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  1. noynekker

    Any way to make Novation Automap work??

    Yes, I have AZ Controller working for my Novation Impulse inside Cakewalk by Bandlab. If you're looking for basic controls it might work for you. azslow has a web site, and there's also lot's of info there about Cakewalk's ACT interface, and there's a forum, well worth checking out. Do a search for "Novation" there's a lot there. http://www.azslow.com/
  2. noynekker

    Any way to make Novation Automap work??

    Hi winkpain . . . I hear your pain . . . I've also got the Novation Impulse controller, but I have abandoned the AutoMap software. I originally installed it with Sonar years ago, had it working for a while, but mysteriously "things" changed, and due to too many frustrations with it, I tried AZ Controller. The AZ controller interface was created by a member of the cakewalk forum (azslow), and he's kept it up to date with the recent changes to cakewalk by bandlab. Yes, Automap has more powerful features, but it just doesn't work anymore for me in the bandlab world, so it's power is diminished shall we say ? Anyways, hope this helps . . . just a tip from a fellow Impulse user.
  3. noynekker

    2019.07 appears to be available

    Downloaded this new version, and have continued working on a few recent projects . . . I'm just here to confirm they still open and work flawlessly, so far . . . really liking some of these new features ! . . . keep on bakin'
  4. Okay, I've uninstalled the early release and reinstalled back to 2019.05 . . . but this mute button issue still exists. I've now discovered this is actually an issue with my controller keyboard, when unplug it, Cakewalk MUTE button works as expected. Sorry, so this is not an early release bug, it's something with my keyboard controller. Off to troubleshoot.
  5. Yikes! I'm having an issue with the mute button in this early release . . . when I try to mute a single track, it mutes a bunch of tracks, but not all tracks . . . then I see the "mute all tracks" button has become activated . . . toggling the "mute all tracks" button on and off . . . well, there's a definite bug there. The Bandlab Assistant won't let me roll back ? Am I hooped for now ? Anyone recall how to undo this early release ?
  6. Well, I've played around with this issue and tested it many different ways, and I've considered and tried the two responses. (Thank you !) Sometimes the quick grouping adjustments work just fine . . . but when it breaks, I can't fix it, except by restarting my computer, then everything appears to work as expected at first, but somewhere along the way, it breaks . . . and I've noticed it happens in a few projects now that I'm looking for it. I realize it can't be a bug unless there is a recipe for reproducing it, so I'll live with the mystery . . . but when it works, I love that feature !
  7. noynekker

    Creating Vocal Harmonies with Melodyne

    I've used melodyne for creating harmonies many times, it's great for fleshing out parts, but I usually end up re-recording actual harmony tracks based on the melodyne to get the best results. Sometimes I've had good results with a feature in melodyne editor to create "random deviations" in tempo and pitch, then adjust the formant control slightly so the harmonies sound a little less like the same singer. In a thicker mix the melodyne harmonies can work OK, harder to notice it's faked, but in a sparser mix where you really hear what's happening, it can sound very obviously electronically duplicated, which doesn't appear to matter in a lot of today's current music, but not so useful if you like that more natural acoustic thing.
  8. Hey . . . I've had this working before, but today it's not working for me . . . here's what I'm doing: I have the Pro Channel Console Emulator engaged on all tracks of my project. I select all tracks + click Shift-P to expose all Pro Channel tracks in Console View . . . then I click Ctrl + drag the Console Emulator % dial . . . shouldn't that adjust all tracks in a quick group and move them all up or down simultaneously ? Not today. What am I missing that would make this not work in this project ? I've gone to another project to test it out and it works as expected there.
  9. noynekker

    City Girls

    Oh, I really like this ! I'm no country expert, but I hear Johnny Cash. That guitar is the hook, and made me come back for a few more listens. There's a spoken part in the middle that could be clearer with less reverberation, but other than that, it feels great . . . very well done.
  10. Well some good responses here, thank you. Yes, I'm totally up to date on latest Cakewalk by Bandlab (ARA2 is a must have) @martins . . . I'll try what you suggest in the video, hope that works. @ Matthew Sorrels . . . agreed, not really a Cakewalk issue . . . I tested in my Cubase and it doesn't remember this plugin's changed settings either. This particular plugin is not a "proper" Kontakt Library . . . it just loads from the files menu, so I'm suspecting that may have something to do with this issue.
  11. Hi all . . . I'm having an issue with a plugin that doesn't remember the changes within Cakewalk by Bandlab. I've never had a plugin not remember setting changes after saving and re-loading a project, so I'm wondering why. It's a sample pack loaded into Kontakt . . . I tweak some parameters, but whenever I open the project again, it hasn't remembered the changes I made. All my other plugins remember changes no matter how small. I've tried saving a preset within Kontakt, but I can't figure a way for the project to automatically load the plugin preset ? Probably not a Cakewalk or Kontakt issue, maybe just a poorly programmed Kontakt sample pack ? Hard to say. Has anybody run into this issue ? . . . or know of a workaround, as I use this sample pack a lot, and have to document the parameter changes in each project with pen and pencil, so old school.
  12. noynekker

    "An Agreeable Jingle" - now with video

    What can I say, Mr. Emerald . . . it's a clinical explanation of composition, with a jazzy underbelly . . . it's goes uptown, and then it goes downtown. I get pictures of cruising in a really expensive car, yet it's organic and earthy. For me it's got it all, I never lost interest, and wanted more. Please write a sequel. Thank you for the amazing journey. Also, the recording and mixing clarity are top notch. I'm going back for a few more spins on this one.
  13. noynekker


    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement regarding my voice, for me it's always been about the songwriting . . . so to hear so many comments here about my voice is very surprising.
  14. noynekker


    . . . since there's a few here who seem to know the Tascam 688 Midstudio pretty well . . . anyone know where you can buy that little motor that makes the wheels all spin on this device ('cause without it, it's just a really great mixer, but no playback or recording) I would love to re-capture some of the stuff I recorded on the 688 back to digital world.
  15. noynekker


    Thanks to everyone for the great and useful feedback ! @ David Sprouse . . . do I do demos for others ? . . . well, I've never been asked, so guess that's a not so far. @ SPAK and cheap_guitar . . . yes, you've explained syncing to Cakewalk very well, stripe a track on the 688 with SMPTE time code and run Cakewalk to receive SMPTE. It always worked great, but yes, now I prefer the way things are all in the Cake box these days as well. @Will . . . I'm hearing what you're hearing, more BASS low end (now that you've suggested it) . . . I'm going to play with that in Ozone 8 in the next few days, thanks ! @James G . . . thank you for the compliment, and Glen Frey is high company indeed. @LadyFuzztail . . . thanks for reinforcing that the mix has some clarity, unfortunately, I'm forced to do a lot of headphone mixing these days, and that has some serious limitations for getting "good" and balanced mixes.