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  1. Leadfoot

    Ear worm? :D

    Same - Ringo is the one with the mustache unless I'm mistaken. Wasn't trying to be sarcastic at all.
  2. Leadfoot

    Ear worm? :D

    George played electric guitar on Hey Jude.
  3. Leadfoot

    Advice on a new mouse mat ...

    Please pick up your turds
  4. Yep. Two program changes that come to mind for me were during Ladies Room on Kiss's Rock and Roll Over, and 2112 on Rush's All the World's a Stage.
  5. That's awesome! Brings back memories.... Nothing better than listening to one of your favorite songs on 8 track, and having it change programs right in the middle of it.😂
  6. My first interface in '98 was an Aark 20/20, and Vegas Audio 1a was the recording software I was using.
  7. I like GHS Bass Boomers. They're about $22 at Sweetwater.
  8. Leadfoot

    RIP Dr. John

    He had that instantly recognizable voice. Loved his music and the funny lyrics. A true original. Rest in Peace...
  9. Happy Birthday Mesh and Daryl! I hope you both have a great day!
  10. Leadfoot

    America, Have We Forgotten? Song & Video

    I love it, John! Very moving lyrics. I really like the music on this too. Your vocals go well with it. The video definitely brings back some memories. With all the badmouthing going on in the country these days, your song/video is very welcome tribute to this country, and the people who fought to protect it. I'm especially glad I got to hear it on the 75th anniversary of D-Day!!!
  11. Leadfoot

    Dad's Song

    Happy Birthday Dad!!! This was not a self promoting bump. Just wanted to give him a shout out for his birthday. Thank you to all who have check out the song, and to all that have shared their kind words.
  12. Leadfoot

    Just for a grin (comic)

    And Iran... Iran's so far away.....
  13. Leadfoot

    My DAW Room Smell

    Black lights are cool...
  14. Leadfoot

    My DAW Room Smell

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!! Enjoy that geetar smell! Hope you're having a great birthday!