxing.
  6. @Colin Nicholls Colin . . . YES, this is a source of irritation for me as well . . . selecting by timeline is the most intuitive thing to do, but you have to be extremely accurate with where that mouse gets placed . . . which never works in quick style editing. I've also mapped your suggested keyboard shortcut, thanks for that ! . . . but found it's still annoying to have to do that all day long in my project editing sessions . . . Cakewalk, is there no way to turn this off ? ?
  7. Philip . . . a great song just got greater with this mix ! This song has something very special about it, I hope you know that. The vocal up front totally works for me, especially in the intro section, you dial in the first time listeners attention right away, they can't wait to see how it goes . . . I'll have to be careful not to use that cool acoustic guitar riff in my next song, Lol, it's just so catchy. It's perfect you get it 3 times in a 3.5 minute tune. Don't see it available on your bandcamp yet, but I look forward to buying this one . . .
  8. noynekker


    Hi David . . . well, there's nothing baroque about this, sounds great to me ! (guess you've heard that one before ?) Nice smooth listen for a Sunday afternoon, goes with Pinot Noir very perfectly. What's that low instrument in the middle, bass clarinet ? . . . what a cool sound.
  9. Now that's a great tune Douglas, and an accomplished mix, I just listened on headphones, and it really surrounds, everything smooth and clear . . . sounds like you really have some top notch equipment to do the job. Great Stuff as always !
  10. Hey PavlovsCat . . . excellent rockin' version of this classic ! Really like the drums and the feel they have. It's great when a cover doesn't "copy" the original, and I so like the way you presented your version a lot. Well done on the vocals as well, a few timing change ups, and an interesting effect really worked for me, captured the period. Mix wise, it gets a bit thick in a few places, with so much sustain going on . . . but I wouldn't change a lot, maybe vocals up a hair in the first verse. Love that ending where it goes all helter skelter.
  11. Hi Paul . . . this grimsby thing is turning into a really great tune ! I think it would be time well spent tweaking this mix, because this is a good one. The lead vocals and political attitude lyrics really work for me, and the guitar solo in the middle really caught my attention, also the instrumental part right after that with the bass guitar high end melody . . . has something special. You have such a great feel for the background harmony vocals, oohs and aahs here really work well. Overall mix wise I'm hearing mostly that the bottom end needs boosting . . . yes everything's clear, because of that, but so missing that low eighties punch you want.
  12. noynekker

    Christmas Time

    Nicely done Jack . . . this one really does capture a great Christmas spirit, enjoyed it. Posted a bit late, but all is forgiven . . . belated Merry Christmas to you as well !
  13. Hey Tom . . . I finally ventured to watch the video, after totally enjoying just the music part last week . . . boy I hate the cold season, but this brings warmth, I saw it as a moving winter painting . . . also, noteworthy is your presentation, well done . . . there might be a tiny marketing person in that vast musical talent you have there afterall.
  14. Great mix, amazing tune ! Excellent all star collaboration from the sound of it all . . . c'mon just form a band, go on tour, I would stand in line for this.
  15. Nigel . . . such great vocals, and really bending the drama of pop music with the interesting chord progression, and the video compliments all that, so well done !
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