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  1. Thanks, Mark. I will do that, bombard him with personal messages. 🙂
  2. I think it's a site error. I used Cakewalk.
  3. I don't know if this is the proper place to say this, but I want to report a bug on BandLab. I hope it is a bug. If not, someone tried (and succeded) to steal one of my songs. https://www.bandlab.com/revisions/fc0f9879-337b-ec11-94f6-0003ffcd3240?sharedKey=OU6-u0pXy0avc1UnN3mgaw This song was made by me and made public a while ago. And now is private and apparentely someone else is the author. I wrote to @bandlab about this and never had an answer. Besides, two of my songs have now a collab that I didn't invite. I wrote to that person and she never answered, either. What should I do? Has this happened before? Thanks in advance. Maria
  4. Hello! As you can see in the image I attach, I can't add a new audio buffer. Why is that? I have problems with midi instruments. They don't sound as they should. Please, help me.
  5. Hi! I have the same problem. I previously had Pro Tools and used Air Boom in it, and now I'm using Cakewalk. When I put the path in CW for it to recognize the Air Boom plugin, it just doesn't. I installed Air Boom in C:/Program files/Cakewalk/VstPlugins, but CW doesn't find it there. Maybe it needs to have a .dll file? I only see Air Boom.big.
  6. Thank you for answering, but I found out what happened. It was the microphone, I had to plug it in to download Cakewalk. Then I could install it with no problems.
  7. Hola! Resulta que tuve un problema con el sonido. Ya lo solucioné, pero había desinstalado Cakewalk porque no me funcionaba. Ahora estoy tratando de reinstalarlo y no puedo. Me sale un error. Adjunto archivo. Espero que alguien pueda ayudarme.
  8. Hi! I'm new to Cakewalk and not an English speaker. I have issues with Xpand!2 and Ripchord. Cakewalk recognizes them, but when a press a key in the midi controller, there's no sound. What happens? Can anybody help me, please? I'd really like to use those plugins. Maria
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