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  1. Thanks for your help scook, I read your link about Noel's information about sending a dump file, I located the dump file, but don't have email on my DAW computer. I'll try to send it from my Laptop.
  2. I'm mastering a stereo clip created and exported from Cakewalk. It's a new project with stereo track inserted. Only plugins are mastering plugins (Ozone 9) on Master bus, pretty standard.
  3. Scook . . . tried dragging FFProQ3 to a clip from the browser, immediate crash. Not sure I understand your step 2) . . . can you not add Clip FX to stereo tracks, and why does OZ9 EQ work ?
  4. Ran into a problem that crashed Cakewalk several times, and it appears to be reproducible. Steps: Split stereo clip Open Clip FX Rack Insert FabFilter ProQ3 (VST3) plugin Crash Cakewalk - - - -> Incidentally, if I insert Ozone 9 EQ (VST3) is works as expected . . . I can EQ the clip.
  5. My "fix" for one of my very important projects was to totally leave alone the glitched frozen VSTi tracks . . . in fact I just used hide / archive tracks for them, and then cut and pasted midi into new VSTi tracks. If I tried to delete the problem tracks, it either cycled the VSTi's to other tracks, or totally crashed Cakewalk. I have never been able to reproduce or figure out what caused this.
  6. emeraldsoul . . . I love this. Really keeps your interest as a listener from beginning to end. It also has a high quotient of cool to it. At 1:44 there's an exquisitely overlapped bass note . . . perhaps because it's not finished yet . . . perhaps to show the bass player is only human. Mix sounds very well balanced on my system. Sounds like you're having so much fun creating this stuff, keep it coming ! Looking forward to the final version.
  7. Yes, Console View is undocked . . . the way I have it set up, both "Enable Floating" and "Dock in Multidock" for the Console View are greyed out (not available options) I have all sorts of things already in the MultiDock, too many mouse clicks every time I want to switch to Console View docked . . . I'll just stick with my annoying workaround thanks . . . every time I open a project, one mouse click on Workspaces - None and Ctrl-TAB works, until I open the project again.
  8. Too Bad . . . I was hoping that with the re-working of the Lenses feature towards the Workspaces feature there would be a resolution to a long standing issue I've always had since Lenses was introduced. I like to use Ctrl-TAB to toggle between Track View and Console View. My workaround has always been when opening a project with both Track View and Console View active, you have to click on Lenses - None (even though None is already checked) Then, something magically flickers, and you're once again able to use Ctrl-TAB to toggle between Track and Console. I won't call it a bug . . . more of a personal workflow choice, since I only have one monitor . . . but, if you save a project where Ctrl-TAB toggles properly between Track and Console . . . shouldn't it re-open again with the same behaviour intact ?
  9. Since you mention the notorious Novation Impulse 61 . . . yes, I have one, and have wrestled with it for years in various Cakewalk iterations. Some success using the AZ Controller add on . . . but still some weirdness. Not so much the "randomly shutting down" you mention, but much other weirdness, pan controls automatically going all the way right, VSTi instruments cycling and toggling in and out and on and off . . . I'll also add that Novation Impulse 61 works "almost" perfectly in Cubase. (Let's just give it an 85%) I've always had my Impulse 61 directly connected to my main motherboard USB3, not to a Hub.
  10. noynekker

    Dance Shower

    Hey kakku . . . I really enjoy the positive vibe I get from of this piece, and the section changes are very good, nice and melodic. I'm not much of a dancer, but can really visualize this as a dance club piece . . . but, I must say I don't like the way it ends, kind of just stops. Please come up with a better ending . . . and I hope your "moving to another place" goes well. By the way. I really like the title, "DANCE SHOWER"
  11. Tez . . . I can agree with this . . . Ozone 9 simply takes longer to load, glad to know it's not just me. I haven't read the OZ9 release notes too closely, but I wonder if they even list Cakewalk by BandLab as a supported DAW. For now, I just wait . . .
  12. Gotta render the V-Vocal region fx first, then split it . . . then make it back into a V-Vocal region fx
  13. noynekker

    African Skies

    It's a beautiful song and a beautiful recording. Wow, I think the vocal performance is simply amazing. Can you tell us who the singer is ? The synthesizer work is also top shelf, new age to my ears. Sorry, I don't even want to categorize this one, I just thoroughly enjoyed listening to it !
  14. Hey Misha . . . in the true cakewalk doomsday scenario you would clone your OS drive, and your samples / data drive so you could always recover back to a point in time when everything worked. If your computer / motherboard fries, then your cloned drives mean nothing, since they would only restore to similar hardware. So, you must ask yourself the question, how long will you need to keep your cakewalk project files editable and intact ? If there was a CD / DVD / USB or cloud based re-install package of Cakewalk by Whomever always available, and kept up to date with the latest Windows OS, you would surely be future proofed. Basically, we must trust the programmers, to keep developing when there is still a need for their product. Noel Borthwick has been a player in this game a very long time, so I'll quote him here: "Its pretty rare to see mature products completely go extinct. Most products that made it this far are still around in some incarnation."
  15. You haven't mentioned how much you would spend for the bread and butter sampler VSTi . . . so I'll suggest my favourite anyways . . . HALion Sonic (by Steinberg) I have loads and loads of VSTi sample libraries, but "bread and butter" really describes where HALion Sonic excels the most. The sounds just blend into a mix very easily, and there are a variety of versions of types of instruments that you can audition, and they usually just work. I've always wondered why I don't hear it mentioned more on the cakewalk forums, because it really is that good, and works perfectly in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Maybe folks don't like it because you have to buy a USB licenser to keep it running. Waste of a USB port, but $30 licenser add on, still worth it in my opinion.
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