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  1. Really enjoyed this one a lot, just sounded very pro all the way through, and there's some unexpectedly great guitar here . . . really like how you fit it in between the vocals. Regardless of the AI aspects, the end result is a great listen . . . well written and conceived I think.
  2. Quite the beautiful piece . . . enjoyed this immensely ! A timely introduction of the different instruments as it goes along, well recorded and arranged.
  3. Really enjoyed your version of this old classic pop song ! After all the mutations pop music has gone through since those days, when I hear this, with your big round baritone vocals, I surely do miss music like this . . . well done Gary !
  4. Hi Bjorn . . . you've painted something very incredible and dreamlike here, and your SoundCloud image really helps that realization. The ostinato sound through the whole piece reminds me of an African Kalimba . That background kind of moaning sound that pops and swells into the sound field is most effective, so much character that sound has ! . . . and totally fits what you're doing musically . . . really liked that whatever it was. Really, the whole thing, enjoyed this very much !
  5. noynekker


    Hi Wookiee . . . this is a nice even ride all the way through . . . I'm going to try it tomorrow on my long commute, I'm sure it will take the edge off the traffic . . . those occasional cymbal crashes will perk me up if I get too mellow. Of course morons will still cut me off and swerve in my lane suddenly . . . but this piece will divert me from my usual anger, at least for 7:17 . . . most enjoyable.
  6. noynekker


    Hi Everyone . . . another new Sonar creation from my little studio by the river. Was going for more of a chilled pop song thing in this one, just memories from a beautiful season of love. I might still add some things to it, and try to make the chorus sound more like a chorus . . . but still, a part of me says it's finished . . .
  7. Hey Mark . . . first of all, this is a great tune ! Really like this one . . . recorded with great dynamics. I listened on your SoundCloud a bunch of times, and was going to say the first vocal part needs to come up a bit, then I listened to the Soundclick version you posted here on Cakewalk, and WOW, so much clearer mix ? Made me wonder if all us audiophiles should be on Soundclick, and you mentioned here before about it being a higher quality stream. Either way, I thought the harmony vocal part seemed back a bit, maybe too much room ambience on it ? There's an interesting thing around 1 minute in where the tempo picks up, nicely done., caught my ear. As you know, I love your guitar work, acoustics recorded here are excellent as usual. Bruce
  8. Thanks for the replies paulo and Max Arwood . . . sounds like this issue still happens. I searched for my thread from years back, and noticed @msmcleod and @Noel Borthwick came up with a fix. Since it still happens maybe the cause of the problem is something entirely different than what got fixed. It's best described as the "VSTi swap out" issue, because the instruments routing gets moved to other tracks, and if you try to fix it, they just keep moving, creating a larger mess. For me the strange thing is that in Synth rack view . . . selecting the Omnisphere track, now corresponds to a BFD3 instrument . . . yet it still plays back as the original Omnisphere instrument. Anyways, it's not a "Showstopper" issue as I dramatically described it a few years back. (it only becomes a showstopper if you try to fix it, and save your project with the new problems you created)
  9. I've reported this bug before here on the forum, but don't recall there was ever a proper solution. I have Omnisphere VST synth on a track . . . I've had to freeze many other tracks to keep this project moving ahead, they all freeze as expected, but this Omnisphere track simply will not freeze . . . it goes through the motions, but does not actually convert to an audio track. When I click the Omnisphere track in Synth Rack view . . . it actually points to my BFD3 VST drum track ! There is the bug. Yes, I can cut and paste, remove and delete, re-create the track . . . but wonder why it keeps happening, and sometimes this issue just moves up to another track, after trying to fix it, so I usually don't like to mess with it too much. So, the real question is . . . is Omnisphere not compatible with Cakewalk ?, or, are multiple Omnisphere tracks not compatible with Cakewalk ? I just want my $500 plugin to work 100%, instead of 85% . . . has anyone else noticed this ?
  10. Hey Paul . . . rock solid tune (and drums !) on this one ! Something about the electric guitar sound and it's chord changes really stands out special for my ears, as well as your vocals, you've always got good vocals. For a "pre mix down" I think you've captured a very large band, with a very balanced sound . . . my main mix advice would be, don't mess with that too much ! Just a solid song, much respect, might be one of my favs of yours (hmm, maybe except for A Moonlight Flit) very much enjoyed ! Bruce
  11. @mark skinner Super high quality, like I knew it would be . . . great alternate "chilled" version, and interesting to see it presented in a different way. Very much enjoyed my listens, my brain tells me the soundclick version sounds slightly better than the soundcloud version ?, but my ears aren't sure of the difference. I wondered about the harmony vocal volume in the first third of the song, sounds more "subtle in the back" than later in the piece, perhaps intended, but thought I would mention it. Very balanced mix, in fact I used it as a kind of reference for something I was mixing myself tonight, because I know your mixes are always very tuned in. These are some great (rememberable, catchy) vocals and lyrics, and @subvibe did a fabulous job with the keys, really adds some emotional depth to the whole arrangement, the way it's done ! Bruce
  12. Hi Tim . . . very interesting and flowing piece, what I really like here are the change points to the many different sections, really smooth the way it melds into the next idea, really well written there . . . the part that went awry for me was when you introduced the heavy chorus guitar part around 2:21, somehow that section departs from the overall vibe of everything else, perhaps intended, but thought I would point it out as a first time listener. Your opening description makes it sound like you're still developing this project, so best of luck on your Celtic journey . . . hope you can post some updates for us here.
  13. Nigel . . . such great stuff . . . certainly exudes a sense of positivity and possibilities between the music and the visuals. I REALLY love the vocals on this one ! Totally upbeat, for a rainy Monday night in my world. Bonsoir from Canada. Bruce
  14. You've got that mix sounding great now, I really enjoyed listening to this one . . . vocals reminded me of Leo Sayer, maybe just the style of the song, or that classic guitar solo . . . a bit of a time transport, I haven't heard something like this for quite a while . . . well done Keith ! -Bruce
  15. Hi Mark, couldn't let the day go by without something on this new song you've posted . . . unfortunately, no incisive mix suggestions or helpful comments today, all I got today is that I absolutely love the vocals you've captured in this one, another great collaboration with SubVibe , this one with more marked guitars up front.
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