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  1. Boomin36Beatz


    for your pleasure i know without vocals its abit boring, maybe someone is intressted in writting some lyrics to it 😂 !!!Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Thank you very much but for the first time i gotta say i have chopped and sliced some loops and added 2 or 3 Synthlines . And tried some new tools out 😃 Once again A BIG Thank You to all your music loving Producers First of all I am really sorry for the late reply. Hard Times just spread like a flew.😔 When it comes to the track i have to say thanks . as soon as possible Ill try to improve it. All the Best Drama Baba
  3. a little Re-Mix for your pleasure !!!Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Boomin36Beatz

    Loco Demo

    I call this track Loco (Work in progress.) Just playing around with my instruments. !!!I hope you will enjoy it!!! Thanks
  5. Fantastic. Great Production. !!!Much Respect!!!
  6. Hi Douglas. I hope you are well. Great as always Man you are a brilliant Artist 👍 !!!Much Respect!!!
  7. Lynn simply Great. I like your Music.😃
  8. Flintstone Rock 😄
  9. Great like it something for the eyes and ears. Excellent 👍
  10. I always appriciate your Help Thank you very much. I changed the Kick Drum and added a new Bassline. but like you said its a matter of taste. The Kick Drums are still not in the Front but I changed the Bassline as you advised to me. (more Highshelf) I hope you will like like it. Once again thank you very much for constructive Feedback. All the Best D.B.B
  11. Thank you like you said i changed the Bassline and gave it more rhytmic. Thank you for your constructive Feedback. by the way I listened to your songs several times and i was astonished about your mixing Skills. Simply Fantastic All the Best D.B.B
  12. Thank you very much for the kind words Lynn. Douglas is a really nice Person and he gave me a chance to work with his Great voice. Maybe one day Douglas you and me make a track together. it would be a great honour for me to work with such Great Musicians together. Once again a Big Thank you.
  13. Thank for the kind Words I did some changes i hope that it sounds better now
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