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  1. Yes John, I recall the V Vocal issues, back in the day . . . the workaround was always to only use it on short clips . . . so, that's what this project has, 5 very short clips, let's just blame it on Windows updates.
  2. Thanks for responding Jonathan . . . if I could get the darn project open with those 5 V Vocal clips intact, I would surely render them . . . didn't really remember they were even there still, haven't needed V Vocal for a very long time . . . but, I do have a workaround by opening it on my newer laptop install, then I have to figure out how to purge them from the project, so the project will load on my desktop DAW.
  3. Hi Mike . . . my main DAW computer is 10+ years old, I probably have Sonar Platinum installed as well, I've just never uninstalled any Cakewalk products. Just now as a test, I successfully opened the project in question on my newer laptop build . . . and only got a warning about 5 instances of "Cronus" that could not be found, but it opened with no other issues.
  4. Yes 8.5/X1/X2 are installed, all 64 bit for me as well
  5. Hi Mike, I go back to all earlier Sonar versions, installed originally from the Sonar 8.5 CD, updated to Sonar X1 and X2 . . . V Vocal worked a year ago when I last worked on the project, today, not so much . . . I know sometimes old things don't work well with new things, but don't recall anything official from Cakewalk about V Vocal no longer working . . . and yes, I just tested if I start a new instance of V Vocal, it seems to work in my latest Cakewalk by BandLab . . . perhaps it doesn't like my fragmented clips, mixed with other plugs ? I'm attempting a rebuild of the project.
  6. Tonight I tried to open a project last saved as a CWP about a year ago . . . it will no longer open properly. Opening the project in safe mode (holding down shift key) eventually exposed the offending plugin as "Cronus" aka V Vocal. Bypassing this plugin lets the project open. This older project apparently still has some remnants of very old Cakewalk within it. So, is V Vocal no longer supported in the newer Cakewalk by Bandlab ? I only offer this as a warning for those opening older projects that have V Vocal plugin loaded.
  7. Enjoyed this listen very much ! . . . very well done all around.
  8. Hey . . . this got me thinking, what about, in no particular order: Paul McCartney - RAM Blue Rodeo - Tremolo Genesis - Wind and Wuthering Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis ? Beatles - Abbey Road Led Zeppelin IV Elton John - GoodBye Yellow Brick Road Bruno Mars - 24K Magic Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill Paul Simon - Graceland FleetWood Mac - Rumours . . . oops, that's 12
  9. Very Latest iZotope products installed on my 10 year old computer, and they all work with no issues in the latest Cakewalk by Bandlab . . . iZotope are the best, IMO Cakewalk by Bandlab is usually never listed as "supported" by most major plugin manufacturers, like we don't exist, but it all just works fine.
  10. Hi Lynn . . . very interesting piece, super unpredictable chord changes . . . also noteworthy is that I listened on headphones first, then on speakers . . . I must say I didn't get it on headphones, with all the panning and phased effects, but on my small speakers the piece has more focus and gets much clearer for me, including the lyrics . . . lol, usually it's the other way around. I'm hearing your main chorus lyrically as "Come All The Way" . . . and the "granular love" theme is secondary to that. Lots of depth here, lyrically and musically . . . and was great to hear your new production here on the forum again.
  11. Hey Wookiee . . . some serious undertones to accompany those amazing overtones, reminds me of my dad . . . but all is good in my time and space on this Sunday evening. . . . and thanks for singing what needed to be said, you're quite the philosopher, for a Wookiee . . .
  12. Hi Mark . . . listening to you're latest mix, and just going from my brain and ear memory a few days back . . . did we sacrifice warmth for clarity in this latest mix ? I'm hearing the overall effect of the new mix is EQ'd thinner, and yes those guitar parts and the vocal pronunciation are clearer as a result, but the overall warmth is affected ? I'll have a listen on a few different systems, and get back to you with what I'm hearing here.
  13. Hi John . . . another great piece you've accomplished here . . . your piano accompaniment is always the driving feature, with melodic bass . . . really interesting chord changes in this one. In the middle, that vocal part where you say (the theme) "The Long Run" . . . it has some efx on it, that kind of obscure it, as it pans left to right . . . I get it on my headphones, but on my speaker listen, it's not so clear, maybe more volume there ? . . . but otherwise it all sounds great, and very clearly recorded.
  14. Nigel . . . sounds excellent, evolved, look forward to hearing more of the new "album" . . . your new sound is less thick, less guitar effects, and the vocals are very well sung, and the melody really stands out on this track . . . hey, you're in the video too ! Now that's different.
  15. Hi Larry . . . so glad I stopped by this one, very laid back listen for my Sunday evening . . . really enjoyed the organic nature of this, and effective how you moved between the harmonica and the arp synth solos a few times . . . are you playing a twelve string acoustic guitar ?, at least that's what I'm hearing. (Also, great that you credited Mike @ Creative Sauce . . . he certainly deserves some credit on my stuff as well)
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