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  1. My Grandpa (R.I.P) named two of his childrens Moses (R.I.P) and Jesus and he was not a Christian. We have to give love to everyone since God has give us all love. That is my opinion.
  2. so i dont know why you have to mention it. Jesus taught us to love everyone. One world One love !!!Peace!!!
  3. it is a real pleasure to listen to your Music. !!!Excelent!!! All the Best D.B.B
  4. !!!Excellent Song!!! Wow like the style.👍 it is very smooth.
  5. Drums addictive I used two instances of Fm8 and combined them for the Lead. The Piano is a combination of Sytrus and Kontakt. Would you like to write something to it??? It needs Vocals and you have a very Soulfull voice. Maybe you are intressted??? and Thank you very much for the feedback.
  6. I will try to do my best. it needs some good Vocals. Something heart breaking. Jack Thank you very much for the kind words
  7. Absolutly but Inglesis. Man you made me laugh. Thank you for the Kind Words and for the joke you made. Humor was what i needed. Once again Thank you very much
  8. I dedicate this to my people I hope you are gonna like it. Thanks
  9. Really Good👍
  10. the song is really wierd but it entertained me. 😂 All the Best D.B.B
  11. Yep Like it. The sound is very good 👍 All the Best D.B.B
  12. Sorry i gotta kick it back High I have made alot of changes and I would like to hear your opinions. Thanks
  13. another update. I hope it sounds better than before !?!?
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