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  1. Hi David . . . I think I heard reflections of the Scherzo from the 5th when I was listening. It’s music I haven’t heard for a while, but always stays with me.
  2. David . . . thank you for posting this. It's a very interesting, unpredictable listen, and I enjoyed it very much. I especially like the orchestration techniques you've used here. It made me think of one of my fav composers, Gustav Mahler
  3. Hi Lynn . . . you're totally right about the vocals needing a boost in the mix, I've uploaded a new version with that (and a few other things) in mind . . . thank you so much for listening and commenting !
  4. So Hot, such talent . . . in the words of Moby "I would stand in line for this" . . . in fact, I would pay some money for this, hopefully you are getting remunerated for this somehow . . . OK, I will do the search and support some amazing "out of work" musicians, that should never happen with talent like this . . . glad you've kept the music alive, and I'm also curious about the technology that makes this all "live" online . . . with seamless video ? Maybe this is the future.
  5. Thank you Douglas . . . glad you liked it so far, I've been working on it some more and one thing I want to do is get the acoustic guitar tighter, without wrecking the tone of course ! Thanks for having a listen.
  6. Hi Tom . . . thanks for the listen, so impressed by your very constructive comments, might just try those out . . . so how it goes. As for the Aprhodite bit at the end, well it's kind of the premise of the idea, not sure I can soften it to be "you're kind of like Aphrodite" . . . we're older, wiser . . . it is what it is.
  7. Yes, thank you DeeringAmps . . . I've always subscribed to the rule "Art is never finished, only abandoned" . . . same goes for love I guess
  8. Hi bjornpdx . . . thanks for your insights and encouragement. I’ll have a look at the panning issue, wasn’t intending for that to happen, though, I am always trying different vocal fx chain experiments.
  9. Thanks for responding David . . . yes, FYI, the lead vocal took a lot of practice, and needed a few "tweaks" . . . the harmonies are extrapolated from that . . . it's currently at the demo songwriting stage, so the harmony vocals will eventually get done and sung again . . . if she really loves me . . . if not, might end up on the scrap heap with all the others.
  10. Okay, possible 3 minute love song . . . but I'm not even sure she really likes me yet, Lol . . . but, would be great to hear your mix, song etc. ideas in case she does . . . https://soundcloud.com/user-814183320/all-ready-for-you
  11. So fun . . . can't even come close to a crit for this, looking forward to the video ! (Now that will be tricky for this theatre of the mind type piece) The lyrics are a marvel of poetry. So well done (yet not overcooked) So glad I stopped by the song forum this Saturday morning, always a great place to come for inspiration such as this.
  12. Have you tried opening these projects holding down the shift key, and bypass the loading of Kontakt 6 VST . . . then, at least you have the project open ? . . . and can re-add Kontakt 6 and go from there, maybe something to try. I use Kontakt 5, but I only have Kontakt 6 Player version, and that works fine in my latest Cakewalk Bandlab update, I'm assuming your issue is with the full version. Also, when you installed Kontakt 6, did you do a rescan / refresh of the user library ?
  13. Hi, I REALLY liked this piece . . . and usually I don't go for hard drivin' stuff like this . . . but it so kept my interest, so aggressive and inventive . . . well played guitars, change ups, and interesting lyrics . . . stark video, yikes ! it's got it all . . . I am a fan of your art, thank you for sharing this on the Cakewalk songs site !
  14. So cool, so fine . . . the vocals here are so well sung and recorded, I am most impressed by this cover, really captures the spirit of you, as well as those Beatles.
  15. When I start a new project, I use my Normal template as a starter . . . only plugin loaded is a reverb on it's own bus. My 8 cores are always randomly spiking in the performance monitor for this Normal template. (removing the reverb bus, yes, cores are still randomly spiking) Actually, loading a completely blank project still has random core spiking. If I add a substantial plugin instrument like BFD3 drums . . . it loads up, and the cores become very balanced. Doesn't seem to matter if I have my Asio buffers set high or low latency, still the cores are spiking. Projects with tons of heavy plugin loads work fine, and show balanced cores. So, what is it about a blank project that would cause this to happen ? (I'm currently using an M-Track Quad USB interface)
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