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  1. @Noel Borthwick . . . Hi Noel, it's the very latest version (2024.05-BSP (Build 493) It also occurred to me that it could be displaying the project length of 6:14, unlike CbB which displays the the time stamp of the last saved version. My project, when exported to audio is only 3:52 . . . so that would be 2 extra minutes. Makes no difference toggling between Recent Project or All Projects. If I do search in the Quick Start screen, it does not find my last saved version at all ? . . . but it finds many other previous versions.
  2. Thanks for the responses all . . . specifically my issue is with the time displayed. This morning when I go to open my project, it says 6:14 pm last night, and at the end of my file name it says (untitled) in brackets, yet my last saved version in Cakewalk Projects folder is 8:29 pm, and there is no version that has (untitled) at the end of the filename. Something ain't right, there is no way to refresh the view . . . Curiously, if I open Cakewalk by BandLab . . . the start screen there has the time stamp correct, 8:29 pm, and I never even opened this project in CbB . . . though it correctly reads the last saved version from cakewalk projects folder . . . Nu Sonar does not. Looks like it is displaying the first time I opened the project yesterday (6:14 pm) and doesn't update to the time of last saved version.
  3. @Kevin Walsh . . . it clearly has that Pink Floyd influence about it, maybe a tribute to some floydian thing you felt inside when you created this. I really enjoyed listening to it . . . this has a great analog sound quality in the recording, like a tape recording, smooth edges. . . how did you record it ? . . . Is it all Cakewalk in the box, or something else ? Just really appreciate all aspects of the song, the guitar, the vocals, and the recording presentation !
  4. Something I've noticed with the Nu Sonar . . . when you open Sonar to continue on working on your latest project, the date and time stamp displayed in the Quick Start screen does not reflect the last saved version you actually worked on. Anyone else noticed this ? So, I no longer trust which version I am opening from the Quick Start screen . . . such that I have to go to the Cakewalk Projects folder to make sure I'm opening my last saved version. Doesn't seem like the Quick Start screen is doing it's job to me.
  5. noynekker


    @freddy j . . . super thick mix, fortunately you've got the vocal mixed clear and upfront so we know what it's all about . . . and there's a great message there, much appreciation for this one !
  6. noynekker

    The Gull.

    Sounding great so far . . . gull glissandos and all, very convincing. Hopefully you can build it into a series . . . interesting how you have a story mapped out in your mind, like a video.
  7. Hey Mark . . . your collaboration, and instrument work on this one was certainly the spark that made me even attempt this video, going way outside my comfort zone . . . your final mix sounded so good, I just had to give it a try . . . thanks for that ! Bruce
  8. @Bajan Blue . . . Wow Nigel . . . hoped you would see this, and I very much appreciate your comments ! I've watched a lot of your excellent video work here on the forum, so lots of inspiration to pull from there. I think video really helps to convey a story of the song for most people, if there is a story to be told. When it's audio only, it really leaves the interpretation open ended. This was hard to do for me, but I do hope to get better at it . . . need to practice and experiment a lot more. Bruce
  9. @Wookiee . . . yes, it's the same old song (mix slightly mangled by You Tube) thanks for having a watch. (Or, did you have your eyes closed ?;)
  10. @jack c. . . . Jack, thanks for stopping by and watching, and commenting
  11. @Lynn Wilson . . . thanks so much Lynn ! What a fun project it was, always like to try some different things.
  12. @PascalHP . . . didn't mean to offend you, it's not a big deal . . . looks like the forum software really enlarges the SC link when you embed it in your signature . . . doesn't do that on the phone version, so it kind of surprised me when viewing on my desktop. Also, didn't mean to make you feel unwelcome . . . please stay !
  13. @PascalHP . . . hey, thank you for having a listen, and your comment . . . but, just don't think it's very cool to advertise your own stuff in someone else's thread, why not start your own thread, for your own stuff ?
  14. Hey folks . . . first time posting a video. (I'm kind of new to music videos . . . whole different thing from my usual audio) This song was posted here about a month ago, where Mark Alan Skinner collaborated with me, and helped re-record WAITING ON A TRAIN . . . he's played acoustic guitars, mandolin and stand-up bass . . . so, then I had this video idea ! Free software, and free videos helped make this possible, as I have limited resources for this kind of thing . . . let me know what you think . . .
  15. noynekker

    Bullhill tango

    Really well played sir ! . . . impeccable picking and timing, very much enjoyed this !
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