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  1. batsbrew . . . in my mind, as I'm listening, I'm hearing a classic . . . it's just so well done ! I'm hearing 12 string, (sadly) I still have one in the closet, used to play it a lot, and really love that sound, but the fingers all went soft, what can I say. Interesting ambient perc efx you've added here, very tastefully done. Maybe I'll dust her off.
  2. Hi Jane . . . this is simply a gorgeous and heartfelt song, straight from your core, and let me tell you when I listened it went straight to my core. Loving the lyrics and the honesty, so well played on that new guitar of yours . . . thank you for sharing here !
  3. noynekker

    Foolish Days

    It's a very strong song, and the video reflects and enhances the message the song speaks of . . . (almost) everyone remembers those foolish days, so it speaks to the listener with a very personalized message. Your vocalist is so amazing ! . . . and there are lots of synth and bg vocal treats as the song passes by. I'm still trying to figure out when I hear your mixes, how everything gets spread so wide and stays clear, and keeps separated, especially the drums. Well done. Always such quality. I saw this posted a while ago, so just savored it for a bit, yes a pleasure delayer . . . I just knew it would be great, and it was.
  4. noynekker


    Mark, very interesting to listen to . . . so, playing live guitar into an efx box is how you got this sound ? It really sounds like guitar with added synth ambience, some incredible side effects from your process here. Musically, you've stated a melody, so it all works well, and washes out with the effect echoes playing a chord background. I really appreciate the experimentation here ! Yes, a few bits where the decay abruptly cuts off, but nothing to worry about, the overall feeling of the piece still shines through.
  5. So, if nothing shows up there . . . did you install the Focusrite drivers properly ? . . . or, try replugging USB and restarting your system. Cakewalk needs to find the drivers.
  6. Yes, you should see your device listed there, actually, under MIDI Devices ?
  7. So, when you say nothing shows up on input and output, do you mean in the track and console views ? Does anything show up when you go to . . . Edit-Preferences-Devices ?
  8. noynekker

    The Shadow

    Very Interesting piece David . . . like this one a lot !! (yes, two exclamations from me) . . . so many great moments. So enjoyed the orchestral string section, and the gnat swatting. Well, you just never know what's coming along next here . . . a poem and a painting indeed. Your canvas is wildly creative, full of imagination. So, created 6 years ago you say, I'm curious, did you tweak this version ? ie. Are you endlessly tweaking older projects ? BTW, I'm not hearing any audio squashing here, sounds Au Naturelle to me.
  9. noynekker

    The Darkness

    Bjorn . . . very nice bit of ethereicity . . . didn't find it so dark, more relaxing and reflective, but maybe that's just me. Lol, "Leonard Cohen on helium" . . . my best laugh this week. It's very introspective . . . and kept my attention in that vein. Well done, once again !
  10. Well, for me it's not really about "score" editing for the music I do . . . an improved staff view feature for me would be a more efficient way to compose and input notes and chords, and lyrics . . . that feels kind of clumsy right now when tried in staff view . . . but, I have a slick key command to continually switch between Staff and PRV, which works well enough. I recall reading somewhere here (years ago) that the staff view module was coded outside of Cakewalk, and incorporated into the existing program. Those folks are long gone, so re-coding or modifying staff module would become a real mega project . . . probably better to incorporate something else that's currently out there. Seems there's a bit of "catch up" happening recently at Cakewalk by BandLab . . . with additions of ARA2, Elastique Pro for Audio Snap, Articulation Maps, and Arranger . . . but not much mention of Staff. I agree, if they are trending towards the education market, Staff improvements would put them in the game big time, especially since education and free software go together well. Whatever is in the oven next, we never know until it's done . . . it's still got the best and most intuitive user interface of anything else I've tried out there.
  11. Great work ! Very interesting to listen to . . . it's jazzy, it's rocky, and Tablas, in a hard drivin' guitar song ? . . . but you totally made it work . . . you really cut loose on that guitar throughout this piece, and the recording and mixing is spot on. I liked the jazz piano interlude a lot , surprise deflection, more please, but maybe you're more of a guitar player. Mr. Braner, thanks for posting here . . . . . . now one question remains . . . who is Wendy, and why are you waving to her ?
  12. Brian . . . much respect for this theme, I've been using it on a session tonight, and just want to say thanks, really enjoying the clarity, and knowing what is "off" and what is "on" in the Console view is amazing, well thought out ! . . . and thanks also for keeping it updated to the latest Cake thing.
  13. There is an auto scroll button, bottom right if I remember correctly . . . and sometimes (for unknown reasons to me) it gets turned off, without me going near it. Also, scrolling will not work if any blobs remain selected. In my Cakewalk, the scrolling between Cakewalk and Melodyne is totally in sync. Sometimes if I use a Cakewalk key command when Melodyne is highlighted, oops ! it messes with things, because their key commands are totally different. Let us know which Cake version, and which Melodyne version you have, it may offer more clues.
  14. Not really getting the Lofi vibe here ? . . . musically it's a good listen, but sonically, it reminds me that the audio card is not set up correctly, hence the endless high end pops through this whole piece. Is that intended ? Just curious.
  15. noynekker

    dec6 V2

    Like this one a lot ! (every time I see a hidden symmetry post here on the forum, I know it will be greatness) Very worldly jazz, so much talent here. Since you're asking for mix critiques, my personal preference is to have more low punch in the kick drum, yes it's super clear, leaving more room for the instruments, but kick should have more kick. Doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the piece, and maybe on a large sound system it might work . . . but, on my headphone listen, that was the first thing I noticed.
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