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  1. noynekker


    Bob . . . liked listening to this, great and natural acoustic feel to it . . . I should say that the level seems a bit lower than other online tunes I have heard here tonight, might want to address that ? . . . but I adjusted my volume very slightly, and enjoyed it a lot.
  2. Such a great listen ! It's very well produced and recorded . . . got that unpredictability factor. That vocal effect panned right is especially interesting, lot of solid instrument accompaniments throughout.
  3. Paul . . . you've done something special with this one . . . and I find it amazing you turned a Netflix documentary into a great song like this ! The delivery of the vocal melody, and the story in the lyrics really stand out in this one. Verses are so cool. Sounds like you're still in development for this song / mix, so I'll offer . . . bring up the drums in the final choruses, and tame the sibilance of the background vocals a bit. Look forward to that final version !
  4. Well, by definition . . . if you can make your living from using a program, then it is indeed a "Professional" software. If you don't depend on it to make a living, then you will use what you can afford, and what is a comfortable user interface, easy to learn, stable, and what gets the job done. Are there actually any real world statistics about which DAW software the people making money in music recording and creation these days are using ? Are there actually any real world statistics about which OS (Mac or PC) the people making money in music recording and creation these days are using ? I'd like to see those numbers, because it seems to me in recent years the traditional music business model has morphed into something completely different, where a knowledge of many different types of software is essential. Does free software like Cakewalk by BandLab really need a massive marketing campaign ? No need for hype or important exposure in the magazines, full page spreads, social media buzz, advertisements . . . cuz it's free, and it's been around since the beginning of DAWs.
  5. OK, I just noticed it's back . . . glad you put it back here.
  6. John . . . please don't be so worried about "baring my soul a bit too much", it's just your Cakewalk friends, I don't see too much judgement here. I just went and listened to it on that other site where you have it still, it's a great piece, you should be proud of this one . . . personally, I relate to this song very much . . . you've really got your heart out there, just keep it out there.
  7. Hey Mark, wow, might have to make up some new words to describe this piece like brillianceness and interestivity, not to mention the sublimality of all the parts, flowing together so nicely ! Always like your cello playing, and how you've layered it here. Had to look up "cajon box drum", not heard of it . . . but, what you've recorded of it here is very musical, natural feel friendly, and seems to allow a very intricate drum feel that might be harder to capture with standard kit loops and samples, most interesting concept. Great stuff and inspiratorial, as always.
  8. By default ProChannel is collapsed. . . Shift-P is simply a key command that toggles it to appear, so you can adjust parameters. I don’t recall setting this up, think it’s always been a key command when PC was first added . . . way back. ? This is an old thread, quick grouping has been working as expected lately, I always keep Cakewalk by Bandlab up to date, so haven’t had this issue for a while now.
  9. Looks like your Edit Filter is set to display "Clips". You can change the Edit Filter to "Notes" . . . then there becomes a drop down option to view only notes and velocity, and other controllers like Wheel and Modulation can be turned off . . . but, I can't see any way to turn off the Velocity lines there. This also turns on the ability to actually edit midi notes right in Track View (without going to PRV View)
  10. noynekker

    Cherry blooms

    Well done Makke ! . . . it's as close I get to live performances this year (; Now, my only issue is the whammy bar is cut off by the camera in this video . . . but nevertheless, I can hear hear it's the real deal. So well played, and enjoyed the authenticity (a fancy word for realness)
  11. noynekker

    Casbah - video

    Bjorn . . . this was very fascinating to watch and listen to, feels like I just went on a journey, and the musical ambience you've recorded here is very professional . . . I found it very dream like, with lots of interesting twists and unexpected imagery . . . enjoyed it very much !
  12. noynekker

    Warp 6

    Verrr yyy smmoooothh souunnnddiinggggg . . . considering it's 392 time faster than light travels in normal space . . . and I trust no gravity wells were harmed during the recording of this ? (Is that what happened in the middle part ?) Nice one Wookiee man ! Sounds great on my headphones, and on my iLoud speakers.
  13. Creative Sauce . . . I really appreciate your videos ! I have a few songs using SI Drums . . . they sound very well balanced, less digital, more analog in mixes, don't need much EQ, they must have done something right . . . thanks for this video . . . and while you're here . . . THANKS FOR ALL YOUR VIDEOS ! I know, click the bell.
  14. Colin . . . nice to see you here, you usually haunt those other Cakewalk forums . When you mention "Simple Minds" band, I definitely hear that in your vocals, and they are very well done . . . but would like to have the vocals more upfront in places, especially in the beginning . . . by the chorus it's more upfront. It's a great track you've done here, seems Simple Minds may have been ahead of the curve.
  15. Ross . . . nice first post . . . like your sense of melody here. At 1:48 when the guitar part comes in, seems you've totally switched from electronic to acoustic, especially noticeable in the drum kit. Seems almost like 2 separate songs, or maybe you intended that. Mixing is good, and I really like the virtuoso guitar emulation in the second half. Keep em' comin' ! Would like to hear more of what you're doing.
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