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  1. Leadfoot

    Losing Hope

    Nice job on this Harry! I listened to it a while back, but forgot to leave a comment. Guitars sound great. I like the vocals too. Mix is nice!
  2. Thanks for listening Treesha! I can hear what you're saying about the guitar. I'll take a look at the other parts also. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out. @Harry C. I'd be happy to sing on one of your songs!
  4. Thanks for listening Wook! I appreciate the feedback! Not really sure why the low end is sounding thin to you though. I check my mixes on multiple systems, and actually considered lightening the low end a bit, but then decided to leave it. Maybe my ears are deceiving me.... Wouldn't be the first time! Thanks again!
  5. Hey Doug, thanks a lot man! You're right about the lead vocals. I appreciate the kind words!
  6. Thank you so much David! I appreciate the compliments! Thanks a lot for checking it out!
  7. Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a good day! I just put up another one. Pretty heavy with a cool little change up after the solo. Check it out if you get a chance. If you like it, please hit the like button for me! Thanks guys!
  8. Leadfoot


    Hey Doug! Thank you for checking it out! I appreciate your comments!
  9. Leadfoot


    That would be awesome Lynn! Thanks for the positive feedback!
  10. Leadfoot


    Thanks so much for checking it out Wook! I appreciate the feedback!
  11. Leadfoot


    @noynekker Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it! I appreciate you listening! @bjornpdx I'm glad you could understand it! Thanks for checkin it out! @Bajan Blue Thanks! I appreciate it! @DeeringAmps Thanks for the like man! That was very cool of you! @michaelhanson Thanks for checking it it Mike! @David Sprouse Thanks David! @Wookiee Thanks for the attempt, Wookiee! @emeraldsoul Thanks man! Glad you liked it! I'm using a rack mount Line 6 POD HD Pro for the guitars. Thanks for taking the time to listen! Thanks for all the comments, guys! I appreciate it!
  12. Leadfoot

    Just One Way

    @Douglas Kirby Glad you liked it! Thanks a lot for listening! @freddy j Thanks Freddy! I always like your stuff too! I appreciate the listen!
  13. Leadfoot

    Old Friends

    Wow man, this is really good! You have an excellent voice! Loved the guitar, orchestra, everything. The only thing I would do different is bring some air to the drums. They kinda sound muffled. And I would put some bass guitar in there. But I loved this from beginning to end. Great song!
  14. Very cool Doug! The mix sounded great to me. Great playing as well. Nice job!
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