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  1. Hey Wookiee . . . it's a great piece you've done here. I like how when it gets going it starts with that pulsating Bass, instead of the usual kit thing. The poetry sets the tone for what is to follow nicely. For a furry alien you've traveled far from your DJ disco days. Great vibe on the guitar parts, but for me the Bass guitar part stands out, as it changes tempos and feels throughout this piece . . . it's the driving force, well done there. garybrun made me laugh, Adam and Eve's bellybuttons . . . you mentioned a CS-80 . . . I know a guy who still has one of those (and a Polymoog in his closet)
  2. Thanks tonemangler . . . seems there are many ways to accomplish this . . .
  3. OK . . . I actually finally discovered the solution to it . . . turns out there is a separate function to do this . . . Project - Insert Time/Measures Even though "Automation" is not included in the checkboxes for this window . . . it does work . . . all Clips slide forward as well as the Automation.
  4. Hello . . . using Process - Slide function, I select all tracks, and try to insert 2 (blank) measures at the beginning of my project . . . the clips all move, but the automation nodes do not move with them, and there appears to be no way to move / slide just the automation nodes afterwards ? I also tried it using Ripple Edit function, but same result. Am I missing something basic, or can this very simple thing not be done ?
  5. noynekker

    Home & Love

    Hi Jerry . . . this is indeed a great piece you've produced here, there are no wolf tones, I enjoyed it thoroughly ! Thanks for sharing it here.
  6. Yikes ! Hidden Symmetry, this is so brilliant . . . the song, the recording, the creativity. As it moves along, so many great moments . . . I'm at a loss for words, and find this an amazing and positive musical journey ! THANK YOU !
  7. Hi Kevin . . . yes, people have always been dancing, and the styles have changed over the decades . . . I still hear a lot of synth bass in modern dance tunes, but it is used much differently it seems. It's awesome that it made you want to dance, since that's what it was written for, thank you for the lofty compliment.
  8. daryl1968 . . . it's great you had a listen, thank you for your comment.
  9. Hi Barry . . . this is loads of fun, especially the lyrics. Don't know about the "Creedence" end guitar, I was hearing ZZ Top because of it's fuzziness As you've mentioned it, I think both guitar solos could be cleaner and louder, some fast pickin' On Soundcloud, you've categorized it as Rock, but I think for me it's more R&B. In any case I really enjoyed it as a Demo, so look forward to a finished effort ! PS . . . real (good) drummers can always kick it up a notch, if you have that option . . . but they do drink more of your beer
  10. Hey Jesse . . . I really like this one, it speaks to me in a bluesy kind of way . . . too bad about the phlegm ball, sounds like you got it all worked out, lol
  11. Thank you Jesse for stopping by and having a listen (especially with your busy schedule schedule this month:) . . . glad you could dance along with it. It's true, Miami Sound Machine have a classic song, also named "Get On Your Feet"
  12. Thank you Paul . . . I really appreciate your comments, and thank you for having a listen.
  13. A great listen, I especially like the thickness of the lead vocal, the way you've mixed it here, and how it fills the spaces, thick, but clear, nicely done. yes, the chorus is crying out for a subtle higher harmony, that would top it up for me.
  14. noynekker


    mark . . . always love your grooves, it's funny you've asked who you've ripped off:) . . . it's kind of like Steely Dan was jamming with Boz Scaggs, and we're waiting for Sade to start singing, but when the guitar comes in, it's unmistakably mark alan skinner, I always appreciate the amazing touch you have on your fret board. I'll add that I'm not a fan of the snare sound throughout, which has that distorted after effect . . . my ears hear that as unnecessary distortion.
  15. Ah Mr. Bradley . . . you had me smiling all the way through . . . with V1.7 you have really achieved that clarity you seek, very well recorded. The guitar solos are super, and I think your voice (or recording techniques) emulate your inner Don Henley very nicely. ie . . . I was hearing Don Henley singing this, like he was in your studio, though I'm sure none of us here can afford that. You're just bangin' off the classics here on the Cakewalk Forum, and I'm always interested to see what you're up to next . . . PS, this time I didn't go to youtube to compare it to the original recording, 'cause I'm sure yours is much clearer, great cover man !
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